Ada Wong

The individual calling herself Ada Wong is a figure shrouded in mystery and intrigue. Although she was of Asian descent, very little accurate information existed about her background. Nothing is known about where she was born, her childhood, race, or even her real birth name as Ada Wong was just an alias. She had ties to an underworld Chinese crime syndicate where she received specialised training in firearms, martial arts and acrobatics, learning to be an assassin. Her outstanding beauty and smooth pearl- like skin harkened back to her Asian origins and the complex curves of her alluring body seemed perfect and without waste.

She had an appealing allure and athletic body often squeezed into a thin dress that acted as a form of powerful thought control over all those who gazed at her. By her early 20s, Ada had an impressive set of athletic abilities and was very agile. She was also extremely intelligent and had a confidence about her work and her own abilities. Although she retained ties to the Chinese syndicate, she hired herself out as an independent contractor to many different corporations and groups with differing objectives.

Ada had her own personal reasons for doing this, but what her true goal was only she alone knew. She had no qualms about manipulating people and forming relationships to suit her own needs, meaning it was never clear which side she was on. She could also be cold and calculating and benefitted from a natural ability to remain unemotionally attached to any individual. Ada was a consummate professional, extremely dedicated to the task at hand but at the same time had no hesitation in betraying clients and organisations if their motivations went against her own objectives. These traits were precisely why she was viewed so highly by the likes of Albert Wesker and Derek Simmons.

In the mid-1990’s Ada found herself in the employ of Simmons who at that time was a high-ranking government official. The two formed an effective partnership with Simmons coming to regard her as an equal and one of the few individuals with a skill set to match his own. Because of this attachment he began to confide in Ada and this was how she came to learn of ‘The Family’; a secret fraternity of powerful individuals working behind the scenes of global affairs to keep humanity on a stable footing. By 1998 she was also hired by the ‘rival company’; a direct competitor of the Umbrella Corporation who sought to exploit their classified biological weapons program. Ada used her charms to get close to John Clemens; the chief researcher at Arklay Labs and became intimate with him in order to gain access to the estate and restricted company secrets. Her mission brief was to gather intelligence and smuggle out a sample of the t-Virus. John became infatuated with Ada and she played this to her advantage to gain access to all areas of the facility. Because she had initially posed as a researcher, Clemens got her a job in the grounds and even used her name as a password for the laboratory’s security network. Although she was staying with John at the estate, she was making frequent reports back to the rival company. On one occasion John confided in Ada about the existence of the G-Virus; a top-secret project due to be the successor to the t-Virus. Research was taking place at the main underground lab in Raccoon City and William Birkin was the chief developer of the project. Although John foolishly trusted her confidence and believed their relationship to be genuine, Ada passed all of this information on to the ‘rival company’ who formulated plans behind the scenes to steal the virus.

But Ada’s mission to recover the t-Virus was hampered because of the unexpected biohazard caused by the Queen Leech that infected the entire estate. John performed tests on both of them to check for infection and although Ada’s came back clean, he was infected and shut himself away. Naively trusting Ada, he left instructions for her to steal vital materials from the Visual Data Room and then activate the facility’s self-destruct device. His last wish was for her to expose Umbrella and make the whole incident public through the media. But Ada had no intention of carrying out these wishes. When the biohazard was completely out of control and most of the staff dead or transformed, Ada was forced to flee without a sample of the t-Virus. But this proved to be only a minor setback as the rival company had already taken steps to acquire Albert Wesker onto their payroll and during the X-Day protocol, he escaped the mansion with a t-Virus sample he duly delivered to his new employers.

Despite still working for Simmons at the time, Ada extended her contact with the rival company to steal the G-Virus from Raccoon City. For this mission she joined forces with Wesker and this marked the beginning of a long association between the two. Their strong confidence and manipulative personalities meant they suited and played off each other well. Early in their partnership, Wesker sent Ada a detailed report explaining his history with Umbrella and an extensive background on Umbrella’s t-Virus project. His inner knowledge of Umbrella’s dealings combined with Ada’s stealth and field expertise made them a perfect team.

