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“What!? What is this?” 

Welcome to our add-on, our DLC to the Podcast itself! Here you will find links to all our podcasts and social media accounts, but also all our projects and editorials the team have been involved with over the years. This new home will be updated with exclusive content – everything from game analysis or in-depth lore discussions. Click on the Features tab now to discover more.


Dead by Daylight has a new Resident Evil themed DLC coming soon!

Project W then! Could a new VA debut for Wesker here? Could it be Lance Reddick? Who will the new survivors be? What do you all think?

Will Derek Wesker finally debut?!

#REBHFun #DeadbyDaylight #ProjectW

Dead by Daylight@DeadByBHVR

Dead by Daylight: Resident Evil™: PROJECT W. New Chapter coming 2022.

RE Fans!
If you could (money no object) - what #residentevil themed puzzle/trap would you install in your home or place of work?

Fancy a crushing ceiling mechanism? Or how about shadow puzzles? Who would run the gauntlet of death with the crystal ball trap from CV?



At the same time, at the same place, @STARS_TyranT and @RE_Neptune must survive this nightmare, to know the true end.


Do check out our #residentevil Encyclopedia on the REP website!
This is an expansive look at the characters, http://B.O.Ws, and more that make up #Biohazard. All from @BSAAEurope's excellent mythology with updates to come - REVillage/ID

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Episode 77 – Happy Birthday Resident Evil (Remake) is out now!

Episode 77 – Happy Birthday Resident Evil (Remake) is out now!

REmake is 20!!! Oh yes! 20 years since this glorious remake of the original game first graced the Nintendo GameCube, the REP Team take a nostalgic look back at this fantastic entry in the series, the only way they know how – replaying this game start to finish.

As with all our “Happy Birthday” podcasts, we have all replayed the game and we guide you through our experiences during our investigation into the Aklay Mansion. What routes did we take, how did we tackle the bosses? All the usual fun and games you can expect from this immersive entry into the Biohazard franchise.

Available on Apple, Spotify, Google and all good podcast apps, Direct Download here from Podbean:

Episode 76 available now!

Episode 76 available now!

REP presents our retrospective look back at Resident Evil Revelations! Yes, it has been 10 years since the first proper handheld title graced the Nintendo 3DS and it was about time the podcast team looked back at how this title has fared since its release.
Join Neptune, theBatman, STARS TyranT and Rombie as they examine the thrills and spills of this often overlooked title released in-between RE5 and RE6 and how, if at all, the game stands tall after a decade post release.
Available on Spotify, Apple, Google and all good podcast apps – or direct download via podbean here:

Biohazard Revelations Lore Document released!

Biohazard Revelations Lore Document released!

To celebrate 10 years of Resident Evil Revelations, theBatman has released a new Lore Document covering this aquatic entry into the franchise. As with the other releases, Revelations received additional lore guides and supplements that were exclusively released in Japan only. These have now been professionally translated and really adds to what is by all accounts one of the most complex biohazard storylines going!

There are up to date translations of the Navigation Art Book, Official Guide, Jessica’s Report and the Samurai Edge A1 story to enjoy, plus all the in-game files to boot!

As always a huge thanks to our patrons for their support with projects like this!

Head over to our Features page now or a direct download here

BONUS FEATURE - The Resident Evil mythology

our featured editorial timeline by thebatman

The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast2 days ago
We've been asking the #twitter #residentevil #community a very important question -

If you could (money no object) - what #biohazard themed puzzle/trap would you install in your home or place of work?

There has been some great suggestions so far - the infamous #watertreatmentpuzzle from #residentevil3 the picture puzzle from #residentevilremake and some ghastly traps from #residentevilcodeveronica as well!

What trap or puzzle would you install?!!! 😈😈

#REBHFun #puzzles #traps #survivalhorror #mansion #raccooncity #georgetrevor
The Resident Evil Podcast
The Resident Evil Podcast6 days ago
The exciting first look at the groundbreaking Netflix series RESIDENT EVIL has premiered online.

This spellbinding trailer introduces you to New Raccoon City, Albert Wesker, and his family.

Watch the trailer for Wesker In The Middle, below.

#REBHFun #residentevil #netflix #newtvshow #residenteviltvnetflix #bows #LanceReddick #Wesker

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A fantastic Podcast, hosted by a bunch of hilarious and well informed guys. I’ve listened since the beginning and I’m really happy we’re still getting content. Easily the best RE podcast out there.

Brad Bishell

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