Biohazard 7 Kaitai Shinsho Translation

The Kaitia Shinsho is the main supporting document for any Biohazard game.

The Biohazard 7 book greatly expands upon the background storyline, the nature of the Mold and the infection stages of the Baker residents.

This book has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.


The Biohazard 7 Kaitai Shinsho was published prior to the DLC releases of Not A Hero and End of Zoe for Biohazard 7, therefore all supplemental material references to ‘Mysterious Organisation’ are meant to represent ‘The Connections’.

‘Are you awake?

Who are we and where are we?

Ha, ha, ha! Did you hear that Marguerite? He comes here on his own and now he wants to know where this place is. Good, I love a guy with a sense of humour.

…Don’t forget, you have come into my property. This is Jack Baker’s residence. How about that? Do you remember? That’s called trespassing. But you see, the law is not important. What’s important is your welcoming party is about to begin.

You didn’t mean it? I know, I know. Come on, don’t be so frightened. There’s no way I’m going to do anything bad to you, okay? After all, you are going to be our new family.

Yes, you are going to be my son. I have a daughter in addition to Lucas here, but hey, I don’t care how many more children I have. And it’s up to you whether you are accepted or not. You don’t have to shake so much. Even if you are not, you can still be useful, right?

Now, let’s eat. This is Marguerite’s signature dish. I don’t care if you like it or not. Come on, eat up. Don’t be afraid, I’m going to give you a feast!

…Hey boy, this is your home from now on.

As long as you stay alive, it always will be.’

CHARACTER FILE: (Pages 6-16)


He is a systems engineer living in Los Angeles. Three years ago, he lost his wife Mia during an accident at sea and has been unable to recover from his heartbreak. He suddenly receives an e-mail from her begging to be picked up, and despite some doubt, heads to the designated location in Dulvey, Louisiana. He has lived a very ordinary life and has never been involved in sports, but he is blessed with more physical strength than the average person. Amidst being caught up in this mysterious incident, he demonstrates a high ability to adapt.


Ethan’s wife. She worked for a trading company, often leaving home for long periods of time whilst travelling abroad, so her relationship with Ethan became strained. Three years ago, while on a business trip at sea, she sent him a message reiterating her love for him, but soon after, the LNG tanker on which she was travelling disappeared. As the ship has not been found, it has been assumed that she died. It is not clear why she was aboard this ship, which was not originally intended for passenger use.

• In the video message she sent, Mia said her job was like babysitting.


The owner of a large farm in the swamplands of Dulvey in southern Louisiana. He used to be a gentle, family-orientated patriarch, but is now a violent and domineering man who uses violence to control his children. He is a large, strong man who has served in the military. He captures and imprisons anyone who wanders onto his land with a strength and toughness that belies his age. He seems to be looking for a potential new family member and has no mercy for anyone who defies him.

• The Baker family has been out of touch with the outside world for three years and is thought to have mysteriously disappeared.
• Rumour has it the abandoned mansion is haunted, and more than 20 people have been reported missing in the area.


Jack’s wife. She is said to have been a picture of the paternalistic ideal of a woman: conservative, upright, obedient, yet positive. However, since the family’s isolation from the outside world, she has become a gloomy, hysterical figure. She obeys Jack’s orders and acts as a caretaker for the potential family members her husband has captured, but she lashes out in anger and hatred at anyone who does not eat her cooking.

• Her food is unsanitary and extremely unappetising, but Jack and the others seem to be eating it without a care in the world.
• It is a strange and eerie looking altar, perhaps an outpouring of respectful devotion.


He is the eldest son of the Baker family. Before the family cut off all contact with the world, he had a bad reputation as a delinquent son, always making fun of and ridiculing others. Since his parents went insane, he has been more open-minded, revealing his evil nature and living in a good mood. He has been an electronics expert since he was a boy and is now an insidious trap enthusiast who takes great pleasure in using his skills to set off fiendish explosives all over the house.

• Although he is his own son, Jack is bitterly disappointed by Lucas’s degrading character.
• A satirist by nature, he uses puzzles and traps to play deadly games with his captors.


The eldest daughter of the Baker family. She remains sane in the midst of her abnormal family and wants to escape by curing the disease that binds her to this place. Whenever she is free to do so under the watchful eye of her family, she contacts Ethan through the house phone and leads him to the serum that is essential to cure the curse-like illness. His manner on the phone is business-like, but he seems to have a compassionate and gentle nature.

• Her level of concern appears standoffish because it is hard to bear the thought of someone she has grown close to failing and dying.
• She lives alone in a caravan in the courtyard, away from her parents and brother.


At first glance she looks like a mummified corpse, a severely decrepit old woman. Her only reaction is to move her head slightly, and she does not speak and simply rests in her wheelchair. No one in the Baker household pays any attention to her, treating her as if she does not exist, and it is hard to ascertain if she is receiving any care from them. It is unclear whether she is able to move the wheelchair on her own, although she changes her location in the house with almost supernatural frequency.

• Her first meeting with Ethan was when they were sat together at a table of foul food, shortly after he woke up from his captivity.
• Although Jack and the others are not seen pushing the wheelchair, she moves around surprisingly often.


He is the production team leader of ‘Sewer Gators’ (Sewer Crocodiles), who produce videos covering occult stories and urban legends. In the past, he served as a TV anchor and weekend substitute, so he is frustrated with his current environment and is usually having a temper tantrum.


