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Episode 87 – Remake 4 Lore Discussion available now!

Episode 87 – Remake 4 Lore Discussion available now!

Our coverage of Resident Evil 4 Remake concludes with the much anticipated deep-dive into the new and existing lore that comes from this recent re-imagining!

We discuss in depth the changes to the Plaga, the various creatures, and the enhanced personalities and motivations of the characters. Do the changes to Operation Javier really matter, or can the new simply be stitched on top of the old? We also welcome Albert Wesker into the RE Engine era and speculate what the inevitable Separate Ways will have in store. Finally, does canon really matter anymore? Should it ever have mattered?

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Episode 86.5 is out now!

Episode 86.5 is out now!

Part 2 of our coverage of Resident Evil 4 Remake continues with our community feedback special.

As is tradition with our new release coverage,  in this podcast we hear from our wonderful listeners with their views and opinions on this latest release.  The call out this time saw a wonderful response with a varied collection of experiences and reviews. 

Join Neptune, theBatman, STARS TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor as we hand the reigns over to you guys! 

Meanwhile in the news, we reflect on newest trailer releases of Resident Evil Death Island and the upcoming RE movie documentary.

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Episode 86: Resident Evil 4 Remake Review podcast out now!

Episode 86: Resident Evil 4 Remake Review podcast out now!

Resident Evil 4 Remake has now seen its official release and our panel have played it extensively. Join Neptune, Batman, STARS_TyranT, Rombie and George Trevor for a very lengthy discussion as we dissect and analyse the whole game from top to bottom. Everything is covered from the re-imagined and remixed locations, the modern take on the characters and B.O.W.s, the soundtrack, and of course the new lore implications. Can George Trevor finally be converted to the modern games? Will this finally be the title that wins over STARS_TyranT to the remakes? And does this title change enough to help Neptune overcome his indifference towards the original game? Join us and find out…

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“Said it before and I’ll say it again, hands down the best Resi podcast out there. The knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and devotion for the series these folks have is astounding. If you haven’t tuned in yet, now’s the time to do it


A fantastic Podcast, hosted by a bunch of hilarious and well informed guys. I’ve listened since the beginning and I’m really happy we’re still getting content. Easily the best RE podcast out there.

Brad Bishell

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