In September, Ada travelled to Raccoon and began by meeting with freelance reporter Ben Bertolucci who was investigating reports of a ‘cannibal disease’ inside the city and corruption allegations against Chief Irons. She offered him information on Mayor Michael Warren in exchange for what he knew. She also came to learn that Umbrella was nearing completion of the G-Virus but the chief developer involved was refusing to hand it over to Umbrella. Ada relayed this back to Wesker who identified the chief developer as his long-time colleague; William Birkin. Wesker quickly made plans to save his friend and acquire the G-Virus through recruiting him into the rival company. But because Wesker was still believed to be dead by everyone concerned, it was agreed Ada would infiltrate the underground laboratory alone with Wesker monitoring her progress from behind the scenes. But unfortunately for them both the U.S.S. team led by Hunk got to Birkin first and triggered the botched operation that led to a full-scale leak of the t-Virus across Raccoon City.

In the midst of the chaos that quickly ensued, Ada made for the police station, looking for Bertolucci who had earlier been arrested and had inside knowledge about Umbrella. It was there she first met Leon S. Kennedy; a rookie cop on his first day on the job. Ada fed him a story that she was in town looking for her missing boyfriend, John. She also briefly met Sherry Birkin and held onto the little girl’s pendant when she dropped it. Ben was eventually killed and although she tried to shrug him off several times, Leon’s naivety and willingness to perform his duty and protect her meant there was little she could do to get rid of him without harming him. As the night went on, Ada found herself becoming fond of the young rookie and was touched by his desire to keep her safe, despite his naivety. This was reinforced when a momentarily lapse of concentration saw Leon take a bullet and save her life from Umbrella scientist Annette Birkin. Ada later confronted Annette and discovered the pendant she recovered from Sherry contained a hidden G-Virus sample. Her mission accomplished, Ada could have escaped Raccoon there and then but something inside her felt compelled to return to Leon and she patched up his wounds. Their partnership continued to blossom and as time went by they clearly developed feelings for each other, though Ada knew deep down she could never stay with him and each second she remained risked compromising her mission further.

Some of her cold resolve returned momentarily when she was injured by the G-creature on the turntable. As Leon bravely fought it off and looked for a way to restore power to the elevator, Ada took the opportunity to abandon him. But again, she found herself unable to leave and she eventually returned and repaid Leon by saving his life from the T-103 in the smelting room. She was badly injured during the encounter and in order to finally get rid of Leon without putting him in harm’s way, she faked her death. But this token gesture to help him escape alive backfired when he took the G-Virus from her ‘dead’ body and threw it away in disgust. Forced to play dead until Leon had gone, Ada began to make her escape and was fortunate enough to come across the incapacitated form of G-Birkin who had just been defeated by Claire Redfield. Quickly, she obtained a tissue fragment from the body containing the G-Virus. Her final act was to assist Leon from the shadows by throwing him a rocket launcher during his climactic battle with the now mutated T-103. With just seconds left to spare before the lab went critical, Ada fled the scene.

After spending some time to recuperate from her injuries, Ada made her way to the Apple Inn to meet her contact. But when she arrived she discovered he had committed suicide and that Albert Wesker was waiting for her via video link. Wesker revealed his disappointment in her and was seriously pondering leaving her there to die. But Ada produced her trump card by showing him the tissue sample she retrieved from Birkin containing the G-Virus. Upon seeing this, Wesker decided she was useful after all and informed her of the government’s plan to eradicate Raccoon City. He relayed instructions on how she could escape the city and provided her with a grapple gun. After Wesker signed off, Ada realised he only needed her until she ceased being useful to him, then she would die. She also wondered what type of devastation may arise should the G-Virus ever leak out. Ada escaped Raccoon City with just seconds to spare after hitching a lift on the cargo container beneath Sergei Vladimir’s helicopter. The container held Umbrella’s archival mainframe; UMF-013. Ada was bruised and she was battered, but her mission was a success and she was still alive.

With her contract fulfilled for the rival company upon delivery of the G-Virus to Wesker, Ada left their services to recoup from her injuries. She now bore a big scar down the side of her belly thanks to the G-creature and contemplated giving up the name ‘Ada Wong’ for good. She also learned that Derek Simmons was the one who made the final decision to carry out the sterilisation operation which eradicated the city. Disgusted and concerned with having dealings with someone so dangerous, Ada severed all ties from him and never looked back, much to Simmons’ annoyance. She returned to the sinister underworld and slowly gathered more information on the rising emergence of biological weapons. Word soon spread throughout the underworld of her mission in Raccoon City and the name ‘Ada Wong’ became legendary amongst those involved in international espionage. She kept in the shadows, still affiliated with her original Chinese crime syndicate and was not seen again for several years, though she continued to keep regular contact with Wesker who was slowly building up power, influence and reputation within the rival company. She also became aware of a brewing power struggle within that same organisation.