Assistant Director of Sewer Gators. He plays a central role in production, such as conducting researching locations and preparing scripts. He has a hard time with Pete, the overbearing reporter, but he works hard to make the show a big success…


He is a cameraman who has just joined the Sewer Gators via Andre. On his first assignment, he is unfortunately captured during a survey of the Baker family’s abandoned house, then forced to play Lucas’ desperate game to escape death.


He is a local Sheriff’s Deputy. He is a good-natured and courageous man but is still inexperienced when it comes to dealing with unexpected situations. He goes the Baker’s house in search of Pete and his friends, who have gone missing on an assignment. He finds Ethan injured and tries to find out what happened.


A man who was on board the LNG tanker when it was lost at sea three years ago. As her superior, he worked with Mia on what she described as a ‘babysitting’ job. On the ship, he seems to have posed as Mia’s husband, posing as a family.


A young girl in black who seems to be another member of the Baker’s ‘family’. She rarely appears in front of Ethan as he explores the mansion. Sometimes she seems to be standing in the darkness of the mansion, and then in an instant, she runs away and hides somewhere like a phantom. It is assumed she is not a child of Jack and Marguerite as Lucas and his friends are too old…

• Do the dolls placed here and there indicate that the girl is free to move around the house?
• There is a child’s bedroom in the old building that may have belonged to her, and it is littered with creepy toys.


A ferocious monster that roams the house with a melted-like appearance. It seems they were originally human, and these victims captured by Jack and the others are subjected to some kind of treatment and ‘converted’ into slaves that follow instructions without reason or ego. They are equivalent to being dead and will never return to their former selves.

A variant in which the right arm has hardened into a large blade. Although its movements are not exceptionally fast, it can unleash a sharp slash on its prey when it comes within range of the blade.

An individual that has transformed into a shape that moves in a different way using its four limbs. With an agile movement reminiscent of a spider, it relentlessly pursues intruders.

An individual whose body has swollen up like a drowned corpse. Its body is filled with toxic fluid that it secretes abnormally, and it attacks by vomiting it vigorously.



A car driven by Ethan Winters hurtles through the marshlands bathed in the setting sun. He had suddenly received an e-mail from his wife, Mia, who disappeared 3 years ago, asking to ‘come and pick her up’ and was on his way to the Baker farm in Dulvey, Louisiana.

Found Footage:
Ethan finds a videotape in a creepy abandoned house where he goes in search of Mia. When playing it back on a VCR, it shows a group of film crew members who have come to the abandoned house to cover the story for an online distribution video, only to fall into someone’s hands and become entangled in this tragedy. Ethan learns from the videotape that there is a hidden door in the living room that leads to the basement, and pulls the handle hidden in the fireplace to open it.


When Ethan goes through the hidden door into the basement of the abandoned house, he finds Mia locked in a cell. Ethan opens the cell door and rescues his wife, but Mia is not happy to see him again after three years and urges her husband to run away with a look of desperation. What is she afraid of?

He follows Mia, but she cannot find an exit and collapses on the couch, muttering strange ramblings. Ethan goes to look for the way out instead, but Mia is taken away by someone.

When he finally finds Mia, she attacks like a demon. Ethan is confused, but he picks up a hatchet and fights back.

Immediately after fighting off Mia, the phone in the hallway suddenly begins to ring. “You shouldn’t have come here.” A mysterious woman calling herself Zoe tells Ethan that he can escape through the attic.

Following Zoe’s advice, Ethan tries to escape through the attic window. However, Mia appears again and slashes at him with a chainsaw. Is there no other way to save her?



When he comes round, Ethan is strapped into a chair at the dinner table. The Baker’s – Jack, Marguerite and Lucas – have a crazed look on their faces as they try to force Ethan to eat the sinister food.

While Jack and the others are out of the way, Ethan breaks free of his restraints and escapes from the dining room. After Jack gives chase upon realising he has run away; Ethan receives a phone call from Zoe. It seems he can escape from the main hall to get out of the house.

On his way to the main hall, a Sheriff’s Deputy knocks on the window after receiving a report about a missing person. He believes help is on the way, but the deputy thinks Ethan is suspicious and does not trust him.


He meets with the Sheriff’s Deputy in the garage, who begins to informally interrogate Ethan. But out of the blue, Jack creeps up and stabs the deputy in the head with a shovel, then attacks Ethan.


He tries to get out of the house via the main hall, but the door is locked. To open this door, it seems the missing parts of the three-headed dog relief must be found. Ethan explores the mansion and collects the reliefs of the three-headed dog whilst being attacked by Jack and the deformed monster, the ‘Molded’.

Found Footage:
For some reason, Mia’s name is on the label of the video tape he finds in the rec room. When he plays it back, what is shown on the TV is Mia trying desperately to tell Ethan something whilst escaping from Marguerite’s relentless pursuit. In the processing area under the main building, Ethan discovers one of the reliefs of the demonic dog. However just as he takes the relief, Jack appears and kicks Ethan down the scaffold. It seems unlikely Ethan will leave this room alive unless he defeats Jack, who is attacking furiously with a giant iron mallet in his hand.



After fighting off Jack and successfully escaping the main building, Ethan receives a call from Zoe at the trailer house. According to her, both the Baker family and Mia have been contaminated and are in need of serum to restore their bodies back to normal.

