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“What!? What is this?” 

Welcome to our add-on, our DLC to the Podcast itself! Here you will find links to all our podcasts and social media accounts, but also all our projects and editorials the team have been involved with over the years. This new home will be updated with exclusive content – everything from game analysis or in-depth lore discussions. Click on the Features tab now to discover more.


I am now ready to place #REVillage .


(I will caveat, both Outbreaks are potentially higher in the future, once I play them online, as intended. They are judged atm, offline)



Adding Village to the RE Companion App and more AR in-game models. There is still a lot of work to do, but here is a preview. #REBH25th


As highlighted by @BSAAEurope on the latest @ResiEvilPod - if you have the deluxe edition or have purchased the Trauma Pack DLC, you can read a report on the Baker incident and it fleshes the events out between 7 & 8. Highly recommend giving this a read. #ResidentEvilVillage

Been working on this the past couple of days and it's finally finished! My little tribute to the Resident Evil series. Enjoy! Happy Day of Village!
This Is Resident Evil
#REBH25th #REBHFun

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Resident Evil Village Review Podcast released

Resident Evil Village Review Podcast released

The Resident Evil Podcast proudly presents our exclusive non-spoiler review of the brand new entry into the Biohazard saga, Resident Evil Village.

Available to stream on Apple, Spotify and all good podcast apps (just search for The Resident Evil Podcast) or direct from Podbean in the link below:

Listen as the team bring you our non-spoiler thoughts on this new title – looking at the gameplay, enemies, music, locations, characters and what treats the storyline will bring to players!

A huge thank you to Capcom for this opportunity, we hope you enjoy our in-depth spoiler free analysis!

RE:Verse open beta impressions

RE:Verse open beta impressions

REP host, Neptune has been playing the RE:Verse open beta and has compiled a video with his initial impressions.

Will it be fifth time lucky for Capcom with this new multiplayer experience that will be bundled as part of the upcoming Resident Evil Village.

Head over to our YouTube channel now to watch!

Click Here

REP Presents: A Be6inner’s Guide to Bioha7ad released

REP Presents: A Be6inner’s Guide to Bioha7ad released

As we countdown towards the release of Resident Evil Village, we begin our coverage by attempting to answer the question – what games do you need to play in preparation for Village if you are newcomer to the series?

Village, being a AAA title on the newly released PS5/Xbox will certainly attract new fans to the series and with over 20 mainline games in 25 years, it’s a bit of a minefield! With that in mind, join the team as we try to evaluate which of these games will make the REP Essential List for the purposes of Resident Evil Village!

The main criteria of course will be the lore, and what we think fans need to know to get the most of the hotly anticipated title. Please bear in mind, this is all guesswork – we are not privy or wish to know of leaks or spoilers so you can listen safe in the knowledge that its all predictions!

So, please download and enjoy our look at the entire franchise!

Available on Apple, Spotify, Google and all good podcast apps, or directly available here:

BONUS FEATURE - The Resident Evil mythology

our featured editorial timeline by thebatman

The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast4 days ago
Resident Evil Village release day!!

Today is the day with the latest RE game now available to download or purchase! For UK fans, discord member, Mish has alerted us to a great deal - £40 for the game at Tesco with a clubcard - this includes the PS5 version!!

Be sure to check out our non spoiler review released earlier this week. Direct download here:

Or available on all good Podcast apps.

This has been out fastest Podcast to reach 1000 unique downloads in just 1 day!! Thank you everyone who has listened!

Also be sure to check out Neptune's teaser non spoiler review as well!

Stick with us - more Village coverage coming including our in-depth lore podcast to be recorded in a few weeks time!

#residentevilvillage #releaseday #revillage #residentevil #biohazardvillage #ladydimitrescu
The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast4 days ago
Due to technical issues, we were unable to bring you the planned livestream of the first hour of Resident Evil Village - but do not despair, Rombie has ventured onwards offline and brings to you know the first hour of the game.

Not many spoilers here at all, but a good and detailed look at what to expect in the titular village!

#residentevil #residentevilvillage #residentevilstream #rebhfun

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“Said it before and I’ll say it again, hands down the best Resi podcast out there. The knowledge, passion, enthusiasm and devotion for the series these folks have is astounding. If you haven’t tuned in yet, now’s the time to do it


A fantastic Podcast, hosted by a bunch of hilarious and well informed guys. I’ve listened since the beginning and I’m really happy we’re still getting content. Easily the best RE podcast out there.

Brad Bishell

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