Biohazard [2002] Kaitai Shinsho Translation

The Kaitia Shinsho is the main supporting document for any Biohazard game.

The Biohazard [2002] version is a large book covering various aspects of the game and grealy expanding upont he lore.

This book has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.

Enterbrain 2002



An abbreviation of ‘Special Tactics and Rescue Service’, a dedicated unit under the jurisdiction of the Raccoon City Police Department (commonly known as R.P.D.), meaning ‘special forces for the purposes of specialised tactics and rescue operations.’ It was created in 1996 to deal with the ever-increasing rise in urban terrorism and diversifying crimes, including terrorist acts with chemical and biological agents, new types of narcotics, and hacking attempts, all during a period when Raccoon City was rapidly developing.

The significance of establishing S.T.A.R.S. lies in its ability to supplement what cannot be covered by traditional policing organisations. Therefore, there was an urgent need to recruit talented personnel capable of immediately responding to new types of crimes, and scouts were actively recruited to find experts in various fields, irrespective of gender, age, or background. Local private companies funded the creation as part of the city’s planning efforts. At the centre of it all was Umbrella, a giant corporation that had already contributed greatly to the city’s development, and now provided as much as half of the establishment costs.

This abundance of funds allowed them to acquire advanced equipment, an extensive information network, and a pool of highly qualified human resources. The fact that S.T.A.R.S. was founded on the back of a private company and is an elite group based on ability, makes it different from ordinary public institutions like the police.

Team Formation:

Currently, S.T.A.R.S. has a total of 12 members, divided into two teams, Alpha, and Bravo. Each team is organised so that even a small number of people are equipped to deal with a variety of crimes and the six members are allocated positions according to their specialisation. S.T.A.R.S. is headed by Albert Wesker, who is also the Alpha Team Captain.  

Positions within S.T.A.R.S.:

LDR (LEADER) – Commanding Officer. Makes tactical decisions and manages the other operatives.

PM (POINT MAN) – Takes the lead, conducts reconnaissance, and secures positions.

BUM (BACK-UP MAN) – Supports PM and performs front-line duties in unison.

OM (OMNI-MAN) – Responsible for transportation of various equipment and operation of heavy weapons.

RS (REAR SECURITY) – Responsible for rear guard such as protection of helicopters and link back to headquarters etc.


LDR – Albert Wesker.  PM – Chris Redfield.  BUM – Barry Burton.

OM – Joseph Frost.  RS – Jill Valentine.  RS – Brad Vickers.


LDR – Enrico Marini.  PM – Kenneth J. Sullivan.  BUM – Richard Aiken.

OM – Forest Speyer.  RS – Edward Dewey.  RS – Rebecca Chambers.


An industrial city located in the midwestern United States. Once a small town, it has grown rapidly since the multinational Umbrella Corporation opened several factories there. The number of people working for Umbrella and its affiliates has been increasing year by year, and today around 30% of the population is employed by Umbrella. The Arklay Mountains in the northern part of the city is still underdeveloped and has become a tourist attraction with beautiful lakes and forests.


A large multinational corporation based on a parent pharmaceutical ‘concern’ established in 1968. Although its headquarters is located in Europe, it has branches all over the world. The construction of a factory in Raccoon City, amongst other things, has spurred rapid development of the city, which was originally just a small rural town in the countryside. Umbrella also routinely provides substantial financial aid to Raccoon City, used for the city’s welfare, construction of public facilities, and maintaining public order, making them an indispensable part of the city. The company name and logo represent an ‘umbrella’ to symbolise the company pledge of ‘protecting the health of the people.’


A word for ‘biological disaster’. It refers to biological situations or hazards that pose a threat to humans and the natural environment.

CHRIS REDFIELD (Pages 006-007)

When did this all begin?

Was it when we took off in the helicopter to search for the missing Bravo Team? Or did it start the first time I read the initial reports of mysterious incidents occurring here in Raccoon?

No… Perhaps this path was set two years ago, on the day I was scouted by the newly established special forces unit of the Raccoon City Police.

In any case, we S.T.A.R.S. found ourselves in the middle of a long nightmare. We were caught in a world of insanity that we would never awaken from, a world that was coated in blood, death, and fear…

It was some time ago that an isolated home near Raccoon City, an ordinary run of the mill town in the Midwest, was attacked and its inhabitants slaughtered by a group of what appeared to be around 10 people. The scene was so appalling it made me want to avert my eyes. The bodies of the victims were so mutilated that they were almost unrecognisable, even to relatives…. This description probably does not convey even 10% of the violence and abnormality of the incident.

Let me put that another way. The victims’ bodies were almost completely obliterated except for bone and muscle tissue, from the flesh on their faces to the contents of their ripped stomachs…

They had been eaten. The teeth marks left behind were those of multiple people and this group of perpetrators were possibly eating their victims alive. It was a horrific and bizarre case that would have likely been ridiculed if disclosed in its entirety.

However, cases with such extreme abnormalities often provide an early link. Cannibalism, even by multiple persons, simply does not happen unless a cult group, associated with mysticism or satanism, has gone to the extreme, perhaps through excessive drug use. At first, everyone in the city police department believed that by checking local hospitals and pharmacies and calling in sources familiar with emerging and dangerous religions, the case would be solved, no matter how difficult.

However, the investigation stalled without any progress.

There was no cult believed to be involved in the incident, and no suspicious persons had been previously admitted to hospital. It was as if the group had vanished from regular human society, as if they were roaming the mountains and forests as wild, hungry beasts.

The margin of safety turned to impatience, forcing a change in investigation policy when a second and then a third ‘cannibal’ incident occurred.

The Raccoon City Police Department could no longer afford to be complacent. Although it was highly unusual at a stage when the suspects had yet to be identified and there was no one to rescue, a decision was made to deploy us; S.T.A.R.S., specialists in counterterrorism and hostage rescue, as a unit capable of dealing with a heinous group of serial murderers. Six members of Bravo Team were dispatched to conduct a wide-area search in the Raccoon Forest area, including the Arklay Mountains….

Communications were cut off.

We went to search by helicopter and Alpha Team found the crashed aircraft below us. This helicopter was supposed to be carrying the Bravo Team, but all that was inside was the dead body of the pilot, Kevin. He had been attacked by something and his corpse was covered in gruesome scars.

Yes… I was already in a nightmare. In this forest in the dead of night, strange-looking, rabid dogs suddenly attacked. Then the helicopter flew away, leaving the team behind… We were chased away and had no choice but to flee into an old mansion emerging from the darkness.

The large double doors closed behind us and creaked ominously. It was the sound of a cage of nightmares luring in its prey and then locking it down.



The ace of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. He is a strong character who hates corruption and is willing to defy orders for the sake of his convictions. He was formerly a member of the U.S. Air Force but was discharged following disagreements with senior officials. He and his teammate Barry have been friends since their Air Force days and have worked on numerous missions for S.T.A.R.S., demonstrating an ability to work well together.

He boasts a strong physique that can easily withstand a few scrapes and is skilled in the use of firearms, boasting marksmanship skills unrivalled within S.T.A.R.S. But whilst mentally very tough and capable, he can be a little rough around the edges and not always attentive to detail. He has a younger sister named Claire who he is always deeply protective of.


The Samurai Edge is a custom-made handgun for S.T.A.R.S. Chris’s own weapon is based on the standard model that was modified to his liking, but in the game, he uses the one left behind by Jill.


The large survival knife he always wears is a favourite from his Air Force days. Along with the large knife holder on the left side of his chest, it is Chris’s signature piece of equipment.


His marksmanship skills are precise. He has won titles in numerous competitions.


Any defensive items found and equipped (dagger knives and flash grenades) are attached to the left side of his belt.


This old, traditional military style is far from fashionable. It may not be popular with the ladies, but it is typical of the rugged and honest Chris.


His muscular arms tell the story of how he has endured many hardships.


Armour vest with the S.T.A.R.S. logo on the back. The sides can be adjusted by braiding up the straps. Although this is standard-issue equipment for the unit, the colouring and other details may vary from wearer to wearer.


Thick cotton pants are traditional S.T.A.R.S. style, but only Chris wears padding on his knees.


A new variant of the S.T.A.R.S. uniform, the same as the one used in Biohazard: Code Veronica. Compared to the standard uniform, the colouring and details on the vest are different.


Khaki-coloured suit-like shirt. The glimpse of the collarbone from the open collar is for the benefit of female players from the developers.


A zipper is used for opening and closing. The S.T.A.R.S. logo on the back of the standard outfit is subtly placed on the right breast and a large medallion is printed on the back. The side is adjustable with a belt.


The knife-holder, a trademark of the standard uniform, is attached to the belt and positioned around the back of the waist.


Chris, a strong individual who has seen many battlefields, is now in a house of horrors where demonic acts are carried out with impunity. The things he sees and hears tell the truth about the horrific experiments that have been repeated here in various forms, and these revelations become more and more extreme as he gets closer to its deepest level.

No ordinary person could physically endure the horrors that come one after the other in differing forms. Even if they could overcome the threat, they would become increasingly terrified by the gravity of the situation gradually becoming apparent and then shut down completely. But Chris, with his inner flame of righteousness, never stops. The fragments of truth do not make him cower, on the contrary, they fuel his rage against evil. It is this fuel that produces the inner strength that drives him to seek the truth.

JILL VALENTINE (Pages 010-011)

The forest at night was like a cast net woven with threads of darkness. The branches of the trees gnarled and overlapped, their shadows cutting through the cloudy night sky. The light produced by a military-grade flashlight is usually so intense, but here it produced only a faint glow illuminating just one small spot in my field of vision. The rising fog of the summer night made even my companions look like ghostly figures.

I noticed the light from my hand was shaking slightly, and that moment I realised I was frightened.

But then what could possibly be out there in the dark? – I am not a child!

I tried to force the image of the crashed Bravo helicopter out of my mind. The only body on board was that of Kevin, the pilot. His left eye had been gouged out by something sharp and the corpse clearly showed signs of the flesh being gnawed. Either wild dogs had gotten into the helicopter after the crash or….

Shaking off any image of a ‘monster’ lurking during the night, I refocused my nerves on the search for the missing Bravo Team. Despite the frequency of the strange incidents, it would be crazy to believe the monster sightings that the minor newspapers in Raccoon City were so amused by.

And yet…

Everyone on Alpha Team was somewhat uneasy about this deployment.

Joseph, who had been restless before our departure, seemed distressed and jumpy after finding Kevin. Brad, our pilot, seemed reluctant to search for his colleagues, even if he did not say so out loud. Even the usually dependable Barry looked strangely stiff behind his beard tonight.

However, Wesker, the leader of the team, who had insisted on an immediate search of the forest at night, was hard to read because his expression was hidden behind his trademark sunglasses, and Chris seemed to be no different than usual. There are times when I wish I could emulate his thick-skinned unflappableness, but also times when I don’t.

Just as I decided I should learn from him; I heard a cry from Joseph who should have been nearby. It was a scream, and like the cry of someone else, gunshots rang out until the magazine was empty. The unexplainable anxiety that I had been forcibly suppressing instantly gave way to fear.


I rushed in with my sense of judgement half-paralysed and found things waiting for me that could not have been real.

Joseph was no longer alive. Surrounding what was left of him, salivating, and satisfying their hunger, were four large dogs… but they looked like monsters straight out of a horror movie. Their skin had rotted away and even their bones were exposed in places. These Dobermans, no doubt long dead and decomposing, were biting and devouring my friend…

I saw one of the white, clouded eyes with no pupil looking at me. My heart was alarmed, yet my body was frozen as if it belonged to a different person, even when squeezing the trigger of the gun I was holding…. The next thing I knew, it was running at me straight as an arrow, snapping its fangs at my throat. I tried to back away, but my legs got tangled. When I fell completely defenceless, the monster pounced on me without mercy. Kevin’s corpse flashed back into my mind. I was going to die like that too.

In front of me, the monster in the air exploded as delayed gunshots reached my ears. A spray of blood hit my cheek and my disgust at the tepid, sticky sensation restored all sense of physical freedom I had lost.

“Come on!”

Chris, smelling of gunpowder, picked me up and I started to run. Behind me, three rabid dogs were closing in, unfazed by the death of one of their own kind. Was this forest just a pit leading into hell?

In the chaos, with no means of hiding, we were lucky enough to find a large mansion tucked away deep in the woods and escape this pack of rabid dogs. At least, that’s what it seemed like at first.

I was wrong.

This mansion was the centre of a nightmare that led to hell. We S.T.A.R.S. had been lured into a house of despair, full of madness, malice, and disaster.



She previously completed a training program with the U.S. Army Delta Force (counterterrorism unit) and is the only female operative in S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team. She is an expert in bomb disposal and has a working knowledge of chemical agents.