Ethan visits the old house in the swamp to obtain the serum. He reunites with Mia in the hall, which has become a cannibalistic insect hive. But before he can ask her any more questions, Lucas appears out of nowhere, grabs her and takes her away.

Just as he is about to go to the second floor where the altar is located, Marguerite appears before Ethan. She throws Ethan down under the floor with her terrifying strength and provokes her cannibalistic insects.


At the altar, there is a document containing instructions on how to make the serum. Apparently, the head and arms of a D-type subject are necessary to make the serum. Zoe already has the head, so if Ethan can get the arm, he can make the serum.
Ethan ventures into the back of the Old House in search of the D-Type subject’s arm, but he is blocked by a door locked with a lantern puzzle. Ethan quickly retreats to the place where the lantern had fallen, but it is taken away by a monster with long arms.

In the greenhouse on the outskirts of the old house, Ethan is attacked by a disfigured and mutated Marguerite. She is the same monster who took the lantern earlier. Ethan has a fierce battle with Marguerite to get the lantern back.

After finally killing Marguerite, Ethan uses the lantern to infiltrate the innermost part of the Old House and locates the D-Type subject arm. Shortly after, the light in his hand catches a glimpse of a girl for a brief moment. Wondering why a girl would be in such a place, Ethan returns to the courtyard where Zoe is waiting.



When he returns to the courtyard, Lucas calls and explains that if he wants the head of the D-Type subject, he will need to complete the game he has set up. Ethan acquires red and blue electronic key cards which open the door to the testing area where Lucas awaits.

From the other side of the door, Lucas gives Ethan the passcode. However, even if he types as he says, the door will not open, and a steel trap is triggered. Ethan narrowly dodges the steel trap and heads into the back of the open wall to find the correct passcode.

Found Footage:
In the videotape ‘Birthday’, a man is captured by Lucas and forced to play a ‘game’. The man is terrified and tries to solve the puzzles in the party room, but in the end, he loses his strength and is engulfed in flames.
After entering the correct passcode, the door unlocks, but he is told needs to leave all his equipment behind to enter the party room. Ethan takes nothing with him and is challenged to the ‘Game of Death’ seen in the video.


Ethan finds Mia and Zoe confined inside one of the rooms in the boathouse. Once freed, Zoe uses the arms and head of the D-Type subject to purify the blood of them both. But when Ethan receives the serum, Jack appears as a giant monster and attacks him. The mutant Jack, who had collapsed after being blinded, begins to move again with amazing vitality and grabs Ethan with his huge hands. In accordance with Zoe’s words, Ethan sticks him with the serum and mutant Jack calcifies within a matter of seconds.

Because the serum was used in the fight against mutant Jack, there is only enough remaining for one person. Ethan decides whether to use the serum to help Mia or Zoe and the two of them get on a boat to escape from this cursed land.

As Ethan and his companion navigate the boat through the swamp, a huge ship appears, stranded and in a state of decay. A number of tentacles emerge from the surface of the water, and Ethan is thrown from the boat and loses consciousness. Immediately afterwards, several tentacles appear from the surface of the water, and Ethan is thrown from the boat into the water and loses consciousness.



Mia wakes up in an eerie swamp and to find Ethan lying on the ground near a huge derelict ship. But as she rushes to him, Ethan’s body is wrapped in black tentacles and he is taken away.


Mia walks into the abandoned ship full of death. As she walks deeper inside, hallucinating what seems to be a scene from the past, a girl in black appears and speaks to her in a friendly manner. The girl seems to know Mia, but who is she?

Found Footage:
A dirty videotape records Mia’s past activity as a special agent transporting Eveline on a ship. In the footage, Mia leaves her colleague Alan, who has been infected with a special fungus, to search the ship in order to find Eveline, who has escaped.

Found Footage:
After being taken over by Eveline, Alan dies a horrible death, and Mia is infected with the special fungus. Mia records a farewell message to Ethan and goes after Eveline. However, Eveline’s power causes the ship to explode and burn, and Mia is thrown out into the sea.

As Mia finishes watching the dirty old videotape, she remembers the tragedy on the ship and the girl in black, Eveline. Rejecting Eveline’s words ‘I want you to be my family’, Mia searches for Ethan, who is still trapped somewhere. Images from the surveillance cameras reveal Ethan’s location. Mia activates the dormant elevator and reaches Ethan, but Eveline appears as if to block her way.

Whilst Ethan is trapped and unconscious, the thoughts of Jack, who has regained his sanity, speak to him. Jack tells Ethan why his family changed into different people and asks him to stop Eveline, the source behind it all. After being rescued, Ethan is handed a vial containing Eveline’s tissue samples by Mia, who says she is running out of time. Without knowing what is going on, he escapes from the abandoned ship alone.

STORY DIGEST 6: SALT MINE (Pages 128-129)


After escaping from the derelict ship, Ethan arrives at a dark swamp. In the ruins of the mining office, he turns on a radio and hears communications from a mysterious unit that has been searching the Baker residence. Are they also looking for Eveline? Ethan rides an elevator at the back of the swamp and visits an abandoned mine where rock salt was once extracted. Whilst defeating the monsters that block his way, he moves deeper into the abandoned mine in search of Eveline. A cooled, attaché case is discovered inside a room full of materials about the special fungus and the E-Type test subject. He sets Eveline’s tissue samples into the device in the case and obtains the necrotic poison ‘E-Necrotoxin’ to kill the E-Type test subject.

