Becca Woolett

Becca is a resident of Raccoon City, who was caught up on the biohazard incident of September – October 1998. She, along with a group of survivors were captured by Daniel Fabron and Umbrella and used in combat testing zones against their biological weapons.

Becca has lived in and around Raccoon City all her life, specifically the Arklay County area which was known to be more agricultural. Becca herself grew up on a farm and overtime became an experienced hunter, more than capable of being able to fend for herself.

It was a natural fit that Becca would join the Park Rangers of the Arklay Mountains and it was here that her fate was sealed. Responding to some screaming in the forest, Becca encountered a pack of Cerberus or Zombie Dogs. She was able to survive the encounter unscathed but having witnessed B.O.Ws, she was swiftly captured by Umbrella and then used in the combat zones orchestrated by Daniel Fabron and others.

She, along with others would encounter various monstrosities, using skills and teamwork to evade infection and death. It remains unclear however as to whether Becca survived the Raccoon City Incident.

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