She has an extremely strong sense of justice and responsibility, evidenced by her motivation for joining the team as ‘an intolerance of any evil that threatens the public’. She is not afraid to question anything she feels is unjust, and even if her concerns are dismissed, she will persist in her efforts to get to the bottom of the matter. Although her temperament can be rather direct, she is always calm when on a mission and her precise decision-making and judgement has saved the unit many times. Because she never speaks out in times of crisis, she is often perceived as a strong-willed individual, however it is believed there are more than a few instances where she feigns her strength.


Although Jill is usually covering the rear rather than the front line, she is no slouch when it comes to marksmanship. Her favourite handgun is a customised version of the Samurai Edge, which has a smaller slide than the standard model.


Jill’s personal survival knife is smaller and slightly less lethal than Chris’s.


The grenade launcher, a heavy weapon carried by Forrest of the Bravo Team, can be utilised during the search of the mansion. It is a powerful weapon that more than compensates for Jill’s defensive weaknesses.


She is extremely dexterous with her hands and can open simple locks with a lockpick.


Her hobby is a skilled pianist. She can play Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata with just a glance at the sheet music.


She has large, bright, intelligent eyes. Her hair is cut straight at jaw level so as not to interfere with her duties.


Her beret with the S.T.A.R.S. insignia is Jill’s trademark.


The padding on both shoulders is a little too heavy for her slender frame. The braces are held in place and are positioned just below the chest, which accentuates Jill’s style.


Standard attire for ‘Resident Evil 3’. It is a casual outfit, but is quite revealing and sexy.


A fresh, stripped-back style without the beret.


A bright, sky-blue tube top. Like the skirt, it is body-tight and does not restrict the wearer’s movement.


The off-white cardigan, loosely wrapped around the waist, ties the whole look together.


Dynamic skirt accentuated at the hem. The colouring is dark, but the length of the skirt, more than 20cm above the knee, is provocative.


The side pack obtained in the middle of the scenario in Biohazard 3 is now equipped from the start. It has a magazine pouch at the front and two multifunctional pouches at the back, and in this game, a hook for storing defence items. The support brace is crossed at the back.


In a bizarre, isolated environment where a series of disasters occur, Jill skilfully wields even heavy weaponry and overcomes one obstacle after the other. Her brilliant fighting skills, which belie the fact she is a woman, make it tempting to describe her as a ‘strong woman with a man’s touch.’ However, such a perception does not capture her true nature. It is the weakness she shows upon witnessing the horrific death of her friends, the impatience and fear she shows in the face of a surprise zombie attack, or the anxiety that arises from the inexplicable actions of an ally. That is her true self. It is this vulnerability that is an essential component of Jill Valentine’s charm.



She is a new recruit to S.T.A.R.S., having only joined this year, and this is the first time she has been deployed on a special operation. She is responsible for the medical welfare of Bravo Team. Although it is hard to imagine given her age of 18, the youngest in the unit, and her still childlike appearance and behaviour, she has already completed her Batchelor’s degree at university and is a brilliant young talent. She was selected for S.T.A.R.S. because of her outstanding knowledge of chemistry.

Although she is easily influenced by the situation and her emotions and has some concerns about her own ability to deal with emergencies, her performance in her field of expertise is remarkable and she is unrivalled in the unit for her skills in mixing chemicals. Whether or not she is able to demonstrate the high level of ability that lies within her will depend on the support of the veteran members of her unit.


The handguns for S.T.A.R.S. members are all Samurai Edge, but Rebecca is the only one in the game that actually uses the standard model provided to her.


She uses her knowledge of chemistry to improvise chemicals found in the field and use them for both medical treatment and to destroy. Rebecca’s talent is a great help to Chris, who is not familiar with pharmacology.


She knows how to play the piano, but her skills are not as good as they could be…


She has a habit of resting her chin on her hands when she is idle.


She has a lovely face with a hint of innocence. Her clean, boyish short haircut suits her well.


The red colour is the same as the first-aid symbol and blends well with the overall design. Stylish in an emergency?


A bullet and stab-proof vest with matching first aid symbol on the back and sub pack. It is a seemingly unassuming piece of equipment, but at one moment during the incident, it will save her life.


A sub-pack with first aid symbol is tucked behind her waist. It seems to be her favourite piece of equipment.


They are the same style as the other members, but they are rolled up at the bottom, giving them a lighter air.


The concept is ‘western with bare belly button’. The high degree of exposure enhances the energetic atmosphere of Rebecca’s style, rather than her sex appeal.


The cowgirl hat finishes off this coordinated look. Incidentally it does not appear in the game.


The rose-pink mini scarf is tied in a cowboy knot to match the concept.


The frills used around the chest and other parts of the scarf is very western. The belly button showing through the knot is cute.


Silver and turquoise, the basis of Western fashion, are used here and there.


Bold micro-mini denim shorts cut off at the hem. The holster on the bare leg is a key feature.


Semi-long boots with a stamped pattern. The youthful design with plenty of leg room is perfect for Rebecca.

Rebecca was thrown into a tough survival situation from the very first mission. Considering her overwhelming lack of experience and somewhat rash behaviour, she should have been the first to lose her nerve, but she did not.

One of the initial reasons for this is her knowledge of chemistry, her speciality, fitted perfectly with the case at hand. The mansion where the incident took place was owned by a pharmaceutical company and was well-stocked with chemicals, allowing Rebecca to utilise her expertise in mixing the right drug for the right situation at the right time.

It was also important for Rebecca to be able to join up with Chris, a reliable individual, as soon as possible. Her purity and dedication to her friends and colleagues, and her willingness to put herself in harm’s way for them, ultimately paved the way for Rebecca’s own career. All these factors ultimately made Rebecca the only survivor of the Bravo team.


He is a trusted veteran member of Alpha Team with a wealth of firearms knowledge. A former member of S.W.A.T. (Special Weapons and Tactics), he has been a good friend of Chris’s for a long time. He oversees replenishment and maintenance of the unit’s firearms and is known as a gun enthusiast in his private life. He is a good husband and father at home, and is very protective of his two daughters, Moira, and Polly.

Despite his solid appearance, he is a very reliable man. He is compassionate, always concerned for his comrades and has a strong sense of responsibility, which has earned him the trust of his colleagues. He is a hot-blooded man who believes in justice and loathes evil, making him the perfect choice for a S.T.A.R.S. member trusted with protecting the safety of the public. In this mission to uncover the truth behind this bizarre incident, he would normally be more than willing to demonstrate his fighting spirit, but…


A self-confessed gun enthusiast, Barry’s ‘buddy’ is a .44 Magnum. He usually carries it in a leather holster suspended from his chest.


Although he doesn’t use it in this story, Barry also carries a Samurai Edge. It is a ‘large-calibre, high-powered weapon customised to his liking’ and can be used by Chris and Jill if certain criteria are met in the game.


He has a deep, sculpted face. In the game, he often wears a sorrowful expression.


Red, the colour of his vest, is Barry’s trademark colour.


The deep love he has for his wife and children can be seen in the family photos he always carries with him. When he boasts about his daughter, Barry’s face is that of any loving father.


He is middle-aged and has a slightly protruding belly, but he does not appear slow or sluggish.


Shortly before he left for this mission, Barry was troubled by a problem. This leads him, a man who is considered more trustworthy than anyone, to act strangely and suspiciously, with his words and actions not matching up. His deep love for his family, his concerns for his fellow colleagues, and his strong sense of justice, Barry is torn between all these emotions. What is it that forces him into such anguish? And what path will he choose?


The dedicated, calm, and controlled Captain of S.T.A.R.S. who also serves as Alpha Team Leader. He was appointed Captain on the recommendation of Umbrella Corporation, the largest sponsor among the private sector companies behind the unit’s creation. He was not originally a police officer, and there are no clues about his past other than his extensive knowledge of bioengineering.

A perfectionist who never makes a mistake under any circumstances, he has keen insight and good judgement, and is respected by those around him. Although he has the authority and demeanor befitting a superior, he never shows any emotion, giving the impression of being cold and impersonal. He has an unapproachable air and is a mysterious figure in terms of both personality and career.


Like Barry and the others, he uses his own modified Samurai Edge. Although he usually specialises in an intelligence work, his marksmanship skills are considerable.


His expression is unaffected by any situation he finds himself in. His eyes are hidden by sunglasses, making it extremely difficult to read his emotions.


The sunglasses he wears day and night are Wesker’s trademark.


Only Wesker wears an open-collared shirt under his vest.


Even when dressed in official attire, the basic colour of Wesker’s clothes is black.


As Captain, his equipment is a little more elaborate than that of the other members of his unit. He uses a radio to communicate with people besides Chris and Jill…


Wesker’s appointment as captain was a mystery to many, but his unflappable work ethic left no room for other members of the team to make any unnecessary assumptions. Even on this mission, despite the brutal destruction of Bravo Team’s helicopter and the tragic death of his subbordinate Joseph, Wesker’s expression never faltered as he led his team to a nearby mansion where they were expected to be safe. As usual, he was a perfectionist seemingly making the most rational decision for the situation. No, in fact, it was the right decision. This was his own ‘plan’…

No one knows what the bright eyes behind those sunglasses reflect.





The bandana on his head is his trademark and he is in charge of maintenance. Although jovial and always in good-spirits, he is hot-blooded and belligerent, and tends to go off the rails at the drop of a hat. During this mission, he took the initiative in searching for Bravo Team in a forested area when he was ambushed by a Cerberus pack and became Alpha Team’s first casualty.


AGE: 35




Chemical protection operative. Although his is in a position to fight criminality, he is cowardly and lacks a sense of duty. This time, he was piloting Alpha Team’s helicopter, but he was so frightened by the horror that he fled alone, forcing Chris and the others to flee to the mansion.




He is the deputy commander of S.T.A.R.S. and Captain of the Bravo Team. He is well respected by the team members because of his experience and warmth. He would originally have been commander of the unit, but due to the wishes of corporate sponsors, the position was given to Wesker. He is the first to realise the truth behind the incident and tries to warn someone about it…



The oldest veteran member of S.T.A.R.S. He is quiet and despite a tough appearance, has a gentle personality. He has performed dangerous missions such as reconnaissance and securing positions, and his competence is recognised by everyone. However, even he was not able to cope with this extraordinary situation and was attacked by a zombie just after Chris and the others arrived at the mansion and died.



A cheerful and pleasant young man who always has a smile on his face. He is highly regarded not only for his combat abilities, but also his communication skills. Known for taking good care of those around him, he was assigned to support newcomer Rebecca because she was the closest in age to him in the team. In the mansion, he is bitten by the Yawn and introduced to Chris and the others in a near-death state.



Maintenance officer. He has been close friends with Chris and Jill even before he joined the services. He is proud of his mission and has earned the trust of his comrades for his perfect workmanship. He is an expert marksman alongside Chris, and his handling of heavy weapons is unrivalled, but he was found dead on the terrace of a Western-style house.



Licensed to fly helicopters, he is known as the giant within S.T.A.R.S. and is also a rifle marksman. He is confirmed to have gone to Raccoon Forest as a member of Bravo Team but his whereabouts after that are unknown. It is thought he fell prey to the same monstrous creatures as Joseph and the others.



They have become non-human thanks to changes to their genetic structure caused by infection with the t-virus. They are called zombies because they lose intelligence and their skin decomposes, giving them the appearance of ‘living corpses’. Many of the zombies seen in this incident were accidentally created because of a virus leak, but it is said they were originally studied with the intention of being used as weapons. They are driven by hunger and aggressively seek other living organisms in search of flesh, which allows them to spread the virus more efficiently.


There is a variant of the t-Virus that performs a function called ‘V-ACT’, which further alters the host’s body. Unless the head or other parts of the body are destroyed or incinerated, the infected zombie will go into dormancy when fatally wounded, during which time it will rebuild its body tissue. They are then revived as ‘Crimson Heads’, more ferocious and agile creatures with blood-red bodies. Using their newly acquired blade-like talons, they attack their enemies with an agility unmatched prior to their awakening.


A Bio-Organic-Weapon (B.O.W.) created for combat use by administering the t-Virus into a Doberman canine, a well-known breed compatible for military use. Their code number is MA-39 and it was these ‘guardians of hell’ that were responsible for a series of bizarre incidents that led Chris and the others into the mansion of death. Like the zombies, their epidermis is severely decomposed, but their running ability and endurance has been greatly enhanced. Their characteristic aggressiveness is also increased. They also retain their pack mentality and when they spot their prey, they attack in waves with their companions to hunt it down.


A plant cultivated in the greenhouse of the mansion has mutated after absorbing water contaminated with the t-virus. Under the influence of the virus, each part of the plant has become enlarged, and its hardened outer skin neutralizes any impact. It is aggressive like a ravenous beast, and when it senses a living being approaching, it swings its tentacles, which are formed from leaves and stems, as if it has a will of its own to eliminate its target. As a plant it cannot walk on its own, but if its pollen were to be dispersed, the scale of viral contamination would be immeasurable.


