Amoeba-Type Tyrant

The Amoeba-Type Tyrant (unofficial name) was a unique Tyrant specimen that spearheaded Umbrella’s continued experimentation into parasite based bio-organic weapons. 

In what would be later used by Il Veltro with the T-Abyss Virus, the Tyrant had the ability to dissolve its bony structure into a goo-like structure and then reform into a humanoid specimen. This meant that the creature was able to navigate through small, compact areas like air vents and waste pipes.  Additionally, and unlike other Tyrant specimen’s this variant had tentacles emanate from its open gut. This was an inherent failure in this parasite programme but it did mean that infection from the B.O.W greatly increased as was shown on the S.S. Starlight Incident in 1999.

Following the relative success of the NE-Alpha and NE-Beta parasites, Umbrella began to theorise that humans could be used as hosts to nuture genetically modified parasites, allowing a safe enviornment for their growth when the creature was relatively weak.

Once the parasite had reached maturity, it would remove itself from the host body and then look to hunt prey. The B.O.W was to be engineered so that any intake of flesh and/or blood would result in rapid growth and mutation into the humanoid “Tyrant” form.

This was however, tricky and time consuming work with Umbrella USA being the architects of this endevour. It can be assumed that during their research many failures and protoypes were created as at least one specimen already in Tyrant form was retained by the company that would be used as a failsafe on missions.

Indeed, following the destruction of Raccoon City and the unwanted public attention Umbrella received, many of its operations were shifted away from prying eyes with experiments being transported in secret.

By late 1998 one specimen, a young girl called Lucia who had been implanted with the parasite began to show promise. She would tell her foster parents (secretly Umbrella employees) of her ears ringing reguarly and generally acting strange around her cohorts. With this development, Umbrella decided that it was time to move Lucia to Europe where further tests could take place.

Under the false pretenses of moving back to Europe to be with her real family, Lucia was placed on the luxury public cruise ship, the S.S. Starlight at some point in 1999. Fearful of the Rival Company, the Amoeba-Type Tyrant prototype was smuggled on board below decks to safeguard the asset.

During the trans-Atlantic cruise, something happened to the ship that caused it to lose power. In that moment, the Tyrant was automatically activated and in the resulting chaos infected every passenger on board (with the exception of Leon S. Kennedy who was able to take shelter). With everyone now a Zombie, the Tyrant began it hunt for Lucia until Umbrella reimforcements arrived.

The Tyrant in this “guard form” is highly durable and will use its fists to predominatly attack enemies. It will however resort to it’s tentacles if necessary. If the B.O.W is injured enought, it can dissolve and retreat.



The Amoeba-Type Tyrant in its infant form. This genetically modified creature starts off small and will slowly grow over a number of years inside a host until it reaches maturity. It is a veracious hunter and will immediately latch onto the nearest food source. Upon consumption of flesh, not only will it cause T-Virus infection to the victim, but the parasite will then be ale to mutate further.


The main form of the parasite. Once it has feasted on flesh the creature will rapidly mutate and grow to this human-like B.O.W. In this form the creature possess remarkable regenerative abilities and can dissolve into small crevices and pipes to evade capture. It is unclear however, how this creature was ultimately created but it can theorised based upon its similarity to the Ooze B.O.W, that aquatic virus’s or DNA were added to the T-Virus when the initial parasite was conceived.


Only one version of this Tyrant form was ever recorded and represented the pinnacle of Umbrella’s planned parasitic weapon. Not only was the intent of Umbrella to create a Tyrant, effectively through implantation that could, once out of its host, evade capture and infect battlefields, but to also, if necessary be able to replicate enemies as well.

The fluidity of the adapted T-Virus and the ability to dissolve its bone-like structure meant that the parasite could reassemble itself as it saw fit. Possessing remarkable levels of intelligence, the creature, if it were to obtain a DNA sample, could replicate the code and then shapeshift into creating an exact copy of that person. It true form saw its once great skin turn green and its hand have claws which it would use for attack. The Tyrant’s gut however, remained exposed but the indivdual tentacles infuse into one larger singular appendenage.

If the B.O.W sustains damage it will mutate further and creepily, the gut will begin to spout what appears to be teeth and a secondary mouth. Spikes also form across the creatures body.

During the S.S. Starlight Incident, the parasite was able to replicate Leon S Kennedy, who was all but exhausted having recently slain the guard form Amoeba Tyrant and then later replicate Lucia as well. During a final confrontation with Leon, Lucia and Barry Burton, the B.O.W had lept overboard with the Lucia before returning to deck looking identical. Despite this astonishing ability, it could not change its blood colour and quick thinking from Lucia meant that Barry and Leon were able to destroy the only known specimen.

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