As Ethan makes his way towards the central exit, he can hear Eveline humming in his ears. As he moves deeper into the mine, the humming stops, and Eveline makes a brief appearance. Immediately following the sound of her hateful voice, the entire abandoned mine begins to shake.

After breaking through the abandoned mine, Ethan finds himself in the basement of the abandoned house where Mia was first held captive. As Ethan begins to explore, Eveline appears here and there inside the abandoned house, as if playing tricks on him, and visions of Mia in the past begin to haunt him.

Eveline, with a confident expression, says ‘I’m going to make you my family, too’. However, when Ethan shows her the E-Necrotoxin, she runs away in fear. She seems to know that E-Necrotoxin is a deadly poison that can kill her. Eveline is cornered and tries to blow Ethan away with the power. As he braves the intense winds, he injects Eveline’s neck with the E-Necrotoxin, and her body begins to melt, transforming her into a terrifying monster. When Ethan is in danger of being killed by Eveline’s attack, a voice on his codex says, ‘Use it!’. Ethan grabs the Albert-01 and pulls the trigger to end the disaster that has afflicted so many people.

CREATURE FILE: (Pages 236-287)

A human being infected by the special fungus and transformed into a completely new entity. Its intelligence is lost, and it attacks prey using only instinct. It has abnormally high vitality but ceases activity when the central nervous system in the head is destroyed.

Molded with an enlarged right arm. It is more durable than a regular Molded and its right arm, which is sharp and rigid enough to be likened to a metal blade, can easily slice through the body of its prey.

A variant of Molded with a slender body specialised for mobility. Whilst maintaining the posture of crawling on all fours, it contains its target with three-dimensional movements, then instantly closes the gap and attacks.

An obese Molded with greatly improved vitality. The bodily fluids flowing throughout its whole body are strongly acidic and not only does it vomit them through its mouth, but it also spews them out from wounds when it is damaged.

An insect that has mutated as a result of ingesting the special fungus. They nest in the old building and usually just fly around near the nest in normal circumstances, but when they detect an intruder, they attack in a swarm and pierce prey via a stinger on their abdomen.

A cannibalistic insect that has grown to the size of an adult’s palm. They are usually submissive, but once they spot their prey, it will cling to them relentlessly and attack.

A spider that has become infected with the special fungus and has developed abnormal traits. Its appearance is similar to that of an Araneus spider, though it has only six legs. They cling to cupboards and doors in groups and jump out on those who approach.

Mia is taken over by Eveline and suddenly changes, Due to her erratic control, Mia is confused thanks to the mixture of Eveline’s will and her own, and attacks Ethan without knowing what she is doing.

Patriarch of the Baker family and Eveline’s ‘father’. His body, which has been eroded by the special fungus, is practically immortal and he will regenerate within a short period of time, even if the damage is fatal.

The wife of Jack Baker. As a result of her infection with the special fungus, she acquired the ability to freely control insects. She has a dark and hysterical personality, and slowly chases down those who do not agree with Jack and converts them into food for her insects.

Marguerite mutated in the process of regenerating from the wounds she received. Her body becomes spider-like, and her arms have stretched to about twice the length of those of an average person. Behind the cover of her abdomen are hidden organs that produce insects.

Jack’s regenerative ability has gone out of control and he can no longer retain his human form. His ugly, disfigured body is becoming a Molded, and new faces are being formed in various parts of his arms and torso.

Eveline is administered the E-Necrotoxin and saw her abilities run rampant as she suffered. In a last-ditch effort, she abandons her human form and becomes a cluster of the special fungus, attacking Ethan whilst revealing her true feelings.


CHRIS REDFIELD: – One of the main characters in the first ‘biohazard’. He has often appeared as the main character in subsequent games and also appears in the ending of this game.

ALBERT-01, ALBERT-01R: – A handgun and its replica used in the battle against Eveline. It seems to have been named after Albert Wesker, Chris’s former nemesis.

S.T.A.R.S.: – It stands for ‘Special Tactics and Rescue Service’ and is a special unit of the Raccoon City Police Department (R.P.D.) to which Chris and his colleagues belonged. The steel frame of this story’s Albert 01 and Albert 01R, which bear the name of Alert Wesker, the captain at the time, is engraved with the words ‘S.T.A.R.S. R.P.D. Special Team’ and the S.T.A.R.S. symbol with three stars.

UMBRELLA: – A pharmaceutical company that was secretly developing viruses for military use. A helicopter with the company name UMBRELLA CORPORATION appears in the ending of this story. But the symbol mark seems to be different in colour and design from the previous one…?

H.C.F.: – A mysterious organisation originally hostile to Umbrella. According to the ‘Research Report’ which can be read in the storage room of the waste mine on B3, this organisation seems to have cooperated in the development of a special fungus.

RACCOON CITY: – An industrial city that was the setting for the first three ‘Biohazard’ titles. A magazine in the nap room on the second floor of the abandoned ship features survivors from Raccoon City.

ARKLAY MOUNTAINS: – The title of the landscape painting adjourning the hall of the main building 1F. Arklay is a mountainous area on the outskirts of Raccoon City and the place where the mansion where the original ‘Biohazard’ took place was built.

