The Anubis was created by Umbrella and designed to replace the Hunter as their flagship B.O.W. The base organism was a bat and developed by injecting insect genes into the fertilised ovum using the t-Virus as a retroviral vector. In order to maintain the strength of its physique its digestive organs were removed to make it thoroughly lightweight. This gave the resulting creature extraordinary agility and jumping power although it lost its natural ability to fly. It was able to move quickly and cling to vertical surfaces or ceilings before using its claw-like talons to fiercely attack from above.

The Anubis did not live for long periods as the removal of its organs led to an inability to reproduce and sustain body energy levels. This was deemed a purposeful move to ensure live specimens did not fall into the wrong hands. Despite possessing immense skeletal strength, the Anubis remained easily vulnerable to gunfire due to a lack of muscle and body mass. Their intelligence levels remain undetermined although they can seemingly communicate with each other by releasing a peculiar chirping sound not usually found in bats. They possess sharp teeth but their main method of attack was the enlarged claws on each hand. During production researchers had toyed with using the name ‘Predator’ but eventually went with Anubis after the Egyptian God of the Dead. Several batches were purchased by the Sacred Snakes from Umbrella’s Russian facility although their resulting failure ensured it was never mass-produced on a large scale.

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