Biohazard Revelations Official Guidebook Translation

The Official Guidebook is an additional source material for Biohazard Revelations. 

As with other sources, it contains useful information concerning the lead characters and B.O.Ws from the game.

This book has been translated by REP staff member, theBatman.

    PROLOGUE (Page 002)

    The massive terrorist attack on the maritime city of Terragrigia one year ago.
    The silent luxury liner Queen Zenobia.
    What are the implications behind these two biohazards?

    The year was 2004, and the terrorist organisation Veltro had attacked Terragrigia, an artificial maritime city built on the Mediterranean coast. The city, with its advanced technologies such as solar power production, ironically became the target of advanced terrorism using B.O.W.s (Bio-Organic Weapons). The horrors of bio-terrorism were etched in the minds of the people around the world when they saw the ruins of Terragrigia.

    The year is 2005. Jill is informed of the disappearance of her former partner, Chris. Jill, along with her new partner, Parker, head for the Queen Zenobia, the luxury liner where Chris was reported lost. What awaits them is the terrorist organisation Veltro. Veltro are after a virus called ‘t-Abyss’ which is capable of contaminating one fifth of the world’s oceans. Chris has disappeared and Jill is chasing him as a complex, intertwined story unravels and reveals the one truth.

    Jill was involved in the ‘Mansion Incident’, the world’s first viral biohazard in the Arklay Mountains, and has been a member of the BSAA since its inception. She is one of the ‘Original Eleven’, a woman with a strong heart and a strong sense of justice who has solved countless biohazards in the field. She is going after Chris and infiltrates the Queen Zenobia.

    A former FBC agent who was present at the Terragrigia Panic, a major bioterrorist attack. He is now a member of the BSAA and is working alongside Jill on this mission. He is a cynical but passionate individual and has a serious personality to compromise. He and Jessica have known each other since their days in the FBC.

    A former STARS member who, like Jill, was involved in the Mansion Incident and is one of the BSAA’s Original Eleven. He is a tough guy who can accomplish any difficult mission. A professional with firearms, combat, and counter-bioterrorism, he and Jessica went to investigate the snowy mountains…

    A former FBC agent who, like Parker, was involved in the Terragrigia Panic. She was later transferred to the BSAA and teamed up with Chris for this mission, heading into the snowy mountains. She is an expert with a rifle and specialises in logistical support. She is fond of Chris and has tried approaching him several times but is yet to succeed.

    A member of the BSAA. He is an excellent agent and specialises in assault missions. In C.C. (close combat), he is particularly fond of wielding dual bladed weapons known as ‘Kukri’ knives. He has tattoos all over his body and is a smooth talker with a light-hearted attitude. He is very good at what he does.

    He is a member of the BSAA who works with Keith. He does everything from cryptography to programming, bomb disposal, and engineering. He is also deeply involved in the development of Genesis. In his private life, he is a big movie buff and a self-confessed mecha geek.

    The current head of the BSAA. He is responsible for co-ordinating Jill and the other individual members. In contrast to his aloof manner and friendly appearance, he is an excellent commander with a clear intellect and decisiveness.

    A mysterious man who reveals himself in front of Jill and her partner on the luxury cruise ship, Queen Zenobia. He has a calm appearance, a keen eye, and the mannerisms of an agent. He seems to be acquainted with Parker…

    He is the Commissioner and highest authority within the F.B.C., another anti-bioterrorism organisation. He is often criticised for his heavy-handed, hard-line approach to bioterrorism, but it is difficult to argue with his track record and leadership. He is often at odds with O’Brian.

    A group of patriots that converted to urban guerrillas for the purpose of terrorism. The group made a name for itself during the 2004 ‘Terragrigia Panic’. Their trademark is the gas mask.


    B.S.A.A. (Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance)
    An organisation established to combat the threat of biological weapons that have spread throughout the world following the collapse of the giant Umbrella Corporation. In the event of an emergency, the organisation will act as an observer in national military and police operations against bioterrorism. However, the spread of bioterrorism has been greater than expected, and the methods of dealing with it are approaching their limits.

