Biohazard Revelations Files Translation

Fans of the series will know that the majority of Resident Evil games are written in Japanese in the first instance before being translated and localised into English and other languages.

Of all the Resident Evil games released, Revelations probably has the most altered in-game files. In doing so, a few mistakes are noticeable in the English release. The original Japanese files have been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.


<What is GENESIS>
GENESIS is the nickname of a high-performance bio scanner being tested and developed by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies. It is capable of detecting and analysing reflections from objects by irradiating them with synchrotron radiation of special wavelengths.
<Vaccine purification>
Ver. 1.0.4 and later models can generate a simple vaccine from virus analysis data.
<Detection of objects>
Using synchrotron radiation, it is possible to detect specific objects.
A trial version of the system contains data on bullets and medicinal plants.
The indicator in the lower right corner of the monitor lights up when a detectable object is nearby.
With every 100% analysis rate, one recovery drug is available.
The analysis rate obtained from the same type of enemy will decrease with each analysis.


This operation is the first practical deployment of the “Special Subject”.
The following points must be observed by all personnel involved in the operation!

1: Regarding the management of the “special subjects”, strictly follow the handling procedures as instructed by the person in charge.
2: Always be prepared for the unexpected and take action in accordance with the emergency provision manual.
3: Management after the onset of ability manifestation is extremely difficult.
Anaesthetics should be administered every hour during transport to maintain a coma.
4: The control of the “special subject” prototype has been established.

However, the practical application is unknown.
In case of loss of control, use the dedicated network to communicate directly to the Operations Center.


Type of Flight: Instrument Flight Rules
Aircraft Identification: EC6177
Aircraft Type: C-1306
Departure Point: Redecilla Del Monte Air Force Base
Destination: Valkoinen Mokki Airport


~Plants with Medicinal Properties – Third Edition
Since ancient times mankind has used a variety of plants to heal wounds and diseases.
In this book we will take the herb that grow wild in the Arklay Mountains as an example of plants with medicinal properties and provide an overview of them.
This bright green herb not only relieves fatigue, but also enhances natural healing power and accelerates the healing process of wounds.
It also has a positive effect on the immune system and is very useful in preventing viral infections.
It has many medical applications and is now being used in emergency medicine.
In order to protect you and your family from the threat of bioterrorism, which has become more frequent in recent years, it is advisable to keep this herb on hand.


The FBC was established by the National Biological Defence Act of 2001 as the organisation for the implementation of biological defence in the United States. This document sets forth the authority of the FBC and its personnel to perform their duties.
The FBC is solely responsible for national and regional biological defence in relation to U.S. interests and coordinates with public health and biological defence agencies in other countries. Therefore, they must make every effort to ensure the biological safety of the people.
The FBC has the authority to establish a framework for research and development related to biological defence and other activities deemed necessary, including providing support and training to its staff in the execution of their duties. They also formulate operations and budgets with the approval of the National Security Council.
The Chairman of the FBC is elected by the National Security Council and oversees all FBC personnel. He also serves as Director of the National Biological Defence Community, responsible for coordinating the biological defence sector of the government and centralising strategy formation.
He has the right to request assistance from the Secretary of State, the Secretary of Defence, the Director of National Intelligence, the Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, and other members of the National Biodefense Community in carrying out his activities. Priority for cooperation and support is mandatory, especially in the case of national biological defence.


