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Episode 95 – Happy Birthday Decisions, Decisions is out now!

Episode 95 – Happy Birthday Decisions, Decisions is out now!

Welcome to the final part of our 20th birthday celebrations for the original Resident Evil Outbreak. This time we focus solely on the final scenario; Decisions, Decisions, and set foot in Raccoon University with just hours to spare before the sterilization operation obliterates Raccoon City for good. As ever we dive deep, investigating all possible routes, puzzles, enemies, and story implications… all before hoping to escape before the missile (or is it missiles?) hit…

This episode is supplemented by a comprehensive review of Resident Evil 4 Remake VR by STARS_TyranT.

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Episode 94 – The Hive & Below Freezing Point is out now!

Episode 94 – The Hive & Below Freezing Point is out now!

Our Resident Evil Outbreak’s 20th anniversary birthday celebrations continue with a look at the next two scenarios; The Hive and Below Freezing Point. Join us as we return to Raccoon City General Hospital where strange leeches run amok and the bloody elevator is broken… Just how do you find those pesky elevator codes again? Then it’s swiftly onto William Birkin’s underground laboratory in a storyline taking place several days before Leon and Claire ever got there and at a time long before NEST was ever a thing. 

Neptune’s calamitous quiz returns and in the news we briefly discuss the impending release of Remake 4 Gold Edition and break down the Infinite Darkness: The Beginning prequel. Please enjoy. 

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Episode 93 – Happy Birthday RE Outbreak – Outbreak & Hellfire – OUT NOW!!

Episode 93 – Happy Birthday RE Outbreak – Outbreak & Hellfire – OUT NOW!!

On REP’s 12th anniversary, we begin to celebrate 20 years of the Resident Evil Outbreak sub series that was first released in December 2003 in Japan. The game, which started off life advertised as Network Biohazard or Resident Evil Online quickly stoked the imagination of RE fans across the world, especially those that had bet on the franchise remaining on Sony’s console post PSX. 

There was a lot of hope and expectation that Resident Evil going online would revolutionise the series. What transpired was not quite what was promised in the early trailers with many lamenting the lack of internet infrastructure for the PS2.

Fast-forward 20 years and both Outbreak FIle 1 and 2 have a dedicated fandom, with clever minds keeping PC servers alive so these games can be played as they were always intended.

In the first of our year-long celebration, we will be applying our usual Happy Birthday playthrough standard to the Outbreak and Hellfire scenarios. The first of course acts as an extended tutorial, but throws players in at the deep end. Hellfire meanwhile chronologically at least takes place at the same time, but players face the dreaded Lickers in the Apple Inn.

The team have therefore either fired up their PS2s (waited an enternity whilst it loads) or headed online to bring you our experiences of these chapters. Expect some contrasting views with a detailed look at the tank controls, graphics and mechanics and the hidden lore.

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