    F.B.C. (Federal Bioterrorism Commission)
    The Federal Commission on Bioterrorism was established by the United States. Although the structure and philosophy of the unit is the same as the BSAA, some media outlets have pointed out problems with the unit, such as its ideological bias because it is based in a single country, and the fact that the unit’s dispatch to other nations may indicate a political agenda.

    CREATURE: (Pages 42-61)

    The end result of a person infected with t-Abyss. They are white and puffy like a drowned corpse, and their flesh is half-liquified. It moves slowly, but tends to approach the player relentlessly, and if you don’t kill them before they get too close, you will struggle.

    A variant of Ooze with mutated scissor-like arms. They tend to have more HP than a regular Ooze, and their scissor-like arms have a wide range of attacks. As with regular Ooze, repelling before they get too close is the best theory of confrontation.

    A subspecies of the Ooze. It is called a tricorn because its head is shaped like the triangular hat used by the Navy. It shoots projectiles in a straight line from its enlarged right arm, so you cannot be too careful, even when at a distance.

    Although it is a variant of Ooze, its upper body has expanded abnormally, and it no longer retains its original form. When approaching the player, it has a habit of bursting its own body and attacking its surroundings, so it is best to refrain from carelessly approaching.

    Rachel, the woman attacked on board ship, became infected and mutated. Perhaps because of the short period of time she was infected, she still retains some semblance of humanity, but she is not conscious as a person. She is more physically powerful than a normal Ooze and will sometimes rush at the player.

    Globster is an abbreviation for ‘Grotesque Blob Monster’ and refers to unidentified flotsam that have been found around the world. Most are already dead, but there are some that suddenly start to move, so do not carelessly approach them.

    This type of B.O.W. was developed with the idea of deployment in the mountains. It retains many of its original characteristics, calling to its companions with a howl and hunting in packs. Although not physically imposing, they use their powerful legs to pounce on you, so you need to watch their movements carefully.

    A combat-type B.O.W. developed based on a reptile. Its entire body is covered with a thick, skin-like coating and it uses long, sharp claws as weapons. It is incredibly agile and can bring its attackers to the brink of certain death. It is very important to take the initiative and repel them back.

    This B.O.W. was developed by adding t-Abyss to a Hunter. It has the ability to mimic and approach whilst invisible. Its name comes from one of the twelve demons in Dante’s Divine Comedy. If you cannot determine its position, you will inevitably have a tough battle.

    A fish that has been infected with t-Abyss and mutated into a ferocious carnivore. They have a voracious appetite due to the effects of the virus and can chew through anything with their sharp fangs and powerful jaw muscles. They often appear in groups, but their individual strength and aggression is low, making them easy to deal with.

    A special mutation of the human body infected with t-Abyss that lives in the water. It creeps noiselessly through the water, making good use of the carapace that covers its entire body, reminiscent of long hair. It is very difficult to avoid a surprise attack when it jumps out of the water.

    The Scagdead are a mutated form of Ooze. Originally resistant to a rare virus, the infected can barely speak without being aware of it, and their appearance is reminiscent of sleepwalkers. It has the amazing ability to swallow the player whole in an instant death attack.

    B.O.W. developed using shark DNA. The durability of its protruding, spear-like arms is comparable to that of the frontal plating on an armoured car and can be used either as a piercing weapon or as a shield for invincible defence. It is a special creature with contrasting durability in the upper and lower parts of its body.

    This strange creature is a colony of countless individuals that have gathered together. Like the Ascidiacea sea squirt, it reproduces asexually, with individual organisms separating to form clones. They secrete a unique calcium content and are covered with a tough epidermis, allowing them to easily repel their attackers.

    It is an enlarged form of an aquatic organism infected with a virus and has a long, eel-like body. They live in groups in the water and can also parasitise other organisms and remain active inside them. They can be killed quickly by targeting the head rather than the body.

    The mutated form of Norman, leader of the international terrorist organisation Veltro, who injected a virus into his own body. He has the ability to disorientate people with his eyes and deprive them of normal judgement. If you cannot see through his hallucinations, you will not stand a chance.

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