In order to progress her secret personal objective, Ada contacted the rulers of the rival company in 2004 which was initially met by puzzlement and scepticism in response. They knew her as a spy with a background made up of false footprints and many of the organisation’s top brass believed she was trying to infiltrate them at the behest of another organisation. There was no clear information about her background other than her proven outstanding abilities and infamous mission in Raccoon City. Some were rightly mistrustful and called for her to be eliminated, but then the rulers decided to adopt a strategy to draw in Ada. By now the rival company were embroiled in a power struggle with Albert Wesker whose influence was becoming too high to ignore. The rulers of the company viewed him as an ‘uncontrollable spark that could burn the organisation from within’ and therefore decided they could use Ada to supress this malignant tumour. They had no reason to trust Ada unconditionally, but it would be beneficial to them if she functioned as a watchdog to Wesker, even if her ultimate intention was treachery. At the end of the day whatever actions they performed to outfox the other would naturally be restricted to the organisation. With that in mind, Ada’s secret reinstatement was permitted.

Ever the professional, Ada performed her role perfectly, and whilst remaining cautious she approached Wesker whilst making the most of the classified position she kept at the rival company and was soon recognised as a capable intelligence gathering agent when used as a pawn. Egotistical and self-confident, Wesker was planning a takeover of the rival company and appointed and personally chose people as his followers, favouring earnestly faithful, clever wolves with piercing fangs rather than those he saw as foolish hounds. Former U.S. SOCOM agent Jack Krauser was one such example, and with Ada, Wesker perceived she had a character he liked and skilfully built an alliance with her to put her under his control. He wanted to use Ada as his most highly capable trump card in the crucial aspects of the plans he devised. But Wesker was also no fool and correctly assumed his own movements would by handed down to the top brass of the organisation through Ada. Soon information leaked, and he conversely actively wanted the information to leak. It soon became known to the rulers that Wesker was planning something big, and this was his goal to resurrect the Umbrella Corporation. They also learned he had been in contact with pharmaceutical giant Tricell for over a year.

Faint traces of his plans emerged through the rival company’s intelligence channels and within all this intricately interwoven mixture of internal speculation, only Ada was able to maintain complete mystery. Her true motivations remained secret and with everyone so focused on Wesker, her true purpose escaped everyone’s attention. It was as if she truly and completely served the organisation and so her deception continued. She had infiltrated them for the second time only to get closer to her own personal objective and no matter what happened, she could not let anyone figure that out. Needless to say, Albert Wesker was a key cog in her plan.

It was during a routine mission that Ada intercepted an e-mail from a researcher named Luis Sera pleading for help and protection. This was how the rival company came to know of the Las Plagas parasite that was in possession of a cult known as the Los Illuminados. Luis sent her small tissue samples she secretly fed back to the rival company who quickly determined the parasite possessed high potential for military applications. Wesker also took a keen interest in the organism and sent Jack Krauser to Southern Europe to infiltrate the Los Illuminados and gain the trust of their leader, Osmund Saddler. Luis contacted Ada again and begged her to take him into protective custody. The rival company wanted samples of the parasite, but Wesker also desired them for his own faction to aid with his oncoming corporate takeover. To halt his relentless ascension to power, the organisation’s top brass demanded any recovered Dominant Plaga sample be returned to them, and that Wesker should be prevented from acquiring it all costs. This was to be Ada’s ultimate loyalty test, she would have to choose.

Ada was sent into the field when it became apparent that Krauser was struggling to gain Osmund Saddler’s trust and he had no choice but to call for her assistance. Krauser had an instant dislike towards Ada and refused to trust her. It was Krauser who kidnapped Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter, and it was this action that brought the U.S. Government into the picture. It soon emerged Leon Kennedy was the agent dispatched to rescue her and Ada made plans to factor him into her mission. Wesker monitored Ada over the radio and her first action was to rescue Luis Sera, the man who contacted her initially and was promised protective custody in exchange for a Dominant Plaga sample. He was held captive in an old farmhouse but when she arrived, both Sera and an unconscious Leon were being moved to another location. She again risked the success of her mission by letting personal feelings come to the surface as she broke cover to save Leon from Bitorez Mendez and was subsequently captured for her efforts. Only her sharp reactions and athletic prowess saved her from death. Eventually, she made contact with Leon directly in Castle Salazar, confirming his suspicions that she was working for Wesker, a fact she did not deny. But as always she was coy about her true intentions and quickly made her exit. Wesker then contacted her and gave the order to eliminate Leon. He knew him as a survivor of Raccoon City and wanted no extra distractions to her mission having known what happened between them last time. Her mission was then complicated further when Osmund Saddler got to Luis before she could and killed him, recovering the stolen sample in the process. Ada was forced to hide from Leon until in a stroke of luck Wesker retracted his kill order and decided to let him live and cause further disruption for Saddler so that she could recover the sample in the aftermath. She then made sure Leon reached Saddler’s island by giving him a lift in a speedboat.

