Umbrella Corporation PMC (Blue Umbrella)

Umbrella Co., is a private military company run by former employees of the original pharmaceutical corporation and is more commonly referred to as ‘Blue Umbrella’. The first Umbrella Corporation, created by Oswell Spencer, James Marcus and Edward Ashford, was the world’s leading supplier of pharmaceuticals and health care until the Raccoon City incident of 1998 brought everything crashing down. The destruction of the town and rumours of Umbrella’s link to the creation of illegal biological weapons saw a business suspension decree placed upon the parent corporation.

Umbrella eventually lost the ongoing court case and were found guilty of being responsible for the incident and the deaths of 100,000 people. They filed for bankruptcy in 2003 and were formally dissolved a year later. But since that time, rumours persisted of Umbrella’s impending resurrection.

The genesis of Umbrella Corporation’s revival harkens back to Albert Wesker, the same man partly responsible for both the creation of illegal biological weapons within Umbrella’s t-Virus program and also the ultimate destruction of the original company. With the emergence of the t-Virus as an agent capable of creating viable and profitable biological weapons, Wesker could foresee a time in the near future where B.O.W.s would eventually reform the very nature of global conflict. He believed conventional firearms would be replaced by ever-improving biological weapons, and human soldiers replaced by organisms with astounding combat prowess and refined intelligence, capable of tactical thinking and following complex orders on the battlefield. Newly engineered viruses would overtake the fear of standard chemical and doomsday weapons, with improved strains surpassing even that of the t-Virus itself. It would become a cyclical arms race with countries, powers and governments from across the world striving to produce better biological weapons and superior technologies.

Wesker’s had spent his whole life prioritising abstract thinking over emotions with no qualms about using or betraying anyone for the sake of his own objectives and profit. This was how he was able to envisage such a future scenario in great detail. Wesker possessed an absolute ambition of standing at the top of the world and surpassing humanity. He even used his own body as a tool and this personal experience with the t-Virus led him to believe he could realise his ideals. His DNA adapted to a special t-Virus variant leading to superhuman and regenerative powers. Whilst enjoying these bio-enhancements, he began envisaging situations of facing t-Virus equipped enemies in combat and began exploring countermeasures, breaking down everything from counter combat styles, tactics, weapons and fire-arms, to total anti-B.O.W. suppression. Based on his future predication of a cyclical arms race involving high-powered biological weapons, Wesker privately researched an abundance of sublime countermeasure tactics against a variety of viral weaponry. In a war scenario, he considered neutralising not only one side’s viral weapons, but both sides, meaning he could control the direction, result, and overall control of global warfare. He also researched existing firearms and differing ammunition types, wanting to create effective anti-B.O.W. weapons. His ultimate goal to enable him to stand on top of the world would be to possess effective countermeasure weapons under any circumstances for any situation. This research took him years, was kept strictly private, and never shared with his colleagues and followers at the rival company. It was the ultimate egotist’s plan that only he possessed these countermeasures.

Wesker accelerated the ‘B.O.W. arms race’ in 2003 by purposefully leaking the perfected t-Virus onto the black market, effectively putting it into the hands of terrorists, rogue states and clandestine organisations across the entire globe, all of whom began researching and extrapolating for their own benefits. At the time, Wesker was rising in power within the rival company having played an anonymous hand in bringing down Spencer’s original Umbrella and stealing its data archive. He planned to take total control of the rival company and evolve it into a new Umbrella Corporation based on his own image. But the key difference is that this new Umbrella would not focus on pharmaceuticals, but instead be solely dedicated to the production of biological weapons and anti-B.O.W. technology. The essence of his seemingly contradictory research on physical weapons and total neutralization was to prepare effective countermeasure weapons under any circumstance – in other words his goal was to mitigate the “contradiction.” Because of this, his Umbrella would be a Private Military Company ready to ignite the fuse on bioterror warfare, then control both sides of the conflict. This would eventually make Wesker’s Umbrella the most dominant and powerful organisation on the planet, allowing him to reshape the world and stand above humanity as he had always envisioned.

Consequently, not long after the original Umbrella Corporation had collapsed, a movement began made up of ex-Umbrella employees who had no knowledge of the organisation’s dark side, wanting to atone for Umbrella’s crimes. This movement quickly gained momentum and watching from the shadows, Wesker saw them as an opportunity to spearhead the resurrection of Umbrella, using their sincere and good-willed intentions as the public face of the enterprise. Using an alias or a trusted associate, Wesker arranged for a Chapter 11 reorganisation petition to be submitted to the bankruptcy court to preserve and build Umbrella’s assets through the process of reorganisation, joining forces with the growing movement of former Umbrella employees. They were confident that if they could appease the creditors and the courts, they could become new chief executives and begin work creating anti-B.O.W. measures solely for cleaning up the mess the original company made. Wesker’s pseudonym or chosen source became the debtor responsible for all the red tape and legal costs to finance the ongoing reorganisation proposal. But once the new organisation was active, the former Umbrella employees would perform the bulk of the plan, working on new technologies and anti-B.O.W. weapons based on Wesker’s research whilst remaining completely unaware their good intentions were once again being used for more nefarious purposes. It was a very audacious and ambitious plan, and something that attracted extreme public scrutiny. A controversial decision was made to retain the name ‘Umbrella’ for the new PMC, aimed at being a statement of intent in accepting full responsibility for the original corporation’s crimes and a promise to clean up the mess they made. But the key aspect of the entire plan hinged on persuading the U.S. Government of their honourable intentions, for they still held the seized Umbrella assets indefinitely.

