Biohazard 4 Kaitai Shinsho Translation

The Kaitia Shinsho is the main supporting document for any Biohazard game.

The Biohazard 4 version was published twice, firstly to cover the release of Nintendo GameCube and secondly, when the game was ported to PlayStation 2 with new extras such as Separate Ways.

This book has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.

Studio Bentstuff/Cue Factory/Famitsu-Shoseki/Capcom-Famitsu/Enterbrain 2006


An exceptional United States agent. 27 years old – he was once a police officer in Raccoon City, a provincial town in the mid-western United States. Shortly after being assigned there, he was embroiled in the ‘Umbrella Incident’ and survived Raccoon City, which had become a city of the dead. His skills were recognised and he was scouted by a government agency where he was assigned to guard duty for Ashley, the President’s daughter. But when she was kidnapped by someone, he is sent on a secret mission to investigate the incident. When he arrives in a European village based on information received, he finds himself caught up in a tragedy that brings back the nightmares of six years ago.

*Perhaps because of his horrific experience six years ago, which he himself describes as ‘traumatic’, he is nihilistic, and his jokes are sometimes self-deprecating.

*He refuses to smoke when offered a cigarette by one of his police officer guides, and shakes his head when Luis asks him for one. On principle he does not smoke tobacco.

*Six years ago, Leon was young and inexperienced, but now he is a leading agent who can handle hard action with grace and coolness.

*After the incident six years ago, he had a hard time dealing with women, but now he seems used to dealing with them.

*Whenever he is reunited with a woman he once loved, a former partner, or an unexpected individual, Leon’s mind wanders to the past.

Normal Costume:
Leon’s clothes are functional with an emphasis on ease of mobility. His cargo trousers, lined with many pockets, are fitted with additional pochettes, and he carries a knife on his thigh as well as his chest. He removes his hard-worn brown leather jacket to reveal a black bodysuit.

Special Costume:
This is the Raccoon City Police Department uniform, which was his default costume in Biohazard 2. The uniform is navy-blue with matching top and bottom, and the emblem of the police department is visible on the sleeves of both arms. On the front and back are the letters ‘R.P.D.’ (Raccoon Police Department) to indicate the affiliation.

KEY POINT: Leon S. Kennedy in previous works.

In Biohazard 2, Leon is a rookie cop assigned to the Raccoon City Police Department, but when he arrives late on his first day, he finds Raccoon City has become a city of death because of the T-Virus. He has no prior career but is skilled in survival, and managed to escape the city with Claire, a college student, and Sherry, the daughter of an Umbrella researcher. After only one day, he left the service and became a United States agent, a position he holds to this day.

Leon had broken up with his girlfriend just prior to being assigned, and during the incident he was pushed around by women all the time. He was prone to emotional outbursts and had a reckless sense of justice, but now, six years later, he is not so green.

*What to say when you are being pushed around by a lady? ‘Women!’ The same phrase appears in this story, albeit in a different setting.

*Leon loves Ada, even though she could be considered his enemy, and protects her with all his might. Ada is moved by his devotion.

The only daughter of U.S. President Graham. 20 years-old, she is enrolled at a university in Massachusetts when she was abducted by someone on her way home from college. She is rescued from captivity by Leon in a certain village in Europe and joins forces with him to escape this place of madness. She has a cheerful, easy-going personality and is not afraid of newcomers. As a young girl, she can be a bit selfish, but even in the face of severe circumstances she is strong and will try and find a way through without crying. She is a brave girl.

*Initially, she is a bit distant from Leon, but after he saves her several times, she gradually develops a liking for him.

*She is still noticeably young, but she has an alluring body and has been subject to sexually harassing remarks.

*Her high-pitched voice and reaction to being teased can present a somewhat childish impression given her age.

*She is not much of a fighter, but she is a keen observer and can spot traps that are often overlooked and assist Leon with his search.

Normal Costume:
She wears a bright orange sleeveless knit with a cardigan over her shoulders, reflecting her cheerful personality. The bottom is a conventional miniskirt, but the hem is cut diagonally, and the length is asymmetrical.

Special Costume:
A casual, all-white top and bottom. Unlike the normal costume, her legs are obscured by the white denim, but the top is quite revealing. The look is informal, but the bow on her chest and scarf around the neck add to the cuteness.

KEY POINT: The Umbrella Incident

It was caused by the Umbrella Corporation, a giant conglomerate based on a pharmaceutical company. The term ‘Umbrella Incident’ refers to a series of biohazard-related incidents. The Umbrella Corporation had been secretly researching a new virus for the development of biological weapons, and when the virus leaked out, it caused extensive damage to the laboratory, the surrounding forests, and even the neighbouring residents. In the end, Raccoon City itself, where the research facility was located, was annihilated at the decision of the federal government, and the incident was finally resolved. In the aftermath, Umbrella was held accountable, and the organisation was effectively destroyed. However, there are some who have confirmed they are planning to revive the company.

*The ‘Mansion Incident’ destroyed the special forces unit that investigated the case. Shortly thereafter, the whole of Raccoon City became a city of death.

*There are only a handful of people who survived the Umbrella Incident. Leon is one of those few.

She is a beautiful oriental woman whose age, identity and purpose are all shrouded in mystery. She met and fell in love with Leon during the Umbrella Incident but was presumed to have died from wounds sustained at that time. However, when Leon arrives at the village on a mission to find Ashley, she appears before him and acts mysteriously, sometimes giving him advice, sometimes assisting him, and sometimes discouraging him. Ada Wong is the pseudonym she gave to Leon six years ago, and her real name is unknown, although she is currently working as an operative of The Third Organisation and seems to be targeting samples of the parasitic organisms possessed by the Iluminados cult.

*She always has a cool smile on her face. There is no sign of the emotional turmoil she showed in ‘Biohazard 2.’

*She has been working with Wesker, the mastermind behind the ‘mansion incident’, for a long time, but she seems to be acting on thoughts that even he is unaware of.

*She appears and disappears with grace. She is an excellent shot, and her beautiful dress helps her to get out of trouble.

*She rushes to Leon’s aid and provides covering fire. Is it because she still holds some of the love that she once had for him?

Normal costume:
A crimson Cheongsam dress with a western-style neckline. It may not seem like the most appropriate attire for espionage activity, but it is perfect for this mysterious, oriental beauty. The waist-height side splits reveal her bare legs and holster.

Special costume 1:
The tight dress she wore in ‘Biohazard 2’. This time round her clothes are suited to complete missions in ‘The Mercenaries’ and so many practical accessories for the battlefield are included. Crimson is her signature colour?

Special costume 2:
The all-black bodysuit she wears in ‘Ada The Spy’. She wears pants, which is unusual for her, and her sleek outfit has an emphasis on practicality and simplicity, although she wears long, high-heeled boots, which is typical of Ada.

KEY POINT: Ada Wong in previous works

In ‘Biohazard 2’, Ada Wong appears as a mysterious and beautiful woman whose true identity is unknown. She claims to have come to Raccoon City to find her lover, an Umbrella researcher, but, in reality, she was on a mission to recover a virus under orders from a certain organisation. She turned a blind eye to Leon, a police officer, and tried to accomplish her mission, but she was moved by his dedication and sense of justice, and they began to fall in love with each other. It was touching to see her unemotional self gradually show fragility and reveal her true feelings whilst seriously injured.
Six years later, the Ada of this story is no longer the weak woman she once seemed in the past. The only glimpse of her former self can be seen in the fact that she does not ruthlessly abandon Leon.

*Ada is completely calm and composed, but her encounter with Leon turns this individual, who was an exceptional intelligence agent, into a woman…

*It seemed that she had died in front of her beloved Leon, but in fact she survived and went on to secretly work for another organisation.

He is a 28-year-old man confined to a cottage in the village and despite his selfishness, ends up working with Leon, the man who saved his life. He speaks in a mocking tone, talks lightly, and refuses to show his true colours. He claims to have been a police officer in Madrid and is now unemployed, but he seems to have a past that cannot be explained by his background alone, as he is strangely knowledgeable about how to deal with Leon and the physical changes occurring with his body.

*When he sees a picture of Ashley, the president’s daughter, he reacts quickly. He says he has just been listening to the villagers, but is there a connection to the kidnapping?

*He seems to be in possession of important secrets about the village and the Los Iluminados cult, and is being hunted by the villagers.

*The light-hearted way he speaks reflects his guardedness. He does not reveal his true feelings, even to Leon, the man who saved his life.

A female support agent in the United States Special Operations Agency who assists Leon during this mission, providing him with radio support from base and relaying precise instructions as the situation demands. She is very perceptive and does not shy away from unexpected events. She is a beautiful woman with dark skin, jet-black hair, and large eyes.

A strong-hearted American man in combat gear, he is the former partner of Leon who was supposed to have died in an accident two years ago, but now reappears during Leon’s struggle to rescue Ashley. He works closely with Saddler, but also seems to be in contact with The Third Organisation. He describes his relationship with Leon as ‘two sides of the same coin’ in that whilst they are similar, they are also incompatible.

*His extraordinary jumping abilities and the bizarre deformation of his left arm are proof that he has accepted the cult’s ‘gift’ into his body.

*Krauser targets Leon as if he holds a grudge against him. What happened to these former comerades in arms?

*He receives his orders directly from Saddler, and yet he communicates with Ada behind the scenes. What is the purpose of these tense conversations?

KEY POINT: The man named Albert Wesker

Ada and her colleagues belong to the ‘Third Organisation’, and the man mobilising them is Albert Wesker. Ostensibly the captain of S.T.A.R.S., he was actually a special agent for Umbrella. He pulled the strings behind the mansion incident, one of the Umbrella events, and led S.T.A.R.S., who had been dispatched to solve the case, to its destruction. He was thought to have died during the incident, but his survival was confirmed during the biohazard incident on Rockfort, a remote island in Europe. What is his position now? And what is The Third Organisation?

