Biohazard 7 Lore Document released

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The Resident Evil Podcast proudly presents its latest Lore Document – this time from Biohazard 7!
Compiled by REP staff member, theBatman, this feature collates all of the Resident Evil 7 supplemental lore in one place, fully translated in full for the first time!

Featuring complete translations of the Kaitai Shinsho , Umbrella Arsenal System, Survive Magazines only available in Japan including a TGS exclusive, this supplemental material adds a huge amount of background lore to Blue Umbrella that greatly enhance what would be shown in Resident Evil Village.

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or direct download here

As always, these projects could not be completed without the support of our wonder Patrons. A huge thanks to: Ploppy54, RigatoniWestern, theSelfishGene, Psyniac, NightHawk, Mark Berringer, HarrBear, RPGS&DeathMetal, Didiaskforfries, Luke Marriott, Bennynthejets, CKPresent, Sylec, Smaklosa, Peter MacPherson, Syd Smyth, 666nedflanders666, SuperDoneMan, Johnski, Aaron_F, Whatisthis, Deththepursuer, Darken Raul, JordanOsiris, AaronZ, MomattX, SERG10tx, AlbertWhiskers, Brooksy925, HappySmelly, UmbrellaInc, JCWesker, mc_milky, KendoGunShop, DynamiteHeaddy, Fen Rivers, RainbowKnightEroson, Malacoda, jimmyjoejangles, Phil Rodgers

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