Wild crows that have been infected by the t-Virus whilst feeding on the flesh of t-Virus victims. Although they appear to be no different to regular crows in Raccoon Forest, they have become violent to the extent of attacking living things indiscriminately and its abnormalities can be seen by the fact they are completely unmoved by the sound of gunfire. Although they were created by chance, the risk of secondary transmission of the t-virus was anticipated by the laboratory, and it is even possible that the spread of viral contamination by these creatures was calculated.


Small venomous snakes, commonly known as adders, have mutated, and become more aggressive because of secondary infection with the t-virus. Their numbers are exploding, perhaps due to abnormalities in their reproductive capacity, and even reddish-brown variants with more virulent venom have begun to appear. They prefer to live near water, and when they sense the body heat of a creature, they swarm and attack from high places. Their bites carry the risk of t-virus infection in addition to their natural haemorrhagic venom.


A type of B.O.W. created during the early days of experimentation using insects as the base organism. The name of the creature, meaning ‘spinner of webs’, is a reference to the characteristics of the spider it was created from. But this monstrosity itself, perhaps because it has grown so large under influence of the virus, does not spin a web but instead hunts directly using a highly acidic poisonous fluid. Although not very aggressive and not very effective as a combat weapon, the spider’s unique mobility along exterior walls and ceilings seems to have been considered useful as a vector, for it could spread the virus to a variety of different locations.


Bees that have become secondarily infected by feeding on t-virus affected insects. While the impact of the virus is evident in their enormous size, the real fear is the potential to spread viral contamination explosively through their large numbers. They are already actively breeding in a corner of the dormitory and, on spotting an organism in the vicinity of their nests, will pounce on it, puncture it with the needle in its tail and inject it with the t-virus alongside their venom. In addition, some wasps have grown to an abnormally large size, making them even deadlier.


A combat-orientated B.O.W. based on changing the genetic structure of a human by administering the t-virus and adding genetic information from other organisms. Its code number is MA-121 and it was developed based on the concept of creating an organism that could counter the anti-virus equipment and protective measures of the enemy. It is characterised by its intelligence, which enables it to understand and carry out simple commands, and by its extraordinary agility and leaping ability. The way in which they approach their prey at high speed and take its life is truly befitting of the name ‘Hunter’. Its reptilian-like body shape is psychologically repulsive to those who see it.


A human-based B.O.W. created through an insane experiment in which the genes of a fly were incorporated into the body and the mutational properties of the t-virus were used to forcibly fuse the two species together. Its name is derived from the mythical beast Chimera that appears in Greek mythology. Although basically humanoid, it retains the characteristics of a fly, with countless maggots growing inside its body and making strange noises as it creeps relentlessly toward you, which is nothing short of hideous. Although its intelligence is similar to that of a fly and it can only attack monotonously, the psychological damage it can inflict on its enemies is immeasurable.


A venomous snake, which was a test subject for B.O.W. development, escaped from the laboratory and was further affected by the t-virus that leaked out in the accident, resulting in its abnormal growth to an unimaginable size. The length of the snake is short compared to its width, giving the impression that it is somewhat unbalanced. Its fangs contain a deadly poison that cannot be cured by ordinary antitoxins, and if the victim is not treated promptly and appropriately, they will die within a matter of minutes. The name ‘Yawn’ is thought to be derived from the way it opens its jaws to engulf its prey.


The first Crimson Head, which made researchers aware of the V-ACT function and the existence of the virus that created it. The type of t-virus that gave birth to Prototype 1 was later cultured and produced, but its effects have given it far greater vitality and combat ability than regular Crimson Heads born under its influence. Although it was deemed impossible to analyse because it was so rabid that it could instantly slaughter all those around it, it was considered a valuable specimen and was sealed away for research to be conducted someday.


A test subject infected with mutant form of the Progenitor Virus that became the foundation of the t-virus. She is a rare individual who has been imprisoned for about 30 years since the beginning of the ‘t-virus project’ and has survived whilst being subjected to human experimentation. As a result of long-term exposure to multiple experimental viruses, she developed characteristics said to be almost immortal, and was the catalyst for discovery of the new G-Virus. She was notable for her bizarre behaviour of tearing off and wearing human skin and was supposed to be disposed of after virus samples were extracted, but instead she is still alive and wanders around the mansion wearing restraints.


A shark-based B.O.W., code number FI-03. Although marine bioweapons are generally regarded to have low military effectiveness, the intention behind Neptune was not to develop a combat weapon, but to see if the t-virus could be adapted to genes other than those of terrestrial organisms. In addition to one that boasts an enormous physique far exceeding that of the base organism, there are also two slightly smaller ones that appear to still be in the process of development. The adult, as the name “king of the sea” suggests, is invincible in the water, but virtually powerless on land.


A strange plant identified at observation point 42, which is essentially an abnormally growing version of the monster plant. Although it is a coincidental product of the t-virus outbreak, its ecology, which goes far beyond the bounds of conventional understanding, has attracted the interest of the researchers, who have been conducting detailed observations. Its vines are so large they have penetrated both levels of the Guardhouse and spread their tentacle-like tendrils all over the building to catch prey and feed by sucking its blood for nutrients. They seem to have a certain level of intelligence, and they use their ingenuity to defend themselves and ensure the elimination of foreign enemies.


One of the discarded Web-Spinners has mutated, resulting in a significant increase in size, vitality, and aggressiveness. It is not known why this individual was the only one to undergo this change. It is easily distinguishable from Web-Spinners by its enormous body-size, which is twice as large as the conventional species, and by its overall dark colouration. Perhaps it had reverted to its ancestral species, for like the original spider it is based on, it hunted by producing threads from its spinneret glands to form a web that ensnared the researchers.


Code number T-002; the development of a combat-focused B.O.W. reached its conclusion with its creation and was given the official name of the administered virus ‘t’ and named ‘Tyrant.’  The design of the Tyrant was based on the realisation that it was not only capable of exceptional physical prowess, but also of high enough intelligence to follow and carry out orders. It was scheduled to be commercialised after a final combat test against experienced combatants.


The Tyrant when its limiter removed due to its life-endangered status. In addition to external differences in appearance such as reddening of its entire body, dramatic internal changes have also taken place, with its strength, agility, and attack power all far exceeding conventional levels. Although it is in an irregular state, its capabilities as a weapon have been dramatically enhanced, and in this sense, it may be appropriate to call this form the ultimate, ideal ‘Tyrant’ the creators were aiming for.



I was never afraid of zombies. Rotting corpses rising up and prowling around, hungry for human flesh. I saw a few films like that back in the day. The ones where cosmic rays or some mysterious epidemic is the cause…

Stories of such monsters running rampant are nothing more than a fictionalised fantasy. My sister, who is six years younger than me, enjoyed those movies too, although she was a little creeped out by them.

It is always the people who are truly frightening. It is humans who start wars, humans who commit crimes… Maybe humanity is responsible for the stench of death…

We S.T.A.R.S have been fighting day and night to protect citizens from violent crimes. If you think about it, cannibalistic zombies are nothing compared to the front lines of public security where nerves are heightened, and terrorists can tear you to pieces if you make the wrong move.

But I’m afraid I am going to have to retract this bullish opinion after tonight.

Zombies are real.

The mansion we had fled to was like a theme park for a horror film. The rotting things were everywhere, prowling around, trying to get a bite at fresh food – our flesh, which they pounced on at any opportunity.

We could no longer escape through the front door. Outside, that pack of rotting mad dogs was waiting impatiently for the door to open. We had to risk everything to investigate the mansion and find another way out.

And now I was alone, searching a haunted house with limited ammunition. My fellow Alpha teammates disappeared like smoke from where they had been waiting after I spotted the first zombie. Given the monsters roaming around, I had to assume the worst, but in any case, I had no choice but to grasp the layout of the house whilst simultaneously searching for my teammates and finding an escape route.

The more I investigated, the more bizarre this house became.

If a man possessed by madness were to apply his architectural genius to his ideas, he would have created a mansion like this… There were numerous malicious devices set up here and there. The intricate structure, whose primary purpose is to confuse visitors rather than provide practicality as a living space, is the very definition of a nightmare turned into a reality.

I unlocked the numerous locked doors with several keys I had obtained as if comparing wits with past designers and gradually extended the scope of my search. In the process I learned the reason behind all the rotting beings was apparently caused by the clandestine virus research being conducted here.

A suicide note left behind by one of the researchers contained a harrowing account. People infected by the leaked virus have their brains affected and gradually lose their rationality and humanity. At the same time, their bodies begin to deteriorate, their skin crumbling away like rotting flesh, and they end up looking like the living dead. In other words, they are technically not resurrected corpses, but instead transformed into something other than human by an unknown virus. These poor souls were in a state of death, yet trapped in bodies that would not die and now desperately sought human flesh… They have been afflicted by a demonic virus, and their vital signs would not cease completely unless their brains were destroyed, or their bodies burned.

It was a biological disaster – and we had stepped into the trap-ridden mansion at the centre of it all.

It seemed that at least some of the Bravo Team, like us, had been chased into this place. Kenneth had been eaten and I wanted the rest of the team to be safe, if at all possible. We had to work together to get out of this madhouse. We had to let the outside world know that this virus, that even caused plants to turn into monsters, had leaked out.

Driven by impatience, I entered an area I had not yet checked.

My gun was ready to fire at any moment. More than once, I had been grabbed by zombies in the darkness. If I came across one, I had to immediately hit it with a 9mm to stop it.

At the end of the corridor, a crouched figure could be seen.

It looked like it was feeding on someone who had fallen. Kenneth’s body, whose throat had been gruesomely ripped out, replayed in my mind’s eye, and I aimed at its back.

But before I squeezed the trigger, I noticed a red cross on the back of its jacket. I did not know them, but I had been told that Bravo had a qualified paramedic who had just been newly assigned to the team.

Sensing my footsteps, she turns around, her injured colleague Richard cradled in her arms. She still had the innocence of a little girl, but her face was dignified with the responsibility of saving a life.

“Who are you?”

This was how I met the new recruit, Rebecca Chambers.


In this nauseating House of the Dead, I now trembled more in anger than fear.

My S.T.A.R.S. comrades, elites drawn from the military, police, and private sector to protect the security of Raccoon City – were losing their lives one after another in this unrelenting nightmare. Kevin, an RPD pilot, was found dead in the crashed helicopter, and Joseph was killed by monstrous dogs in the forest.

The casualties did not stop there. Bravo Team, who had taken refuge here before Alpha Team, had fallen prey to the rotting flesh-eaters that roamed this abominable mansion.

Kenneth was probably still alive when we plunged into the entrance hall. But by the time I found him, his throat had been ripped open by a zombie – a wraith in search of living flesh, and he was already dead, fear clinging to his normally unflappable face.

In a chair on the terrace, Forest lay slumped like an exhausted boxer waiting for the next round. His body was severely mutilated, with a blackened hole where his right eye used to be, possibly pecked out by a crow. Even after death, his dignity was not protected.

Yes, in this mansion filled with madness, even death was not respected. The dead are denied their eternal sleep, even for those of us who were involved.

I almost screamed when Forest growled and attacked me. The friend I had joked around with yesterday was now just a hungry, mindless monster in front of me. A horror film heroine would have screamed until her throat burst and fainted.

Yet it was not fear that welled up inside me, but anger.

Why should Forest – why should all victims be so desecrated? I have no desire to die, but still, isn’t ‘death’ the final rest to which all living things are equally entitled? Forest’s consciousness is dead, but his physical body continued to be manipulated by another force – that of the infectious pathogen that has caused this phenomenon – and which now trampled all over the legacy of a man who fought against crime until his last day.

I thought it was unforgivable. I also knew I had to stop it. I hesitated to pull the trigger for less than a second before I reminded myself that Forest was already dead… With my own hands, I had brought a second death to a former colleague. I felt disgusted. Very disgusted.

And then Richard lost his life. He was trying to save me.

I managed to get the serum to him as he lay dying from a powerful poison. Richard was going to live. His condition improved, and then, with his own resilience, we would be able to find a way out of this together.

However, the Reaper would not leave his side.

It was not just zombified humans and dogs lurking in this mansion. Richard was poisoned by a snake that had grown to an unbelievable size. When this monster with fangs as long as my arm loomed up in front of me, the still recovering Richard bravely stood up and fought.

We both fired bullets at it, and at one the point the serpent stopped moving, but this was a cunning trick that caught us unawares. The moment I let my guard down, the monster leapt at me, and Richard, who pushed me out of the way, was caught in its huge jaws. His desperate screams receded down the back of its throat like an echo in a cave. He was swallowed headfirst – like a mouse.

Of the dispatched personnel, five were now dead. My fellow Alpha Team members had no idea where Chris was, and Wesker, who was supposed to have secured the hall, had disappeared.

