Baker Farm

The Baker family estate is located in the Southern U.S. state of Louisiana, settled on the outskirts of the local town of Dulvey and its parish subdivision. The entire estate is ensconced around a large bayou with many areas of marsh and swamplands thanks to sediment washed down from the Mississippi River. Its origins date back all the way to the beginning of the 19th century when the old house was constructed and painted in 1802. The site is also located adjacent to what was then known as the Patterson Mine which in later years was taken over and renamed the Abercrombie Salt Mine. It is unknown how long the estate has been in ownership of the Bakers but it is believed to date back across multiple generations. Over time the estate expanded exponentially with the main house taking pride of place and also construction of a guest house for staying visitors. The Bakers farmed livestock and later built a large barn with animal pens and machinery for slaughtering livestock. In addition there is also a greenhouse and a boathouse connected to the surrounding swamps. The farm is a plantation and the Bakers grew their own crops from the surrounding fertile lands.

In November 1992, Jack Baker enlisted the services of Trevor and Chamberlain Construction; a specialist firm and continuation of George Trevor’s business. This company installed a specialised ‘shadow-activated doorway’ in the hallway of the main house over a period of three weeks. This was a hidden door built into a wall and the trick to activate the hidden mechanism involved using a projector and a wooden statuette to project a shadow onto a painting made of specialised paper. In this case the painting was ‘Sky Hunter’ and depicted a hawk chasing down a wolf. The wooden statuette needed to be manipulated in such a way that the light would burn its image onto the paper and trigger the door. This puzzle was easily relatable to the repertoire of George Trevor, the man who designed the infamous Arklay Mansion in Raccoon Forest. Several puzzles of similar design were scattered around other parts of the estate, including the ‘Venomous Predator’ and ‘Judgement’ paintings in the Old House and attic respectively.

The estate is located only a stones-throw away from Dulvey and Jack was a frequent visitor to local DIY store ‘Niko’s Hardware.’ Likewise the Bakers were all registered at Dulvey Hospital under the care of Dr. Crawford Lang. The Baker estate also fell under the jurisdiction of Dulvey State Police whose members included Captain Howell and Sheriff’s Deputy David Anderson. The Baker’s had a local reputation for being a quiet and caring family although they were dogged by some unsavoury rumours about Lucas.

The unique geography of the region is very susceptible to hurricanes and the many bayous, marshes and inlets often result in extensive water damage. The area is also prone to frequent thunderstorms, especially in the summer. The Baker estate has survived at least two hurricanes in the past, with the family counting themselves lucky after the first, only for extensive damage to occur the very next time it rained. A second major storm occurred in October 2014 and caused significant damage to the Old House and the Boat House. Despite Jack and Lucas working hard to board up and re-secure all the buildings, record-breaking rainfall fell in just a number of days causing the swamps to overflow and spill into the grounds. The Boat House in particular was badly damaged and left half submerged. In Dulvey and many other surrounding parishes, residents were left knee-deep in flood water. This particular storm also washed the wreckage of the LNG Annabelle into the bayou from the Gulf after the E-Series bio-weapon ‘Eveline’ got loose and wreaked havoc. The wreck was found by Jack Baker and he rescued Eveline and Mia Winters and took them back to the Baker farm. Unfortunately this led to their infection from a unique bacterium and rendered them under Eveline’s control. This led to the Bakers going into hiding and retreating from society completely. Their personal hygiene suffered and they began capturing local people to add to Eveline’s ‘family’ and killing or transforming anyone unsuitable into ‘Molded’ creatures. Over 20 people were reported missing in the following two years which led to an increased police presence in the area.

The sudden absence of the Bakers was put down by the local populace as being just four more unfortunate victims of these strange disappearances. The Baker estate was thought to be empty and supposedly haunted, which later attracted interest from internet urban explorers and paranormal investigators such as ‘Sewer Gators’. In 2017, Ethan Winters was led to the estate after receiving an e-mail from his long-missing wife Mia and he became embroiled in a bioweapons conspiracy involving the recently resurrected Umbrella Corporation PMC and The Connections. In the ensuing incident, Jack, Marguerite and Lucas Baker were all killed and Zoe Baker was rescued by her uninfected uncle, Joe, and then treated and cured of her infection by Umbrella. Much of the Baker farm was left in ruins following the incident and whatever remained was derelict and left to fall foul of the growing vegetation and unpredictable swamp lands.