The London Daily Courier
By Donatello Luzzaschi
There is a monster haunting Europe. Its name is the FBC.
The FBC, or Federal Bioterrorism Commission, was established by the United States to combat bioterrorism. Originally, this organisation is not what you would call a monster. But it is currently under fire in Europe.
This is because the FBC has effectively monopolised command of bioterrorism countermeasures in Terragrigia and has refused to allow other nations to intervene.
Terragrigia is a futuristic maritime city developed in partnership by the United States and European nations in order to research and develop alternative energy sources. It was built in the Mediterranean Sea as part of a strategy to combat climate change on the part of the Europeans and to provide power to the African continent on the part of the United States.
It could be said that until now, Terragrigia has been managed by committee members from both sides without any incident.
However, the recent bio-terrorist attack has drastically changed the situation…
According to the treaty, the United States and Europe have equal authority in the fight against terrorism, but for the unique circumstance of bioterrorism, the ‘FBC is to take the lead in responding.’
The FBC was established to deal with bioterrorism, and it always has emergency deployment teams on standby, making it incomparable to the European camp in terms of organisational scale. it was the intention of the United States that they should be the main force in the event of emergency situations.
FBC Commissioner Morgan Lansdale, who was assigned to lead the Terragrigia task force, refused to allow the European camp to intervene and announced the FBC would deal with the situation alone. The Europeans, however, insisted that they had the authority to do so, and confronted Mr Lansdale.
Although unconfirmed, there are reports that the FBC has suffered heavy casualties.
Whether Mr. Lansdale is able to counter bioterrorism and shed his monstrous image by using his skills and intelligence to make informed decisions, remains to be seen by this reporter…


The London Daily Courier
By Donatello Luzzaschi
Is he a monster in disguise?
Or is he a modern-day hero who is trying to stamp out bioterrorism?
Those who listen to the imposing declaration of FBC Commissioner Morgan Lansdale will be overwhelmed by his intelligent words and piercing gaze.
Mr. Lansdale has been engaged in foreign intelligence activities for many years and has been talked about as a monster in the underworld thanks to his charisma.
He has been a vocal advocate in Congress about the dangers of bioterrorism and the need for expansions of power being granted to the specialised agencies who deal with it.
In doing so, he has solidified his position as Commissioner of the Federal Bioterrorism Committee, also known as the FBC, and brazened onto the stage and the frontline of power.
The FBC he created may become an important power player in global public health and biological defence as an organisation with great authority in dealing with bioterrorism.
Of course, that will depend on Mr Lansdale’s capabilities.
A monster? A hero? We look forward to seeing what the future holds for him.


Dear Colleagues
The Queen Zenobia is equipped with a variety of facilities to make your cruise experience as comfortable as staying in a luxury hotel. We ask all staff to familiarise themselves with these facilities in order to best serve our guests. Below you will find a description of the main facilities. Please make sure you read and understand them.

<The Promenade Hall>
The hall, with a total area of 1,500 m², is a three-storey structure with a vaulted ceiling, making it one of the most spacious halls on a cruise ship in the world. The interior is Gothic in style, and the ceiling chandeliers create an opulent atmosphere like that of an opera house.

Adjacent to the hall is the casino space, which is equipped with a wide range of casino amenities, including table games and slot machines. The casino is open 24 hours a day during operation.

<Restaurants and Shopping Mall>
The mall on the promenade is home to a wide variety of restaurants and bars from all over the world, with a focus on design and service. In the space adjacent to the restaurants, there are stores offering a variety of sundries and daily necessities.

<Emergency Communication Room>
In case of an emergency, an emergency communication room is located next to the hall. In this event, the hall should be used as a temporary shelter for passengers, and the crew should immediately send a distress signal to the outside world from the emergency communication room.

The solarium, with its retractable glass ceiling, is one of the world’s largest indoor swimming pools. It is truly a paradise at sea where many a shipboard romance has been born.
Be careful of couples intruding late at night.


God, if you are there, please answer me.
Is this reality? Or is it hell?
There is no escape.
We’re surrounded by fucking monsters!
They’re all gone.
There’s no one left alive…
Shit. I can’t believe I fell prey to those things!


Gross tonnage: 148,000 tons
Overall Length: 335.8m
Overall width: 52.3m
Overall Height: 93.97m
Power: Electric diesel propulsion
Passengers: 2200
Crew: 647
Capacity: 90,000 tonnes
The flagship of the ‘Paraguas Line’, the ‘Queen Zenobia, was built in 1978. This was the golden age of cruise ships. The ship’s interior, reminiscent of the 1930’s, is based on a design left by the architect George Trevor before he disappeared and was described by newspaper articles as a source of fascination to many people at the time of its construction.

