Alex Wesker


Alex was born to parents of above average intelligence and superior genetics. Whilst still an infant she was selected as a suitable candidate for the Wesker Children program and removed from her parents by means unknown at a young age, and too young for her to remember any different. Her original surname was discarded and replaced with Wesker, just like every other candidate chosen and named after the head researcher of the project.

Under the watchful guidance of Spencer, she was screened and underwent high levels of physical training before being back into the world and provided with a privileged education, all paid for and nurtured from a distance by Umbrella. Soon she demonstrated a superior intellect and like her namesake Albert, she possessed long, thick blonde hair and bright, piercing blue eyes, a sign of the master race. She was beautiful and always dressed in white, which was an interesting parallel to the black favoured by Albert.

Alex grew up fascinated with the teachings of Franz Kafka, and specifically ‘The Metamorphosis’ which dealt with Gregor Samsa’s troubles having woken up one day to find himself transformed into a strange, insect-like creature. Alex likened herself to his sister, Grete, whom acted as the caretaker following her brother’s transformation. She developed a love/hate relationship with the story. Like all Wesker Children, Alex was subliminally programmed to seek out Spencer and wonder about his intentions, conditioning her mind at a young age to always be loyal and faithful to her master when the time came for the world to change. As she got older she developed impressive leadership skills and gained a number of qualifications in science and virology. At this point she was subjected to hellish tests of endurance both physically and mentally to train her mind and body to be a chosen subject for Spencer’s new, utopian world.

However, disaster occurred when Alex later developed an incurable illness that slowly ravaged her body from within and began to weaken her. This illness threatened her candidacy as part of Project Wesker, despite her meeting and surpassing all the requirements thus far. By now she had gained Spencer’s complete trust and her brilliant mind was enough for Spencer to go against his better judgement. Instead of discarding Alex like he would so others, he instead gambled the entire future of the Wesker program by revealing her true origins to her. Explaining her background broke the subliminal hold he had over her, but Alex remained loyal and as a reward he gave her a position at Umbrella and placed her inside the Information Department. To protect her identity, Alex worked under a pseudonym and Spencer also placed her in charge of the Wesker Children program. It was whilst working in the Information Department she became affiliated with a researcher named Stuart who marvelled at her talents. Over the years, Stuart would become her most trusted associate and remain by her side for the next two decades. Through her new position she was also able to meet Albert Wesker and the two became close rivals. At some point in the 1990s, Spencer commissioned a portrait of Albert and Alex, his two most gifted ‘children’ although at the time Albert had no inkling as to the significance of that particular moment. As she continued to make secret evaluations, Alex developed a deep respect for Albert, seeing him as a rival designed to give her even higher standards to adhere to. She also viewed him as her equal due to their shared experiences and upbringing as part of a secret eugenics indoctrination program. She began thinking of him as her brother, even comparing him to Gregor Samsa.

In 1998, Alex, Albert and 11 others were administered an experimental virus as part of the next stage of the Wesker Program. Alex survived the process, but the illness ravaging her body made her unable to adapt to the virus and therefore she gained no beneficial aftereffects. According to the development of this variant, there was a 20% chance of this happening. In contrast, successful subjects grew more powerful and their muscular and circulatory systems far exceeded those they possessed in normal life. Finally candidates who failed to adapt simply died. The 11 other Wesker’s had died with none being compatible, and Albert had also allegedly failed having supposedly died during the events of the mansion incident. Alex was deemed the only survivor and made a progress report to Spencer confirming the catastrophic effects of the experimental virus, concluding the success of the program had reduced to 18%. She recommended they re-evaluate past candidates from the failed pool to ensure the survival of the project. But the destruction of Raccoon City shortly afterwards halted progress indefinitely. When Spencer closed down the Africa Lab to preserve the secret of the Progenitor Virus, he killed off all employees who knew of its location but as his most trusted child, Alex was one of the few to survive this cull and became one of only a select few that knew the source in Kijuju.