*Wesker has been resurrected with extraordinary powers. Is he planning to revive the Umbrella Corporation that he once belonged to?

The charismatic leader of the Los Iluminados, a religious order that has been around since ancient times in the region where this incident takes place. With the help of Ramon Salazar, he has acquired strange powers that were used by the order in ancient times and through his ‘innovative propagation method’, plans to make both the cult and his power felt throughout the world, starting with the United States of America.

*He wears an outdated outfit comprised of a fearsome robe and cane, but he has the latest information about each country in his head and he uses it to devise a plan for world domination.

*Both Mendez, the chief of the village, and Salazar, the lord, are completely obedient towards Saddler. The village they live in is practically his kingdom.

KEY POINT: Los Iluminados

In the European village where Ashley was held captive, there is a unique religious order that has been around for many years: the cult of Los Iluminados. The cult, which goes by the name of ‘The Enlightened Ones’, has been increasing its followers since ancient times using special methods, but because of the peculiarity of the leader’s complete control over his followers, both physically and mentally, it fell into decline under the severe repression of the first Lord Salazar. However, after the current lord, Ramon, became a believer and began to cooperate unconditionally, the power of the Order spread throughout the whole village and now every villager is a believer. Saddler, the current leader of the cult, has a dangerous ideology to spread his power throughout the world, and is suspected to be involved in the kidnapping of Ashley.

*Those who have been given the cult’s unique power will never disobey its leader and act according to his will.

*Whilst performing ‘rituals’ of the past, it also carries out its own research, with state-of-the-art facilities and equipment.

He is the leader of the village where this incident takes place, and is also a priest of the Los Iluminados cult, and has been preaching to the villagers. He is a large, intimidating man in a trench coat, with a prosthetic in his left eye. He is willing to die for his beloved leader, Saddler, and is a loyal servant.

*He is a man of tremendous strength who can easily bend a steel bar and crush a human head and spine.

*Perhaps it is because he heralds from a closed community that he has such a strong aversion to strangers and tries to eliminate them, or is there a more specific reason?

The eighth head of the Salazar family, a family that had ruled this region for generations. He joined the Order in defiance of his family’s history of supressing the Los Iluminados cult and became a devoted follower. It is believed that he felt lonely as the heir of a prominent family, but the details are unclear. He looks as tall as a child of around 10 years old, but with a deeply wrinkled face and a hoarse voice reminiscent of an old man. But he is only 20 years old.

*He is fascinated by Saddler and uses his special abilities, which he acquired through his initiation ritual, for Saddler’s benefit.

*He is sadistic, arrogant, and childish. He is accompanied by two bizarre aides who are happily willing to follow his cruel commands.

CREATURE (Pages 86-168)

Humans whose behaviour is controlled by the ‘Plaga’ parasite. They are deprived of reason by a parasite that has assimilated their central nervous system and attackothers according to the survival instincts of the Plaga. Despite their condition, they retain their human intelligence and can communicate with each other through speech. In combat, they have a variety of weapons, set traps, and act in an organised manner to close in on their targets.

A Ganado armed with a chainsaw used for logging. He has adapted extremely well to the parasite and as a result is driven by a strong urge to kill, wielding a chainsaw in pursuit of his perceived enemies. His body is much stronger than that of a regular Ganado, and he is unable to be killed with just a few bullets.

A Ganado armed with an electric Gatling Gun. When they locate an enemy, they spray large calibre bullets indiscriminately. Normally, such a large firearm would be affixed to a gun mount because of its heavy weight and strong recoil, but the parasite has left them with extra muscular strength strong enough to hold and handle it. Their bodies are also highly resistant to damage and can withstand a direct hit to the head from a rifle bullet.

This is the state in which the Plaga has emerged from the body of a Ganado. As the Ganado has lost its brain function because of damage, the parasite itself controls the human body, and its movements are somewhat mechanical and awkward. If the emerging parasite is a juvenile, it attacks by thrashing a series of sharp-tipped tentacles, but when it has matured to near adulthood, it spits acid from its mouth and uses its powerful jaws to bite its prey.

A parasite that has lost its host. Although they can act independently, they are weak and if left in this state its survival time is short before it will wither and die. It will crawl around in search of a new host and once it finds a suitable organism, it will jump on it and attempt to enter its body.

A dog parasitised by the Plaga. The assimilation process has caused its fangs to develop to such an extent that they can no longer fit inside its mouth, and the dog’s agile movements allow it to bite at the throat of its prey. In addition, the parasite inside the dog’s body extends countless tentacles that penetrate the host’s body and attack. Because the host is a pack animal, the controlled behaviour via the Plaga is extremely stable and is characterised by attacking their target in groups of several animals.

A human-insect created by an experimental application of the Plaga. It can mimic and change the colour of the outer carapace covering its body at will, allowing it to blend in with the surrounding landscape to wait for its prey. Although it is based on a human, its ecology is that of an insect, and it flies on the wings that grow on its back and even builds a large nest to reproduce. There are also a number of ‘failures’ who have no mimicking ability, but they will form large swarms and attack their enemies.

A physicality strengthening experiment using the Plaga. Although he has succeeded in acquiring superior physical abilities, he became so violent that he indiscriminately attacked anything that caught his eye. As a result, his eyelids were stitched shut and he is usually kept under tight restraint. In place of his deprived sight, he has developed an unusually well-developed sense of hearing, and once released into a combat environment, he uses sound to locate his enemies and hunts them down with the claws on his arms.

Suits of armour decorating an old castle, manipulated by the Plaga that lurks within. A parasite, wandering in search of a host, enters the armour and maintains its existence in a dormant state, but resumes activity when it senses the approach of its prey. Its tentacles stretch out and become pseudo-muscles, and it walks and wields weapons as if occupied by a human being. However, its movements are very slow and awkward.

A monster created by experimenting on a single human host with multiple Plaga parasites. As a result of the experiment, he has acquired an extraordinary metabolic capacity that allows him to regenerate instantly even if a body part is severed. However, although he retains his human form, his physical structure has been completely transformed into something entirely different. These alterations have extended to the brain, and all capacity for human thought is lost.

An improved version of the Regenerador with additional modifications. It has an exceptional metabolic capacity, and its entire body is covered with countless needles that can expand and contract at will. In combat, they catch and draw in their prey using outstretched arms, then strike with their needle-lined bodies, stabbing them across their whole body. Their name was given because their appearance is reminiscent of the Iron Maiden, a torture device that existed in the 16th century.

A giant aquatic creature over 20 metres long. It is a large salamander used as a sample in a Plaga application experiment. As the parasite matured, it became larger and larger and also gained underwater mobility functions reminiscent of fish. However, it was sealed in the village lake because its behaviour could not be controlled via the Plaga, which was the original purpose of the experiment.

A giant born from a Plaga application experiment. It was created by genetically manipulating a human Plaga infectant to become a giant and is about four times the size of a regular human. Its huge body is not only incredibly powerful, but also extremely durable and is impervious to ordinary bullets. However, as with Del Lago, they could not solve the flaws that made it difficult to control and so only a small number were created.

The figure of the village chief after he has unleashed the full power of the parasite inside his body. His exposed spinal cord is now completely fused with the Plaga, and numerous legs grow out of it like a centipede. The two long forelegs that extend from his back are extremely long and flexible, and the claws on their tips can be used to slice through his enemies. He has extraordinary vitality, and even if his spinal cord is severed, he can still function with just his upper body.

A ruthless executioner who Salazar refers to as his right-hand man. They are the results of applied experiments using insect genes and has advanced combat abilities. In addition to its superior muscular strength and agility, the outer carapace that surrounds its entire body is strong enough to repel bullets. At the same time, it is flexible enough to penetrate the tiniest gaps under floors and ceilings, and attack from unexpected angles with its elongated, barbed tail.

The form of Salazar, the lord of the old castle, who, along with his aides, has fused with the giant mother parasite. Salazar’s body is present inside a shell which sprouts from the centre, wielding three large tentacles to attack his enemy. The central tentacle, with the face of an aide
visible at the end, has fangs that can kill with terrifying destructive power, and countless spore-like parasites are embedded in the root, producing one Plaga after another.

An organism created by combining the genes of humans, reptiles, and insects through use of the Plaga. As a result of the unadjusted characteristics of each organism, it developed an extremely distorted and ugly appearance. The tentacle on its left arm flexes like a whip and catches its prey at unbelievable speed. A large Plaga is contained in the spinal cord of the human part, and its large jaws are capable of not only slicing through enemies but digging into the ground.

Leon’s former partner and a specialist in knife-based martial arts. He willingly took a parasite into his own body and acquired superhuman physical abilities. When he unleashes the power of his parasite, his left arm transforms into a hardened blade, and he attacks his enemies with a devasting new strike. This blade can also be used as a shield by spreading it out like a wing, and it boasts enough defensive power to withstand a direct hit from a rocket.

The figure of Saddler, the leader, transformed into the master of all Plagas. From the husk of the human body sprouts four huge arthropods and countless tentacles, and at the end of a long neck extending from the centre of each of these is a head with a powerful jaw. There are no blind spots, for each arthropod has an eyeball. In addition, the hardened, carapace of the creature makes it impervious to ordinary firearms and it is so strong that it can be considered almost immortal.

FILES: (Pages 442-449)

Daughter of the President of the United States. A few days ago, whilst on her way home from college in Massachusetts, she was taken by a mysterious group of people.