The ship’s name, Zenobia, was named after the beautiful queen of ancient Palmyra, who fought against the Romans and was defeated. It became so popular that it was called the “beautiful queen of the Atlantic” among passenger ships of the 20th century.

The development of airlines led to the stagnation of ocean bound passenger vessels, and for a time there were whispers he ships would be scrapped. However, in the late 1980s, she and her sister ships were purchased by the Paraguas Line, who converted her power from steam turbines to diesel-electric propulsion and underwent a major renovation that included the construction of a new hold and cabins. The ship was reborn as a luxury cruise liner with state-of-the-art facilities.

Since her refurbishment, she has made numerous round the world and South American voyages, and in recent years has been sailing round African nations in a route based in the Mediterranean Sea, offering the joy and happiness of the ocean to many passengers every year.
~Queen Zenobia and her History”.
1995 Edition


Damn it, how did this happen?
Monsters are roaming all over and the ship was decimated immediately.
A monster in a shape I’ve never seen before…
Their movements seem awkward, but if they catch you, you’re in trouble.
My friend Hasan was also eaten by this monster.
I used my gun to scare the enemy and managed to escape in the nick of time, but If I hadn’t been lucky enough to get a shot through the arm, I would have been in danger. It seems that the bones in that monster’s arm are fragile.
But I don’t think I can escape any longer.
My leg that was cut hurts…
I don’t have any bullets left, how am I supposed to survive this…


The Emergency Communications Room is ahead.
No entry aside from authorised personnel!
If you need a key, please go to the usual store on the promenade.
                                                                       Chief Communications Officer.

(A message is scrawled underneath it.)
Oh my god, we’re in trouble.
The ship is full of monsters. It’s all over.
I’m going to run to the Promenade. There are plenty of shops there, and I won’t have to worry about food. If anyone alive sees this, you’re welcome to come by anytime. It’s the usual place.
I’ll survive.
If you want to survive, you should follow me.
                                                                     Chief Communications Officer.


Day 1
It was a good decision to hunker down on the promenade. I have enough food to survive. Every now and then I can hear them moving around behind the door. But they don’t seem to be able to get in here. Sucks for them.
I don’t know if the others are safe or not, but I’ll do whatever it takes to stay alive.

Day 2
Shit! I let a monster in. No way.
I didn’t expect it to come through the ducts, but I was good enough to turn it into mush. It was easy and that’s what I get for training so hard. Good work, me. I’m glad I was awake when it came in. From now on, I can’t afford to fall asleep…

Day 3
After what happened yesterday, I can’t sleep peacefully… I’m so nervous. I wish I had someone to talk to to take my mind off it.
I’m tired, I’m sick.
I don’t want to catch a cold. I try to stay as still as possible
I don’t want to lose my strength. Good luck, me.
Maybe the fourth day.
I was down with a high fever.
I was lucky that the monster didn’t find me
I’m glad. My head is still a bit fuzzy.
Is it an infection? I think I’ve got a bug.
I’ve got a big lump on my neck. It hurts.
It’s hard to be alone at a time like this. I feel lonely.
What day is it…?
I’m glad we talked about it.
He’s a pretty good guy. He has a good sense of humour.
Very funny. Laughs a lot.
But his face is too close. You’re too close.
That’s what the other side says.
But it’s too small for me to move.
We had a fight.
He’s eating all the food.
He’s eating meat on the side. Looks tasty.
It’s right next to my face. Right next to me.
But he won’t give it to me. The meat looks good.
The meat on his head looks delicious.
Take it!
I’m going to get my body back.
They got me.
Not me, not me?
Who am I?
Save me. I don’t want to be saved.
Mayday, mayday, mayday.
Meat, meat, meat, meat, meat…


Taking into account previous ship-related accidents, this vessel is equipped with advanced and unique maritime safety measures that go beyond those required by the Maritime Safety Convention.
All seafarers should read this manual carefully and be prepared for emergencies.

1. The Queen Zenobia has dual internal power supply lines installed. In the event of main power supply line failure, the power room at the bottom of the ship will transfer power from the main line to the sub-line, thus ensuring that the entire vessel can be powered.