We did not go through such rigorous training to be destroyed like this. The frustration of losing one trusted colleague after another, who worked together as a singular entity, burned away all the fear that lurked inside me. Now this inexpressible anger was the prime drive that propelled me forward.

And then…

In the underground crypt of the cemetery, as I placed four death masks, which had been hidden throughout the mansion and served as keys, on their corresponding statues, I felt my initial suspicions become a certainty.

It is true that some research was conducted here, and that this abominable situation was caused by an accident. However, this elaborate process of exploring such a mystery seemed to be created by someone after the accident, using old and elaborate devices that were apparently installed in the mansion from the time of its construction. In other words, was it intended to make survival extremely difficult for those fleeing under extreme conditions where cannibalistic monsters roamed…?

The death masks’ seal was released and the coffin, suspended by chains, fell with a spray of blood. The entrance was automatically closed, and from the coffin emerged an unusually fast-moving, bloodshot-headed, crimson zombie.

It was not yet known who made this house a testing ground for slaughter and for what purpose. However, if there was a mastermind behind this incident, they would pay a high price. I was not going to lose a cent.

I fired the grenade launcher, a memento from Forest, at the onrushing Crimson Head. As it reeled from the impact of the explosion, I switched to Richard’s assault shotgun and hit it from close range. All the projectiles from the barrel impacted onto its chest, and the zombie, displaying unusual vitality, fell back from the tremendous force.

This was just a warm-up. I would live to see another day and ensure that the dead will be reimbursed. With the regrets of the departed in my heart, I continued to rain bullets down upon the faces of the damned.  


It was not long after I escaped the loathsome mansion and breathed in the cool night air of the large, deserted courtyard that I received a garbled transmission from Wesker, who was still missing.

Although I was out from under the mansion’s roof, I was far from liberated. Although it was summer, I was on a poorly irrigated path surrounded by bare trees where all their leaves had fallen. The terrain was uneven, and visibility was poor. I was not even sure if there was anything ahead that would make things any better.

Still, I had to go on. Even if I jumped the fence and turned off the beaten track, I probably would not find any escape route. Even if there was a trail leading away from the grounds, it would only be a forest of death with that pack of rotten, rabid dogs roaming around.

Above all, I could not escape without Jill and Wesker, who were still missing, and there were still Bravo Team members unaccounted for. So long as there was still a chance of survival for my friends, I would continue the search for as long as possible and somehow find a way for us all to survive.

-But if the safety of Rebecca and Richard is my immediate priority, should we not make a break through the forest, secure the helicopter crash site and wait for Brad to return? If we gathered all the firepower we could muster, we might be able to repel those dogs away from there somehow…

As if seeing through my hesitation, a signal suddenly popped up on the radio Richard had entrusted to me.

“Someone respond…”


I hurriedly hit the transmit button but perhaps it had been damaged when Richard was attacked by that serpent as the function to send transmissions was completely dead.

“…. monster in chains… no choice but to run away…. Outside the building… stay away from the woods…”

The signal was poor, and the transmission could only be heard in muffled bursts. But this was certainly a hair-raising warning for I was in the very forest where this unidentified monster was roaming.

Wesker was silent again. I wondered for a moment whether I should return to the mansion, but then I decided I had no choice but to press on and explore further. At least Wesker was still alive. Now that I was sure of that, I had to look for clues immediately, even at the risk of running into the monster.

Running down the winding path, unbolted the old iron gates, and crossed into the cemetery. Suddenly, the ominous images associated with graveyards crossed into my mind. Yet, I have never been one to care about superstition and allusions. So why was I scared? A monster in chains? Where was your usual bullishness, Chris? I scolded myself derisively, and just as I stepped onto the path that led beyond the graveyard…

I heard the sound of chains being dragged. Overlapping it was a terribly painful, even mournful, growl, as if echoing from the depths of the earth.

It sounded like a woman’s voice. But at the same time, it did not sound human.

I grasped my shotgun once more and moved forward without hesitation. I had no companions behind me to watch my back.

Then I was led to a dilapidated cabin at the dead end of the trail. The shabby building looked like it had been neglected for some time. The windows were broken, and the wooden walls were beginning to rot in places from the moisture. However, there were definitely signs that someone was living here.

Stepping inside, I found a fire burning brightly and the firewood seemed to be freshly stocked.  These traces of fresh activity clearly demonstrated the survival of someone who could handle a fire. But was it really a person who lived here?

On a desk in a secluded corner, I found an old family photograph inscribed ‘My dearest Lisa’. Sandwiched between her parents, whose faces had been torn off, was their daughter, in her early teens. A strange journal was attached to it, but I could not make out what was written in the faltering, illegible handwriting. It looked like something a young child would write… but it seemed so ominous that I closed it as if to avert my eyes.

Suddenly, I heard the entrance door creak open. As I peered downstairs, a zombie-like figure passed out of the corner of my eye. There was no sign of any of my companions hiding in this cabin, so I intended to get past the zombie and get outside as quickly as possible. But just as I was returning to the room with the fireplace…

I received a strong blow to the head.

Just before my consciousness faded, I realised this was not just another brain-dead walker that had entered the cabin. This was a being with the intelligence to hide in the shadows, ambush, and then attack me.

If this was the one roosting in the shack, then the ominous journal–the notations reminiscent of blood and bone–was the end result of those similarly captured?

There, my thoughts were cut off.


The building was now under the grip of an even more intense madness. The dormitory behind the mansion, where those engaged in the horrific research slept and woke, was like a venue to showcase how the leaked virus could disrupt the very ecosystem of those arrogant and pretentious enough to believe they sat at the top of the food chain.

Spiders roamed about, spewing their venom and growing so large that they engulfed people. Large killer bees swung their enlarged stingers and came at me in swarms. The huge water tank hidden in the basement was cracked and shattered, and giant sharks with increased ferocity were swimming around the flooded facility as if they owned the place.

And above all, a special ecosystem, which had never existed on earth before, had been created here.

The king of the dormitory was a plant. This blood-sucking plant, named Plant 42 by the researchers and infected with a virus, had grown to an extraordinary degree, and was spreading its roots and tentacle-like tendrils in all directions, as if it had nerves running through the entire building.

Plant 42 had regained, in a very short space of time, what had been lost through the evolutionary linage of plants across billions of years with abandoning movement in favour of stability and prosperity for their species.

The tendrils, built with an almost muscular tissue, moved as swiftly and freely as a predator and used advanced sensory abilities to catch its prey and suck its blood directly from it. In other words, the building itself had become the stomach of the giant plant and everything inside the dormitory was destined to become a food source for Plant 42 in the end.

I could only describe it as a crazy world. If everything that appears in nightmares is a figment of man’s imagination, who would have thought that a plant could reign over an ecosystem? Here, the nightmares themselves, which continue to invade reality, seem to have been affected and twisted by a pathogen called the t-virus.

Yes… It feels as though everything has gone so wrong.

Suspicions of my fellow S.T.A.R.S. friends now grew inside me like a black cloud.

From behind the door, came a familiar voice. However, it sounded different than usual, and not just because of the muffled sounds through the door.  It was undeniably Barry’s voice, but the words sounded like they belonged to someone else.

“…That’s not what I’m talking about! …… but …… destroy …… S.T.A.R.S. ……”

He was talking to someone, and the content of the conversation indicated that he knew something about this one incident we were involved in.

When I stepped into the room to inquire about the conversation, Barry lied and said he was talking to himself. My suspicions grew rapidly as he turned away and fled.

Why would Barry withhold information from me under the circumstances? And unless I misheard him, it seemed to me that he was asking that someone or something if he “needed to destroy S.T.A.R.S.?”

If so, then Barry, the ever caring and trusted veteran, was part of the conspiracy behind this incident. Was he leading us to our doom by pretending to be an ally trapped in the same predicament?

Or… could it be that the madness that pervaded this boarding house had finally taken its toll on Barry, and that he really had been carrying on a meaningless conversation on his own? If such a thing is possible, even what I myself, trapped in doubt and suspicion, have seen and heard seems uncertain.

I felt, more than ever before, the world on which I stood as a foothold shaking – the fear of doubting my friends, to whom I have entrusted my life on numerous occasions.

It was obviously a careless mistake.

I had taken seriously the report left by the last researcher that said it would take less than five seconds to kill the entire plant and had assumed the ‘V-JOLT’ chemical I had concocted had completely neutralised Plant 42.

However, it turned out that this king of the dormitory, which appeared to have withered and died, had developed an exceptional vitality that far exceeded my initial calculations.

The vines coiled around my unprotected back and lifted me helplessly into the air. Weakened by the chemicals, the monstrous plant was going to suck up my blood to replenish the nutrients it had lost. Unable to even raise a weapon, I had no way left to resist.


Just as I was about to give up, Barry burst into the room.

Barry burst into the hall. And, like me, he was caught in the vines, but with a flamethrower in his hand, he bravely poured fire on the main body of Plant 42.

The king’s end was swift. Roasted in its weakened state by its great enemy, the extreme heat, the giant plant ceased its vital activities as it shattered, dropping the thick petals that protected its nucleus one after the other.

Without Barry, I would certainly be dead here and now.

Yet to uncover the truth, my mind, which had just grazed the brink of death, was too disturbed…


For some time now, the danger level inside the mansion had jumped several notches.

I had just returned from a full exploration of the boarding house when the monsters I saw for the first time began to roam around the mansion.

In form, they were almost human. But compared to the zombies who had been altered but retained a recognisable human structure, these looked more like ravenous beasts forced to imitate a human.

Its large body leaned forward, and its abnormally developed arms seemed to drag on the floor, reminiscent of a gorilla. Its whole body was rigid and exfoliated, which, combined with the impression of its craned head, made me strongly aware of its reptilian characteristics.

Even the fingers on its limbs were somewhat similar to claws. Each one was hooked and the size of my favourite survival knife. It was so dangerous it could cut through the roof of an ordinary passenger car with just a single blow.

Most terrifying of all was the astonishing spring that allowed such a heavyweight’s body to float effortlessly in the air. Its highly raised heels resembled a second knee-joint, and its deformed legs, encased in strong muscles, produced incredible leaping power. Shooting bullets vertically had never occurred to me when I was dealing with criminals.

They were Hunters. A living weapon designed to hunt down reluctant survivors. These monsters were undoubtedly biological weapons designed to wipe out humans. The t-virus was used for such inhumane research, and its leakage caused this senseless biological disaster.

The situation had already gone far beyond the remit of a regional special forces’ unit belonging to a local town like Raccoon City. The research and development of clearly criminal (biological and chemical) weapons could cause a major crisis at a national level. The number of people involved was substantial, just from the number of zombies and victims seen in this facility. In addition, these monsters, though I hate to imagine it, were probably created using humans as test subjects.

One of the objectives behind my search of the mansion was to find out what kind of organisation was running this demonic research facility. Survival was no longer enough. For the sake of my fallen comrades, I had to uncover the truth.

Using a key that had been hidden beneath several layers of complex mechanisms, I stepped into a darkened study, thought to belong to the owner of the mansion, and one of the last remaining unexplored rooms.

I heard Rebecca’s high, short scream coming through the ceiling, belatedly reaffirming our situation. Rebecca, who had just returned from the dormitory like me, was in an extremely dangerous situation now that the new monsters had begun to roam around all over the mansion.

She was calm despite her young appearance, and I had completely forgotten about her because of the way she kept shock at Richard’s death to a minimum, but she was only an 18-year-old rookie who had been selected as the youngest member of S.T.A.R.S.

She was a baby bird who had just been assigned to the unit and had little actual battle experience, and now she was thrown into a difficult situation where even veteran members were losing their lives one after another.

I winced at my own carelessness and quickly turned on my heel and kicked open the door I had entered, envisioning the nearest route to the second floor.

The screams came from almost directly above me. If my senses were correct, Rebecca would be in a reading room with its various books. Remembering that this was the room where I had previously obtained the dog whistle left by the researcher, I tried to recall its layout as accurately as I could.

There were two entrances and exits, but as I recall, the door near the stairs had the knob removed and could not be opened from the outside…

As soon as I ran out into the dimly lit hallway, one of the monsters leapt out from around the corner. I reflexively raised the assault shotgun and fired before I had the chance to aim properly.  The impact of the shell knocked it off balance, and when it collapsed defenceless, I approached and struck it down with a second shot.

As I was reloading, I was thinking only of the fastest way to save Rebecca. My body reacted and made decisions like a machine when combat initiated so suddenly. But unless you had experience in completely detaching from all thought and responding reflexively, crossing paths with such a murderous creature that is tantamount to a weapon is almost impossible. It was too much for Rebecca as a newcomer, no matter how capable she was.

before the reverberations of my second shot could be heard, I ran upstairs and passed through the next door. I could not have wasted more than five seconds.