The purpose of Ashley’s abduction is unknown at this time, but the biggest concern is there are indications that someone on the inside was involved in this crime. The classified nature of this case and the small number of investigators is a consequence of the fact that the traitor has still not been identified. In this situation, even the sightings in Europe obtained by the intelligence services could be a trap. Uncovering the traitor will be a crucial aspect of this investigation, as will the search for Ashley.

There are still few leads in this case, but the members of Ashley’s security detail and anyone with access to her information are still under intense investigation. Support personnel will be able to detect any anomalies, even if an active agent is involved. Unless the traitor is a ghost, they will soon be found…

A photograph of Ashley’s face is attached to a document given to Leon by HQ as reference material in his search for her. The ‘traitor’ involved in Ashley’s abduction is Krauser, as is revealed during their conversation when they meet again on the isolated island.

‘Unless the traitor is a ghost’ …. On record Krauser has been dead for two years, and because he truly is a ghost, headquarters is having a hard time finding the ‘traitor’.

We have received information that a United States agent will soon be visiting this village to investigate. Please ensure this agent does not come into contact with the person in question. For the time being, he has been locked up in an abandoned house just beyond the farm, but as soon as he is ready, he will be transferred to a more secure location in the valley. In the meantime, do not let the American near him.

We also need to find out how the U.S. Government came to be investigating this village. It cannot be mere coincidence that this investigation has come at the time when the plan is about to be executed. It is possible there is a third party, other than the United States and us, at work here.
We must remain vigilant at all times.
Chief Bitorez Mendez.

An order issued by village chief Mendez to the villagers. It expresses his apprehension about Leon, the ‘United States agent’, and concern for Luis, ‘the person in question’.

This investigation began when Ada, a member of the ‘Third Organisation’, and connected to Luis, passed the information to the United States. The village chief was not expecting them to arrive so soon. It is likely Ada did this in order to convince Luis, who had decided to betray the cult, to trust her and to facilitate her own objectives, but it is also possible she had other motives.

By the order of Lord Saddler, we have kept the United States agent alive and locked up, but we are not sure about his true intentions. At the very least, I think he should have been locked up somewhere far away from Luis…

It is hard to believe that Luis would trust someone he has never met before, but if the two of them were to cooperate, things could become troublesome.
If there is a third organisation involved, they will not want to miss this opportunity.

However, Lord Saddler may deliberately be trying to lure out those hiding behind the scenes by presenting such an opportunity. In the unlikely event that the organisation has already been infiltrated, not only will our plans be setback, but the plan could also be hijacked.

It could be that he intends to take a risk and expose them now in order to prevent conspiracy. Either way, we have no choice but to trust you, Lord Saddler…

A memorandum from the village chief. It shows the chief’s confusion about Saddler, their leader who had Leon and Luis incarcerated together. As he suspects, Saddler gave Leon and his friend the chance to escape in order to keep Luis alive and expose the existence of the third organisation.

Regarding the two escapees, our priority is to capture Luis over the U.S. agent. What he has taken is far more important than the girl. Even if we can use the President’s daughter, we cannot complete the plan without it. And if it were to fall into the hands of another organisation, it would lead to the creation of a world that is not in accordance with Saddler’s philosophy. We have to avoid that.

But of course, I have no intention of letting go of the girl. In order to prevent the agent from reaching her, I will seal off the church where she is being confined for the time being. I will take direct control of the ‘circular emblem’, so anyone who wishes to enter should seek permission from Lord Saddler.

As for the ‘circular emblem’, a duplicate resides in the place across the lake, but now that the seal of Del Lago has been lifted by Saddler, it will not fall into the hands of strangers.
Besides, the agent already has our blood in his veins.
Soon he will become one of us.
Then there will be no one left to rescue her…

An order issued by the village chief to the villagers regarding the capture of Luis and the closing of the church. It reveals why Luis is being hunted, what plans are afoot to use Ashley, hints on how to get inside the church where she is being held, and the existence of a creature called Del Lago.
‘What he has taken’ – The ‘it’ that Luis took with him is a sample of the Dominant Species Plaga. He was aided in his escape by Ada on the condition that he hand over the sample.

There is something very important hidden in the lake. With it, you should be able to rescue Ashley from the church. Be careful, though, because there is something called ‘El Gigante’ on the route back to the church. By the way, there is something strange happening to your body, but I’m afraid it is beyond my control.

A letter left to Leon by Ada, the mysterious woman who saved him at the village chief’s house. Her advice to Leon is brief: she tells him where to find the key that will open the door to the church, and warns him about the El Gigante, but the true meaning of her kindness is not clear until the end. It is not clear whether she is helping Leon achieve his aims, or whether she is just using him for her own purposes…

The whereabouts of Luis are still unknown. He is probably using a secret route that he learned from his grandfather, who was a hunter, when he still lived in these lands.

What he took must have been hidden somewhere in the forest. If his grandfather were still alive, we could have used him to find it quickly…
But how did Luis find out about the egg that had been injected into him? Moreover, he had already removed it with medicine before it hatched.
Furthermore, it is hard to believe he was acting alone when he took it and escaped before that U.S. agent arrived. It is natural to assume that a third party other than the United States and ourselves is involved in this.

The only way to clarify this issue is to capture Luis again, wait for the effects of the drug in his body to wear off, and then inject him with a new egg.
Then he will be able to tell us who is pulling the strings behind all this without disobeying us.

Anyone who interferes with our plans will be made to pay the full price.

A document that seems to have been written by the village chief about Luis on the run. It reveals bits and pieces of Luis’ mysterious identity and states with more certainty that he is connected to a third organisation. We also learn that Luis was implanted with the same eggs that were implanted into Leon, and that he was able to remove them before they hatched, but only with Ada’s help.

I have just received word from Lord Saddler that he has shot down a U.S. helicopter and there should be no replacement for some time. The United States cannot identify who our informant is, and with a traitor in their midst, they can only move in small numbers.

I want to take this opportunity to secure the girl alone.

If the two Americans are to get out of here, they will have to take one of two routes, one on either side of the junction, and that is where we will hold them. However, if we disperse our personnel across both routes, our strength becomes thin. So we have decided to put everyone on the left route, and unleash El Gigante once again on the right route.

Neither route will be easy to get through with the girl.

This is one of the instructions issued by the village chief to the villagers. It reveals that a helicopter has been shot down on Saddler’s orders, but overall, it is more of a hint for the game strategy and mainly describes the characteristics of the left and right routes the player has to choose from.

To be honest, I did not expect the agent to put up such a fight. I had hoped to wait for him to be purified by our blood, but if we do, the village will collapse before that happens.

I have to get rid of him as soon as possible. We must stop chasing Luis and ambush those two. At the end of the gondola, there is a barn that was used to dispose of people who defied the Order. That will be a good place for an ambush.

In any case, he will need a part of me to open the final gate of this village.

The final instructions issued by the village chief to the villagers. It is intended to foretell a fight to the death in the barn.

We have just received confirmation that Luis has entered the castle. There is something suspicious about him coming back to the castle on his own when he is supposed to be running away, but we must not miss this opportunity.

We cannot leave the two Americans alone, but Luis must be the priority. Of all the things he took from the Order, such as the medicines, are not important, but the ‘sample’ is the life of the Oder. It must be recovered at all costs.

In addition, it seems there is a third organisation other than us and the United States involved in this commotion. If the ‘sample’ falls into their hands, the world that was supposed to be led by our Order will be in jeopardy. Apprehend him immediately.

Ramon Salazar, Lord of the Castle.


A decree issued by Ramon Salazar, the ruler of the region and lord of the castle where Leon and his friends have wandered. This is the first time that what Luis took with him is identified as the ‘sample’.

The reason why Luis went out of his way to return to this area was to give Leon and his friends a medicine that would supress the growth of the Plaga and reduce the seizures. His gratitude to Leon for saving his life, combined with his regret for his part in the atrocious research, may have prompted Luis to act in such an uncharacteristic way.


Certain parasites have the ability to control the behaviour of their host organisms. The mechanism behind this is not understood, but the control of host behaviour by parasites is generally well known. The study of these parasites may provide clues to the power of the cult’s ‘Plaga’ and its victims, the ‘Ganados’.

In the meantime, here are some examples of parasites controlling the behaviour of their hosts.


When the larvae of this parasite enter the sub-oesophageal ganglion, the ‘ant’ somehow bites the tip of the grass and fixes its body there. They only do this during the evening and morning hours when the sheep are grazing. It is clear that they are deliberately making themselves available for the sheep to eat.


This parasite is found in the brains of fish such as ‘yellowtail’ and ‘striped beakfish.’

The parasites then swim around the surface of the sea, where they can be easily caught by seabirds.

The aim, of course, is to get inside the body of the seabird.


The larvae of this parasite multiply inside the antennae of the snail and move like caterpillars.

In addition, the parasitized snails somehow move to the surface of the leaves where they are easily spotted by birds and wait to be preyed upon.

Using this method, the parasite larvae enters the bird’s body and becomes an adult.


A memorandum about parasites written by Luis. The files of ‘Bio 4’ differ from previous entries in the series in that most of them were written in the middle of the story, with the exception of Luis’s notes, which are historic records.

This document shows that what is causing abnormalities in the villagers is a parasitic organism called ‘Plaga’ and that the living organisms controlled under its power are ‘Ganado’, but what is more remarkable is the revelation that Luis is a researcher in biology. Given this expertise, and that he mentioned he had ‘seen Umbrella samples in the police lab’, suggests that he was either lying when he told Leon he was a former police officer in Madrid, or that he was a member of a research department inside the police. The parasites mentioned here are all real.


The Salazar family, who have been the lords of this castle for generations, have sins in their past. A long time ago, the first lord of the castle supressed the Los Iluminados cult that was born in this land and took away its power.

