Biohazard Revelations Navigation & Art Book Translation

The Navigation and Art Book is an additional source material for Biohazard Revelations. 

As with other sources, it contains useful information concerning the lead characters and B.O.Ws from the game. 

This book has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.

    PROLOGUE (Page 002)

    2005, on the Mediterranean Sea……
    In the midst of a pitch-black night and a violent thunderstorm, a tugboat makes its way through the raging waves. On board is Jill Valentine, who is on a search and rescue mission.

    The ship that looms before them is the luxury liner, Queen Zenobia. However, the majesty of the queen that once sailed the world gracefully is nowhere to be seen, and the ship has taken on a hideous appearance befitting a ghost ship.

    As she approached the ghost ship, Jill murmured to herself. “I’m sure they are somewhere on this ship…”

    But this disappearance was only the beginning of the nightmare.
    And what they don’t yet know is that they are being held captive by an unfathomable conspiracy swirling from behind the scenes…


    A founder and member of the BSAA since its inception, an NGO set up by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies. She is one of the few survivors of the Raccoon City Incident. Following the destruction of Umbrella in 2003, she and Chris joined the BSAA in search of a place to fight against bioweapons that had been leaked onto the black market. This time, after receiving a report that Chris has disappeared, she joins the mission to infiltrate the Queen Zenobia. But she does not yet know she is being lured by a great wave of conspiracy…

    British-Italian. Jill’s new partner in the mission to infiltrate Queen Zenobia. He is known for his single-minded and uncompromising investigations. Although he tries to act cool and collected, he is also a lovable and passionate man who cannot hide his earnest and clumsy side. He was transferred from the FBC to the BSAA after an incident that occurred a year ago. That incident seems to be closely related to current events….

    He was one of the founding members of the BSAA. He has been a comrade in arms with Jill since the Mansion Incident at the Arklay Laboratories in 1998 during the STARS era. He is a tough guy who has fought many battles against biohazards and bio-terrorism, but he mysteriously disappeared while investigating information about a large-scale bio-terrorism plan that was secretly brought to the attention of the BSAA. ……

    A female agent with a former background in the FBC. This time, she was working with Chris on a bioterrorism investigation, but they both disappeared. She doesn’t try to hide her individuality, as evidenced by her extravagant outfits. Jessica’s boredom and thrill-seeking behaviour can sometimes create conflict in organisations like the BSAA, but she is wise enough not to let this happen, perhaps because she knows certain dangers can make a woman more attractive.

    A smooth-talker and something of a ladies’ man. He has been given the nickname ‘Grinder’ (meaning ‘Womaniser’) and whenever he is seen in private, he is said to have a different woman accompanying him. However, his skills are well known, and he has been selected as a member of the BSAA for his distinguished service record in various elite special mercenary units. Quint, who is shy around women and and an indoor enthusiast, is a good foil, and their daily banter has become a hobby for Keith.

    He is the BSAA’s ultimate technical geek, but he is also a scientist and analyst specialising in biological weapons. His bio scanner, code-named ‘Genesis’, which incorporates vast amounts of genetic data and virus samples, is a prototype developed by the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies (FPC), based on his idea. He is a horror movie freak and likes to compare everything to movies. He and Keith have contrasting personalities and argue constantly, but in reality, they are a good team who complement each other.

    The current head of the BSAA. During the unprecedented bio-terrorism incident ‘Terragrigia Panic’ in 2004, he was dispatched to the site as the only observer of the BSAA in response to a request from the European camp, protesting against the excessive actions of the FBC in dealing with the situation. He may look a little sloppy, but in reality, he is a sharp man with both political and practical skills. He is able to keep his team, all of whom have their own peculiarities, in line.

    He is an acclaimed agent who has rapidly risen to prominence in the elite ranks of the FBC. However, he does not hesitate to use any means necessary to ensure success, and his aggressive investigative skills have been criticised in many places. Naturally he has come into conflict with the BSAA on numerous occasions, and his blatant sabotage has prevented the BSAA from intervening in several investigations. A year ago, he was Parker’s direct subbordinate. But after Parker’s transfer, what happened to him… there is no way of knowing.

    His nickname is “The Silver Fox” because of his silver hair, which reflects his ruthlessness. His background as an advisor to the Federation of Pharmaceutical Companies led to his selection as the first director of the FBC. He has been a leading voice in Congress on the dangers of bioterrorism and the need to empower specialised agencies to deal with it and was at the forefront of the Terragrigia Panic and the efforts to bring that situation under control. With his unmistakably strong will and leadership, he has turned the FBC into the world’s largest bioterrorist organisation in both name and reality.

    A mysterious woman is holding her arm, looking hurt. She’s wearing a wet suit like Jill, but is she a friend of Jill’s? And what fate awaits her on the Ghost Ship? ……

    A mysterious man in a gas mask hiding his true identity. His appearance reminds everyone of Veltro, the figure who issued a statement for the crime of the “Terragrigia Panic”. Is this man really the ghost of Veltro haunting the Ghost Ship…?