I did not want to see any more of my friends die horribly. Rebecca’s plight, in particular, was my own fault for not alerting her to this new enemy sooner. If I failed to protect her, I would not be able to find the words to apologise to Richard, who was already in the afterlife.

I had to make it in time!

Praying in my heart, I ran into the study.


There was a traitor in S.T.A.R.S. – That is what Enrico, the leader of Bravo Team, told me. Right before my eyes, a bullet fired from behind me took his life. It was as if a stone had suddenly blocked his mouth just as he was about to speak. It was, without a doubt, a clear confirmation that Enrico’s words were true.

I had already seen the documentation that proved the seemingly unorthodox introduction of S.T.A.R.S. into this series of bizarre incidents was all part of a set up. The monsters that nestled in this facility, not only the secondarily infected ones, but also bioweapons genetically engineered for military use – it was all planned so that we, all highly trained in advanced combat, were to be pitted against them in order to obtain actual battle data. I just could not believe it. No, I did not want to believe it. So, I tried very hard to avert my eves from the facts of the situation.

It seemed impossible to lure us with pinpoint accuracy to this biohazard infested mansion without the guidance of someone inside S.T.A.R.S.

I wanted to believe in my comrades until the very end… but that thought was shattered by Enrico’s death. And now, ironically, it is all beginning make sense. His last words were that Umbrella was pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

Umbrella is a huge, multinational corporation that occupies the economic heart of this regional town, and it is no exaggeration to say that it runs Raccoon City. Without Umbrella, Raccoon would not have developed, and even today, if this corporation were to move its factories elsewhere, the city would cease to exist. That is how dependant Raccoon has become. Just as drugs eat away at people, this area has been transformed over time to the point where it cannot survive without Umbrella, its main patron.

To begin with, Umbrella was a major private sector sponsor when S.T.A.R.S. was established. It was rumoured that, backed by significant financial support, they also had considerable influence over personnel decisions.

We were definitely not the private special forces of a single company. Umbrella’s intentions never had any influence on our activities…. But now that I think about it, Umbrella could have planted anyone they wanted inside S.T.A.R.S. Cunning spokespersons who could subtly guide the team’s decisions, never to be noticed by their peers.

Conversely, this inhumane experimental facility could not have been anything other than Umbrella’s. The Raccoon region was Umbrella’s territory. The vast quantities of materials needed for research were easily visible just by transporting them. The only organisation that could have concealed and maintained them over the long term would have been the giant corporation that controlled the economic distribution of the region from the ground up.

Under the mask of its philosophy of protecting people’s health, the demonic corporation Umbrella has been developing horrific viruses and biological weapons. Its minions lurked within S.T.A.R.S, an insider who knew the truth behind the series of events and is now gloating about leading us to this place. It all makes sense now.

Now the surviving members of the team were enough to fit the fingers of one hand…

“Calm down! I didn’t mean to!”

Barry desperately tried to persuade me whilst confronted with his beloved large revolver.

“Don’t be stupid!” I said, keeping the muzzle of the gun pointed right between his eyes. This same gun had almost been pointed at me by Barry’s own hand just moments before.

I didn’t want to believe it. I didn’t want to believe that Barry was working for Umbrella… but every circumstance told me that he was the traitor. The mysterious conversations I overheard in the dormitory and the numerous suspicious behaviours – leaving me in front of the monster in the underground waste disposal site, and in this altar-like place where the stone coffin was placed, he was clearly trying to point a gun at me. Besides, it would have been possible for him, a self-proclaimed gun enthusiast, to make a precision shot at Enrico’s vital point.

But even so, I still was not sure if my conclusions were correct. At the very least, I needed to give Barry a chance to explain himself.

That was when I heard the dragging of chains that sent chills down my spine.

Lisa Trevor – the woman who had been played with in this facility for more than 30 years as a test subject for the crazy virus. Her mind stopped at the time of the girl in the photograph, while her body was transformed into a hideous, immortal monster. Umbrella had taken the life of a happy, smiling girl, stretched her thin, and remade her into a pathetic monster who flayed human faces in search of her mother.

Lisa was closing in on her prey – on us.

“We’ll talk later!”

In the face of this predicament, there returned the usual expression of a veteran team member I had come to rely on.

“Give me my gun back, Jill!”

I hesitated slightly. And then…


We were being played by that man.

When I first realised this fact, however, I was not shocked in the slightest.

In a large-scale state-of-the-art research facility constructed underground in the Raccoon Forest region – a nightmare production factory of sorts – the monsters that had taken the lives of my friends were being developed and nurtured into biological weapons.

After carefully flipping through the slides of monsters compiled as documents, the last photo of the researchers showed a man in a white lab coat. He was a little younger than he is now, but his trademark sunglasses and tousled blond hair had not changed.

If this man had orchestrated this tragedy, it would explain everything. That is why I was not surprised. In retrospect, he was the only one in a position to move us according to his calculations.

As captain of S.T.A.R.S., he was in charge of the Alpha and Bravo teams and was always at the forefront in leading us to our doom. He was a consultant researcher at the Umbrella Corporation’s secret research facility and a key player in the development of biological weapons.

Albert Wesker, this cold-blooded man who killed Enrico, his own second-in-command, was now pointing his gun at me without battling an eyelash at my accusations.

Next to the control computer, where the command codes had been typed just before Rebecca and I stepped into the room, I saw a large culture capsule. It was too dimly lit to see clearly through the glass, but I could make out the silhouette of a giant-like figure standing upright. If it were a humanoid creature, it would be more than three meters tall.

“No way…”

Rebecca let out a cry of disbelief when she discovered that Wesker was behind the whole thing and had even directly killed one of their own with his own hands.

“That’s right sweetheart.”

Wesker heard this and gave a cold smile. “Just like this.”

In the next moment, the muzzle of the gun, pointed slightly away from me, opened fire on Rebecca. There was no way Wesker, who had shot Enrico in a vital spot from mid-range, would miss his aim at such close range. The 9mm bullet ejected from the S.T.A.R.S. regulation pistol landed precisely just above her heart.

As I watched Rebecca crumple to the floor, I felt my anger at Wesker flare up inside me once again. This man really thinks of other people’s lives as nothing more than trash. I felt simultaneously angry and nauseous that I believed I was protecting the security of the city by looking for guidance from such an asshole of a captain.

“I’m sure you don’t want to die just yet. Let me show you something interesting.”

This man, who immediately turned his attention back to me having long since lost sense of all right and wrong, took a few steps back, the corners of his mouth turning into a smirk. With his free left hand, he entered the last command into the computer, which seemed almost ready.

The lighting in the capsule slowly increased in brightness. The silhouette of the figure was illuminated in detail in front of my eyes.

Was this the result of the long years of work done in this crazy laboratory?

A combination of the t-virus and genetic manipulation had created a hideous caricature of a human being. The bloated left arm, especially the fingertips, had hardened into giant claws, larger than those of a Hunter, and resembled a grotesque parody of an enlarged fork. Its overdeveloped heart was too large to fit inside its massive body and pulsated grotesquely outside its chest.

“This is the ultimate life-form; the Tyrant!”

In my opinion, it looked like Frankenstein’s monster. Wesker gazed at the creature with a look of fascination like he had never seen it before, as if he were looking at a haloed Venus.

“It’s beautiful.”

At that moment, Wesker must have forgotten all about me. In front of the drained capsule, he gazed in awe at the awakening Tyrant and then…

The Tyrant’s left arm abruptly thrust out and broke through the thick glass, piercing the man’s abdomen and back with its long claws, as if mesmerized by madness. Wesker, a bloody lump of flesh, was swung around like a sack of mush and thrown miserably to the ground, his last muffled scream trailing behind him.

I’m not saying he got what he deserved. The law is there to judge people. I wanted to apprehend Wesker somehow and make him pay for his crimes by revealing the truth of this case in public. But that was no longer possible.

This uncontrollable monster, who had just slaughtered its own master, turned its attention to me. There are no laws to punish an unholy monster. I had to stop it here.

Magnum at the ready, I shouted.

“Come on Frankenstein!”


The dismemberment incidents in the Arklay Mountains and the frequent bizarre killings in the vicinity of Raccoon Forest…were all triggered by a biohazard that occurred inside a mansion, resulting in S.T.A.R.S. suffering many losses. This report will provide a comprehensive overview of this unusual incident, which later became known as the ‘mansion incident,’ and will reveal details that are difficult to understand simply by just following the story alone.


The ringleader behind the mansion incident, the circumstances of Umbrella Corporation, and its connection to the incident will all be explained.


Umbrella Corporation is a huge global conglomerate that has a great deal of influence in various fields and has been the backbone of Raccoon City. The parent company, a pharmaceutical company, is an authority in the treatment of viral diseases and has pledged to protect the health of the people. But in reality, it is a merchant of death that uses viruses to develop and manufacture biological weapons. The mansion that S.T.A.R.S. arrived at was one of these weapon development facilities, named ‘Arklay Laboratories’ by those concerned. However, using their significant influence, they had concealed this fact in a very subtle manner.

*The mansion where the incident took place was built by Lord Spencer, the found of Umbrella Corporation, for the development of biological weapons. Ostensibly, it was intended as a recreational facility for the company.


The mansion incident was directly caused by the ‘Tyrant Virus’, also known as the ‘t-virus’, which Umbrella had been researching independently.

In the first instance, this virus was not something that existed naturally from the beginning. It all started when Lord Spencer and other founding members of the Umbrella Corporation discovered a new type of RNA virus called the ‘Progenitor Virus’. By incorporating genes from other viruses into Progenitor and modifying it, they were able to develop a virus that could easily be used as a military weapon and an ideal biological weapon (see next section). Utilising this virus is what Umbrella called the t-virus project.

*The monsters that roam the mansion are, so to speak, victims of the t-virus. Some are simply infected, while others are genetically modified.

*t-virus Data

(SUMMARY) – A new type of RNA virus developed by Umbrella Corporation. The virus also includes variants created in the process of development.

(CHARACTERISTICS) – The virus is highly adaptable to any environment and can infect almost all living things.

(CHARACTERISTICS OF INFECTED ORGANISMS) They possess tremendous durability and attack power, characterised by an increased ferocity. In many cases, the host body becomes enlarged. Intelligence is generally decreased, but in rare cases, it may be higher than before infection.

(GENERAL SYMPTOMS OF HUMAN BODY) Initial symptoms include itching, increased hunger, necrosis, and congestion of the skin. With time, they become disorientated, losing all reason and irregular clouding of consciousness. In the final stages, the whole body is infected, and the subject begins to wander, craving the flesh of all living things. In this stage, the infected person is called a ‘zombie’ and is the medical equivalent of death. The time from infection to zombie status varies from person to person, but it can take as little as a week or as soon as the same day. No cure for this condition has yet been found.


B.O.W. stands for Bio-Organic Weapon and refers to the organic life form weapons that Umbrella was researching and developing.

There are various types of B.O.W., depending on the purpose of use such as combat or further virus spreading, and the base organism. Umbrella’s goal was to develop an intelligent, humanoid combat B.O.W. for combat use (since a humanoid B.O.W. would enable disguised infiltration), and was tentatively named ‘Tyrant’ when it was first developed. In other words, the name ‘Tyrant Virus’ was given to it in accordance with its target.


Cerberus – Code: MA39 / Base: Dog

Neptune – Code: FI-03 / Base: Shark

Chimera – Code: Unknown / Base: Human (+Fly)

Tyrant – Code: T-002 / Base: Human

*Web-Spinner and Yawn are also a type of B.O.W. Zombies are also B.O.W.s in the sense that they were studied for the purpose of spreading the virus.


George Trevor, who designed and built the mansion at the request of Lord Oswell E. Spencer, and his family. They were the first victims of the t-virus project.

After the mansion was completed, George was imprisoned in the house to keep his mouth shut. His wife and child were given differing variants of the Progenitor Virus as test subjects. Jessica was disposed of because she failed to adapt to the virus. Lisa on the other hand, survived despite her mental and physical abnormalities, and spent decades in captivity as a test subject.


1962: George Trevor accepts an offer to design the mansion.

1967: The mansion is completed. Three members of the family are invited to the house as a commemoration.

November 10th: Jessica and Lisa arrive first and are injected with the Progenitor Virus.

13th: George is imprisoned in the mansion.

14th: Jessica is terminated.

31st: George dies of exhaustion in the mansion.

July 1st, 1988: Physical examinations of Lisa begin as a test subject of interest.

July 31st, 1988: Lisa is terminated (according to records.)


July 24th, 1998: Lisa wanders around the mansion and makes contact with S.T.A.R.S.


The incident began with the accidental leak of the t-virus. This caused an infection among the staff and animals, which led to zombies and unleashed B.O.W.s roaming freely outside the mansion, triggering the bizarre incidents. It took about two months from the time of the accident until S.T.A.R.S. was dispatched. In the meantime, Umbrella only concealed the accident and took no concrete measures to remedy it.

