Amusement Park

The Amusement or Abandoned Park was an immersive themed attraction on the outskirts of Raccoon City. It served the local community by offering unique attractions and exhibits with a strong emphasis on horror. The theming was of particularly high quality, with scenes of torture, Egyptian artifacts and general archaeology/exploration.

There does not appear to be any thrill rides, but has many themed locations for visitors to attend including the Jack the Ripper Store,  Frankenstein Shop and the Pyramid Restaurant.

An expansion to the basic area was also constructed this time focusing on the late 18th-19th century architecture of England. Here, guests would be immersed in the horrors of that era, potentially inspired by the ongoing fascination of notorious seriel killer, Jack the Ripper. A key location in this expansion is Ashford Antiques.

It can be inferred that the park was in part funded or owned by Umbrella. Service elevators emblazed with the Umbrella logo are prevalant throughout the park and as soon as the Racccon City Incident took hold, mastermind, Daniel Fabron utilised the unique setting to test suvivors against the B.O.Ws that roamed the area.

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