By now, Spencer had placed all his hopes on Alex and tasked her with the burden of making him into a god. Foolishly, impulsively, she scrambled to follow his orders. All Wesker children were programmed to seek Spencer out, which manifested itself as a growing anxiety within each of the subjects, but his major miscalculation with Alex was that this failsafe only worked for so long as it remained a mystery. Unfortunately this mystery was revealed the moment Spencer revealed Alex’s true origins to her, meaning his hold on her personality was broken. Eventually she soon realised she had zero obligation to obey a stupid, decrepit old man. Her continuing loyalty to him from that moment on was a ruse and she remained by his side only to continue her duplicitous use of his vast resources. By now, she was tasked by Spencer to seek out suitable new locations to develop facilities and research ground-breaking new drugs. It was during this search that she came upon Sushestvovanie Island; a small, undocumented rock in the Baltic Sea. This place was largely removed from the outside world and still loyal to the old ways of the Soviet Union. Its geology and climate was deemed suitable for medicinal study. In 2000, she visited the island and made contact with the locals, appealing to the residents and promising to revitalise failing industry and boost the declining economy. Using funds syphoned from Umbrella, Alex was able to re-open the mine and develop facilities to manufacture pharmaceuticals. She was soon heralded as a saviour by the islanders as slowly but surely their fortunes began to change. Her followers and the people working under her treated her almost as royalty and referred to her as a ‘messiah’. Throughout this time, Alex kept the existence of Sushestvovanie and her operations there a secret from Spencer and planned to flee to the island when the time came to leave her decrepit ‘father’ behind.

Throughout this time she still feigned allegiance and remained by Spencer’s side, who by now was a shell of his former self but still harboured delusions of godhood. He decided to put aside his plans and focus all his energies on stopping the disease of time from further ravaging his body. He had absolute faith Alex could find a way to preserve his existence and grant him more life. He provided her with funding, researchers and equipment to devise a way to make him immortal. Alex accepted this request not out of loyalty, but because she was seeking the same thing with her own diseased body slowly counting down to oblivion. In 2005 she took all the resources to an isolated island in the Caribbean named Sonido De Tortuga and linked up with a former Umbrella researcher named Dirk Miller. Miller and Alex worked closely together and developed a mutual respect for each other with Miller trusting her implicitly. Together they began work on engineering a new virus that could bring about immortality and created the Kodoku Project based on an old Chinese curse. B.O.W.s were engineered and made to fight each other utilising the ‘survival of the fittest’ doctrine, and the virus would be perfected based on data provided from the only surviving individual. Within the first month they had gone through hundreds of test subjects and Alex made a request to Spencer to send more over to the island and at the same time reassured him that all the experiments were running smoothly.

Over the course of the next 12 months, Spencer sent over 10,000 test subjects to the island and the reports Alex fed back to him explained that as soon as she made an improvement to the virus, she immediately administered it to the next batch of subjects. But unfortunately she did not have the time to study the recombinant strain in any great depth and therefore they had no way to see how the subject reacted. The death toll was insurmountably high in these experiments. When Alex received word her new facilities on Sushestvovanie Island were now fully operational after six years of waitin , she decided to break contact from Spencer completely and abruptly left Sonido De Tortuga Island, taking all the acquired samples, research and remaining test subjects with her. To cover her tracks, she applied the Kodoku principle to the remaining research team and they all died until only Dirk Miller prevailed. As the only survivor, Miller had gained Wesker’s complete trust and vowed to see the Kodoku Project to its completion.

Alex relocated permanently to Sushestvovanie Island to continue her own plans in complete secrecy in a place Spencer could never find her. By now the mining complex and new research facilities were fully operational and the residents of the island regarded her as their saviour. She later learned of Spencer’s eventual death at the hands of her ‘brother’ and began monitoring Albert Wesker’s progress from afar, knowing he was going after the Progenitor Virus source in Africa. His transformation into a superhuman following his self-administration of the experimental virus back in 1998 only further reinforced her belief that he was now Gregor Samsa and had metamorphosed into his insect form. But unlike Grete, Alex vowed never to abandon him. By now she had deviated her research from creating a literal immortality virus to instead developing a process to digitally copy a human consciousness and imprint that personality onto another person’s brain. The chosen vessel had to be of sound body and mind and theoretically this process could be repeated over and over again, in essence granting the original subject immortality by having their consciousness live on forever. In order for the human body to withstand such a psychological shock, Alex believed the ultimate test of mental endurance was a person’s reaction to fear responses, and in order to survive such a procedure the subject would have to master their own fears. She became convinced fear was the ultimate restriction for the human soul and that to conquer all fear was to conquer life itself. Her research team approached her with the idea of resurrecting an old t-Virus prototype where the virus triggered in reaction to the subject’s emotional response to heightened stress via secretion of adrenaline and noradrenaline. This became the basis for the t-Phobos project which Alex approved and later tricked the island’s residents to become test subjects.