It is already pointless to question the ethics of these people who were conducting inhumane research based on the fact that they had covered up the accident. But why did they not take action until the damage had spread to their own people? Was it really just that the effects of the accident exceeded expectations? This incident could be seen as a large-scale “experiment” using the accident and all the creatures inside the mansion.


May 11: The accident occurs in the early hours. The Infection spreads regardless of the type of organism, and staff members begin to turn into zombies.

  • Protective clothing is distributed to the staff. However, it appears that it was too late for the infection has spread faster than anticipated.

May 20: A civilian victim of infection appears. Similar incidents occur frequently thereafter.

June: A number of researchers commit suicide one after the other.

  • Umbrella HQ, having been made aware of the situation, send a fax to the Mansion to discuss an immediate response.

July 9: S.T.A.R.S. intervention into the investigation is decided.

  • Just prior to the S.T.A.R.S. intervention, headquarters sends an e-mail to the head of security at the Mansion, stating the final orders.

July 23: S.T.A.R.S. Bravo Team is mobilised.


S.T.A.R.S. were devastated during the ‘Mansion Incident.’ That process is described here.


* July 23: Bravo Team deployed. All contact is lost by the early hours of the next day.

* July 24: Alpha Team dispatched. The downed helicopter of Bravo Team is found.

  • While searching for Bravo Team in a forested area, they are attacked by monster dogs (Cerberus).

  • Alpha Team members, except Brad, flee to the mansion.

  • Orders are initiated to search for the others and find an escape route.

  • Two members of Bravo Team are confirmed dead.

  • Richard is found, albeit poisoned by the Yawn.

  • Enrico reveals there is a traitor amongst them.

  • The truth is uncovered in the basement of the lab.

  • Escaped in Brad’s helicopter.

Survivors: (Chris, Jill, Rebecca, Barry, Brad)

Kevin (R.P.D. in-house Helicopter Pilot):

Kevin was found slaughtered in the helicopter of the Bravo team he was piloting, with what appeared to be the claw marks of a ferocious animal.

Joseph Frost (Alpha Team):

While searching for Bravo Team members with his comrades, he was attacked and killed by a pack of Cerberus.

Kenneth J. Sullivan (Bravo Team):

Died after his throat was bitten out by a zombie in the Tea Room shortly after Alpha Team arrived at the mansion.

Forest Speyer (Bravo team):

Found dead in a chair on the terrace of the mansion. The cause of death is unknown, but his body was found following signs of a Crow attack.

Richard Aiken (Bravo team):

Died due to inability to treat Yohn’s poison in time. Or he was swallowed by Yawn or Neptune and died.

Enrico Marini (Bravo team):

Shot by Wesker in the basement of the courtyard when he was immobilised with a leg wound. Died from a bullet to the heart.

Albert Wesker (Alpha Team):

Died at the hands of B.O.W. Tyrant, who he had released himself?


Albert Wesker, the leader of the ‘unit of justice’, was a secret agent for Umbrella. Umbrella had sent its people inside the police department to conduct espionage activities for crisis management. Wesker’s mission in this case was to lure his team to the mansion, have them fight the B.O.W.s for experimental data, then destroy S.T.A.R.S. by making it look like an accident.

But Wesker did not just follow orders. As he tells Chris and the others, he had secretly betrayed Umbrella and was trying to acquire the Tyrant, which had been ordered to be destroyed, for his own personal gain. As a result, he ironically fell into the hands of his own obsession. It is not yet known why he took the aforementioned actions.

FILES AND ANALYSIS: (Pages 334-341)




A file that explains how to navigate the game.


This film belonged to Kenneth. Without visual equipment it is impossible to see the contents.


A film left behind by Bravo Team member Kenneth. When the film is loaded into the video editing software in the B2 Archive Room, a brutal and realistic moving image of Kenneth being attacked and eaten by a zombie can be seen. This image was captured by the night-vision camera on his shoulder. Joseph from Alpha Team wore a similar camera. (The wearer’s name is shown in the upper left corner of the screen and the date and time of the footage is shown in the lower left corner).


The four masks,

a mask that speaks no evil…

a mask that smells no evil…

a mask that sees no evil…

a mask that cannot speak, smell, or see evil…

When all four fall into place, evil will awaken.



An implication of how to revive the sealed Crimson Head Prototype 1 (see also V-ACT) and game strategy advice to collect the four masks. The fact that the writer, who is probably one of the researchers, describes it as a ‘disaster’ whilst keeping it alive as valuable research material shows how violent and feared Prototype 1 was by the researchers.


Nov. 24, 1967

It has been 11 days since I came to this mansion.

How did it come to this?

A man in a white coat brought me a crude meal and said,

“I’m sorry. But this is for security.”

So… that’s how it is.”

Only Lord Spencer and I know the secrets of this mansion.

If I die, these secrets will be his alone.

But… but for what purpose?

No, there’s no time to think about it.

It is too dangerous. Besides, I am worried about my family’s safety.

I have decided to try and escape. Jessica, Lisa, please be safe.


Nov.26, 1967

Losing my lighter was painful as I waited for my chance in this darkness. My wife had given it to me for my birthday and I had always used it with great care.

November 13 was the fateful day.

Images of my wife Jessica and daughter Lisa, who three days earlier had gone to visit their aunt who had suddenly fallen ill, suddenly came to mind.

At this moment, a memory came vividly back to me.

“Your family should be gone by now…”

Just before I passed out, one of the men in white coats had indeed said just that.

…This stirred up more and more anxiety.

I hope they have not returned to this mansion to ask about me again.


Nov.27, 1967

Somehow, I managed to get out of that room.

…But it is not easy to get out of this mansion.

I must solve all the puzzles.

The tiger that lost the shine of its twin eyes… A golden emblem….


Nov.29, 1967

I can’t get out.

I just cannot get out of this mansion.

The eerie laboratory lined with biological specimens soaked in formalin… the gloomy cave dripping with water…

Aah! Oh my God!!!

… But then I made a discovery.

A familiar high-heeled shoe, lying in the passageway!!


Did my wife and daughter suffer the same fate as me!?

No, I have to believe they are both still alive.


Nov.30, 1967

I’m thirsty.

I haven’t eaten for days….

I feel like I’m going crazy.

Why? Why must I have to die like this?

Am I to blame for being so fascinated by the unusual design of this mansion?


Nov.31, 1967

A dark… dank underpass. Is this another dead end?

…No… there is something.

I struck my last match with trembling fingers.

A grave…

Oh, my God!

The name inscribed there…

“George Trevor!

It’s me!

From the very beginning, he had planned for me to take my last breath here and prepared a grave for me.

I cannot believe I fell for it.

…I cannot go on anymore… My consciousness is fading…

Jessica… Lisa…

Please forgive me.

It is almost time.

Forgive me for making you both collateral damage to my ego.

At the very least I hope my life is exchanged for your safety…

George Trevor


There is a scribbled note, undated.

The situation remains the same.

I never thought that a room I built for fun would be useful in this way.

Here I can hide from their preying eyes for a little while.

After all, I never told the Lord the secret of this painting.

The painting of the mansion… at the back of the art room.


These notes are written by George Trevor, who designed and built the mansion at the behest of his client, Lord Spencer, and describes in detail his struggle to escape in his final days after being imprisoned. The pain and anguish of wishing for his wife and daughter’s safety conveys his love for his family and his remorse at having caused them to become collateral damage.

Key Points: (Memoir A)

*‘Losing my lighter …’ The lighter given to him by his wife, Jessica, which he loses during the story, can be obtained in Jill’s game (examine the lighter and you will read Jessica’s message.)

*‘The tiger that lost the shine of its twin eyes…’ A stone statue of a tiger in a room on the first floor of the mansion. In addition, there are several other descriptions that provide hints for game strategy. It may seem strange that he would get lost in the puzzles after having designed them himself, but it may be because they were so complicated that even he could not remember them, or because he was in a hurry and became confused. There were also new mechanisms that even Trevor did not know about.

Key Points: (Memoir B)

*‘A familiar high-heeled shoe…’ As Trevor feared, his wife Jessica was a test subject for the Progenitor Virus and is dead at the time of this date.

*‘A grave…’ The grave where memoir B is found is probably the place where he took his last breath.

Key Points: (Memoir C)

*‘A room I built for fun…’ From the second playthrough onwards, enter the hidden costume room on the first floor of the mansion. As the word “for fun” suggests, the contents are related to costume changes, a “fun” element in the game.


Today, Lord Spencer called me in and told me to hide ‘something’ where no one would know.

After much thought, I came up with an idea.

What if I had that rabid dog guard it? I pondered.

That dog is always at his favourite spot on the west terrace of the second floor of the main dining hall, and if I use your dog whistle there, I can summon him at any time.

So, I have a favour to ask you. That dog is attached only to you.

Would you please put this collar on the dog with your own hands?

In this collar is hidden something that Sir Spencer gave me.

I ask you because you are a trustworthy man.

I’ll be sure to return the favour.

I think I have a way to get you that thing you wanted before through my contacts.

How about that?

I’m sorry, but I am counting on you.

Jon Toleman


A private letter from a mansion employee to a colleague. It is a hint to the player to get the collar by blowing the dog whistle. The ‘something’ hidden inside the collar is a coin (an imitation of a key) that is needed to obtain the armour key. In addition, the canine wearing the collar appears as a Cerberus, even though it seems to have been looked upon as a ‘domesticated’ dog. This indicates that many of the creatures classified as B.O.W.s were born as a result of accidents.

Incidentally, John is also the name of the writer of ‘A Researcher’s Letter,’ but it is unknown whether they are the same person.



~About plants with medicinal properties~.

Since ancient times, humans have used a variety of plants to heal wounds and illnesses. In this article, I would like to outline three herbs that grow wild in the Arklay Mountains region as examples of plants with medicinal properties.

There are three types of herbs native to the Arklay Mountains: green, blue, and red, each with different medicinal properties.

The green ones help people regain their strength, while the blue ones can eliminate poisons from animals. The exception to this is the red herb, which has no effect when used alone.

Medicinal herbs have long been combined to produce a variety of effects. For example, it has been confirmed that a small but significant increase in the effect of recovery can be achieved by mixing green ones together.


This document describes the benefits of three herbs and is very much like a tutorial for the game. It also describes the effects of the combinations and gives specific examples, but the effects of the red herb mixes are left ambiguous.


I now know the truth about those monsters.

They are resurrected even after they become corpses.

But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way to deal with them.

There are two ways to keep them from reviving.

1 Burn the body.

2 Destruction of the head.

For those who have the will to live, I have prepared oil on the first floor of the mansion.

I want each of you to take as much as you need and use it as a survival tool.

P.S. You can at least manage the tools to ignite the fire yourselves!


A note on how to prevent zombies from turning into Crimson Heads, a new element in the ‘Bio’ series. As the text says, in the case of Jill’s game, you must look for the ignition tool yourself (lighter). Incidentally, kerosene can be found on the first floor of the mansion, but was it originally placed there as fuel?


May 9, 1998

At night, I played poker with Scott and Elias, the security guards, and Steve, the researcher.

That Steve guy. I’m sure he was cheating. He was making fun of us.


May 10, 1998

Today, I was asked by some of the researchers to take care of a new creature.

It looked like a skinned gorilla.

It wanted live food, so I threw in a pig, but it played with it, ripping off its legs and pulling out its guts, before finally eating it.


May 11, 1998

At around 5am this morning, I was suddenly woken up by Scott in a protective suit that looked like a space suit, and he put me in a space suit too.

Apparently, there was an accident at the lab.

I guess this is what happens when the researchers perform experiments all night with no sleep.


May 12, 1998

I’ve been wearing this damn spacesuit since yesterday, and my back is strangely itchy.

I’m so annoyed that I’ve decided to skip the dogs’ meals out of revenge.

Serves them right.


May 13, 1998

My back was so itchy that I went to the infirmary, and they put a big band-aid on my back.

Then the doctor said I don’t have to wear a space suit anymore.

I’ll sleep better tonight, thanks to that.


May 14, 1998

I woke up this morning with boils not only on my back but also on my legs.

The dogs’ pen was awfully quiet, so I dragged my feet over to look and some of them were gone.

They had escaped after no food for just three days.

I’ll be in big trouble if I am found out.


May 16, 1998

Yesterday, one of the researchers who tried to escape from this house was shot dead.

At night, I had a hot itch all over my body.

I tore open a sore on my chest, and the flesh fell off.

What the hell is happening to me?


May 19, 1998

I’m so itchy.

I’m so hungry today, I’m going to eat doggie food.


May 21, 1998

Itchy, itchy Scott came.