Once on the island, Ada searched the lab facilities and recovered several Subbordinate Plaga samples. She also met with Krauser who wasted no time letting her know that neither he nor Wesker trusted her and that if she tried anything clever, he would kill her. Ada laughed this threat off and retorted that she knew Wesker a lot better than he ever had. Shortly afterwards she again saved Leon by rushing to his aid after Wesker revealed he had sent Krauser to kill him. After mistakenly believing Leon had later killed Krauser, she reported him dead to Wesker, only to come across him still alive and well. Deciding not to complicate matters, Ada killed him herself. She also assisted Leon in his final battle with a mutated Saddler by throwing down a rocket launcher as she did in Raccoon City six years ago. After he had dispatched the Saddler creature, she held Leon at gunpoint and forced him to hand over the Dominant Plaga. She then set off a timer to activate explosive charges planted around the island and gave Leon keys to a jet ski parked up near the caves. Ada then left the island via helicopter, her mission once again a success. Wesker toasted her success, insisting that her actions had brought the Umbrella Corporation one step closer to its re-establishment. But as ordered by the rival company’s top brass, she sent them the Dominant Species Plagas and sent only the Subordinate Plaga to Wesker. However, it was all for naught as the cunning Wesker was somewhat expecting Ada’s betrayal and acquired a dead Dominant Species Plaga from Krauser’s corpse. Following this incident, Ada retreated back into the shadows.

In 2006 she had a contract with Ricardo Irving; a known black market bio-weapons smuggler. He revealed to her the location of Oswell Spencer who was hiding in exile and she in turn passed it onto Wesker as a gesture of goodwill. By now, he was in charge of the rival company and his relentless quest to find Spencer had led them well on the way to financial ruin. Their relationship was understandably fractured given her actions two years prior, but this information about Spencer no doubt gleamed her a little reprieve. Still, their paths never directly crossed again and in 2009, when news filtered through the B.O.W. underworld about Wesker’s death, Ada confessed to feeling a little sad and empty about the news. Wesker had been a huge part of her life and the time she spent working with him was instrumental in gaining advancements towards her ultimate goal. But with Wesker gone, she turned her attentions back towards investigating another highly-dangerous individual; Derek Simmons and his ‘Family.’

By 2011, Ada found herself working for another mysterious client who wanted her to steal a sample of a new ‘Synthetic Plaga’ being developed in the Eastern Slav Republic by President Belikova’s scientists. This new Plaga had the ability to control a t-Virus B.O.W. known as the Licker due to the creature’s heightened sense of hearing and the Plaga’s method of communicating via ultra-high-frequency sound waves. At that point Eastern Slav was in the midst of civil war and as ever Ada ingeniously manipulated events to help her reach her goal. She planted a dead Licker inside a warehouse which was picked up on surveillance camera by the U.S. Government. This resulted in Leon being sent to the area to confirm the presence of B.O.W.s being used in the war. Ada knew the Plaga was being cultivated in a makeshift laboratory inside in an old bomb shelter directly beneath the presidential palace in the capital city. In order to get inside, she infiltrated President Belikova’s government by posing as a B.S.A.A investigator sent in to warn of the dangers of biological weapons in combat. She told Belikova and her advisors that she believed the Plaga organisms have existed since ancient times and asked the generals how they felt about infecting subordinates with the Plaga if they became disobedient, a comment Belikova found very interesting. She also informed the President that she believed the terrorists Belikova’s government were fighting had gotten their hands on bio-weapons and she wanted to investigate.