Notable Locations

MAIN HOUSE: – The main house is constructed over two floors, a small attic space and an extensive basement. It is surrounded by thick forest canopy and a wrought-iron fence encircles the perimeter. The intercom system on the main gate is broken and the front doors are boarded up and no longer in use. It is traditionally furnished and several doors require special keys to access. This was a result of the Bakers tightening up security following their infection at the hands of Eveline. These keys included the Snake Key, The Crow Key and The Scorpion Key.

The entrance to the back door can be opened by using three special dog-head reliefs. Since the Bakers began abducting local tourists and vagrants to add to Eveline’s family, these dog heads were hidden to prevent their captives from escaping. One was hidden inside the pendulum in the grandfather clock in the lounge, another inside a hollowed-out book in the games room, and the third in the dissection room in the basement. The east wing contains a long corridor running down to the laundry room. Turning left here leads to stairs going up to the next floor and the door to the main garage. On the opposite side are two doors leading to the kitchen and dining room respectively. The dining room is open-plan to the living room and a pantry is connected to the kitchen. A trapdoor in the pantry leads to a crawlspace beneath the house. This crawlspace runs all the way down to an adjacent trapdoor in the laundry room. The west wing contains the main drawing room where a number of stuffed animals are on display. There is also a supply room and a monitoring room where a bunch of old TV sets are stored. There is also another storeroom next to stairs heading down to the basement level. Other features in the main hall include a shadow-activated doorway puzzle allowing a shortcut down to the drawing room, and an alcove at the back of the wall containing a bronze bust of a civil war soldier brandishing a shotgun. If the shotgun is removed without placing an adequate counterpart in its place, the door to the room will automatically lock and trap anyone inside.

The second floor east wing contains the recreation room which houses a pool table, dart board, and a bar and relaxation area. The veranda overlooking the rear garden can be accessed from here as a well as a door leading to grandma’s bedroom where Eveline slept once she started to rapidly age. Opposite the rec room is Lucas’s old bedroom and in here the third floor attic can be accessed. Lucas’ skills with technology resulted in him opening the attic via a secret button on a lampshade. Further down the passage is the bathroom and the corridor ends at the opposite side of the veranda and the stairs leading down to the ground floor near the garage. The west wing contains the Baker’s master bedroom and an adjacent storeroom. A hidden trapdoor beneath the bed leads to a hidden passage going down into the workshop area of the basement. The basement or processing area contains the incinerator room where bodies were left in state on slabs to be transformed into Molded. Any unsuccessful subjects were destroyed. Other areas included the workshop, the main boiler room, the dissection room and the morgue.

CARAVAN: – The caravan/trailer is located in the garden at the rear of the main house. It was used as a small retreat by the Bakers and contained a bed, a small bathroom and cooking facilities. It also had a TV, air conditioning and also some fairy lights to give the interior some added glow. Mia Winters opted to stay in the caravan when she was first rescued by the Bakers in 2014, though when her behaviour became increasingly erratic she was eventually confined to the cell in the basement of the guest house by Lucas. Family outcast Zoe moved into the caravan, choosing to stay there and keep away from Eveline and the rest of her insane family whilst planning her own escape.