Why ugly face kill







This diary describes the process by which an animal keeper is infected with the virus and becomes a zombie, revealing the true nature of the ‘rotting bastards’ that are everywhere. It is also valuable in that it shows the timing of the t-virus outbreak, the specific symptoms that appear on the body and mind during the early stages of infection, and the period of time leading up to cannibalism.

Key Points:

*‘It looked like a skinned gorilla…’ This description of appearance and behaviour suggests it is a Hunter; a type of B.O.W. that moves with a forward leaning posture.

*‘At around 5am this morning…’ From this description, it can be inferred that the accident occurred in the early hours of May 11, 1998.

*‘I don’t have to wear the space suit anymore…’ It seems the reason he was told to stop wearing the protective suit was because by the time the itching symptoms appeared, it was already too late.

*‘Some of them were gone…’ It seems the dogs were also infected with the virus at this point and became rabid and fled. As the result, the ‘monster dogs of the Arklay Mountains’ were born, putting nearby residents and S.T.A.R.S. personnel in danger of death.


To my dear Alma

June 3, 1998

The fact you will receive this letter is both gratifying and sad for me. I could not even talk to you on the phone because of that guy in the sunglasses.

Alma, please be calm as you read this letter.

I think I mentioned before that I was scouted by a pharmaceutical company to work in their research lab and transferred there. As a matter of fact, last month, there was an accident in the laboratory and a virus that was being studied leaked out. My colleagues who were infected with the virus all died. Well, maybe not exactly dead, because they are still walking around. In fact, some of them are knocking on my door right now. But there is no longer a glint of intelligence in their eyes. That accursed virus has ripped everything from our brains, everything that makes us human. Love, joy, fear, and humour. Soon it will all be gone forever.

And Alma, even the days I spent with you.

That’s right. I’m infected.

I’ve tried everything, but I’ve barely managed to slow the progression of the symptoms for a few days. I cannot stand the fact that you are being lost to me day by day.

So, I chose a peaceful death rather than continue to be a living corpse.

In an hour’s time, I will be in a sleep from which I shall never awaken.

I sincerely hope you will understand my decision….


I love you forever, Martin Crackhorn.


A suicide note from a researcher who decided to kill himself after being infected with a key virus and was about to send it to his girlfriend. This is the first available document that outlines the incident, and it also clearly states that the event simply described as an ‘accident’ was the outbreak of a virus.

The most important details are contained in the top part of the letter, which is sometimes unreadable in Jill’s game. This may be because Barry tore up the document in accordance with Wesker’s instructions to dispose of materials that touched on classified information.

Key Points:

*’Guy in the sunglasses…’ This description refers to Wesker. This is an important narrative description because it implies his involvement in the incident.

*’Scouted by a pharmaceutical company…’ The fact that this is Umbrella is gradually confirmed as the story progresses.



July 22.1998 2:13

To the Security Director

X-DAY is approaching.

Within a week, carry out the following operations in order, promptly and sequentially.

1: Lure S.T.A.R.S. to the laboratory and have them fight the B.O.W. (bio-organic weapon) to obtain actual battle data.

2: Collect B.O.W. embryos, including mutants, two per species. However, the Tyrant must be disposed of.

3: Dispose of everything in the Arklay laboratory, including personnel and experimental animals, by making it look like an accident.


Umbrella Headquarters sent a letter to the head of security at the mansion (Arklay Laboratory). It is an important document that shows S.T.A.R.S.’ escape to the mansion was a set-up and that even internal personnel were to be cut off to maintain confidentiality. The second point should help us understand Wesker’s betrayal of Umbrella more clearly.

Key Points:

*‘X-DAY is approaching….’ It can be inferred that this is the date of the presentation of the research results at the mansion (to be revealed in ‘Bio 2’).

*’Tyrant must be disposed of…’ The reason why the disposal order was issued only to the Tyrant is unclear. Had a defect been found, or has another sample already been stored elsewhere?


June 22, 1998

Robert, who was running away with me, started showing symptoms of the creatures, so I had no choice but to kill him and put him in the bathroom. I’m probably the last one now.

Why did this happen?

Now I regret that I took part in this research. I will never leave this mansion alive.

The preparations are over. All that remains is to have courage. Although regrets remain, I have no choice now. I would rather leave as a human being than turn into a monster.


The words are written on the back of this paper.

Forgive me, Linda.


The suicide note of a Guardhouse resident who decided to commit suicide after contracting a virus. The hanging corpse in the room is the writer, and ‘Robert’ is probably the one lying in the bathroom next door. The self-defence pistol found at the same time as the suicide note is thought to have been used to shoot Robert. From the text, the writer seems to have had a somewhat logical personality. The latter half of the suicide note even shows a kind of euphoria about his actions. Incidentally, is “Linder” his lover?


Four days after the accident.

The rate of growth of the plant at Point 42 (named Plant 42) is remarkable. Plant 42 has been so strongly affected by the ‘t-virus’ compared to the other plants that it is no longer even possible to imagine what the host plant might have been. No ecology commensurate with its shape exists anywhere on the planet.

Plant 42 has two sources of nutrition. One is nutrients from roots that have reached the basement.

Currently, the underground area is flooded because a deranged researcher destroyed the large water tank in the basement immediately after the accident. It is not hard to imagine that some chemical component leaking out of there is promoting the rapid growth of Plant 42.

In addition, part of Plant 42 has also spread its influence from the basement through ducts to the ceiling of the ground floor, where it hangs in bulbous form. A number of vines growing from the bulbs provide another source of nutrients. When Plant 42 detects prey, it wraps the vine around the prey just like a squid’s tentacles, rendering it immobile, and then sucks blood from it using suction organs on the vine’s underside. Moreover, it seems to be reasonably intelligent, as after obtaining prey or sleeping, it wraps the vines around the door to prevent outside invaders from entering. Several staff members have already fallen victim to it.

According to the accounts of those who have returned alive, when the petals open, the hidden parts are exposed, making it even more aggressive. One person reported that it was as if it was protecting something. It seems to me that there is some kind of secret there, but at any rate, what plants think is not something that humans can comprehend.

May 21, 1998

Henry Sarton


Observation log of Plant 42. Although written under conditions that caused colleagues to go mad as a result of the accident, the writer of this text remains unaffected and retains a researcher’s point of view. The text is meant to provide hints for game strategy, such as the nature of the vines coiling up from the dormitory floor and the characteristics of Plant 42 when confronted as an enemy. This is the first time the name “t-virus” appears in the story.

Key Points:

*’Four days after the accident…’ The ‘accident’ here is the t-virus.

The “accident” here does not refer to the accident in which the t-virus was first leaked, but to the incident in which the researcher went mad and destroyed the large underground water tank.

*’As if it was protecting something…’ The main organism hidden by the petals is the weak point of Plant 42, and it is thought that when the petals open the plant becomes aggressive in an attempt to protect it.


As mentioned in our previous report, several common characteristics were observed in the cells of plants infected with the tyrant virus and growing abnormally. However, as we repeated these experiments, an even more interesting fact came to light. This is because ‘UMB No.20’, one of the chemicals used in that experiment, contains a component that rapidly kills these plant cells. We named this “UMB No.20” “V-JOLT”.

We have calculated that in the case of Plant 42, if we apply “V-JOLT” directly to the roots, it will take less than five seconds to kill the whole plant. It can be produced by mixing VP-based and UMB-based chemicals according to several rules, but the UMB-based chemicals are characterized by the possibility of producing toxic gases, so they must be handled with care.

The following is a brief description of the types and characteristics of UMB chemicals.

UMB No.3 Red

Yellow-6 Yellow

UMB No.7 Green

UMB No.10 Orange

VP-017 Blue

UMB No.20(V-JOLT) No.20(V-JOLT) Brown


A file containing the names of the raw materials needed for V-JOLT, a chemical that weakens a plant that has turned into a monster by the t-virus. It is a strategic hint for defeating Plant 42, but the exact method can only be found on the wall of the pharmaceutical room on the first floor of the Guardhouse. In addition, the effect of V-JOLT calculated by the writer is somewhat different from the actual one. The ‘UMB’ in UMB-based drugs stands for ‘Umbrella,’ and the ‘V’ in V-JOLT is likely an abbreviation for virus (jolt means ‘shock’ by the way).


Something is written on the back of the photo.

Administration of Progenitor Virus variants (Nov. 10. 1967.)

*Jessica – Administered TYPE A

Tissue rupture upon cell activation. Virus fusion failure. Disposed of.

*Lisa – Administered TYPE B

Tissue rupture during cell activation, later successful viral fusion. Some success in modifying the vessel. Observations continued.

-George: Terminated (31. Nov. 1967.)


Notes written by someone else.


Nov 14, 1967

The injection made me feel dizzy. I can’t see my mommy. She was taken somewhere.  She promised me that we would escape together, but she left me alone…


Nov 15, 1967

I found my mommy!

Today I ate my meal with my mommy. I was so happy. No, it was an imposter. She is the same on the outside, but she’s different on the inside. I have to get my mommy back. I have to give it back to her!

It was easy to get my mommy’s face back. I heard the scream of the woman who took my mommy’s face, but I didn’t care about the scream of the one who took my mommy’s face. She’s mine. I’ll keep her attached to me so that no one can take her away. When I see mommy, I’ll feel sad if she doesn’t have her face.


Nov 17, 1967

In the stone box, Mommy. Smell it. Here, is it true? The stone box is hard and tight, and the jangling of my hands is in the way. Four stones, four jangling hands, I can’t see my mommy. Four stones, jangling. I can’t even see mommy.



Dad, attached first. Mom, attached second. It’s still red, slimy, white and stiff.

The real mom, I can’t find her.


I don’t know , Dad but I found Mom today.

When I followed Mom, she stopped moving.

Mom was screaming.

Why? I was only with her.



Mom, where are you?

I do miss her.


It looks like a letter to someone.


To my dearest Lisa

Day by day I am becoming less and less me….

I am beginning to be convinced of this feeling.

Thanks to that injection, the itching in my body seems to have subsided somewhat.

Today, too, I was told that it was a ‘nutritional supplement’, and the men in white coats gave me an injection.

As the injections are given, my consciousness becomes clearer.

When I regained consciousness, I was astonished to find myself unable to think about anything.

I was struck by the sensation of forgetting everything, about you, about that man…,

What kind of personality you had, even what you looked like, would be covered by the darkness of my consciousness.

Oh, Lisa, I wish I could see you right now and hold you and make sure of it.

If I don’t, I am so afraid that you and that person will disappear.

…I can’t go on like this! We have to get out of here!

Okay? Lisa, the next chance we have is probably the next time we go to that lab together!

We’ll both pretend to be unconscious.

And when the man in the lab coat opens up, that’s our chance to get out of here!

When we get outside, we’ll look for your father together!

I hope you find this letter.

Nov.13. 1967

Jessica Trevor



This file shows the fate of each of the three members of the Trevor family. The photograph seen when the file is opened is torn at the top and bottom when only the photograph and note A are obtained but becomes complete when B is obtained. The ‘someone’ who wrote these notes is Lisa Trevor, and the identity, appearance, and reasons for her actions as an enemy are vaguely revealed in the text. The file is organised in the order B → A → C, but in reality, it is easier to understand if you read them in the order C → BA.

Key Points: (Photo and Note B)

*’Nov. 15…’ This shows how Lisa came to wear the skin of a human face.

*’Nov. 17…’ There is a stone coffin on the altar where the last battle with Lisa takes place in the story. Lisa seems to have discovered that Jessica’s remains are inside, and she tries to ‘meet’ her mother, but is unable to do so because of the restraints on her hands and the stone weights holding the lid of the coffin. When all the weights are dropped during the game, Lisa stops fighting because the coffin lid opens and she is reunited with her mother, which she has always wanted to do. If you watch the screen, you can see Lisa picking up a skill from the coffin that seems to belong to Jessica.    

Key Points: (Photo and Note A)

It is not clear when this note was written. The skinning of people by Lisa seems to have occurred during administration of the Progenitor Virus as shown in Photo and Note B. However, this same trend has been observed since 1988, and there is a record that three researchers were killed in 1995 (see Wesker’s Report II), so it is possible this is a more recent note.

Key Points: (Photo and Note C)

Considering the photograph and description in Note B, it appears that Jessica was sent for ‘disposal’ the day after she wrote this letter.


It’s the photo Barry dropped. It says something on the back.

‘To my favourite dad, Moira & Polly.’


A photograph of Barry’s beloved family. It can only be obtained as a memento of Barry, but even if you do not follow all the available story branches, if you reach a specific ending in Jill’s game, you can still confirm the existence of the photograph.


Dear Ada

June 8,1998

Ada, the fact that you are reading this now means that I have already ceased to be me. Today’s test results came back exactly as I expected. Positive.

It is driving me crazy to think that I’m going to become like them soon.

Ada, as of right now you are not infected.

This may be a no-brainer, but if you are the last one, I want you to go to the power room, activate the detonator, take the materials from the video archive room, and get out of here.