Ada also met with Leon to warn him that the primary infection zone was going to be purged and this meeting caused Belikova’s aides to notice her absence, later leading to her identity as a spy being revealed. President Belikova confirmed with the B.S.A.A. that Ada’s identity was a fake and an international arrest warrant was issued through Interpol. Ada was later captured by Belikova’s guards but easily escaped and soon penetrated the honeycomb laboratory. She again used Leon as a diversion whilst she stole the Synthetic Plaga specimen. Following the incident, Ada contacted her client and presented the recovered Synthetic Plaga, but playfully hesitated about sending it to him. The mysterious man offered to rescind her arrest warrant but she admitted the idea of an international warrant on her profile was quite appealing. It remains unknown whether she sent him the Plaga or not, but her warrant was later wiped with no trace of who was responsible for it. Later the C.I.A. documented her involvement in a classified report and only they were aware of her involvement in Eastern Slav.

Two years later, Ada was involved in an unrelated operation when she was contacted by Carla Radames; a genetically-engineered doppelganger of Ada created by Derek Simmons using the C-Virus. Carla posed as Simmons through a communications device and lured Ada to a submarine in the North Atlantic with the promise of a personal revelation that would greatly influence her future. When Ada arrived she found it populated with a new C-Virus B.O.W. known as J’avo and that she had full access to all areas. She found a video recording dated six months ago of Simmons issuing orders for her to head to Edonia and intercept Jake Muller, but she had never received any such order. After a fight with numerous J’avo that caused a hull breach, Ada fought her way to the escape pods and ‘Simmons’ contacted her again, warning that the U.S. would soon suffer a bioterror attack followed next by China and then major cities all across the world. These attacks would be the responsibility of ‘Neo-Umbrella’ and their leader – Ada Wong. Believing Simmons was trying to frame her by way of revenge for leaving him all those years ago, Ada escaped from the sinking sub and headed for Tall Oaks to investigate where she knew the location of a secret Family meeting place.

When she arrived on June 29th, Tall Oaks was consumed by the C-Virus with over 70,000 people infected. Ada used her prior knowledge of Simmons and made straight for the cathedral on the edge of town where she knew The Family’s secrets were kept. She also noticed that Leon had been dragged into the incident and saved him from a mutated C-Virus experiment that had once been the sister of his companion, Helena Harper. Ada later infiltrated the laboratory beneath the cathedral and watched a video showing the birth of her duplicate from a chrysalid egg. She spotted Simmons in the foreground and realised it wasn’t Simmons that had been contacting her all this time, but rather her doppelganger, Carla. Ada called her up and Carla did not deny the claim, ominously declaring that the world would soon burn and Ada would be blamed for it all. Ada then immediately contacted the real Derek Simmons for the first time in 15 years and revealed her doppelganger had her heart set on destroying the world.

The next day, Ada arrived in Lanshiang to find legions of J’avo swarming the streets and a large scale B.S.A.A. search and rescue operation in place. She hacked into their communications channel to find out more about what was going on. She tailed a B.S.A.A. team for a while before saving Jake Muller and Sherry Birkin from the Ubistvo. The B.S.A.A. radio chatter eventually led her to a Neo-Umbrella aircraft carrier in the harbour where she learned the truth behind Project Ada and Simmons’ relentless quest to make a perfect clone of her. The unfortunate test subject was Carla, originally one of Simmons’ most loyal researchers, and creator of the C-Virus. Now she wanted revenge on Simmons for what he had done to her. But before Ada could get to Carla, the latter was shot by a member of The Family and with her dying breath, injected herself with an enhanced strain of the C-Virus. Ada found her body and confessed she would have gladly helped Carla take down Simmons had she only asked and concluded it was her conscience that caused her to seek Ada out in the first place. But then Carla mutated and attacked, only for Ada to defeat her for good this time.

Ada commandeered a helicopter and made for the Neo-Umbrella quad tower as the C-Virus missile impacted over Tatchi and transformed the remaining populace into zombies. There she provided air support and assisted Leon and Helena against Simmons, who at this point had been infected by the enhanced strain and was undergoing rapid mutation. She took the helicopter to the roof of the tower and left it behind for Leon, alongside a rocket launcher and a memory card implicating Simmons in the Tall Oaks attack that killed President Adam Benford. She then headed for Carla’s secret laboratory, watching recordings about her work and referencing her ultimate creation. A single chrysalid was nurturing inside a cultivation chamber and began to hatch before her very eyes. She watched with disgust as a perfect human arm began to emerge. But before it was born, Ada killed it and destroyed the entire laboratory and the remainder of Carla’s evil legacy. With Simmons and Carla gone, Ada soon accepted another job from an unknown source and left the laboratory behind without looking back.

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