OLD HOUSE: – The old house was constructed on wooden stilts directly above the swamp and is the oldest part of the Baker estate. It can be accessed via the courtyard through the gate to the right of the caravan. A rickety old bridge crosses over the swamp and the house is constructed over two floors. The ground floor contains a living room, dining room, guest room and a gallery. Most of these rooms are used for storage and contain discarded furniture and old boxes of junk. The wallpaper is torn and faded and plaster has come away from the walls to expose the wooden foundations underneath. Likewise sections of the ceiling have caved in and collapsed. The lounge has a hidden tunnel behind the fireplace that leads down to a small workshop. There is a back door in the dining room leading outside onto a jetty where bridges cross over the swamp to a water station on the right and a storage shed directly ahead. The Gallery contains another shadow-activated doorway puzzle leading to a passage in the rafters to get to the other side of the building. There is also a rear door with a jetty. The entrance hall of the old house suffered significant damage and most of the wooden floorboards have rotted and collapsed, revealing murky swamp waters just a few metres below. This damage essentially cut off the western side of the house and Jack Baker had to install a crude bridge across the gap that can be activated via a crank and pulley system. A door up here requires the crow key and leads up to the second floor. This area contains Marguerite’s ‘altar’ and a room full of fine antiques and a grand piano. Further on is the kid’s bedroom and a ‘contaminated room’ that is covered floor to ceiling in Mutamycete. Finally at the very back and down a small corridor is the detention room. A secret passage behind the wall here is where the D-Series corpse is kept. The old house doesn’t have much in the way of power and is lit largely by candlelight. By 2017 it was all but abandoned. Because it is situated over a swamp there is no basement level, although there is a small crawlspace leading underneath the altar. Additionally there is a tunnel under the house that leads beneath the swamp and up an old well into another part of the garden near the greenhouse.

GREENHOUSE: – This is another large building which is mostly disused and full of dust. Many of the rooms are empty with only damaged remnants of furniture left behind, a majority of which are covered in vines and plant roots. It is largely used for storing gardening equipment and is hazardous with many rotting floorboards and holes in the ceiling. Like the old house, it is situated over two floors and connects to a large greenhouse with a tin-sheet roofing and numerous glass panels. It is here that an infected Marguerite cultivated her ‘babies’ by introducing numerous insects to the Mold. By 2017 the greenhouse was in a dire state of disrepair and all the windows had been smashed, leaving all the plants and herbs exposed to the elements.

GUEST HOUSE: – The guest house is located to the left of the main house and is accessed by following a mud track around the perimeter fence next to the swamp. The house is old and by 2017 it is abandoned and much of the exterior is covered in ivy and leaves. The yard is unkempt and overgrown and an old wooden swing is near the porch. Inside the main door a corridor runs down to the kitchen on the right and further on is another passage with doors to the lounge and a connecting corridor holding the bathroom and the stairs down to the cellar. The lounge contains an old sofa and chairs, a grand piano, and the fuse box for the attic stairs. The cellar can also be accessed via a secret door in the lounge activated by pulling a hidden switch inside the fireplace. The cellar is mainly used for storage though the Bakers have turned one area into a cell to hold prisoners. This is where Lucas locked up Mia after she became too violent. Some of the passageways down here are partially flooded. There is also a hidden tunnel that directly connects to the abandoned Salt Mine nearby. This was Lucas’ secret short-cut back to the purpose-built laboratory run by The Connections.
The main staircase on the ground floor leads upstairs to a largely empty storage area full of mannequins and an old desk. A switch here brings down stairs on a pulley providing access to the attic. Up here are several more rooms largely used for storage. The guest house is full of dusty old furniture and other relics. It is in a bad state of disrepair with crumbling walls, peeling wallpaper and holes in the ceiling. Cobwebs are everywhere and a majority of the windows have been boarded up and reinforced. In 2017 it was the subject of a proposed paranormal investigation by online documentary show Sewer Gators.

BARN (TESTING AREA): – The testing area was the domain of Lucas Baker who converted an entire building for his sadistic need to torment his victims. The barn is located to the left of the caravan in the garden and requires two card keys to get inside. Some stairs lead up to the second floor entrance and Lucas has wrapped the entire room in tarp and installed ultra-violet lighting. This room is bare save for a TV and a chair used by Lucas to welcome his victims. A hidden door at the back opens up to more corridors, all painted white and covered in tarp, and then through several supply rooms before heading downstairs to the ground floor. Down here is the locked entrance to the party room where Lucas watched Clancy Jarvis get burned alive. A side door here leads down to the connecting barn where the Bakers kept their cattle and slaughterhouse. This place is full of animal pens and hay bales and straw covers the floor. Beyond the party room is Lucas’ hidden observation room where he watches and records his victims. A back entrance here leads to a series of bridges crossing over the swamps to the boathouse.

BOATHOUSE: – A dilapidated, two-storey building built directly on the marshes. Here the Bakers kept their boat and other nautical equipment for whenever they ventured out into the surrounding bayou. The boathouse suffered extensive damage following a devastating hurricane in October 2014 and was left half-underwater in the aftermath.

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