As a follower of the cult and the eighth lord of this castle, I must atone for the sins committed here in the past. And in order to atone for those sins, it was necessary, first and foremost, to revive the true power of the Los Iluminados cult.

This took some time, but with the success of the rebirth of the ‘Plaga’ that had been sealed in the castle, the Order was finally able to regain the power it had when it was first established.

However, it was not only to atone for the sins of the past that I returned the ‘Plaga’ sealed in the basement of the castle to Lord Saddler with my own hands. It was because I realised that if the ‘Plaga’ could be used as a power for Saddler, all people would be saved.

Purifying all the sinful people with the power of the ‘Plaga’ is necessary to change the world to the right course. Only when they become ‘Ganado’ can they become worthy of living.

And when everything in this world is in line with Saddler’s philosophy, the sins of the Salazar family will have been atoned for.


A memoir of faith, written by the Lord Ramon Salazar, a believer in the Los Iluminados cult.

The file reveals that the current devastation in the village is the result of his deliberate

excavation of the Plaga previously sealed by the Salazar family ancestors in the past. Reading this, it seems that Ramon voluntarily excavated the Plaga, but it is also possible that Saddler took advantage of his ‘sin’ and implicitly encouraged the excavation.


A woman believed to be a member of the Third Organisation was confirmed inside the castle. We believe that this woman is the one who helped Luis.

Removing the egg we injected into Luis before they hatched, leaking the information to the United States, and getting the ‘sample’ out just before their agent arrived. The whole thing must have been orchestrated by this woman.

Since this woman’s goal is probably the ‘sample’, she needs to be taken into custody before she can contact Luis. However, since we need to ask her about the Third Organisation, we need to capture her while she is still able to talk.

By the way, as for the Third Organisation, we will hear directly from this woman, so we do not need Luis anymore. Get the samples back, and then kill him.


A document instructing the capture of Ada, the ‘woman of the Third Organisation.’ The suspicion of Third Organisation involvement that had appeared in previous files were now confirmed, and at the same time, Luis, no longer the only one who knew about the Third Organisation, was in mortal danger.

In fact, not long after this document was obtained, Luis was killed at the hands of Saddler.


Ramon, who has no family, must have been caught off guard by Saddler, the leader of the Los Iluminados cult. Otherwise, it would have been impossible for Ramon himself to unleash the ‘Plaga’, which had been sealed by the Salazar family for generations. This is also my responsibility for not being able to detect Lord Saddler’ plans.

I do not know what that man ultimately intends to do with the world, but I know Ramon was just used for that purpose. However, no matter how much he regrets it now, he has already accepted the ‘Plaga’ for himself.

Once the ‘Plaga’ in the body reaches adulthood, there is no way to escape from this parasite.

The ‘Plaga’ parasitises the central nervous system and there is no way to remove it unless the person dies.

Perhaps Ramon is only faintly aware that he has been deceived, but in any case, there is no turning back. As someone who has served the Salazar family for generations, I am prepared to share my fate with Ramon until the very end.


Despite the notes left by the butler who has served the Salazar family for generations, Ramon retains his complete consciousness because the Plaga that is attached to him is a special variant called a ‘Dominant Species’. The story of how Ramon’s attraction to the Los Iluminados cult led to the discovery of the Plagas is sympathetically described. It is also important to note that Ramon has already accepted parasitism of the Plaga.

‘I am prepared to share my fate with Ramon’ – From this passage, it is inferred that the butler, the writer of the note, also accepted parasitism of the Plaga after writing it. To Salazar’s left and right, his attendants, said to be his bodyguards, are always at his side, but are they the end of the butler’s life?


Once again, I would like to inform you that Luis has been executed at the hand of Lord Saddler and the sample was safely returned to our cult. If it were possible, I would have liked to resolve the situation myself here in the castle without bothering Lord Saddler, but for now more than anything, I am pleased that the ‘sample’ has been safely returned.

Now, the woman from the Third Organisation will not be able to make any rash moves without the ‘sample’. It is a shame that Luis did not just willingly join us so that he could have lived in the wonderful world under the control of our Order.

The only ones remaining are the two Americans, and Lord Saddler has assured me he will leave them in my hands. To live up to his trust, I must do everything in my power to capture Ashley and deliver her to Saddler.


A letter written by Salazar to the people of the castle. It summarises the flow of the story so far, including the killing of Luis, how the sample was returned into the hands of the Order and how the treatment of Leon and Ashley is being left to Salazar.


We finally managed to secure Ashley by using the defective Novistadors. We must now quickly perform the ritual and make Ashley an official member of our Order. It will take some time to prepare the ritual, so whoever is available should please entertain poor Leon.

In the meantime, we can stall him for a while by jamming the gears inside the clock tower.

If you jam about three areas, it will be enough to buy us some time.

Let everyone take their time with him.


This is the order that Salazar wrote to his men immediately after securing Ashley, and it is characterised by an overall air of victory. In addition to the ‘jamming three gears inside the clock tower’, which is a key point in the game strategy, it is also here we learn that the winged, insect-like creature that kidnapped Ashley is called ‘Novistador’.

In addition, Salazar often refers to Leon by his middle name, and only in this document does he use the name ‘Leon’.


It seems that the ‘Plaga’, which was sealed during the time of the first lord of the castle, had been slumbering in the bowels of this castle in its original state. However, at the time when Salazar broke the seal, no one seemed to think that the attempt to revive the Plaga would succeed.

This was because all of the Plaga that he had found was mummified.

As a parasitic organism that requires other organisms to survive, it should have been impossible for the ‘Plaga’ to have survived alone. However, it seems that the ‘Plaga’ was already preparing to resurrect itself at this time, without Salazar even realising it.

Some years later, unexplained seizures began to occur among the villagers who had been sent to excavate the ‘Plaga’. One day they suddenly went berserk and started attacking people.

In actual fact, at the time of the excavation, the adult Plagas had been mummified, but the juvenile Plagas had survived in a dormant state as microscopic spores. During the excavating work, the villagers had inhaled the dried spores and revived them inside their bodies.

Thus the ‘Plaga’ was reborn.

And even now, beneath this castle, the excavation of the ‘Plaga’ continues. The total number of juveniles that the cult has revived is unknown, but it is likely that a significant number of ‘Ganado’ have already been produced. If the cult’s activities are not stopped immediately, people from all over the world will become their victims.


This is the second note left by Luis. It describes how the parasitic organism Plaga, the source of the villagers’ abnormalities, was unearthed and devasted the people.

If this account is accurate, the first Ganado that came into existence after Salazar’s excavation was not intentional and an accidental result. Although this incident was caused by the ambition of the cult’s leader, Saddler, this document makes it seem as if even the cult is dancing to the will of the unknown creature called Plaga.


It is possible to remove the eggs of the Plaga with medication before they hatch, but once they start to grow, it becomes impossible. If we can surgically remove them before they reach adulthood, we might be enough, but I think the chances of success are slim.

She will probably be the first to go but be prepared for what you must do if there is no solution.


The letter Ada wrote to Leon with the mark of a kiss. The mention of the need to surgically remove the Plaga gives Leon and Ashley a purpose for their future actions. Fortunately, the ominous prediction of ‘she will probably be the first to go’ (i.e., become a Ganado) does not come true.


The ‘Plaga’ application experiments conducted on this island have produced unusual beings such as the ‘El Gigante’ and the ‘Novistador’ making it hard to believe they were once human.

Among them, the ‘Regenerador’ is particularly distinctive from the others.

The main feature of this ‘Regenerador’ is its extraordinary metabolic capacity, which allows it to instantly regenerate destroyed body tissues.

For this reason, it is difficult to kill with conventional weapons.

In order to kill it quickly, you have to pinpoint the parasites inside its body so that it cannot regenerate its body tissue. But the parasites inside its body are not visible to the naked eye, so a thermoscope mounted on a rifle is necessary.

In addition, most ‘Regeneradors’ harbour multiple parasites, all of which must be eliminated before they can be killed.

Particularly troublesome are those with parasites in their backs, and if the parasite cannot be seen from the front, it must be turned around in some way. If you can knock it down, it should be relatively easy to target its back…


This is one of the notes Luis wrote while working at a research facility on an isolated island.

The appearance of the island raises the suspicion that ‘Plaga application experiments were

being conducted on the island’, and this document confirms the validity of that suspicion. It is evident that all the monsters that have appeared so far are the result of experiments. In addition, the description of the new enemy on the island, Regenerador, is also a useful hint for the game.


I am sure you have noticed, but you go through the waste disposal entrance, you might be able to get out of here.


Ada’s note of advice to Leon, which she folded into a paper plane and flew. It contains a brief hint on how to escape the research facility.


Although we lost the village chief and Salazar because of that agent, the cult’s plan will proceed as planned. However, the loss of such loyal subordinates, despite their poor performance, will have some impact on the progress of the plan. However, I cannot increase the number of people to executive level to replace the human resources I lost. The reason for this is because human consciousness remains intact with the Dominant Species Plaga, therefore I could be betrayed at any given opportunity.

Now that even Luis has betrayed me, I will have to be more careful in recruiting further subordinates in the future. I cannot afford to have an insider dragging me down in the final stages of the plan.


This is a note from Lord Saddler, stating his intention to continue the plan. Note that it clearly states that those who carry the Dominant Species Plaga, such as the village chief and Salazar, will retain their human consciousness. It can be inferred from the last paragraph that Luis had a considerable amount of trust from Saddler.


The Plaga has three characteristics.

The first is the ability to control the host, which is not necessary to mention again.

The second is that it is a eusocial organism.

