Alexander Kozachenko “Buddy”

Alexander Kozachenko was a Pro-Independence rebel fighter crusading against powerful government forces in the civil war that ravaged the Eastern Slav Republic in the early part of the 21st Century. He was a hot-headed individual with a short temperament exacerbated by the horrors of war. But underneath he was very reliable and fiercely loyal to his cause, fighting for what he believed in having suffered great personal tragedy in the past.

Alexander began his career as an elementary school teacher, choosing not to get involved in politics as the oligarchs gradually increased their iron grip over the small country. He was a popular man and known as ‘Buddy’ to his friends. He later got engaged to his childhood sweetheart Irina; a fellow teacher who taught at the same school. Both were also long-time friends with J.D, a younger, somewhat gullible young man who idolised Alexander, often referring to him as ‘Sasha.’

When civil war broke out, their school was destroyed during an overhead bombing by government forces who believed the school was a hideout for the rebels. Although Alexander survived, Irina and many of the students were killed. He quickly developed a fierce hatred against the government and the president, Svetlana Belikova, and became very distant and cold towards his friends. Eventually he pledged his allegiance to the anti-government rebels led by the Council of Elders, despite having no previous combat training nor having held a firearm in his life. He was taken in by an Ataman named Ivan Judanovich; one of the elders who later became his mentor.

Eventually the guerrilla forces began using B.O.W.s against the government army, hoping to tip the balance of the war in their favour. The Council of Elders were given samples of the cultivated ‘Synthetic Plaga’ and direct injection gave them the ability to control Licker Beta B.O.W.s, whose sense of hearing had been heightened further by experimentation with the Progenitor Virus by Tricell. Judanovich took one of these Plagas into his body and Alexander saw himself as his bodyguard, so blinded by vengeance that he failed to see the danger in what they were doing. Neither Buddy, Judanovich or any of the anti-government forces realised that the B.O.W.s were actually being supplied by President Belikova herself, so that she could claim to the rest of the world that her government was fighting bioterrorists.

In February 2011, Buddy and J.D. captured Leon Kennedy, who had been sent to the country to confirm the existence of B.O.W.s being used in the war. They interrogated him, believing Leon to be an American informant when they were suddenly attacked by the military. Buddy escaped but was forced to kill Judanovich after the old man began to show symptoms of succumbing to the defected Plaga within his body. He decided to continue with Judanovich’s plan and use the B.O.W.s to launch an attack on the Presidential palace. He took the Plaga into his body, despite knowing it killed Ataman and would probably do the same to him. Alexander clashed several times with Leon about the usage of B.O.W.s but Buddy was insistent it was the only way the freedom fighters could ever win the war. To him, using B.O.W.s was no different to using conventional weapons, and as Leon would not surrender his gun, he would not do the same with the Plaga. It seemed the death of Irina had purged all emotion from his body aside from anger and he was absolutely devoted to the fight for independence.

The next day, Buddy led the attack on the Presidential Palace, taking out the outer guards with Lickers before infiltrating the bunker complex beneath. There he exhausted himself trying to get to President Belikova and soon began to show signs of the Plaga taking him over, just as it had done to Ataman before him. Weakened, he was eventually forced to rely on Leon’s help to escape the complex as Belikova set a number of customised Tyrant models on them both.

Despite the American and Russian governments interfering and saving their lives, Buddy wanted to die before he became a mindless Ganado and begged Leon to kill him, but he refused. Buddy argued that he had lost his friends, his mentor and everything he had to live for but Leon countered that the only way their deaths would mean anything was for him to continue living, even if it meant being paralyzed for the rest of his life. Leon shot him in the spinal cord to kill the Plaga fused to his central nervous system. Although Buddy survived, he was now bound to a wheelchair for the rest of his life. He was monitored for a time by the B.S.A.A. to ensure the Plaga was fully expunged from his system.

Following the war and with the Eastern Slav Republic in a state of peace, Buddy returned to his former life as an elementary school teacher, having found his purpose in life once more.

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