2. Queen Zenobia is equipped with an automatic watertight bulkhead system consisting of vertical and horizontal bulkheads of unique design.
In the event of an emergency, the bulkheads can be operated from a control room located at the bottom of the ship, and in the case of minor damage, further flooding can be prevented.


I was finally able to find out how to get past the security in the VIP room.
I’d always wondered about that room, as it was only open to the richest regulars.
I was told that the only way to get past the security was to give the casino girl next to the door a coin.
It weighs 107 grams.
It’s a small price to pay to get into the room.


(It looks like a memo of some kind.)
As soon as you board the Queen Zenobia, you are to proceed with your mission as quickly as possible. There is little time left before the arrival of the two targets, and we must not fail in this mission. I ask for your calm judgment and action.

1. Securing the room
First of all, move to the crew quarters and secure a room. The ship is expected to be a den of unknown monsters. Pay close attention to your surroundings to avoid being spotted by them.

2. Preparing the deception
The items you have received in advance will be used to create a ruse to confuse the target. Follow the instructions provided in the manual and set them up immediately. After installation, leave the room immediately.
Do not leave any traces!

The entire purpose of this mission is target confusion. Act quickly and secretly. Do not let the targets find you. Even when approaching them, avoid direct combat and make hiding yourself your primary objective. After that, I’ll handle things from here.


(It seems to be a note written by someone…)
It was an unpleasant mission to be forced into, but stage one is complete.
I got the key to the freight elevator, now I can get to the bottom of the ship. This ship… This is the same ship that was used as a terrorist base during the Terragrigia Panic a year ago. As proof, on the foredeck I found the UAV that was used to disperse the virus.
And then there’s the creepy monsters on board.
They just attacked us out of the blue.
This is the worst mission ever.
My head hurts like hell. It’s hard to see out of even one eye and I feel very sick.
And my arm is messed up.
My right hand is torn in half.
It’s so bloody you can see the bone; I have to get it fixed somehow.
(The rest is blood stained and unreadable.)


Destiny is not an irony.
Destiny is a pre-determined and sublime will.
Those who do not curse themselves for their defilement are doomed to be devoured by the fangs of hounds.
There is no room for pity for the victims.
It is the filth that they have created in this world that has made our fangs rusty.
Stifle your breath and sharpen your fangs.
Stifle your breath and dig your claws in.
United under the same cause, our comerades lie low, waiting for the right moment.
It is the hounds that are pure, and it is the hounds that will rid the world of impurity.
We are not alone.
We are the hounds of the pack, we are Veltro.
Earl Brinvico


To all maintenance personnel
Steam leakage is occurring in some areas of the ship’s bilge passageway due to the release of the pipe joint lid.
Since the area near the steam emits strong heat, please adjust the steam as follows when passing through. Two levers are installed in the power room. By operating the levers and aligning the needle of the meter with each letter of the alphabet, you can stop the steam leak at the corresponding point.
The corresponding part of the alphabet is as follows
A: Machinery maintenance room
B: Power room upper floor
C: Power room lower floor
Note that when you stop the steam in one area, the steam in the other areas will leak again.
Please keep this in mind when proceeding with maintenance.


Power reactivation requires a coordinated combination of forces.
Simultaneous activation is required. Two keys must be turned at the same time.
And one of the reboot keys has been carefully stored in the “special place”.
Have you got that?
In short, the key word for the power room is “mesh”.


One day in 2004
Our long-cherished dream, the final mission, is finally underway.
When our leader, Jack Norman, told us the outline of the mission, we could not believe our ears, but this monumental operation will soon become a reality. This is due to the iron will of His Excellency and his collaborator who has responded to his ideals.