Simply put, this means that each individual does not live separately, but forms a society like

ants and bees. This can be said to be a rather unusual characteristic for a parasite, but it may be a trait that was acquired later whilst utilising the first characteristic.

The third is the ability to parasitise a wide variety of organisms. This has special meaning when combined with the other two characteristics. With the intervention of this parasite, interlinked societies can be formed among different organisms.

However, I have turned a blind eye to the objective of the cult because I wanted to continue researching this interesting creature. I have finally arrived at this juncture and come to realise that Saddler is trying to exploit the Plaga.

But will I be able to stop the cult on my own now?


This is one of the notes left by Luis whilst he was working at the research facility. The main content is about the characteristics of the Plaga, but it is interesting to read how Luis, who turned a blind eye to the evil objective of the cult, began to worry about it from a humanitarian perspective.


It seems that Saddler never trusted me from the start. I managed to get into the heart of the cult by carrying out Ashley’s abduction, but when I was not allowed to get close to the ‘sample’, I had a feeling…

That is why I had no choice but to call that woman to obtain the ‘sample’, but did she plan for this to happen from the beginning? I’ve always had a feeling that she had a different agenda to Wesker’s and mine. Once I get rid of Leon and take the ‘sample’, I’ll deliver her corpse to Wesker along with it.


A note written by Krauser to his companions. It describes the purpose of his kidnapping of Ashley and reveals the fact that he had to seek help from Ada, even though the mission was originally left to him alone. Although he is sceptical of Ada as a whole, it is only a hunch, so this may have been written prior to the scene where Ada rushes to Leon’s aid and turns on Krauser. It is not clear who the ‘associates’ Krauser addressed the note to was.


The question of whether it is possible to remove the parasitic ‘Plaga’ seems to have been the focus of attention since the early days of research on this parasitic organism. However, this was not for the purpose of intended treatment, but a test to ensure the parasite could not be removed at the volition of the host.

As it turns out, it is only possible to kill the ‘Plaga’ with special radiation before it reaches adulthood. However, killing the Plaga with its nerves connected could cause severe impaired consciousness as the pain would be transmitted to the host.

It should be noted that if the ‘Plaga’ has become an adult by this point, the host will also die.

However, considering the consequences, it may be better for the host to die.


Luis’ last memo, describing how to remove the hatching Plaga, gives hope to Leon and Ashley, who are already infected by the parasite. The attempt to find a way to remove the parasite was not originally intended to be a treatment, so it was unexpected for Leon to find actual treatment equipment installed in the operating room, even if it was only for further testing.


The power of the United States of America is intricately intertwined between various organisations, such as Congress, the Justice Department, various administrative agencies, the military, and huge private corporations. In order to instil the power of our cult there, it is necessary to efficiently control those in power, especially the president, who is the cornerstone to all power.

The problem with this is that if our plan is discovered amid a complete power seizure, then we will have to destroy the United States. It would be easier to control the world with the current power of the United States as it stands today, but if that is not possible, then there is no other choice. It will be easier to destroy a democratic nation by using the people who controlled it before, and by fermenting a state of suspicion and uncertainty about who is being parasitised.

And if we can take advantage of the chaos of the collapse of the United States, our Order will be able to directly control the world.

Either way, no one can stop the Order rising to the top of the world.


A note on the future of the Los Iluminados cult, as written by its leader, Lord Saddler. The full extent of the cult’s plan for world domination, beginning with the kidnapping of Ashley, has now come to light. The reason the cult kidnapped Ashley was to take control of the United States. Eggs were planted on the reserved Ashley and she would be allowed to serve as a medium for the Plaga by returning the sample to her parents. The plan was to control the President’s immediate family.

STORY OF BIOHAZARD 4 Text by Benny Matsuyama

PROLOGUE: Infernal Domain

Is there anyone who can forget the events of October 1, 1998, six years before now?

It was a day that changed everything. A day in which a portion of territory was lost, of a country that had led the world through its military and economic might since the end of the cold war. It was a day which everyone realised that the supposedly strong framework of the world was a fragile one that could collapse at a moment’s notice.

On that day, the small American Midwest town known as Raccoon City disappeared from the face of the earth, together with its 100,000 citizens. This unprecedented disaster was caused by a leak of the T-virus, a biological weapon that turned people into cannibalistic monsters.

Now facing a city where most of its citizens had become zombies, and fearing a further outbreak, the U.S. Congress decided on a ‘sterilization operation’ using missiles. For the first time in history, weapons of mass destruction were used on United States territory, and the entire city was cleansed in pillars of fire and blasts of hot air, like the town of Sodom that suffered the punishment and fury of God.

Umbrella Corporation, the culprits, were convicted by the hammer of an angry market. The sudden drop in share prices as the result of a global order to indefinitely suspend all business suffocated the giant corporation that had armed itself with massive capital. The company’s routine illegal and inhumane activities were gradually exposed, and the organisation known as Umbrella was forced to dismantle. The “evil” was destroyed, together with the horrible weapons…or so it seemed.

However, those memories cannot be forgotten. There is no technology to go back in time and erase the events that happened in Raccoon City, or the fact that even the United States could be shaken to its core.

Since then, the shadow of terrorism has grown thicker throughout the world. The United States tries to be stronger, and its pretensions intensify the ideological conflict. Fires are smouldering in many places and people who had power in Umbrella were secretly active behind the scenes.

The world certainly did change that day… … as did the destinies of the people who made it out of Raccoon City alive…


Even though it is daytime, the thickening clouds paint the landscape with gloom. After turning off onto the unpaved mountain road, a fog has begun to obscure the view. The road is heavily potholed, and the tired suspension of the outdated wagon is hardly able to absorb the shocks.

Leon S Kennedy is riding in the rear seat, looking at the seemingly endless, monotonous view.

As the wagon hits a bump in the road, his chin is knocked off his elbow, causing him to curse quietly. The police officer who is driving looks at him in the rear-view mirror and smiles.

Flamenco music has been loudly playing inside the vehicle for hours since they left the police station. To Leon, it all sounds the same. The singer sings along to the peppy guitar chords and castanet rhythm. The unshaven officer in the passenger seat sometimes loudly sings along, and sometimes is quiet. It is clear that neither of them is enthusiastic about this trip. They had been talked into going by their superior, forced into the role of playing guide for Leon. But even those who are the local police officers had never been to this place, and it is no wonder for their destination is a cold, remote village where one could not expect to find any enjoyment.

With a sigh, Leon returns his gaze to the window. The fog was growing thicker… as if to symbolize the mission given to him. Several days had already passed since the kidnapping of Ashley Graham, the president’s daughter. As a United States agent, Leon’s task was to find and rescue her.

This was a case that would normally be handled by a large-scale search team with specially trained personnel in hostage rescue, not an investigation handled by an agent working alone, such as himself. However, it was clear that this kidnapping occurred based on some extremely classified inside information. In other words, there was a traitor at work here, someone with access to important data – and until this traitor could be identified, a larger rescue team would risk making the situation even worse. So, Leon was singled out. If she had not been kidnapped, he would have been assigned to her bodyguard detail, so his thinking, career history, and background had already been evaluated over a long period of time. From the government’s perspective, he had completely proven himself as a reliable individual. His ability to carry out the mission was also backed up by his previous track record. He was the perfect man for this job.

— A survivor from hell…

In his heart, Leon felt somewhat hesitant. He felt like he had experienced an entire lifetime’s worth of emotions in that city where he had been newly assigned as a rookie police officer.

That Leon, who survived a hell worse than any nightmare, and who at 21 years old was still in the sparkle of youth, had died. Since that day, there was a giant hole in the bottom of his heart, endlessly making a roaring and hollow sound.

The wagon crosses a suspension bridge hung across a canyon, and finally stops. Just ahead is a shabby-looking house on the outskirts of the village that appears to be their destination. Leon is not confident about the validity of intelligence that a girl resembling Ashley was sighted in this European countryside. He would probably do nothing more than question a few locals.

Kidnapping the president’s daughter was effectively declaring war on the most powerful nation in the world. He felt such a crime would have nothing to do with this place, where nothing had changed for 200 years.

But this was the entrance. Crossing the border into a territory ruled by inhuman things, a place where madness and fear spreads.

From behind Leon, there is already a sign of something happening. Numerous things gather, all brought together by a murderous intent to eliminate the foreign invader who has crossed over into their lands.

The survivors of Raccoon City are setting foot into a new realm of disaster. The curtain has already been raised on this new tragedy…

CHAPTER 1: Murder’s Nest

A strong sense of déjà vu washes over Leon and he shakes his eyes as if he were dizzy. A memory forged in the hell of this world that will never disappear and will never be forgotten – the tragedy of Raccoon City, where the dead flooded the streets and consumed everything in a continuous swell. The spectacle playing out before his eyes right now is like that same image repeating itself. A group of villagers screaming, waving their axes and sickles, and rushing towards him. He forcibly moves his trembling index finger with a reflex action sent from his brain. With the force of a fist, his finger presses the pad of the trigger and a 9mm parabellum round fires from his weapon with a dry, cracking sound that echoes in the cloudy sky. It flies with precision, directly following Leon’s line of sight. A second shot penetrates the shoulder of a middle-aged man trying to throw a hatchet at the head of the approaching group. The man staggers back and screams in pain, but only for a brief moment.


The middle-aged man begins to advance forwards again, turning his darkened eyes towards Leon and cursing with murderous intent. Despite deliberately avoiding the key organs, Leon’s bullets were fired with an emphasis on stopping power and anyone hit should be immediately overcome with pain and immobilised. Yet these people continue with an abnormal robustness only possible if their senses were numbed.

