An Aculeozzo is born when a specific fish is infected with the t-Abyss virus and instantaneously mutates into a fierce carnivore within a number of seconds.

It can be assumed the base organism is some kind of puffer fish as the mutation that occurs in this B.O.W has produced pointy spikes erupting from the creatures skin. 

Unlike the Ghiozzo B.O.W, the Aculeozzo is notably smaller, but also more colourful, further suggesting the fish species used here originated from more tropical waters where coral fish are naturally more striking in design.

Despite the visual differences between it and the Ghizzo, both were ferocious creatures capable of attacking prey both underwater and on land. They are however, by design inherently weaker when they leave the safety of the water. The effects of the virus include a significantly increased appetite, sharp fangs and a powerful jaw which allows them to chew their way through practically anything.

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