It is said that the operation will be carried out on disguised luxury cruise liners, provided by this financial benefactor. It is ironic that these luxury liners, a symbol of fallen human civilisation, will be the source of the virus dispersal. I have been given the task of being present at the seizure of one of the passenger ships, the Queen Zenobia.
Bernard Corti

2004, 12 hours before mission launch
I can’t stop the shiver that rises inside me. It’s both excitement and fear.
In a research facility hidden deep in the bowels of this cruise ship, an array of strange biological weapons produced by experimentation with a new virus are crawling about…

The new virus is water soluble and can be transmitted through drinking water, turning people into monsters.
The B.O.W. hunter type B.O.W.s provided separately will control the ground, and we will take advantage of the chaos to spread the virus… This mission will surely turn that ugly and lustful maritime city into hell.
If we don’t make it hell on earth, people’s eyes will remain closed. So said Norman.

The silver-bearded benefactor must have shared his belief.
And so do we.
Bernard Corti


(The handwriting is thin and shaky)
It seems that our time has run out.
I have only one bullet left. There is nothing left to fight for.
Let me use the last bullet for myself.
Farewell my friend.


The fourth expedition to the Kermadec Trench by an unmanned deep-sea probe, led by the Montpellier Marine University laboratory, has discovered a new species of predatory deep-sea fish in the ultra-deep-water layer at a depth of 9,000 metres.

This deep-sea fish has a unique combination of incredibly high swimming ability and ferociousness, even though it lives in a highly pressurised environment that has a significant impact on its biology.
Research analysis has led to the conclusion that this extraordinary vitality is not unique to deep-sea fish but is due to a new species of ichthyopathogenic virus that has been discovered.

The virus is named ‘The Abyss,’ after the word “deep,” and it was decided to continue the research in secret. The Abyss transformed the body of a deep-sea fish, originally high in fat and water reserves, rendering it suitable for high water pressure, low temperature environments, through creation of a highly dense skeleton with muscular strength that is impossible to be found in deep-sea habitats. If this works well, the sphere of B.O.W. activity will surely expand exponentially.

Regarding the infection capacity of ‘The Abyss’, it has been found that when transmitted through blood it has an infection probability of 99.76%.
Although very rare, in some cases the virus is not transmitted to humans through oral ingestion.
We have continued our research to make this incredible virus more powerful.
(The rest of the text is too abrasive to read_)


When genetic analysis of the newly discovered virus, The Abyss, was nearing completion, the research institute of an international pharmaceutical company offered its cooperation through the channels of a certain national organisation.
Their proposal was to develop an improved version of the virus, incorporating the Abyss into a weaponised virus called the t-virus.
Once the new virus is completed, it will be easier to create B.O.W.s based on the genes of marine organisms.
This would open another door to the development of biological weapons.
However, research into the development of the new virus has been difficult.
The t-virus gene is capable of cross-species infection of all living things, including humans. However, the powerful mutation speed derived from The Abyss was too fast for the infected individuals to withstand, and their physical tissues collapsed. This problem was solved by deliberately suppressing the activity of the virus in the early stages of infection and allowing it to settle in over time.
There was also an unexpected by-product.
Although it did not disintegrate, the body of the individual affected by the new virus became half liquefied and even the bone tissue mutated.
This made the infected body malleable, allowing it to emerge like a phantom from even the smallest gap and attack its target. In addition, there is a variant where dissolved bone material has flowed into the outer skin, hardening the limbs, and turning them into sharp weapons.
Because of these characteristics, the human body infected with the new virus has been named ‘Ooze,’ meaning ‘dripping thing.’ Although their form is barely humanoid, they have no semblance of their former life, and can best be described as deformed monsters.
The virus is getting closer and closer to completion through experiments on infected experimental subjects. However, in the business of biological warfare, a virus is incomplete as a product without the development of a vaccine counterpart.
In order to achieve this, a large amount of clinical data is needed. Finding antibodies in a small number of sample experiments is a matter of luck and very time-consuming.
In the upper echelons, there is even a hard-line argument that an artificial pandemic is necessary.
That would be what we today call bioterrorism…


We have created the ‘t-Abyss’.
It is a genetic combination of The Abyss and the t-Virus.
It is not something to be proud of, given the threat it poses, but it is also true that we have pioneered a new field of marine viral weaponry. However, if this was to go down in history as the greatest weapon ever, I would have mixed feelings…
If a concentrated solution of the virus is released into the sea exceeding a certain amount, the research predicts it would cause a chain reaction of infections in all marine organisms, including bacteria living in the vicinity, and contaminate the entire ocean in a very short space of time.
A t-Abyss contaminated ocean would transform its ecosystem. It is hard to comprehend how much damage this would do to humanity and the entire global environment.
Can we really say that this is part of the research to prevent bioterrorism?