And use the media, I want this whole thing to go public.

If the security system is functioning properly, you can unlock everything from here. I have made this accessible from a terminal in the small laboratory by logging in under my name and entering a password. The password is ‘ADA’, your name.

To unlock B2 where the imaging room is located, you must access it under my name and yours, then enter an additional password. As a precaution, I have coded the password on the x-ray, but you are smart, you’ll figure it out soon enough.

This is my last request.

If you see me in my altered state, Ada, please use your own hands to set me free.

From your John.


A letter from one of the researchers infected with the t-virus to his colleague and love interest, providing a clue to the game’s strategy. It is clear that the writer, John, was a senior researcher since he knew the password to unlock the door. Nevertheless, the fact that he was willing to release data on their activities to the press reveals an ethical and sympathetic character, not unlike those who work on inhumane weapons development. The names of the lovers (John and Ada) also appear in ‘Bio2’ and other works.


It has been revealed that a variant form of the ‘t-virus’ can cause changes in the physical body, the vessel of the genome. This type reconstructs body tissues when the host loses consciousness and enters a dormant period. In doing so, it seems to activate the cells and also remodels the body tissue itself.

(We call this ‘V-ACT’.)

Of particular note is the ‘significant increase in muscular strength and speed’.

Once in this state, its physical form can move ‘faster’ due to changes in the body chemistry.

Above all, its nature is ‘rabid.’

Already, four researchers have been killed in accidents whilst feeding them.

The scene was turned into a bloodbath in a matter of seconds.

(We have named them ‘Crimson Heads’ because of their sheer brutality.)

We cannot just leave them as they are, but we must avoid disposing of that precious prototype (Prototype 1.)

It is our duty.

But what should we do with a specimen that is so dangerous?

We have decided to use cryogenic gas on the ‘Crimson Head Prototype 1’ and lock it up in the crypt in the graveyard behind the mansion.



This document explains the principle behind the transformation of zombies into Crimson Heads and the characteristics of Crimson Heads. In the cemetery behind the mansion and main hall, it is revealed that the monster emerging from inside the coffin is ‘Crimson Head Prototype 1,’ which was created through research and development, and the truth (and its history) that this creature was sealed in the same place.


Recipient: General Manager, Integrated Health Management Division

Sender: Disaster Contingency Committee, Raccoon Special Research Department

It is forbidden for anyone other than those concerned to read this memo. It must be destroyed as soon as the contents of this document are understood.

In the case of the ‘t-virus’ leak, it is projected that the estimated damage is far greater than originally reported.

The first problem is that more than half of the researchers have died from the “t-virus,” and most of the survivors are already showing symptoms characteristic of those infected with the “t-virus.

The second problem is the fact that the Special Security Forces have been almost completely wiped out, leaving our company’s top-secret research exposed to the outside world unprotected. I hope that you will take action on this point in particular without a moment’s respite.

The third problem is that many of the experimental subjects have escaped and are running amok. Not a small number of researchers are believed to have been killed by experimental subjects. Their bodies are worthy of being described as slaughtered, which, oddly enough, confirms the success of our research, nevertheless this is likely to provide alarming material for the press.

What is to be hoped for, we believe, is a “radical and immediate solution.”

The intervention of the State Police and S.T.A.R.S., especially in Raccoon, will be swift. Some steps should be taken in this direction as well.



A confidential fax from the Raccoon City Special Research Department to the General Manager of Integrated Health Management at the mansion (Arklay Laboratory). It summarises the progress of the virus spill and the response policy. It is noted that Umbrella was initially going to focus on cover-up activities for a while after the accident, and that ‘countermeasures’ against S.T.A.R.S. were being considered. If you look closely at the fax transmission form, you can see the Umbrella logo and markings, which clearly shows their affiliation with the mansion.




Use of the heliport is limited to government officials and senior management. This does not apply in the event of an accident.



Helicopter Boarding Passage-

No one is permitted to enter without being accompanied by an advisory researcher or the head of the security office. Unidentified entrants must be shot immediately.



In the event of an emergency disaster, deactivate functions.



-Video archive-

The video archive room is established under the jurisdiction of the Special Research Department. It is stipulated that discretionary authority for its use shall be delegated to the Director of the Office, Keith Irving.



-Confinement Room-

The Confinement Room is managed by the Sanitation Department. When viruses are administered to experimental subjects, they must be accompanied by a consulting researcher (E. Smith, S. Ross, A. Wesker).


-Triple-locked door-

Entry is forbidden except to those who have unlocked all passcodes. The passcodes can be unlocked by the head researcher of each block by exercising access privileges at the dedicated output terminal.


-Power Room (Power Reactor)-

Because nitro compounds are used as fuel, entry is forbidden to anyone other than supervisors dispatched from the head office. However, this does not apply in cases where a supervisory researcher has received special instructions.


Passcode output terminal-

No one other than the head researcher is allowed to have access privileges.



Most sensitive confidential-

Progress report on the ‘Tyrant’ following administration of the ‘t-virus’… (illegible below)



The document describes the structure of the institute and how to respond in case of an emergency. There are many hints on game strategy, such as how to escape to the heliport and how to unlock the confinement room. In addition, Wesker’s name is listed as a consulting researcher, providing compelling evidence of his involvement in the incident. (A slide show containing similar evidence can see seen in the video archive room on B2, where this document is located).


It seems it took a total of 21 years of maturation from the administration of the Progenitor Virus to the discovery of G. In retrospect, it is easy to understand how the test subject could have absorbed the ‘prototype parasite’, which had been ordered from a French laboratory and administered.

After 21 years of long slumber inside the body of the test subject, it mutated and changed. (Evolved is a more fitting term for this.)

These observations provided further remarkable insight.

By pushing this forward, making further refinements and promoting mutations, the clue was derived that would lead to the creation of ‘G’ and surpassing the ‘t.’

This will be the milestone that will change the history of B.O.W. research.

That deplorable Miss Alexia must be frustrated in the afterlife.

In a few years, I’ll be able to publish the results of my research.

William Birkin


A researcher’s written observations of a test subject. The author, William Birkin, is a brilliant scientist and colleague of Wesker who plays an important role in ‘Bio2’. The test subject mentioned is clearly identified as Lisa Trevor in Wesker’s Report II. The date of this document can be inferred from the description ’21 years of maturation from the administration of the Progenitor Virus’ and the contents of ‘A Family Picture and Notes’, suggesting that it was written in 1988. The contents of this document are closely related to this remake and the Bio series in general.

Key Points:

*’Prototype Parasite…’ A parasitic organism called ‘Nemesis’, which controls the host’s intelligence. Related to ‘Bio 3’.

*’’G’ surpassing the ‘t’…’ William was inspired by Lisa’s data and planned to create a new G-Virus. This document was probably written shortly after the project was launched. Relevant to ‘Bio 2’.

*’The deplorable Miss Alexia…’ Alexia Ashford, a girl scientist with whom William had a fierce rivalry. She became director of the Umbrella Antarctic Research Facility at the age of just 10 but was already deceased by the time this document was written. Related to Code: Veronica.


He wondered if such a night would ever come again…

The S.T.A.R.S.’ desperate battle came to an end with the first rays of dawn.

Just as the sun poked over the ridges of the Arklay Mountains and cleared the mist, so this unwavering nightmare disappeared like a phantom.

The long, terrifying night was over. Chris Redfield had survived and could scarcely realise it as he watched the mansion where the gruesome madness had taken place recede into the distance below.

With the other survivors alongside him, the helicopter piloted by Brad Vickers continued its ascent. The clean morning sunlight bathed the helicopter high in the sky, shaking off the sticky darkness that had clung to it. Once it reached a sufficient altitude, the moment arrived.

With a roar that shook the atmosphere, the numerous explosion and flames that engulfed the mansion and its accompanying facilities blew away any remains of the nightmare that was still stirring there. The rotting zombies, the biological weapons that had taken the form of human malevolence, and the t-virus that was at the root of it all…

The flames of the explosion erupted in Raccoon Forest, destroying, and burning everything.

This double disaster, which occurred on July 24th, 1998, and was tentatively settled in the early hours of the following morning, July 25th, was later dubbed ‘the mansion incident.’ In this tragedy, S.T.A.R.S, the elite special forces of the Raccoon City Police Department, had suffered a devastating blow.

Only five survivors made it back to Raccoon City. Aside from new recruit Rebecca Chambers, there were no other confirmed survivors from Bravo Team. S.T.A.R.S. captain Albert Wesker, who had been implicated in this incident, was also thought to have had little chance of survival.

The helicopter flew further away from the site of the biological disaster and towards the rising sun. They were heading back towards Raccoon City, where a peaceful, everyday life should be awaiting them. Back to the world of ‘life’.

For those who had weathered the storm of the gruelling night, there was a moment of peace amid the roar of the rotors.

Jill Valentine released her long-lasting tension, laid her head on Chris’s shoulder, and drifted off to sleep.

Rebecca, who had long since passed her limit, lay in her seat, and sighed quietly in her sleep.

Barry Burton was still inspecting his beloved, heavily used Magnum. It was his usual ritual to soothe his frayed nerves.

In the morning light that filled the cabin, Chris gazed into the darkness of what he had experienced. The deep, deep, bottomless darkness that no light could reach… S.T.A.R.S., to which they belonged, was not unaffected by this darkness. The solution to all this would probably be more difficult than he could ever imagine, and the resolve to confront this great evil would be tough on their weary bodies.

But they had to do it. It was their responsibility as survivors.

But at least for now, there was a moment of peace. He looked at Jill’s defenceless, sleeping face, one she does not usually show, with a newfound respect for what she had accomplished with her lightweight build. He hoped their return to the city would be prolonged and that this peaceful time would last as long as possible…


They were still unaware.

This horrifying incident was just the beginning of the catastrophe that was about to hit Raccoon City.

A huge wave that would radically change the fate of those involved in S.T.A.R.S. was slowly but steadily engulfing the city.

The true dawn was yet to break.


Emergency Report

Aug 21, 1998

As a fellow Raccoon Times reporter, I have an urgent report to share with you, the person I trust the most.

After a long and secret investigation into last month’s ‘mansion incident’, we have finally discovered that the corporate giant, Umbrella, is guilty of a terrible crime. I know you are getting ready for the announcement, but please wait a moment. I have just discovered a report that goes much further into the heart of the matter than anything I’ve uncovered so far.

The first thing to note about this report is that it reveals a great deal about the mysterious past of Wesker, the mastermind behind the incident. According to this report, Wesker had been at Umbrella’s executive training facility, but eventually became the head researcher at the mansion (which they called Arklay Laboratory), where he conducted numerous experiments. Later, he voluntarily quit his position as a researcher and transferred to the Intelligence Department. What is particularly interesting in the description of his career is that he himself seemed to have doubts about the purpose of his research. The report seems to hide part of the reason for his behaviour, as he seemed to be working for Umbrella, but in reality, he was acting on his own initiative.

Of course, the report also contains a detailed description of the demonic experiments conducted at the mansion, and the details of the virus and what the researchers were aiming for are also highlighted. The ‘female test subject’ who appears throughout the text is probably the monster ‘Lisa Trevor’ mentioned in the survivor’s testimonies, and her tragic story is revealed in this report. Reading the fourth and fifth sections of the report, you will understand why she had a vitality so strong that she was almost immortal, which was remarkable even among the other monsters the team members faced in this incident. Her ‘eccentricities’, such as ripping off people’s skin and wearing it on her head, can be understood in the context of the diaries found at the incident.

In addition, the report often mentions interesting names that surfaced during the investigation of this incident. ‘William Birkin’, the infamous scientist who worked with Wesker. ‘Alexia Ashford’, a girl prodigy who scratched William’s psyche in every way. ‘John’, William’s successor as chief researcher, who was regarded as dangerous from within because he was too sympathetic as a weapons developer. Then there is ‘Ada Wong’, the woman who received this report. All these individuals are said to have been absent from the ‘mansion incident’, but it is possible that some of them are still engaged in some horrifying activities somewhere.

We are now convinced our hunch is correct. This case is not closed at all. Umbrella, the root of all evil, is still out there, and none of the citizens realise how dangerous they are. Unless people like us who know the truth of what happened expose their evil and stir up a wave of public condemnation, this corporation, which has branches all over the country, will continue to be a merchant of death. And even now, at this very moment, they must be researching that evil virus and developing horrific biological weapons. At the very least, the ‘G-Virus’ is still being researched. What do you think will happen if this virus, which even in its prototype form has formidable power, was perfected, and used for bioweapons? It would be a biohazard all over again. And it wouldn’t just be a mansion deep in the mountains like this time – it could turn into a catastrophe that could engulf an entire city.

I hope you understand my point. All that remains is to compile this report with the results of our previous investigations and get it out to the public as soon as possible. You need to get started right away.

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