TREVOR AND CHAMBERLAIN ARCHITECTUAL DESIGN OFFICE: – This is the office responsible for developing the projectors and special doors installed in the main building which can be confirmed in the ‘Renovation Contract’ found in the attic on the 3rd floor. Was George Trevor, the architect who designed the mansion from the first ‘Biohazard’, involved?

CLIVE R. O’BRIAN: – He is the man commanding the B.S.A.A. (anti-bioterrorism force) at the time of the Queen Zenobia incident as told in ‘Biohazard Revelations’. In the living room of the main building on the first floor there is a book written by him called ‘The Unveiled Abyss.’

CINDY: – A trophy and achievement can be earned by crouching to avoid Jack Baker’s big scissor attacks. Cindy is the name of a waitress in ‘Biohazard Outbreak’ who can crouch to dodge enemy attacks.


From: Mia Winters
Date Sent: Tuesday, July 18th, 2017 23:04
To: Ethan Winters
Baker Farm, Dulvey, Louisiana.
Come and pick me up.

Ben – Dead
Harold – Turned
Arthur – Turned
Tamara – Turned
Craig – Dead
Leila – Dead
Sean – Dead
William – Dead
Travis – Turned
Peter – Dead
Andre – Dead
Clancy –> L

Heidi – Turned
Clyde – Dead
Lindsay – Turned
Steven – Turned
Nathaniel – Dead
Edward – Dead
Nadine – Dead
Alex – Dead
Tom – Dead
Reid – Turned
Susan – Turned
Joseph – Dead
David – Dead


Home Improvement Receipts
Niko’s Hardware
Saw $24.99 x 1 = $ 24.99
Climbing Rope $34.79 x 4 = $193.16
Pet Collar $ 19.99 x 20 = $ 399.8
Subtotal $563.95
Tax $22.26
Total $ 586.21


‘Three Men Missing in Louisiana’

On the 9th of this month, State Police received a report that three men from New Orleans who had travelled to Dulvey, Louisiana, could not be contacted, and they began searching for them, believing that they may have been involved in some kind of trouble.

The three individuals who cannot be reached are Peter Walken, Andre Strickland, and Clancy Jarvis. They were planning to visit Dulvey to shoot a video for internet distribution.


‘A String of Disappearances in South Louisiana, More than 20 in Two Years?’

In response to the disappearance of Helen Midkiff, a college student from North Carolina, who has been missing since the night of the 21st while on a trip to Louisiana, State Police Captain Howell told reporters that the number of missing persons in the southern region of the state has increased sharply over the past two years.

Most of the missing are travellers and vagrants, and the number is expected to rise to at least 20. Police believe they have been involved in some kind of crime and will increase the number of investigators and step up the canvassing of local residents.
JAN. 19, 2016 Alyssa Ashcroft


According to the forecast, a large storm is approaching. A few years ago, we had a hard time cleaning up after the storm because of the rising water. I think we’d better reinforce the roof and windows. I’ll get Lucas to help.

The water has finally receded. The main building is safe, but the old building is severely damaged. Lucas is screaming that a big ship has washed ashore in the marshes. If that is true we need to report it to the parish. I think I’ll go and check it out tomorrow.


That hippy bastard you caught.
Take him from the hall to the processing plant as usual.


Dear Courtney,
They are looking for me.
I think you can get out of here on your own now.
Look for the dog’s head relief.
They are using them to open the door to the outside.
I saw one in the basement dissection room.
That is the key to escape.


Something is wrong with my body… it’s probably the fucking food.
If I am going to die like this, I’d at least like to give them a shot.
There was a shotgun in the room next to the rec room.
I’ll make them pay for what they have done.
You run.
I love you.


I’ve locked the man from that couple in the leftmost incinerator to prevent him from escaping. Take him out when the ‘conversion’ is over.
You know how to open it, don’t you?
Remember, three A’s and something about a ‘Hand’.
You do what you want with the girl.


I don’t want to spend hours chasing people around the courtyard anymore.
The next time a guest runs away, hide the dog reliefs, and do not let them out of the main building.
I will also decide where to hide them. The pendulum clock in the living room, the book in the recreation room, and the dissection room in the basement.


Dear Mrs Baker,
How are you feeling?
It seems you have not been seen at the hospital for a long time since your last visit.
We have analysed your x-rays and found that the shadow on your head is some kind of ‘fungus’…a structure similar to mold. It may also be related to hallucinations and auditory sensations. If some kind of parasitic fungus is the cause, it must be removed immediately, or it may be too late.
As a doctor, I would advise you to come to the hospital for a full examination as soon as you read this letter.
Crawford Lang, Dulvey General Hospital.


My body is getting weirder and weirder.
I’m gonna end up like my mom and dad.
It’s all her fault.
Can I run?
I can’t. If she finds out , I’m dead.
The woman she came here with, Mia, she knows something.
If I can get the serum, I can heal myself.
I need to find out more.


You tried to sneak up to the second floor again, didn’t you?
Did you think I wouldn’t notice?
After everything that happened with Eveline and all you can think about is that strange medicine.
You’ve got a nasty habit.
You were gong to snoop at my altar, weren’t you?
My sacred altar is not to be touched by anyone.
I guess you are making fun of me and Jack.
What a horrible, horrible, horrible child you are.
I should never have given birth to you, I’ll never forgive you.
You’re always looking down on your parents, and you’re always planning to abandon this house.
You are not good enough, you are not good enough, you are not good enough, you are not good enough, you are not good enough!
If you touch the altar, I’ll cut off your breasts and turn them into steaks for dinner.