One day in 2004, Day 03 of the operation
The mission was a success.
Hell has reared its ugly head in Terragrigia.
The city is about to be destroyed by the spread of the virus and its biohazard.
FBC troops were deployed, but their results in this war were nothing in the face of the biological weapons.
We, Veltro, have accomplished our goal.
The time has come for humanity to realize that this world is hell.
People, open your eyes!
Cast your eyes on the truth of this world!
Bernard Corti

One day in 2004, Day 06 of the operation
A biohazard has broken out on board…
The virus has turned our comrades into monsters one after the other, and the chain of monsters giving birth to monsters continues. Why?
We were not meant to be the ones going through hell!
I’ve just received word that the situation on Semiramis is the same.
All ships leaking the virus at the same time…
I don’t think it’s a coincidence.
It was a set-up from the start.
Yes. We’ve been fools.
But who could it be?
We, Veltro, have no traitor in our midst.
It must be the benefactor, the man with the silver beard.
He is the only one who is not here.
What are we to do? Your Excellency Norman!
Lead us to…
(The paper is torn in the middle)


The development of the “Malacoda” code name started by sheer coincidence. In the course of our B.O.W. research on marine organisms, we conducted t-Abyss infection experiments on various fish, one of which was infected with saltwater ich.

Saltwater ich, also known as white spot disease, is a common marine disease caused by the parasite called Benedenia (monogenean: Capsalidae).
Malacoda larvae are small, about 1cm in diameter. When infecting the host with its small body, the larvae first secrete a special body fluid that infects the host with the virus. The larva then grows into an adult, enlarging itself as well as the host and becoming huge.
The size of the adult, which is thought to be a synergistic effect of t-Abyss and fluid secretions to boost metabolism, depends on the size of the host. There are no experimental cases because of the dangers involved, but if the host were a giant creature such as a cetacean, it is hard to imagine how big the organism would grow.


Researcher Ryan
A certain day in 2004
We recovered the ship just as the Terragrigia Panic was declared over.
The mission was carried out quickly and covertly.
Unnoticed by anyone…
That land disappeared thanks to the Regia Solis.
Now, this ship is an invaluable testing ground where we can observe the process of infection, mutation, and other aspects of ‘t-Abyss.’
We cannot let it go.
However, the ship is already a nest of t-Abyss infectants. It has been extremely difficult to gain control. Even now, we have only been able to set up a temporary research base here.
Soon this place will be invaded by the monsters.
We have little time left…

A certain day in 2005
Progress observation of the virus is going well, and the special antiviral vaccine was completed.
We have no further use for this place.
As of today, we have decided to abandon this facility and withdraw.
There have been some losses to our research staff, but I think we can resign ourselves to the belief this was a necessary sacrifice.
Morgan Lansdale, the ever-calm, silver-bearded gentleman, will be delighted to report that the vaccine is ready.
(After several pages of the journal are torn out, there is a scribbled entry.)
–As soon as the research data was transmitted, all the doors to the facility were sealed and the B.O.W.s began to revive from their cryo-sleep.
I don’t know why I didn’t realize that Veltro wasn’t the only pawn to be discarded… On the other hand, it makes me laugh.
In hindsight, this whole thing was in his hands…
He provided the terrorists with t-Abyss to cause the Terragrigia Panic and secured a large amount of clinical data on human infection. This brought a ray of light to the slow development of a vaccine.
In the meantime, he took the lead in bringing the situation under control, and finally employed the Regia Solis to eliminate all traces of his involvement with the city, let alone the virus and Veltro.