In 2009 Alex was deeply saddened when she heard of Albert’s death. With her own body failing her, she expedited progress on t-Phobos and delved deeper into the mind-set of her brother by acquiring samples of his Uroboros Virus from Africa. Continuing his work would allow her to remain close to him even after his death. As time went by, Alex continued experimenting on all the island’s residents to try and locate the perfect vessel for the transference ceremony. Each subject was given a sensor bracelet to test their individual fear responses as the successful subject needed to be mentally strong enough to overcome fear and to last six months of uncertainty before the transferred mind could be stabilised. She had some success carrying out the mind transfer procedure on mice so she was confident the process would work once a suitable candidate was found. In the labs, Alex had Stuart and her researchers work on unlocking the secrets to Uroboros and she herself continued to expand her hold across the island, brokering a deal with mine workers and cheating the factory owner into signing over the abattoir and food-processing plant. All the time more and more people were taken to the mine for t-Phobos experiments and soon the majority of the town and fishing village were deserted. Still no desirable vessel could be found and even Alex’s own subordinates gave their lives in the attempt, with all those who sacrificed given burial plots in a constructed mausoleum beneath the Monument Tower. In order to prove she had conquered fear and earned the right to become a god, Alex even injected herself with t-Phobos, confident she would never transform because she was incapable of feeling afraid.

By 2011 Alex looked further afield and wanted subjects who had already survived the horrors of bioterrorism and developed stronger mental barriers as a result. She exploited TerraSave leader Neil Fisher’s strong desire to bring back the F.B.C. and colluded with him to secure TerraSave employees to be taken to the island to participate in the next round of t-Phobos trials. These guinea pigs included Claire Redfield who had survived the infamous Raccoon City incident, Moira Burton, daughter of former S.T.A.R.S. member Barry, and several others who had witnessed the horrors of the Las Plagas outbreak in Kijuju. All were injected with the virus, equipped with sensor bracelets and deposited at various strategic places across the island. When the trials began the subjects were monitored by Stuart and Alex communicated with them all via their sensor bracelets. She continued to cryptically quote Kafka throughout and referred to failed subjects as ‘Gregor’ – again harkening back to her love/hate relationship with the original story. As expected, a majority died and in the end subject no.9 Natalia Korda was deemed the most suitable given her experiences during the 2004 Terragrigia Panic. She was captured by Fisher and brought before Alex who placed her into the transfer machine hooked up to a giant supercomputer. With everything in place, the final ceremony began and Stuart eliminated the remaining researchers before killing himself in honour of his service to his master. Natalia was placed into cryogenic sleep in a secured location and the uploading procedure of Alex’s personality began. The final phase was for Alex to kill herself and dispose of her own, withered, diseased body. But at the moment of pulling the trigger, she felt fear for the first time in her life and this caused the t-Phobos inside her body to activate as her emotional responses automatically flushed her circulatory system with noradrenaline. The virus caused her to survive the gunshot and later she had to watch as her hair turned grey and the flesh sagged from her bones, slowly transforming her over a period of time into a deformed, hunch-backed monster only barely recognisable as human. She covered herself in a robe to hide her deformities and had to wear a mask to help her breathe. Because her skeleton had expanded she also developed a special titanium frame to support her overly curved spine. Realising the transfer had failed, she developed an intense hatred for Natalia and released the Uroboros experiments across the island to kill every last living thing. She wandered the island in silent rage, scribbling on the walls and making crude dolls and twisting and contorting them. She mutilated Natalia’s Lottie bear and constantly played ‘Mozart’s Requiem’ on her piano to remind her of Albert.

After six months of sleep, Natalia awoke in a disorientated state and made her way across the island constantly fighting off a manifestation of Alex in the form of ‘Dark Natalia’ which was a representation of Alex’s consciousness trying to take control. She later joined up with Barry Burton who had arrived on the island in search of his daughter, Moira. When the real Alex confronted Natalia, she proceeded to strangle the life out of her only to glimpse for the briefest of moments, her own consciousness awakening inside the girl. Horrified, Alex realised that her plan had actually worked, although instead of a complete transference, a copy had been created in its place. Although creating a copy had been the basis behind her plan all along, she herself was not meant to witness this herself and therefore this realisation was too much for her to bear. Frightened, Alex retreated and branded Natalia as the ‘false one.’ There could only be one true Alex Wesker and she was it. Natalia had to die. Alex retreated to the mine and injected herself with Uroboros in an attempt to bond with her brother and destroy her enemies. But she was killed by the combined efforts of Barry Burton and Claire Redfield. But two years later when a bio-terror attack engulfed the town of Tall Oaks in 2013, Natalia read all about it and found herself with a strange morbid fascination. She began reading Franz Kafka and acting outside of her normal personality. The Tall Oaks bio-terror attack seemed to be a trigger to help bring the repressed personality of Alex Wesker up to the surface of her mind.

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