Biohazard 4 Official Complete Guide Translation

 The Official Complete Guide is an additional source material for Biohazard 4. 

The book was published twice, firstly to cover the release of the PlayStation 2 version of the game. It was then republished following the porting of the game on the Nintendo Wii. The Complete Guide covers profiles and B.O.W’s. 

This book has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.

Capcom. Co. Ltd/‘Biohazard 4’ Development Team/Banana Studio/ 2006.

CHARACTER: (Pages 2-6)


One of the best agents in the United States who has developed into a formidable individual.

He is an agent of the United States and the main character of this story. He is 27 years old and one of the survivors of the incident in Raccoon City six years ago. Since then, he has spent his days fighting terrorists and other enemies of the United States. He has honed his combat skills, is well-versed in a number of weapons, and has mastered many martial arts skills.

Originally his mission was to guard Ashley, but she was kidnapped before he could join her, so it was decided he would embark on an undercover investigation almost single-handedly.

  • I was a cop for a day” Leon says in a self-confessed conversation about the Raccoon City incident. It seems that the incident six years ago is still an unresolved trauma for him.
  • The way he handles all kinds of firearms with ease makes him a true professional in combat. His years as an agent have given him a strong body and a tough spirit.


Kidnapped daughter of the President of the United States

Daughter of the U.S. President abducted in a conspiracy by the Los Iluminados cult. 20 years old, she is the heroine of this story, intelligent, resourceful, and brave enough to come up with various countermeasures even in a crisis. She has a cheerful personality and is able to swallow her fears and make light-hearted remarks even when she is on the verge of death. In this current incident, she works with Leon to overcome the threat, but she has no combat skills.

  • Ashley makes a bullish remark immediately after being shot through her restraints from long range by Leon. It could be said this is because she trusts his aim.


The intelligent beauty supporting Leon.

She is a member of the secret agency that supports Leon from his home country as he tries to infiltrate a village occupied by a mysterious group. She has brown skin, jet-black hair, and black glasses. She is always calm and collected and is never distracted by any unusual situations.

  • Her attention to detail is impressive, as is her ability to prepare materials that are appropriate to Leon’s situation.


The female spy working behind the scenes of the incident.

She is a beautiful oriental woman with a cool smile who is a skilled spy. Ada and Wong are both pseudonyms, and her real name and age are unknown. She once met Leon during the incident in Raccoon City, and was thought to have died, but after a six-year gap, she reappears in front of him. She is currently working as a spy for some organisation and is secretly working behind the scenes to recover a certain item.

  • Ada goes beyond the orders of the organisation and comes to Leon’s rescue. Six years ago, the brief encounter between the two of them seems to have not yet ended. But what is Ada’s true intention?
  • While wearing a long cheongsam dress, Ada demonstrates first-class combat abilities. She is also adept at handling firearms.


A former researcher with a casual demeanour.

A man of unknown identity imprisoned in a house in an abandoned village. He dazzles those who come into contact with him with his carefree attitude and light-hearted talk. His true identity is that of a former researcher for the Los Iluminados cult, and he has been conducting research on the Plaga. He regrets having helped Saddler out of intellectual curiosity and cooperates with Leon. He is a man of light impatience, but also with a sincere heart who will risk his life for his beliefs.

  • It is unknown where he learned them, but Luis has high combat skills and went alone into enemy territory to help Leon.


A former partner engulfed by the power of the parasite.

Leon’s former partner and comrade at arms who fought with him as an agent of the United States. He was supposed to have died in an accident two years ago, but now he appears in front of Leon as a member of the cult’s leadership. With a parasite already inside his body, he attacks his former comrade Leon mercilessly with physical abilities that far surpass human levels.

  • His former companion broke away from the United States, faked his death, and disappeared. What is his purpose…?


Chief of a village of madness.

The head of a village ruled by the cult of Los Iluminados. He possesses a special Plaga that is given only to the executives and is capable of twisting iron bars with his bare hands.


A weak-minded lord who succumbed to the devil’s call.

The eighth-generation head of the Salazar family, which has ruled this region for generations. He allowed himself to fall into the hands of the cult, and in defiance of the greatness of his ancestors, revived the Plaga with his own hands in the present day.


The leader at the head of the Ganado.

The current priest of the Los Iluminados cult. In addition to reviving the cult’s former missionary methods using the Plaga, he is trying to convert the Plaga into a biological weapon using biotechnology. He plans to kidnap Ashley and make her his ally.

CREATURE: (Pages 58-84)


Parasitised by the Plaga, these former humans have turned violent.

They used to be human, but the parasitic ‘Plaga’ has assimilated their central nervous system, robbing them of their reason and turning them into puppets. In addition to their bodies being physically strengthened by the Plaga parasite, they have not lost their human intelligence and attack in groups using weapons and traps.


A variant of Ganado whose body has been damaged, and a parasite (Plaga) has emerged from within.

The brain of the Ganado host has been destroyed, so the Plaga inside the body is directly controlling the human body. Since it cannot use the Ganado’s brain, its movements are mechanical and awkward, but its attacks are devastatingly powerful. Depending on the growth stage of the Plaga inside the body, its shape and attacks are different.


