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Biohazard 4: Incubate is a Japanese exclusive DVD that portrayed the entire storyline of Biohazard 4 using the in-game video sequences. The DVD also came bundled with a bonus booklet which depicted the events leading up to the Los Illuminados taking control of the village and surrounding areas from the viewpoint of a villager called Rodrigo. The booklet uses the artwork from the end credits.


The original source material and report has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.

Droplets of malice fall into the clear water.

The ripples spread silently and slowly contaminate like a murky pollutant.

They deceive and manipulate the purest of hearts, turning once unshakable bonds into chains of damnation.

There is a sad village, guided by evil teachings.

The flowers along the roadside have died out, the sound of joy is unheard, and the warmth of life is nowhere to be found.

Only the sketches of one villager and the notes left behind leave the slightest trace of what was.

In this village, there are smiling children, good neighbours, and a heart that cherishes the old.

It is a modest life filled with small joys.

The village has maintained peace by preserving its customs and culture.

In this gentle flow of time, I was born and will return to the earth.

I love this village.

I wish that the same beautiful scenery will continue forever, so I decided to paint the village from time to time with my brush.

I will write my name, given to me to by grandmother, in the corner of my paintings, to tell my grandchildren and their children, whom I have yet to meet, about the beauty of this place.

Men work hard, as do women.

The sowing season has arrived, and preparations begin here and there.

I went to the farm with the clear morning sun as my signal.

Sweat glistens on the foreheads of the strong men who till the soil.

The women who help them sing, chat, and are very lively.

At noon, we all spread out our lunch boxes to enjoy a moment of relaxation.

The bread my wife bakes helps ease the fatigue.

And then it is back to work.

Working in the fields is like raising a child.

With the kindness of the villagers and the bounty of nature, the earth will soon be blessed with a bountiful harvest.

Children help with the cows and chickens from the time they were very young, as I did. When I went to the barn, a boy was carefully carrying a bucket full of cow’s milk with his small body. Most of the villagers are related by blood and the whole village is like a big family. They always help each other and have a strong bond with each other. When this boy grows up, he will know that even his smallest of deeds help the village.

The milk is freshly milked by his reticent father, and when I put it in my mouth, the taste is rich and delicious, with a hint of sweetness. In a little while, we will be able to drink this milk at home.

One afternoon, on our day off, a friend invited me over for dinner.

My friend is involved with the excavating work at the castle, and he told me with a bit of pride that he was happy to be of service in this prestigious work. A delicious meal is served, but the best part is the family reunion. This house, too, treasures its old crockery and furniture. Like my own home, it is a simple place to live, but it is neat and tidy and pleasant to be in.

There is a small flowerbed in the garden, and the family members are asked to line up in front of it as I pick up my brush. I draw a picture as a thank you for dinner and gave it to the young child, who gave me a cute smile, a bashful smile. Thank you for the food!

In this village, there is a story that has been passed down from generation to generation. The story praises the first lord of the castle who punished paganism. Thanks to him, this village exists, and we are all safe as we are now. Most of the time, grandparents tell this story to their grandchildren while their parents are at work. In the house next door, a grandmother is teaching her granddaughter how to sew, and I imagine that one day she will tell her own grandchildren this story while knitting or sewing.

The first lord of the castle was a righteous man who protected the villagers, but the current lord Ramon…

Today is the Festival of Harvest, a time to celebrate a bountiful harvest and give thanks to nature.

Eating well, drinking heavily, dancing in a circle, and looking up to see the beautiful stars in the sky.

The night is getting late, but the children, with the permission of their parents, are staying up late.

It is one of only a few annual events in the village, so it is only this evening that the parents tolerate such a thing.

We usually work hard, but on special occasions they all have fun together.

Some recite poems they have written themselves, some family members sing in chorus, revealing the fruits of their practice, and finally a man with a guitar sings in a husky voice, expressing his gratitude.

The village was filled with a sense of happiness as everyone smiles at the sight of his embarrassed face as he receives a thunderous ovation.

The village chief is nowhere to be seen this year, but as Mendez is also a priest, he is probably too busy with work at the church to come.

 Here, people cooperate to obtain food, which is then shared with everyone.

They gather the produce from the village, milk from the cows, eggs from the chickens, fish from the river, nuts from the trees, and other items bought in town, and bring them home.

They load their goods onto the wagon of my younger brother, who lives nearby, and we drive home together, enjoying the sun filtering through the trees, the birds chirping, and the flowers along the roadside.

When my brother’s family comes out to greet them and wave, both he and his horse speed up their walk, which makes me smile.

When my late father used to pull his loaded horse home, my brothers and I would go to pick him up.

Remembering those distant days, I slowly follow my brother.

The village chief has told me to gather all the villagers next Sunday, so I must remember to call out to my wife and daughter.


Following the village chief’s talk, we listened to a sermon from Lord Saddler.

Lord Saddler is a very important person in the Los Illuminados cult, which the village chief is a great admirer of.

He went out of his way and spoke for hours with wonderful stories for the villagers.

He told us that when sinful people like us undergo a blood purification ritual, our souls will be saved, and we will be blessed with even greater happiness.

The sinful… I wonder if he had originally been one too.

My friend who invited me for dinner has since changed from his gentle nature and suddenly started to lash out.

It was frightening… If you do not undergo the ritual, you cannot find true happiness.

The people of the cult are trying to protect and save us.

How grateful we are, we are truly blessed!


When the blood purification ritual is performed, the hearts of all are connected, and the impure blood will be cleansed.

All villagers line up in turn to receive the blood.

It is my brother’s turn.

Suddenly, he looks at me and cries out, “Brother, help me!” and refuses to participate in the ritual.

But the villagers are to be united as one we cannot refuse a single person.

When he and the others present are told of the wishes of the village chief and Lord Saddler, and that his family had already partaken in the ceremony, he eventually accepts it.

On this day, we villagers learned the truth.

That the first lord of the castle was jealous of the Order of Los Illuminados and interfered with their good deeds, and that Master Ramon had contributed greatly to the revival of the cult.

For hundreds of years, we have been told false stories…



My wife has been coughing a lot recently, as if she had caught a severe cold, which worries me.

After dinner, our daughter suddenly starts foaming at the mouth, her face contorted in pain, and her limbs begin to spasm violently.

I must help her! Oh my God…

My daughter, my precious daughter is …… dead.

I looked at my wife, who was standing there with a blank expression on her face.

I cannot believe what has just happened. I refuse to believe it!

My head starts to hurt like it’s going to split open, and the blood in my body is so hot and painful that it feels like it’s going to burst out.

The next moment, I shuddered and trembled in surprise at my own words, which I had shouted to my daughter.

You worthless piece of shit!


I hurried to my brother’s house.

There is something wrong with him. There are traces of vomited blood on the floor and I was told that he has been thrashing about in agony.

He stared at me with madness in his eyes and said things that made me want to cover my ears.

Within days, all the children in the village are dead, all our precious children were gone. Not one was left.

Not a single one…

More and more adults lose their emotions and develop a crazy look in their eyes.

Strangely, they go days without eating, mumbling, sometimes cursing, going away, and coming back again.

I also vomited blood this morning…


The chief sent me this message.

“By order of Lord Saddler, any strangers who arrive must be eliminated.”

I will kill them as soon as I find them!

The man in front of me cracked his head open.

Oh, great Lord Saddler!

Give us your next command!


They will appear in this village of fear.

The abominations. The schemers. The challengers.

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