These creatures are the direct results of Spencer’s reckless experimentation on the prisoners kept at his European estate during his ongoing and desperate search for immortality. These humans were subjected to numerous injections of Progenitor Virus variants by Spencer’s butler Patrick in a vain attempt to replicate the early Lisa Trevor tests which resulted in her invulnerability. But without any skilled researchers at their disposal, these experiments were primitive and misguided, and what subjects did not die became horribly disfigured and mutated.

Although the subjects gained increased muscle mass, a majority of their faces were no longer recognisable and were just a mess of tumours and boils hidden
behind a hood attached to a harness. What little is left of their mouths are reminiscent of a leech or lamprey. Curiously this trait is not dissimilar to facial features from the latter stage G-Virus mutations of both William Birkin and Curtis Miller. This hood and harness supports an enlarged growth that has left the creature with a hunched back and disproportionate shoulders. Two chains hang down from the harness with hooks on the end, suggesting these creatures were once bound and restrained to the walls. They also wear iron anklets as further evidence these creatures were originally shackled up whilst the experiments took place. The skin on their legs have turned a dull, green with significant patches of rotten flesh.

Their upper bodies are a shade of angry purple with dark veins and capillaries signifying increased blood flow around these swollen areas. These creatures also possesses great strength and are able to drag around a large iron anchor used as a club or axe-type weapon. However their most telling trait is the large yellow eye that has formed on the creature’s back. This again is reminiscent of Lisa Trevor who also developed an eyeball on her back. This trait is again similar to the physical symptom of a Golgotha Virus infectant, although G subjects typically develop the eyeball mutation on their right arm. Whilst the eye is more identifiable with the G-Virus, it is actually believed to be a Progenitor-influenced trait, and something that develops when the subject is given multiple injections of Progenitor variants. The eye is also a weak spot and if shot or penetrated will cause significant damage to the Blob.

Another curious trait is their seemingly acidic blood. Like the bile secreted by t-Virus zombies, this corrosive substance will burn and damage anyone in its radius. When shot, the Blob will spray this acid from its wounds when injured. Finally the creature’s intelligence levels are inconclusive. Whilst it possesses no means of communication, it is able to wield large objects as weapons and will follow a target relentlessly. It does not have the intelligence to open doors or follow complex commands so B.O.W. application is limited. Blobs would prowl the lower caverns of the estate and were unofficially referred to as Guardians of Insanity of Keepers of Madness due to their grotesque appearance. But unfortunately, despite surviving multiple does of Progenitor and developing a physical appearance somewhat similar to Lisa Trevor, these creatures did not share her invincibility factor and could be taken down rather easily with conventional firearms. Unlike the G-Virus they possessed only one mutation cycle and possessed no regenerative abilities.

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