An unknown parasite that has been living in humans.

A parasite that has lost its host and will attack surrounding organisms in search of a new one.

The parasite can survive without a host, but its survival time is noticeably short and if it does not find a host it will quickly die of weakness. However, their attack power and jumping ability are not to be underestimated.


A fearsome killer who wields a chainsaw with ease.

A Ganado more suited to assimilation by the Plaga. In addition to having a stronger body than a regular Ganado, he is ruled by a strong urge to destroy. With the strength to wield a logging chainsaw and the endurance to withstand more gunshots, he pursues his enemies relentlessly.


A lunatic soldier firing a huge Gatling Gun.

A strong soldier who has been transformed into a powerful warrior by the assimilation of the Plaga and can withstand the recoil of the huge Gatling Gun. He fires his Gatling Gun from a distance, keeping enemies at bay. He is also extremely durable and will not be daunted by a few gunshots.


A vicious wolf infected by the parasite.

A wolf infected by the Plaga who acquired powerful fangs and extraordinary durability. Their behaviour is controlled by the Plaga and they attack intruders in groups. In addition to using its sharp fangs to bite off the throats of its prey, it can also attack with the tentacles of the parasite extending from its back.


An insect-human born of an evil experiment.

An insectoid created by an experiment using the Plaga. By changing their body colour and mimicking the surrounding landscape, they have the ability to take their enemies by surprise and attack them. Even if they do not have the ability to mimic, they use their flight ability to build huge nests and attack foreign enemies in large swarms.


A fierce and violent warrior deprived of sight.

A warrior with a strong body, born as a result of experiments using the Plaga. But when he became so violent that he attacked anyone in sight indiscriminately, he was deprived of his eyes and sealed away. Instead of visual sense, he uses his enhanced hearing to detect his enemies and tear them apart with his sharp claws.


A soulless knight wandering in an old castle.

A Plaga enters and manipulates the armour on display in an old castle. Inside the armour, the Plaga extends its tentacles and creates pseudo-muscles to act like a human being. Since it is not real muscle tissue, its movements are awkward, but the power of a single blow surpasses that of a human.


A tragic monster created by experimentation.

The result of an experiment in which multiple Plagas parasitised a single human being, and the result is a sad end to its humanity. It has a remarkable ability to regenerate, even if one of its arms is missing. It has no reason left as a human being and has become nothing more than the living dead.


An enhanced variant of the Regenerador, named after an instrument of torture.

The Iron Maiden is an enhanced version of the Regenerador with further improvements. The Iron Maiden is a fearsome adversary with the same regenerative abilities as the Regenerador, but with the added bonus of having expandable spines to further enhance its offensive capabilities. It is truly worthy of the name Iron Maiden, after the torture device.


A giant salamander released into the lake.

This giant salamander has grown to over 20 metres in length because of application of the Plaga. It was sealed up in the lake because it could not be controlled by the Plaga but was later unleashed by Saddler to block Leon’s path.


A giant born after a mad experiment.

A mutated species by further manipulating the genetic code of humans parasitised by the Plaga.

It is a monster of terrifying power, extraordinary durability, and resilience, but only a few were ever produced because they were so violent and difficult to control. They are not highly intelligent, but their power more than makes up for their shortcomings.


The strange man who rules the village of madness

The head of the village controlled by the cult. Mendez is also a priest and has released the full power of the parasite residing in his body. As a member of the leadership, he possesses a powerful parasite and can cut through enemies with the powerful tentacles growing from his back. Even if his spinal cord is severed, he can still operate with just his upper body.


A ruthless executioner in the service of Salazar.

A completed form of an experimental human using the genetic material of an insect. In addition to its powerful attack power and agility, it has strong armour to prevent any kind of attack and combines this with stealth to stab its target from the ceiling or under the floor, making it a truly versatile organism. However, it is very sensitive to frozen air.


A foolish Castellan who fused with the mother parasite.

Salazar has fused with the giant mother that continues to produce Plagas one after another. It has three powerful tentacles, including one inhabited by his aide. The lower part of the body contains a number of spore-like Plagas, which can be released almost endlessly.


A deformed life-form using the power of the Plaga to combine three different organisms.

This deformed monster is the result of a mad experiment in which a human was parasitised with the Plaga and then genetically modified through incorporation of insect and reptile genes.

With the tentacles on its left hand, it seizes and catches its prey with imperceptible speed. It has a pair of large pincers, which it uses to dig through the ground and emerge suddenly.


Leon’s former partner and knife expert

A former agent of the United States. He was Leon’s partner and was supposed to have died in an accident two years ago, but he appears in front of Leon as a member of Wesker’s organisation. It seems that he and Leon did not see eye to eye due to their personality differences, which can be read from their conversations.


A charismatic cultist wanting to take over the world.

The charismatic leader who wants to control the world using the Plaga. He is the leader of the ‘Los Iluminados’ cult and used the lord of the castle, a believer, to unearth the Plaga. He conceived a plan to kidnap the President’s daughter because he wanted to take over the United States, the centre of the world.

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