Source: About ‘serum’ of – Type subject.
By using the following
Serum can by synthesised
1. D-Type subject Cranial Nerve
2. D-Type subject Peripheral Nerve


Severe tinnitus all day long
I can’t sleep at night.
Ever since she came.
Zoe’s right. There is something wrong with her.
And the woman who came with her.
Hallucinations, auditory sensations, nausea that won’t stop.
I went to the doctor in town, and he took an x-ray.
What is going on?
The girl gave me a present.
It’s in a secret room at the back of the second floor.
No one will get it.
That ‘arm’ is a sign of her trust.
It will lead us to happiness.
I won’t leave anyone alive who can corrupt this happiness.


‘There’s a pig waiting for you in the basement dissection room.’


April X
My mom took me to the hospital in town. They took pictures of my head using a strange machine. At the toy store, she bought me my 259th puzzle set
April X
Idiot Oliver made fun of me by saying, “You’re a head case.”
April X
I lied about a birthday party to invite Oliver over. I had him climb into the attic and locked him in from outside using the remote. That guy was on the verge of tears as he said, “Lucas, let me out”
April X
I modded the remote for the ladder so that Zoe can’t come in by herself. I fused it with my trophy from the invention competition. Now there’s no way he’ll be found.

April X
Oliver became quiet. Every once in a while, there is a knocking sound on the roof.
May X
It smells really bad. A strange fluid started seeping out of the attic. I modded the trophy remote again. This way, it sparkles even when I sleep at night.


“At the same time as all the clocks”


“You’re next.”


This is a necrotoxin used to kill E-Type subjects.
Keep it in a safe place until you are instructed to dispose of Eveline.
Be sure to activate the toxin prior to use.
To activate it, simply place Eveline’s body tissue into the storage device.


This report summarises the symptoms of infection in the human body caused by the special fungus (※) produced from the body of a Type E subject. Be sure to read when handling Type E.
※ For the sake of convenience, here it is referred to as ‘Mold’.

Early-Stage Infection:
The mold multiplies using the body tissues of the infected person as nutrients, and gradually replaces cells throughout the body. In this process, the regenerative ability of the infected person is dramatically improved.

In experiments in which the limbs of infected people were amputated, it was confirmed that the limbs could be easily re-joined naturally within a few minutes.

Mid-Stage Infection: When the fungus reaches the brainstem, the infected person’s thoughts become “aligned” with those of the type E subject.
The infected person will develop hallucinations and auditory sensations, and their speech and behavior will be controlled by the Type E subject.
If this state continues, the person will eventually lose his or her identity completely.

End-Stage Infection:
The form of the mutation varies from person to person.
In all cases, they boast extraordinary physical abilities.
When this form goes out of control, suppression is extremely difficult.


[Transmission log: Fri, Jan 16, 2015, 0:42am].
It has been a week since I came to my senses thanks to you guys.
I guess she hasn’t figured out that I’m pretending to be under her control yet.
So even if she’s a big-ass bioweapon, she’s still just a kid?
What kind of upbringing is that for a ‘family’?
[Transmission log: Fri, Nov 04, 2015, 2:10am].
Eveline’s favourite girl, Mia, is as unstable as ever.
I have no choice but to lock her in the cell because she suddenly starts acting up.
Eveline goes to the guest house to see her all the time.
I guess she misses her mom.
[Transmission log: Fri, Sep 01, 2016, 1:10am].
Eveline’s “family” collection is escalating.
I’m sure she’s annoyed that Mia won’t listen to her.
I don’t want to have to clean up after her.
Well, Eveline has been acting strange lately.
She’s pale, her eyes have sunken in, and her skin is flaky.
Is this the beginning of ‘cellular deterioration’?


This project started in 2000 with the technical cooperation of H.C.F. with the aim of developing a “biological weapon that can subdue enemy groups without combat.”

What sets this project apart from conventional weapons is the fact that it “incorporates conquered enemy personnel as a friendly force.” Enemies of the past will be converted into allies who would voluntarily cooperate and serve.

It is no wonder that organisations from all over the world such as ■■■■ and ■■■ jumped at the concept of increasing the number of allies without incurring any costs for combat or prisoner management.
The plan was triggered by the discovery of a new species of fungus (special fungus) called ■■■■* ■■■■■ in ■■.

Bioweapons would be produced by embedding the genome of the specific fungus into pre-stage 4 human embryos and culturing them for 38 to 40 weeks in a specific environment.

The organisms produced are simply referred to as “test subjects”. They were numbered “A-D” for poor performance and lack of practicality, and “E-Type” which had overcome various problems.
For the appearance of the weapons, a girl of around 10 years old was commonly chosen.

This was to make it easier for them to blend in with social groups such as cities and refugees. Evelyn, the first of the E-type test subjects, can secrete special fungus ■■■■* ■■■■■ from her body tissue at will.
What is even more remarkable is that by implanting the fungus into other organisms, Eveline can “effectively control the consciousness and body of the subject.”

There are many unknowns about the mechanism of Eveline’s access to the target, but it may be mediated by pheromones called auto-inducers, like the “quorum sensing” performed by Pseudomonas aeruginosa and luminous bacteria.