In the first instance, Leon had opened fire with the intention of scaring this mob group. By assaulting their eardrums and subduing those who were leading the way, he attempted to bring these villagers, who for some reason, had turned ferocious with a crazed group mentality, back to their senses.

He does not want to kill them if he can help it. That thought is at the root of Leon. This is different from that time. Here it is human beings he is dealing with. They are not zombies who have lost all rational human thought because of a virus developed as a weapon. Of course, trained as a United States agent, Leon, is prepared to eliminate criminals and terrorists who harm innocent people without hesitation. If it means he can save endangered citizens, his spirit is robust enough to pull that trigger without a second thought.

But despite the killing of one of the officers who accompanied him, the villagers here are still living a social existence. The weapons they carry in their hands were used as tools for work until just a short time ago. It is also an inescapable fact that here in this remote place, Leon is an outsider who has wandered into their midst and is not an advocate of absolute justice.

This is why he wants to reawaken these villagers. All they have to do is regain their senses and pay for the crimes in accordance with the law. There is no point firing fatal shots here. Leon desperately wants to believe that. But they do not stop. Even in the moment where the man staggered after being hit by the bullet, the chasing pack are not frightened at all and charge past the man, chasing down Leon. It is as if they do not care about being shot.

Finally, Leon realises. The look in their eyes is neither the excitement of deviating from their daily routines or the extraordinary fear of dealing with an invader. They are like the eyes of an insect that display no emotion. A quiet, meticulous intent to methodically eliminate territorial invaders carried out in the same vein as farming and chopping wood. It is a madness that is never awakened from. They are not just a mob. Hunting and killing strangers is part of everyday life for these villagers.

Realising that his warning is being ignored, Leon turns on his heel and starts running. As he tilts his head, he feels a gust of wind from behind as an axe flies past his ear, embedding deep into the front door of a nearby house. Without slowing down, he quickly checks inside. In theory, it seems foolish to stand in a building, but the secure structure of the surrounding walls is already in his mind. As soon as he recognises the existence of a ladder, he jumps inside and runs upstairs before the chasing villagers reach the entrance. Looking out through the window, Leon is once again hit by a strong sense of déjà vu. Villagers, regardless of gender, were gathering their weapons of choice.

They approach with a uniformly hollow expression, reminiscent of the horde of the dead who marched through Raccoon City six years ago. Leon is coming to realise the boundary between that day and this is becoming blurry and beginning to merge together. There are soon signs that someone is climbing a ladder. Suppressing the urge to move immediately, he lingers long enough to attract a flock of villagers, then his trained body leaps out of the window and lands on the roof of the neighbouring house. That should have broken the siege. But in the immediate vicinity, a throttle starts up an engine that makes a writhing growl. Turning around, Leon sees a man running towards him with a large chainsaw used for logging. His head is covered with a burlap sack and only his eyes glare through the holes. He is desperate to chop up his prey.

The only way to survive this encounter is for one to kill the other. At that moment, Leon points his muzzle between the two holes and fires. As if defeated by a giant hunter, the man with the chainsaw topples off the green of the roof. If Leon had hesitated for even a moment, he would have been torn apart by that rotating, high-speed blade. He jumps off the roof and begins sprinting without looking back. The orders to regroup swirl around here and there, but the closing ring of pursuers is already behind him.

–I’m stepping into hell again. It is a murky swamp that cannot be crossed without madness…

The sound of a sombre bell tolling reaches Leon’s ears as he shakes off his pursuers and runs north of the village. It sounds ominously like a bell of condolence dedicated to the future of a certain intruder.

He still has no way of knowing that a horror that will shake the whole world is about to spill from this remote area…

CHAPTER 2: Hideous Hallucination

The news that the extraction helicopter was shot down by someone came just as he was about the leave the village with the rescued Ashley. “We are preparing the next helicopter right now. In the meantime, head towards the initial helicopter landing zone.” The operator, Hunnigan, relays her instructions in a clerical tone as if she were just another stranger and not a direct acquaintance, but Leon is rather grateful for her unemotional response. At all times, the supporting role must present the impression to the agent in the field that they are watching and analysing the situation calmly, even if the situation is desperate.

It is easy to imagine the chaos at Command Headquarters. The crash of a helicopter that should have been top secret meant that information is still being leaked from somewhere. It is still unknown if this is the work of an inside informant or whether their communications channels are being monitored. He likes Hunnigan, who does not shy away from providing him such information, yet the hope for their survival draws increasingly thin. Unexpected events are occurring in this remote village. No, this is unpredictable territory – the same madness and immorality as the events of Raccoon City.

Leon has already witnessed a strange sight. A tentacle-like object had emerged from the neck of a villager who had lost his head and should have been dead. It grew several tentacles like a mollusc and the tip was hardened like a metal blade. It attacked Leon with a clear intention to kill and all whilst somehow manipulating a human body without a head. It is a life form that makes no logical sense. An ingenious parasite that lurks inside the bodies of other organisms, hijacks the central nervous system, and controls its behaviour – this was something that conventional biology could never explain.

But Leon understands. He can accept this crazy situation as reality without dismissing it because he is the one who survived a city of hell in doing so. Zombies were not the only things in Raccoon City, he was chased by more unusual, more hideous monsters who blocked his path many times, yet Leon overcame them all with his humanity, and that is why he is alive today.

Therefore, his spirit never gives way to fear. He has built up a strong will to confront unknown horrors that is necessary in unimaginable predicaments. Even the bravest soldiers who have survived countless battlefields would not match Leon’s viability in this current situation. He is one of the best in the world to deal with abnormal situations, but he believes this mission will be difficult. What he must deal with that is – the mysterious organism that has possessed the inhabitants of this village – is extremely formidable.

As far as Leon can tell, the parasitized humans seem to exert tremendous vitality. Perhaps they secrete substances that numb pain receptors and amplify the metabolic functions of the host, but they can take several bullets and still get back up without a care in the world. A gunshot to the head, usually proving fatal for a normal person, does not lead to immediate death here because the human brain now only plays a secondary role. But if this brain function is compromised, the parasitic organism lurking in the torso is exposed as a sensory organ and resumes activity in a more ferocious manner. He cannot compete with such a monster without packing enough firepower.

What is even more troubling is they retain their social skills as human beings. Despite being invaded by a foreign lifeform, the villagers continue their lives as humans to a somewhat unnatural extent. It is still possible for them to communicate in complex languages, a trait unique to humans with strong solidarity. A swarm of monsters that have heightened physical functions than regular humans yet act with human intelligence and in a completely organised manner, making them not afraid of death. It is a group even Leon cannot help but be terrified It is an immortal army that surrounds he and Ashley, rising from the bottom of the earth.


The hair-raising hallucinations he experienced a while ago reappear in his mind. An image of something deadly clinging at his heart. A tiny dominator being born and crawling under his skin with many tendrils. It releases an unholy venom and transforms what was Leon into another creature. That tentacle writhes where his head was. Like the needle-shaped parasite that bursts from the belly of a mantis, it unfolds in a nauseating dance…

He supresses his sudden terror, cutting off the scream building in the back of his throat and shakes off the vision. However, over time this illusion will become a reality. Leon and Ashley have been implanted with parasite eggs by the Los Iluminados cult, the hosts of this nightmarish feast. And perhaps they are already hatching… They are beginning to take hold in order to turn them both into puppets…

Even if they can escape from this village, they are still done for if they cannot get rid of the parasites. If the Los Iluminados are using them as a tool of control, there must be a way to remove them…

Yet it might be impossible once they mature. Somehow, in this desperate situation and with limited time, he must find a way to get rid of the parasites and secure their escape. He closes the communicator and looks up at the dark sky with the rain coming down.


She attempted to show authority, perhaps because she was the daughter of a VIP, but Ashley’s voice trembles as she looks up at her rescuer. Her voice reminds Leon of events on that day, six years ago, and he is inspired by the memory of his efforts to save a little girl who was infected with the virus. He has the experience to get through this and knows that resignation is his greatest enemy. He smiles inwardly, and he knows how reassuring this little look can be.

Silently urging Ashley on, they begin to cross a different bridge to the one already destroyed. -I will protect her. From the cult. From that foul parasite.

A quiet fire is lit in the inner cavity of his heart and this indomitable flame will never be blown

out and will melt through the darkness of despair.

CHAPTER 3: Lost Piece

The old castle, where Leon and Ashley have fled, is full of the grotesque, as if it wanted to add more concentrated madness to this brush and leave its violent movements to paint. They are being lured into this evil exhibition without having any other choice. Nesting within are the fanatics of the evil group Los Iluminados who have chosen to abandon all reason that man should possess. They worship the power brought by the parasitic creature Plaga, a belief with a clear ‘malice’ that distinguishes them from the villagers who fell victim to ignorance and conversion in a closed society. Whilst turned into a marionette whose thoughts have been hijacked, a blissful smile occasionally breaks out on their usually expressionless faces, sending shivers down Leon’s spine. The terrifying essence of the Plaga in the souls of those who cannot even pray for liberation, is revealed there.

Furthermore, there are some miserable things that were born by utilising the hidden nature of this parasite, which was to maintain the life of the host and make them stronger. Since the parasitic subjects did not die easily, they were repeatedly subjected to drug administration and gene modifications previously deemed unthinkable. The clawed Garrador was developed as a killing machine, but due to its increased ferocity and lack of control, it was deprived of its sight and left to endlessly hunt its prey relying only with its hearing.

In addition, the insect-human Novistador has transformed into something that no longer resembles its original form following incorporation of various insect genes. When man unleashes their evil desires, Leon, who has already glimpsed this hell, is terrified they could conduct such demonic human experiments and now the products of those nightmares wander around freely all over the place.

