Alcina Dimitrescu

Alcina or Lady Dimitrescu  was the head of the Dimitrescu and one of the “4 Lords” that served under Miranda. She was the custodian of Castle Dimitrescu – a vast and imposing castle that was a focal point of The Village. Like the other Lords, Dimitrescu descended from nobility and following the administration of the Cadou parasite, reacted favourably to the infection. She was able to retain her humanity and contain free will over the Mold within her. She was also fiercely loyal to Miranda and dedicated to helping her with the planned resurrection of Eva. 

Like other Dimitrescu’s before her, Alcina was born with an inherited blood disorder. The exact condition was unknown but this trait played a significant role in how the Mold would affect her mutation in years to come. Prior to this however, Dimitrescu was involved in a Jazz Group known as Miss D and the Pallboys. This was not a success and by the time Dimitrescu was 44 years old, she had been lured back to The Village by Miranda to be used by her in her experimentation.

Beneath the cemetery, Dimitrescu was given the Cadou parasite. Dimitrescu was one of the first adaptors of the mold vessel and it was noted by Miranda that her brain affinity to the parasite was high. She would however not make a suitable vessel but by retaining her humanity and free will, could reclaim her position has the head of the Dimitrescu clan that lorded over The Village.

The effects of her Mold infection was considerable. She dramatically grew in height, towering over her compatriots and standing at 9ft 6 when wearing heels. New clothing was needed to cover this towering lady, but adaptation to the castle were far more problematic meaning she needed to duck every time she entered or existed a room. Dimitrescu also had remarkable regenerative abilities and was near impervious to damage by normal methods. She was also able to emit long claws from her hands in a mutation similar to that of a Tyrant.  She also stopped ageing meaning her youthful appearance was maintained despite being by 2021 well past 100 years old. In many ways, Dimitrescu’s mutation was similar to that of Miranda’s albeit without of her defining abilities such as shape-shifting.

There was however a major side-effect and this related to her hereditary blood disease. The Mold was unable to cure this aspect of her life and even in her new mutant form, the disease remained. In fact, the combination of the condition and Mold meant that she now required a regular supply of fresh blood to sustain her in the long term. This inherent failure and reliance upon an external nourishment source meant she was a failure in the eyes of Miranda.

As with all the 4 Lords, Dimitrescu was given access to the Cadou parasite in order to experiment and aid her in locating a suitable vessel for her daughter. Upon reclaiming Castle Dimitrescu, she would go on to employ many local townspeople to work in her castle, serving her and eventually her “family”. This family however was one of Dimitrescu’s early experiments with the Mold and one born by accident more than anything. Whilst experimenting with the parasite and three test subjects, a housefly entered into the body and was assimilated by the Mold within them. The result saw the “birth” of the Dimitrescu Daughters – human-fly-mold hybrids that were, like Dimitrescu reliant upon blood to sustain themselves. Seeing them as her children, Dimitrescu named these experiments, Bela, Cassandra and Daniella.

The 4 lived in the castle and continued research into the Cadou. Many of the townspeople employed by her would never return including one local called Ingrid. She tried to flee the home after discovering the Moracai in the bowels of the Castle – but was stopped by Alcina before she could make her escape.

The Moroaica and by extension the Samca B.O.Ws were female test subjects who had been infected with the Mold and then had their blood systematically drained. The purpose of this experiment was to ensure that continued supply of blood for the family for years to come. Over the next 70 years hundreds of females were subjected to this ritual with rumours soon spreading about cannibalism throughout The Village.

Rather harrowingly, the family took the opportunity as the new custodians of Castle Dimitrescu to resurrect the wine growing business that had once been a mainstay of the area. Vineyards were planted and combining the grapes with the blood of the test subjects a new wine was produced called Sanguis Virginis or Maiden’s Blood. This wine was not only consumed by Dimitrescu for pleasure, but widely sold outside of The Village to customers who believed they were merely purchasing a unique wine. It is assumed that The Duke, a local large businessman helped facilitate this trade to the outside world and ensured a regular supply of income for Miranda and the 4 Lords.

These horrifying experiments and disappearing females did not go unnoticed and one unnamed villager attempted to kill Dimitrescu. He acquired a fabled poisoned blade known as the “Dagger of Death’s Flowers” which was rumoured to be the only weapon that could cause irreversible damage to “demons and monsters”. The villager failed in his plan and was killed and buried in the chapel outside the main Castle.

In February 2021, Miranda had acquired her vessel in the form of Rosemary Winters and set about to start the ritual to resurrect Eva. Ethan, Rosemary’s father was captured by Karl Heisenberg and brought before the 4 Lords. Barely able to control her insatiable need for fresh blood, Dimitrescu pleaded with Miranda that she be handed the man for her own experiments. Miranda instead opted that he go to Heisenberg instead much to her annoyance. Despite this set back, Ethan escaped Heisenberg and ended up inside the walls of Castle Heisenberg anyway. He was promptly captured by her daughters and taken to Dimitrescu where he was impaled by his hand up against the wall.

Once again, Ethan was able to escape this and then proceeded to try and locate a flask of Rosemary that Miranda had entrusted to her Lords. He encountered strong resistance from all three of the Dimitrescu Daughters, but were all destroyed by him causing much agony and distress to Alcina. Taking matters into her own hands, she then hunted Ethan throughout the castle, even slicing off his hand in the process.

Ethan however was remarkably resilient and after finding clues to the poisoned dagger was able to locate the blade and stab Dimitrescu in the heart. The legend was true and this reaction caused a significant mutation of her person which can be read here.

Against all the odds Dimitrescu was slain by Ethan.

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