The first stage of domination by Eveline is “hallucination”.
Shortly after infection, the infected person sees Eveline (who is not there) and hears her voice (which others cannot hear).

According to interviews with infected people, the apparition of Eveline appears at first in a girlish and sweet manner, but gradually begins to make extreme demands and give orders. (Demands include self-mutilation and aggression toward others.)

In this way, while attacking and brainwashing the infected person, the cells of the whole body, including the brain, are slowly replaced by the fungus, and eventually the body is transformed into ■■■■■■■■■.


The other confirmed function of Evelyn is the ability to “form organisms from mycelium. This creature is a so-called “super-organism” made up of countless mycelium, and it has a ferociousness directly related to its survival instincts, and because of its fungal toughness, it has the ability to attack as well as large predators. Its potential as a weapon is extremely high.

It seems that researchers are calling this super-individual “Molded”.
A Molded human, I suppose.

A special “serum” can be purified by ■■■■■ into the subject’s somatic cells.
When administered, it can calcify the mycelium in the body, but with a certain degree of cell replacement, this means the death of the host.
It is probably more appropriate to use it to dispose of infected people rather than to treat them.

A small amount of E-Necrotoxin, a new drug whose effectiveness has been maximized by adding serum to ■■■■■, can be used in just a small amount to ■■■■■■■■■■■.
What is interesting in observing Eveline is her unusual attachment to her “family”.

In the experiments, she was observed to act as if the people infected with the special fungus were her own mother and father and she was a real daughter.

Why did she choose “family” as a motif of control?
In my opinion, she may have instinctively sensed that the “family” form was convenient for her to integrate her dominant group into society.

Or is it too sentimental to think that she is starving for affection after growing up in an isolated environment?



Dear Janet

Hey, how are you?

By the time you get this letter, it will have been about six months.

All I do is spend every day out in the ocean… I am sick of it.

Speaking of things that have changed… this time we have some unusual passengers on board.

A couple with a girl, apparently distant relatives of the captain.

I wonder if they are in financial difficulty if they are having to travel by tanker.

When I spoke to the girl earlier, her father, who was next to her, glared at me. I don’t know

why he is so tense.

I thought the captain said he had no family…

Am I overthinking this too much?

I cannot wait to see you soon. I love you.

From Jim


Maybe we are not going to make it.

At the very least, let me document what happened.

I was on the night shift yesterday, so I was sleeping in the nap room during the day.

In my sleep, I thought I heard the voice of a child… a girl.

It might have been my imagination.

Around 19:30, I woke up to a lot of noise in the hallway.

Drew, the engineer, came in with his face pale.

“There’s something going on down there. It could be a riot,” he said.

Drew went out to see what was going on.

He never came back.

Around 19:50, I heard someone scream.

I went to check the laundry room and saw a black monster eating Clark.

He turned around and came at me with his shark-like chattering teeth.

I ran away, screaming like a woman.

Now I am writing this, trembling in the nap room again.

There are a number of these monsters roaming the corridor.

I can hear someone scream every now and again, but I’m not going to look anymore.

This is all I can write.

Giovanni Finetti


Special Agent Alan Droney

Special Agent Mia Winters

The possibility of Eveline being seized by a hostile organisation has been reported. You have been assigned to accompany the transport of Eveline to the Central American branch.

The following protocols must be strictly observed during the transfer.

*Whilst in transit, protect and monitor Eveline by posing as parents with their child.

*Eveline’s vitals

Monitor Eveline’s vitals at all times with the ‘Genome Codex’ provided.

If the mission becomes too difficult to carry out, dispose of Eveline.


Dear Lewis,

The cable is completely fried.

I had a replacement.

I used it to fix the machine in the infirmary on the third floor.

Go talk to Dr. Waddell and see if you can borrow it.

I’ve got a call from Engine Room Two downstairs. But if this thing doesn’t work, I can’t help.



(Same contents as ‘E-Necrotoxin Material’ with missing words and letters)


The full story of the creation of the biological weapon Eveline, the tragedy that befell the Baker family, and the disappearances in southern Louisiana, including elements difficult to pick up by simply following the story.


2000 – A ‘Mysterious Organisation’, with the technical cooperation of H.C.F., begins to develop a biological weapon that can control the consciousness of others.

EARLY 2000s – The ‘Mysterious Organisation’ succeeds in developing the first E-Type subject, Eveline, representing the completed form of the biological weapon.

2010 – Mia begins working as a researcher for the ‘Mysterious Organisation’.

2011 – Ethan and Mia get married. Mia only describes her job as ‘working for a trading company.’

UNKNOWN MONTH 2014 – An investigation unit led by Chris Redfield approaches the European research facility of the ‘Mysterious Organisation’ that was raising Eveline.

OCTOBER 2014 – Mia and Alan transport Eveline on a private LNG tanker when Eveline escapes out of control and wrecks the ship.

Eveline and Mia are washed ashore in Dulvey, Louisiana. Mia loses all memory of her time with the ‘Mysterious Organisation’ and is place further under Eveline’s control.

Eveline and Mia are cared for by the Baker family.

Eveline takes control of the Baker family.

Eveline begins using the Bakers to abduct travellers and vagrants.

JANUARY 2015 – Lucas breaks free of Eveline’s control via the ‘Mysterious Organisation’.

Afterwards, he pretends to still be under her control and observes Eveline whilst maintaining contact with the ‘Mysterious Organisation’.