Being separated from Ashley by a trap only intensifies his resolve. In the first place, she is innocent. Just for being the daughter of the President of the United States she was kidnapped to this remote place, and at the young age of 20, bears witness to a hell filled with human malice and blood. He must rescue her as soon as possible. The emptiness in his heart was now filled with a flame of anger and a strong sense of mission. Leon never wanted to live as an agent. However, when confronted by a difficult challenge, his heart was undeniably fulfilled.


That heartfelt fire now fluctuates and disappears. He is in one of the bedrooms in the huge castle that it is thought to have been once used for guests. From the moment he senses a sign of something creeping up behind him, Leon has a sense of anticipation. Since arriving in the village, he had often felt under the watchful eye of someone’s gaze, someone who was not a member of this cult. In fact, Leon was once saved by a third-party shooter when cornered by the giant chief of the village, Bitorez Mendez. At that time, it was certainly the silhouette of a woman that was briefly spotted outside the window. A lithe shadow disappearing out of sight that awakened unforgettable memories.

Now in this bedroom there is a brief moment of attack and defence with that same shadow. The woman kicks up the gun that Leon tries to snatch and attempts to catch it again. But seconds before the muzzle is repointed, his army knife is pressed against her carotid artery. Their breath, which rose in that moment, now settles, lingering in the room like the afterglow of two people passionately colliding with each other. The residual scent of heat born in extreme situations that is more intense than the exchange of love.

Leon certainly felt it that day at the bottom of that cauldron of hell. On the day of Raccoon City’s judgement, when blood overflowed and saturated, a young rookie police officer found love there and was cruelly robbed. A vision of his youth, trapped in the centre of his heart, that will never return.

That is why Leon does not believe what he is seeing until the woman removes her sunglasses.

At this moment, he meets a woman who should have died to save him – the woman he loved.

“Leon. Long-time no see.”

Ada Wong is here. Dressed in a cheongsam dress that does not seem suitable for such bloodshed, she smiles with a bewitching beauty that betrays the many years that have separated them. She has the heavenly beauty to deceive a man and make him involuntarily loosen his guard even if it were their first meeting.


With the missing puzzle piece now standing before him, Leon’s heart is filled with the blink of an eye. The mission, his anger at all this evil, Ashley – everything is about to be replaced with


Information that a female spy was alive and matching Ada’s description had been heard by Leon through the Intelligence Department. There were also rumours she had joined an organisation that could be described as the remnants of Umbrella. But Leon had refused to believe it. Therefore, a tremendous recoil hits Leon. He just wants to forget it all and hug Ada, driven by a desire to fill the void of the last six years in one breath and quench his thirst. But it is Ada who holds back. Her eyes, like a leopard, speak to him with much more than just words.

Don’t be disappointed, Leon. This is not the way we work. Show me your growth after all this time that makes this reunion worthwhile.

-That’s right Ada. You are much brighter than the illusion in my mind.What we should exchange here are by no means familiar words…

Leon swallows the love and joy he feels from the back of his throat and speaks without releasing the tension.

“It seems you’ve joined Wesker’s organisation.”

“You know that very well.”

‘That’s good’ – is what her response sounds like to him. The extinguished flames of his fighting spirit needed to accomplish his mission are returning vigorously. She is his emissary. When he struggles in hell, she is a guide to show him what to do. A few seconds later, Ada’s abandoned sunglasses flashed, and she melts vividly away into the darkness of the night. For a while, Leon stares at the window where she disappeared. The dawn is still far away, and now they stand more further apart than ever. But there is no sadness.

These complex emotions are synonymous with hope for him. Leon is about to be released

from this clouded illusion…

CHAPTER 4: Plague Origins

Was this tower, that touches the heavens, built in the past like the magnificent castle when the Salazar family was at the peak of its glory — Or is it anachronistic, built in the 21st century and covered with stone to give an aged impression, using the labour of obedient slaves influenced by the Plaga?

Leon is indignant at this ridiculous symbol of power as he runs up the spiral stairs along the inner wall of the tower. What will a ruler, who has forsaken his humanity, do with those who are no longer human? A wave of emotions somehow continues to suppress the screams of his protesting body that has been endlessly abused since arriving at the village. It miraculously gives him the energy to take the next step, and the next step after that, when all his feet want to do is just stop.

Leon still does not know what awaits him as he climbs to the top of the tower. However, he knows what would happen if he did nothing and left the disaster that struck this remote European countryside unchecked. Once the Plaga parasites begin to rapidly multiply and spread throughout the world, there is no technology in existence for humanity to counteract them. Those who become hosts or Ganado may be easily detected in small towns or close-knit communities where unusual words or behaviour are quickly noticed, but they would easily blend into the crowds of large cities where even neighbours are indifferent to each other. Powerful creatures for which a gun is no match could blend into society and increase their numbers. Even if discovered, it would be impossible to take the same eradication action in a major city using mass destruction weapons, as was used in Raccoon City. This quiet infection would eventually reach the ranks of national government.

And think of the possibilities of developing parasites capable of more advanced deception, or joining forces with an important dignitary who has been infected with a dominant strain Plaga that retains the consciousness of the human, and who agrees to submit to the control of Saddler…

This bargaining for power is equivalent to selling your soul to the devil. Leon believes it is even worse for a person in a position of responsibility to society to have such aspirations. However, the fact of the matter is that the more power people have, the easier it is for them to succumb to the temptations of even more power. A prominent example of this is right in front of him.

Waiting at the top of the tower is an insidious ritual for Ashley’s baptism. Ramon Salazar is a clown-like young man with a short stature resembling a child, yet he has an aged facial appearance and a shrill voice that chirps his allegiance to the Los Iluminados cult. Recalling how he was intoxicated by this terrifying power; Leon struggles to contain his hatred. He concludes the young lord took the initiative to embrace Saddler’s plan, and in doing so has made this situation so much worse.

Ramon is a descendant of the feudal rulers of this area from ages ago, and even in the 21st century in which such sovereign rulers are all but extinct, his is one family that has continued to hold de facto power over a large and fertile region. He could even be called the king of this land. From the time they are born, the villagers have no choice but to declare their loyalty to the Salazar family. Unless they decide to abandon their hometown, there is no escaping the ages-old customs that bind this land.

In return for this right of holding high stature, and ruling/financial power, these aristocrats bear the obligation of protecting the people. They had to eliminate foreign enemies who wanted to plunder by force, judge all crimes in their territory fairly, and treat the citizens well and lead them to peaceful lives. Although idealistic, these lords who continue to live in their old ways had to strictly regulate themselves because many of their responsibilities are managed by national government in modern times. If they did not, such noble families in the region are nothing more than parasites sucking the blood from the poor.

In the past, the Salazar family was a bloodline of famous rulers who sealed away the Plaga, a dangerous indigenous creature, and fought against the dark cult of Los Iluminados, who worshipped this power. Despite being enticed by Saddler’s charming cunning and charisma, Leon feels indescribable anger at the current generation head, Ramon, for doing the forbidden, breaking the seal and unleashing the Plaga, consigning the innocent villagers to be living sacrifices.

Countless disciples of the cult blocking his way fall in the hail of bullets. They pile up on the stairs one after another and fall from the cargo elevator in the entrance hall to become crushed sacks of meat. Although they were undeniably dead from the moment they were taken over by the Plaga, the killing of their flesh-bodies still does not feel like salvation for Leon. He is acutely aware that he is firing bullets into those who were at one time human, in order to complete his mission and protect his own life. He does not like it and there is no justice on the battlefield. For this reason, this is pure hell. For Leon, who is not a killer, the deaths of these victims will accumulate as a never-ending guilt. The spurting blood turns him red, little by little, crimson, like the devil in hades surrounded by evil spirits. He has a will to live, thinking about the hopelessness of those who he is killing. But, to some extent, they must be delivered to the true evil. Even now, somewhere Osmond Saddler is laughing. And Ramon. As for the remaining thing that the Salazar family should be responsible for, Leon’s bullets will express the hatred of the people who had their peaceful lives taken away from them.

He runs up the stairs leading outside and basks in the foggy night sky. This is the top of the tower. The wind is howling, but no matter how high he climbs, this tower does not lead to heaven. All that awaits is the ambition of a fallen aristocrat who stands atop a mountain of corpses trying to grasp hold of this evil power.

Behind a set of large double-doors, inside a space with a domed ceiling resembling a cathedral, is a presence that evokes a primordial horror imprinted on the human brain. A giant living thing, with roots embedded in every wall, dripping sticky mucus, and pulsating grotesquely, it is neither plant nor mollusc. This is the mother of all Plagas. It is the root of all evil that should not be touched, revived from the depths of the earth.

“I will also pay my respects to your strong will.”

Ramon laughs as he entrusts himself to the twisting tentacles and is welcomed by the petal-like nucleus. Together with his already-deformed aide, the crazed lord begins to fuse with the Plaga Queen.

An iron gate slams shut loudly behind Leon.

Despite his exit now blocked, Leon is not afraid. Fuelled by his disappointment and anger of being separated from Ashley, and with feelings of subtle compassion, he points his gun at the young man who has departed from humanity. The cries of the creature that once was Ramon Salazar loudly proclaims the beginning of a fight to the death.

CHAPTER 5: Fiery Justice

Amongst the stone ruins, the noise of the sub-machine gun is earth-shattering. Judging from the sound, it seems to be special type of augmented ammunition with increased gunpowder for improved destructive power. Normally, the bullet pattern spread is poor because of the recoil, and it is no substitute for a light machine gun that emphasises practicality, but its line of fire chases Leon with almost no deviation. If he were even just a fraction slower jumping into the shadow of cover, his flesh would have been torn to shreds by a concentrated hail of bullets.