As a result, he was able to win over public opinion about the threat of the virus, and even elevated the power of the FBC.
A performer in his own play. There is no other case in history where such a word is more appropriate.
I am astonished at Mr. Lansdale’s capabilities.
And when our lives disappear, the truth will be completely buried in darkness…

(The text is so indistinct that the rest is unreadable.)


At last, he made his move.
I can’t tell you how long I’ve been waiting for this day.
The mission must be a success.
I’ve given up everything for this moment.
We had to bring Veltro back to life to shake Morgan and expose evidence of the truth.
When O’Brien told me about the plan, I knew it was a risky and reckless gamble, but it was also true that we had no choice but to take a hard-line approach.
We disguised a hideout in the mountains of Scandinavia, and, through our sources, we dared to inform the BSAA of rumours that the resurrected Veltro was planning a new terrorist attack.
At about the same time as the BSAA began its investigation, there was a flurry of activity around Morgan.
Perhaps it was his dog that told him.
Morgan is a paranoid and cautious person.
Even if we had passed the information directly to the FBC, things would not have worked out this way.
It’s what the Orientals call a conniving man who drowns in deceit.
I had succeeded in taking Queen Zenobia.
They were afraid that Veltro would target the ship, so they wanted to transfer it for detonation.
But there is no conclusive evidence left here.
From here, I will have to take the stage in this grand opera myself.
I must gather the members of the BSAA at the Queen Zenobia, and before them, I must play the gas mask role and prove that Veltro is real.
Any spy who believes Veltro is real will contact Morgan.
That will present an opening.
O’Brien reports that there are also signs that they have attacked the disguised hideout.
This operation is going to be fluid. In light of certain situations, we will be forced to make some tough decisions.
But I will see this through.
Even if it means losing my life.


Dante Alighieri’s La Divinia Commedia. An offering to the dead.
(Lines are drawn through part of the open book.)
Howl the rain maketh them like unto dogs;
One side they make a shelter for the other;
Oft turn themselves the wretched reprobates.
Dante Alighieri’s La Divina Commedia.
Inferno Canto VI

(The words are written in broken handwriting on the edge of the page ___)
The life I have given to the doctrine is always with the great Jack Norman


March 25th
There were barnacle-like things stuck to the bottom of the pool.
I don’t know where they came from, but we can’t leave them there.
Please take care of it.

March 30
The barnacles that we had exterminated have been found again.
They seemed to have gathered together to form a colony.
Are they a new species?
It would be interesting to keep them.

April 10th
Apparently, there was a defect in the pipe that distributes the water.
It’s been repaired, but there’s a possibility that a foreign substance has been mixed in here for a while. The man in charge of the security section was very upset…
Is it something to do with that new species?
Oh shit, no!
That is not a new species.
(The letter ends here.)


Dearest friend
I am at my wit’s end. I’m sorry, but I have to go on.
They are just sleeping.
But they will wake up again.
But now is the time…
The mere thought of it makes me shudder.
They are hideous, hard to believe they are from this world.
The unbearable smell of rotten entrails.
The screams that seemed to come from the depths of hell.
Its terrifying… and what’s more horrible is that I still cannot stop shaking.
Read with all your heart.
Those goddamn blisters on the wall.
They are… eggs for reproduction.
Please don’t think I’ve abandoned you.
It’s the only way.
I want to live and see my family…
I wish you well, my friend.


Scarmiglione is a B.O.W. that utilises shark DNA, which has been regarded as promising since the beginning of development. Sharks have been perfected as predators in the sea for hundreds of millions of years without morphological change. The fact that it incorporates their DNA alone promises ferocity and aggressiveness as a weapon.

The shape of the Scarmiglione retains the form of its shark ancestor, but with both arms and legs that protrude like spears. These are the spines unique to cartilaginous fishes and are a result of portions of the placoid scales transforming and combining with strong muscle fibres. This allows it to perform thrusting attacks and move with the agility of a land animal.

The changes in the placoid scales do not stop there. In terms of strength, it is comparable to the front plating of an armoured car and is incomparable to that of a shark. As a result, it has succeeded in gaining a high rate of defence that practically makes it invincible against frontal attacks.

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