UNKNOWN MONTH 2015 – Peter and Andre play key roles in the formation of ‘Sewer Gators’. They begin distributing videos on the internet about urban legends and occult-related rumours.

NOVEMBER 2015 – Mia, who is unstable under Eveline’s control, is locked up in the abandoned house away from the Baker mansion.

SEPTEMBER 2016 – Eveline’s aging process begins.

JUNE 1ST 2017 – Peter, Andre and Clancy from ‘Sewer Gators’ visit the abandoned Baker mansion for an investigation and are attacked by Jack.

JUNE 2ND 2017 – Clancy is forced to play Lucas’s ‘Game of Death’ and is burnt to death.

JUNE 9TH 2017 – Louisiana State Police launch their search for the three missing members of ‘Sewer Gators’, Peter, Andre and Clancy, after receiving a report they are missing.

JULY 18TH 2017 – Eveline manipulates Mia into sending an E-mail to Ethan and summoning him to the Baker residence.

JULY 19TH 2017 – Ethan arrives at the Baker residence to collect Mia.

JULY 20TH 2017 – Ethan destroys Eveline and survives under the protection of Chris Redfield.



The concept of a new type of weapon, proposed by a certain organisation that developed illegal biological weapons, was ‘control’. This insane research, which involved infecting a target’s brain with a mucedinous substance (special fungus) depriving it of its own identity and allowing it to be manipulated at will, soon bore forbidden fruit. After a series of inhumane experiments, this weapon, which can transform enemy troops into allies, was born as an artificial life form in the form of a girl who could be sent anywhere without attracting suspicion. This E-Type test subject, designated E-001, was given the name Eveline.


Eveline is the generator of a fast an inexhaustible supply of mold-like matter, and the absolute ruler who unifies and commands the entire fungal collective. Those infected by her mold have their cranial nerves hijacked and suffer hallucinations and can only think in Eveline’s favour.

All reason and morality are stripped away from them, and they become violent puppets that do not hesitate to carry out atrocities at her will.

*Mia also shows strong resistance to mental control. When she can no longer resist Eveline’s commands, she goes on a demonic rampage.


The Mold that Eveline produces can change its shape rapidly by her own volition, easily breaking through basic protective clothing and quickly invading the body from the surface of the skin. However, in order to control the mind, it seems that oral and mucosal infections are preferable. The Baker family would force their captives to ingest food that had grown the Mold. This particular Mold would feed on the body tissues as nutrients and eventually form a colony of Mold in the brainstem of the infected person, causing intense hallucinations and auditory sensations.

Early-Stage Infection:

Once the host’s cells have been replaced by the Mold, it is capable of regenerating itself to the point where severed limbs can spontaneously re-join.

Mid-Stage Infection:

As the Mold erosion reaches the brainstem, the infected subject’s thoughts begin to synchronise with Eveline, and they gradually lose their sense of self.

End-Stage Infection:

The entire body tissue is replaced by the Mold, and the subject is changed into a form that deviates from the human body. There is a dramatic improvement in physical ability.


Eveline is an artificial life form created as a weapon, and perhaps as a compensation for her metabolic performance that supports her immortality, she suffers from severe abnormalities in cell division unless she is regularly treated with a special drug. While natural organisms gradually lose their cellular reproductivity as they age, Eveline deteriorates at a rate tens of times faster, resulting in rapid aging.

*Less than a year after her deterioration began, she had become an old woman.



The organisation, which had been nurturing Eveline in the European research facility, was aware of the looming arrival of an investigation team led by elite anti-bioterrorism expert Chris Redfield and decided to transfer her to a facility in Central America. A plan to board an LNG tanker was adopted, with Alan and Mia, the organisation’s operatives, acting as her parents.

However, Eveline was waiting for an opportunity of reduced surveillance and unleashed her powers on board, killing the crew and Alan. The ship lost control and wrecked on the coast of Southern Louisiana, drifting further into the swamp, and disappearing completely.

*Although Mia found Eveline creepy, she also felt compassion for her lonely situation.


Shortly after a massive storm hit the Dulvey area, Jack Baker, who ran a farm here, found an LNG tanker washed up in the marshlands and takes the survivors, Eveline, and Mia, into his care. However, before he can contact the county, the Bakers are infected by Eveline’s Mold and fall under her control. From then on, the four Bakers were confined to their sprawling property, and the surrounding residents believed they had disappeared.

Eveline ordered them to act as her ‘family’. In order to increase their numbers, she had Jack capture travellers and vagrants who approached the Baker residence and implanted them with the Mold. But other than the Bakers themselves however, they were soon deemed unfit as family members, and after being killed, were converted into Molded.

*Even Zoe, who had escaped Eveline’s mental control, was bound to this place, unable to leave the residence whilst affected by the Mold.

*‘Molded’ is a name based on the word Mold.


For Eveline, Mia is the one person she really wanted to be her ‘family’ as she had been with her since the time she was confined to the organisation. However, her control over her was imperfect, and even after three years of confinement, she was not getting what she wanted. So, Eveline came up with an idea to lure Mia’s husband Ethan, whose existence she had let slip.

She believed that if she could make him a new father figure, Mia would stop resisting and become her mother.

*The e-mail asking Ethan to pick her up was sent by Mia, who was temporarily under Eveline’s control.

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