    He is the leader of the international terrorist organization “Veltro” and is said to be the mastermind responsible for the “Terragrigia Panic” in 2004. He is said to have united the armed cult group with his overwhelming charisma, but his identity is shrouded in mystery. After the events of the Terragrigia Panic, the FBC continued its efforts to eliminate Veltro. A few months later, it was announced that the Veltro had been destroyed in a covert operation. At the same time, the FBC declared that Norman had been found dead.

    CREATURE: (Pages 15-17)

    This bizarre creature, which means “dripping thing,” is the end result of a human body infected with t-Abyss. Once inside the body, the virus fuses with cell membranes and begins to absorb excessive amounts of water. As a result, the cell membrane swells abnormally due to osmotic pressure and eventually fuses with the surrounding cell membrane as if it were melting. As a result of this repeated process throughout the human body, the infected body becomes white and blistered like a drowned corpse that has been dead for a long time, and the body becomes half liquefied. As the Abyss continues to multiply, it urges the host’s body to seek more water and nutrients. It is this urge that drives the ooze on to sip and absorb the fluids of its prey.

    Mysterious lumps of flesh (blob) that have washed ashore in large numbers on the Mediterranean coast. The term ‘Globster’ is an abbreviation for ‘Grotesque Blob Monster’ and is a general term for unidentified objects that have been found drifting around the world. In other words, nothing is known about what this Globster is.

    Developed with the prospect for deployment in the mountains. Although it is less controllable than the Doberman-based B.O.W. Cerberus, they stand out in terms of their wild nature and combat power. The wolf-like characteristics is strongly preserved in the Fenrir, and they hunt in packs. They do not attack their prey all at once. Instead, they surround it in packs, cut off its retreat, then watch it weaken from afar and then slowly kill it. The howling of the Fenrir echoing in the mountains is the signal for the start of the hunt.

    A combat-type B.O.W. with long, sharp claws and scaled skin covering its entire body. It was created by combining the DNA of a fertilised human egg with that of a reptile through the power of the t-Virus. Its appearance is somewhere between that of a human and a reptile, giving it a distinctly eerie appearance. They have amazing agility and leaping power, and their ability to hunt down and kill their attackers is worthy of the name ‘Hunter’. It has been successfully mass-produced, and a variety of variants have been developed.

    The name Farfarello (Slanderer) is derived from one of the twelve demons called the Malebranche (evil claws) in Dante Alighieri’s Divine Comedy. The Farfarello is an improved version of the Hunter with the addition of t-Abyss. As a result, it has the ability to mimic some aquatic creatures, allowing it to blend into its surroundings and become invisible. However, it has been reported that the administration of multiple viruses has increased aggressiveness and significantly deteriorates capacity for control compared to previously.

    Fish infected with t-Abyss transform into a ferocious carnivorous fish known as a ‘Ghiozzo’. Its appearance closely resembles the deep-sea fish that was host to the marine-pathogenic ‘The Abyss’ virus at the time of its discovery, upon which the t-Abyss is based. Due to the effects of the virus, they have an extremely voracious appetite, and their sharp fangs and powerful jaw muscles allow them to bite and crush everything in their path. The aggression of the famous piranha is a fiction made for the cinema, but a school of Ghiozzo could devour a large mammal to the bone in a matter of seconds.

    The Sea Creeper, a special variant of a human body infected with t-Abyss, is a literal water monster. This peculiar transformation is symptomatic of a predominantly female infected subject, and the term “she” is an apt description of the Sea Creeper. The carapace covering their entire body, reminiscent of a woman’s hair, dampens friction to an absolute minimum, and they can creep out of the water without making a sound. As soon as they are close to their prey, they open their hands, divided into six limbs, and embrace their prey as they feed. There is no way of escaping this love which is reminiscent of a mother embracing her child.

    The Scagdead is mutated species of Ooze. The t-Abyss is highly infectious, and some cases have been known to mutate within hours of infection, but there are rare cases (about one in a thousand people) where the human subject is resistant to the virus. However, this resistance only slows down the progression of the virus, it does not stop it. A few days to weeks after infection, an intense fever develops, and an itchy swelling occurs in the shoulders and neck. As it swells, the subject’s consciousness begins to fall apart. The infected person is aware he or she is being taken over, but there is nothing they can do about it. The head of the original host, who still speaks incomprehensibly after being taken over by the madness of the virus, has an eerie quality, reminiscent of a sleepwalker.

    Is this a mutated version of Rachel, the woman who was attacked by the Ooze on the ship……?
    Perhaps because it has only been a short time since her infection, she has retained some semblance of her appearance, but the disfigured arms and other parts of her face show the tremendous mutation power of the virus. She seems to have no consciousness as a human being.

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