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Welcome to our add-on, our DLC to the Podcast itself! Here you will find links to all our podcasts and social media accounts, but also all our projects and editorials the team have been involved with over the years. This new home will be updated with exclusive content – everything from game analysis or in-depth lore discussions. Click on the Features tab now to discover more.


October 1st.
Raccoon's End.

Several depictions of this tragic event have been shown, from a single missile of RE3/RE:3, to multiple missiles of the Outbreak games. To not even a missile strike at all in Welcome to Raccoon City.

Which do you find most memorable?



September 29th.

At the same time, at the same place.

Leon and Claire have to survive this nightmare, to know the true end.



We've translated the Samurai Edge AWM01 Archives

This piece of supplemental lore is from the Tokyo Marui’s website for #Biohazard7

This document talks about the history of the many Samurai Edge models in the series

Translated by @BSAAEurope


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Episode 80 – Exclusive Interview – George A. Romero’s Resident Evil documentary

Episode 80 – Exclusive Interview – George A. Romero’s Resident Evil documentary

Announced today at Creature Feature Weekend, The Resident Evil Podcast are delighted to bring you this exclusive interview with the creators of the upcoming documentary about the lost Resident Evil movie that was to be directed by the grandfather of zombies himself – George A. Romero.

The story is one of legend with Romero due to direct the first live action adaptation of Resident Evil following his involvement with the Biohazard 2 commercial. However, it was not to be and the project was removed from the director. This documentary will bring to light what happened by the people that were there at the time.

This podcast brings together two of the creators of this documentary – Jason Bareford – George Romero’s production assistant who personally worked on many Romero projects including the Biohazard 2 commercial and Brandon Salisbury – writer & filmmaker and the lead on this incredible undertaking.

So join the team as we chat with the pair all about how this film came into being, the passion behind all things Romero and Resident Evil and lament what could have been. We also have a sub-discussion on the existing live action RE films, but please note that this podcast was recorded in May 2022 meaning the Netflix show had not yet dropped (nor cancelled!)

Available on good podcast apps or direct download here:

New Editorial – 4D Executer

New Editorial – 4D Executer

Out now is Neptune’s in-depth look at Capcom’s first Biohazard themed CGI production – Biohazard 4D Executer. Released way back in the year 2000, this new project combined state of the art 3D production with the added extra of 4D effects to enhance the viewership experience in this 20 minute theme park ride.

Widely dismissed since its release really as being non-canonical, Neptune casts his eye over this often ignored entry, looking at the cast of the film, locations and of course THAT virus and asks in light of future games – is it THAT over-powered?

Head over to our new Non-Canon Corner now to read this editorial on PDF, but before you do, make sure you watch the audio and video commentary on our YouTube page here:

Non Canon Corner:


A big thanks to friend of the show and patron TheSelfishGene for his first hand account of the ride and his photographs too!

Episode 79: Resident Evil Netflix Review – available now!

Episode 79: Resident Evil Netflix Review – available now!

Our latest podcast is now available featuring our review of Resident Evil Netflix ! Join the team as we look at this newest attempt of live action residentevil project.

Cynicism was high leading up to the release last month. Fans had been hurt before but would this high profile, higher budget offering pick up where others had failed? We look at the premise, the storyline, the use of legacy characters as well as the new ones and try to work out whether the two narratives from 2022 and 2036 work as cohesively as we would have liked.

Marketed as being a continuation of the games’ canon and lore, we also look at whether such a claim has merit but also reviewing the show on its own standing too.

Game fans rejoice – we also have a sub-discussion on the Shadows of Rose DLC from Resident Evil Village too!

The podcast is available on apple, google spotify and all good podcast apps! or direct here:

BONUS FEATURE - The Resident Evil mythology

our featured editorial timeline by thebatman

The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast2 weeks ago
We've translated the Samurai Edge AWM01 Archives.

This is a piece of supplementary lore from the Tokyo Marui’s website as part of their marketing of Biohazard 7.

Tokyo Marui have been regular collaborators with Capcom in the release of replica handguns and other weapons from the franchise. This document talks about the history of the various Samurai Edge models as well as the re-formation of the Umbrella Corporation.

This information has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman and is available here:

The original website is here:

#biohazard #residentevil #translation #samuraiedge #chrisredfield #gunlore #residentevil7 #biohazard7 #wesker
The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast3 weeks ago
Today, Capcom held their TGS Online showcase detailing many up and coming projects from the company. This included #residentevil !

Starting with Resident Evil Village, a new mac version is to be released along with the already-announced Switch (cloud) port. The Winters Expansion DLC scheduled for 28 October had another showing including more details on the Shadows of Rose story expansion.

Rose will enter the Megamycete a world of danger and potential OHKO's it seems. Rose has a freezing power she can use to then pick off enemies by locating their weak points. This DLC will hit the Switch on 2nd December.

Resident Evil 4 Remake is also coming to PlayStation 4!!! Much to the relief of our host Neptune, that generation of gamers will be able to enjoy this reimagined classic - although no XBOX One port.

No gameplay was shown and it seems this is being saved for the upcoming Resident Evil Showcase due next month! We hope to be able to stream the showcase on our discord if anyone wishes to join! ( )

#residentevil4remake #resdientevilvillage #dlc #shadowsofrose #showcase #rebhfun

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A fantastic Podcast, hosted by a bunch of hilarious and well informed guys. I’ve listened since the beginning and I’m really happy we’re still getting content. Easily the best RE podcast out there.

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