Jack Krauser’s armour-like muscles completely supresses the machine gun trying to jump out of his hands. Killing the tremendous recoil with brute force, he unleashes a glimmering murderous intent towards Leon, his former partner, who still hides out of sight. The weathered stone wall is shattered by a concentrated burst of reinforced bullets striking a single area. Leon is struck in the back by a flying piece of stone and groans briefly before starting to run. He moves upwards, sticking to the cover of a broken stone pillar as he strides up some stairs and ducks into a house. He cannot afford to shoot back, and Leon knows all too well that he is not an easy opponent to counterattack.

Krauser was an excellent US agent and Leon could not think of a more reliable partner to have at his back. They had worked together in espionage, and two years ago, a mysterious accident had supposedly claimed his life. To Leon, the appearance of this first-class agent was worse than being attacked by a pack of monsters.

But it is no longer a surprise that such ghosts come back to life. In hindsight, it seems there were signs of Krauser’s defection even when they were working together. Leon was not an ardent patriot by any means, but he could still sense the discontent and despair that sometimes emerged from within his partner, overshadowing his loyalty to the nation. Leon never forgot the look on Krauser’s face as he muttered to himself on the transport plane on the way back, that the United States was steering its ship in the wrong direction at a time when terrorism was on the rise and they were constantly rushing to respond. It was reminiscent of the fanatical extremists they had just spent their last mission fighting.

Faking his own death and covering his tracks, Krauser turned to an illegal organisation led by Albert Wesker, former head of the Raccoon City Police Department’s STARS unit and an Umbrella operative. He had become the leading force of a crazed, secret society that wants to revive Umbrella and use its dangerous technology to take control of the world.

Leon continues to find ways to counterattack whilst dodging Krauser’s unpredictable waves of attack and carefully laid traps inside the ruins. “What are you fighting for?” A mocking voice rains down from above. Against the darkened, pre-dawn sky, Krauser looks down at Leon with a relaxed expression.

“What are you doing, crawling around in this hell?” The man who gave himself over to desire asks, “There are easier ways to live, more pleasures to consume.”

There is no trace of the stubborn soldier in that smiling face. Suddenly, Leon feels a burning sensation, as if he has just been shot. He almost shouts back, ‘Are you kidding me?” -Krauser used to be a good man. What makes a man so different? Is it the madness of war or the absurdity of the world? He grits his teeth and stifles a scream, glaring at his partner who had walked down the wrong path.

“I don’t know. It’s traumatic.”

“Bah, Umbrella.”

At this answer, Krauser snorts mockingly. The scornful look in his eyes tells Leon that he thinks of him as a fool who was too obsessed with trivial matters to see the bigger picture. Krauser suddenly disappears up the stairs with an attitude suggesting he has lost interest. In his place, self-propelled explosive devices with anti-personnel sensors glow as they close in around Leon. He destroys them with some precision shooting and runs to the upper levels of the ruins. Now he asks himself that question again.

-What am I fighting for?

Was Leon S. Kennedy, who left his emotions behind in that vanquished city six years ago, still fighting because he is living his life like some mindless zombie? After all, this is an unbalanced world where only lust and hatred matter…

A second later, a flashback hits him like a slap on the cheek.

“It not, is it?” Said the little girl wrapped in a large jacket carrying a goddess on her back.

“You’ve become boring!”, the pony-tailed warrior friend who had survived hell alongside him, raises an eyebrow.

“You are too naïve,” smiles the Ada of that day. “But that’s OK. You just need to be straight up angry. What you feel now is what everyone should be fighting for.”

Scalded by these visions of the past, Leon feels the fog in front of him rapidly lift and his bewildered mind clears. In the hole in his heart, which should no longer exist, ignites a passion that he thought he had lost. The flames of a young man who aspired to be a police officer, with a passionate hatred of evil. He builds up a never-ending rage against the ugly desire to stomp on small happiness’s. Sensing a change in Leon’s movements, Krauser stands in front of him. His face depicts the joy of a beast wanting to kill a helpless, cornered animal drowning in despair.

“Let’s finish this!”

The man throws down his machine gun, exposes his muscular upper body, and holds his left arm aloft to the sky. Leon can see the skin begin to grotesquely ripple and the veins rise as his toned arm begins to instantly transform. His horrible hallucinations of being transformed by the Plaga is superimposed on the vision before him now in a sense of déjà vu. The man who has become a prisoner to the parasite leaps, proudly holding up his enlarged left arm, now shaped like a blade.

As a human being, Leon welcomes his former friend who has lost his righteousness and his humanity. Believing in the reason that burns in his heart, he continues to fight.


Ada wears a mystery around her.

No accurate information about her has been revealed. Nothing is known about when or where she was born, her nationality, her race, or even her true age. Not even the name she was given at birth. She calls herself Ada Wong, but only she knows the truth. Her skin is as smooth as polished pearl, reminiscent of Asian descent, and her natural beauty is outstanding. Her intricately curved body is the embodiment of flawless proportions, perfectly toned and without waste, all without losing a trace of feminine charm. However, all of this is just a part of the ‘mystery’ that masks her true nature lurking under the surface, just like the thin dress wrapped around her body that radiates a strong attraction. It is a form of camouflage that causes all who gaze upon her to stop and think.

Oh, Ada is camouflaged. So long as the beautiful spy carries out her duties faithfully and without fail, her true intentions will not be revealed any more than necessary. Her thoughts and beliefs are all hidden behind an enigmatic smile, and she is getting closer to her true goal one step at a time.

The deception continues.

The rulers of the ‘organisation’ secretly working behind the scenes of global affairs, could not help but express puzzlement when Ada first approached them. She was a spy with no certain details about her career background and all constructed with false footsteps, yet Ada’s extraordinary abilities were evidenced by her only credible history – her survival from the cursed place that was Raccoon City. Therefore, the product of immorality brought back from there, the G-Virus, only enhanced the reputation of the woman who completed the arduous task of retrieving it. Ada Wong’s name became a kind of legend amongst those engaged in espionage.

This was the approach of the female spy. There were many in the organisation who saw this as an operation by another agency and insisted she be dealt with. Ada was too mysterious and too dangerous to be welcomed with open arms. However, the organisation is already harbouring an uncontrollable fire that threatened to burn it from within. A man who had entered the very center of the organisation, bringing with him the fruits of the research results of Umbrella, the giant corporation responsible for the biological disaster in Raccoon City. Albert Wesker, the former captain of S.T.A.R.S., the special forces unit of the Raccoon City Police Department, had become too influential to be ignored. In order to control this rot from within, the rulers adopted a strategy to bring Ada into the fold.

There was no reason to trust her unconditionally, but it would be beneficial if she could act as a watchdog against Wesker, even if she harboured traitorous intentions of her own. Furthermore, they determined that if the two of them kept each other in check, then their activities as double agents, which would be very unfavourable for the organisation, would naturally be restricted.

And Ada has played that role perfectly. Despite remaining cautious, she had made the most of her position as an employee of the organisation to get close to Wesker and make him realise that she was the most capable intelligence operative he could ever have if he used her as a pawn. She identified that Wesker, a confident man who considered himself the chosen one, preferred, or at least favoured a clever wolf with sharp fangs, ready to pounce on someone’s throat if let out of control, rather than a docile dog who was just obedient. He perceived she had a character that he liked, and skillfully established a power relationship that made her feel under his control. He was always tempted to use Ada, his most capable ‘pawn piece’, at every critical juncture of his planning.

Of course, Wesker was cunning enough to realise that his own movements would be passed on to the upper management of the organisation through Ada. He was willing to leak information that he did not mind getting out, especially information he wanted them to hear. But even so, the truth began to vaguely appear. The faint traces of what Wesker was planning, and what he was trying to hide, created an unnatural rut in the accumulation of numerous information reports, evoking the shadow of a large, thick umbrella blocking out the sunlight…

Amidst all this complexity and conflict of thought, only Ada remains a complete mystery. Only her true purpose is missing like a gaping hole. She acts as though she really is serving the organisation, as if accomplishing her mission is her greatest goal.

The deception continues.

But there are moments when Ada’s eyes convey a glimmer of truth, a light of intention directly linked to secret thoughts she can no longer hide. It always involves the life and death of one man. Six years ago, in the darkest depths of Raccoon City just prior to its demise, the life of Leon S. Kennedy, the strait-laced young man who shared his raw emotions with a female spy wrapped only in deception. Now Wesker repeatedly points to his elimination, viewing him as an obstacle to the success of the mission, but she plans to avoid doing so. Sometimes, at the risk of her own life, she will emerge from the shadows to help Leon in his hour of need.

Times like now.

As she watches Leon fight to the death against the monstrous Osmund Saddler, Ada runs through the huge steel tower. She beats down the Ganados and pushes through their blood that showers down like rain, hurtling towards her singular goal through the structure, despite the detonator already being activated. The only way to dispose of Saddler, now exerting his true power, is to grab the rocket launcher equipped with special ammunition. This is the only way for Leon to survive.

All of this may be in order to bring her closer to her true objective. There is only Ada who knows the truth about herself. But it is possible that Leon’s survival is just one steppingstone that must be crossed in order to get there. However, in the moment that she tosses him the rocket launcher, Ada is overcome by an intense feeling of déjà vu, to a flashback of a memory that she had kept locked away. That day she had faked her own death, she had tossed the same kind of weapon down to Leon as he battled an invulnerable monster in the underground research lab, as she herself had stayed hidden….

“… That’s funny. I haven’t changed a bit.”

Ada’s face is illuminated by the flash from the special rocket, and a smile crosses her face.

Leon does not catch her expression at that moment, but it is definitely her true face, the one

that forgets to wear the ‘veil’ of mystery.

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