Once the controversial Chapter 11 application was submitted, the pre-confirmation phase began and the plan was looked at in extreme detail. A long waiting game took place whilst the reorganisation application was being considered and it was during this time that Albert Wesker was allegedly killed during an incident in Europe in 2006. By this point he had also completely drained the rival company’s resources during a personal quest to locate Umbrella’s last remaining founder, Oswell E. Spencer. This was down to subliminal imprints placed upon him as a child when he was inducted into a clandestine eugenics program called ‘Project Wesker’ as part of a plan to create superior human beings. Wesker’s ‘death’ left the rival company in disarray, with his loyal followers in limbo left in charge of a crippled company and a new ‘Umbrella PMC’ empire that was almost forged but now without a leader waiting to sit on its throne. With nowhere else to turn, Wesker’s followers decided to continue with the plan to revive Umbrella, becoming its new chief executives once the Chapter 11 plan was approved.

In reality, Wesker was still alive, but had faked his death and aligned secretly with global pharmaceutical conglomerate Tricell, having been in need of their resources and influence in Africa to locate the Progenitor Virus source. His meeting with Spencer in 2006 and revelations at being a part of Project Wesker had changed his thinking profoundly. Now he wanted to take up Spencer’s mantle and rule as a god over humanity. He was already biologically superior to the rest of the world thanks to the t-Virus, and he now saw humanity as a disease, needing to be wiped from existence completely with only a worthy chosen few to remain behind. Because of this new vision, Wesker had no need of Umbrella PMC or the means to control global warfare. Therefore he would remain in the shadows and work on his doomsday Uroboros Project, paying no heed to the emergence of Umbrella PMC or the actions of his former subordinates carrying on his mantle.

By 2007, the pre-confirmation phase of the reorganisation was completed and Umbrella PMC were formally established. For the post-confirmation phase, the new management of the PMC were charged with redeeming the dark legacy of the original Umbrella Corporation. This was their mission statement and only when this target had been achieved in the eyes of the public would the post-confirmation be confirmed and the case be finalised in the bankruptcy courts. If Blue Umbrella failed in this objective, they risked dissolution. Since the company’s trademark was changed following rehabilitation, the primary colours were changed from red and white to blue and white. ‘Red Umbrella’ commonly referred to pre-rehab and ‘Blue Umbrella’ to post-rehab.

Despite the purpose of Blue Umbrella, they understandably came under extreme public scrutiny and opposition based on their history and their initial existence was kept as low key as possible. They were forced to operate under extreme sanctions and several conditions were imposed by the United Nations. One of them was to expand support to handle anywhere in the world within 24 hours after a biohazard incident occurred. This was a complicated problem for Blue Umbrella when it was re-established because of their strict operating sanctions giving them limited resources. Another clause was an article forbidding the possession of private organisations able to exercise armed force, meaning the PMC could have no established paramilitary forces of its own. There was considerable consultation between Umbrella Co. and the United Nations concerning this article. Umbrella appealed the decision on safety grounds for its members, but they had to concede that without this article in place, under normal social conventions it would be difficult to approve their re-establishment in the first place given their dark history. Umbrella Co. requested humanitarian considerations in reaction to facing hazardous field sites unarmed. The resulting answer issued by the UN was support with military force by the B.S.A.A., the leading anti-bioterror military unit under the UN. Although it was political talk, the cooperation of Umbrella Co. was also essential within the UN. The global threat of illegal biological weapons was growing and establishing countermeasures against increasingly complex B.O.W.’s hadn’t been completed, meaning UN forces were exposed to severe criticisms from each country. In addition, the organisational operation costs of the ballooning B.S.A.A. were also a cause for concern. But understandably, the B.S.A.A. were extremely wary of any partnership with a company calling themselves Umbrella. It became apparent that Umbrella had to prove their intentions and earn their trust through the anti-B.O.W. technologies they created.

In 2009, Albert Wesker was finally killed for real after a B.S.A.A. mission in Africa which also exposed Tricell’s illegal B.O.W. program and the Uroboros project. An investigation was launched into Wesker’s dealings and his personal effects were seized, leading to the exposure of all his secret anti-virus weapon research. These findings also included detailed studies of many existing physical firearms. A lot of these products and experimental data were passed on and inspected in-house by the rehabilitated Umbrella Co. Wesker’s anti-B.O.W. research results in particular mesmerised the researchers, and the fruits of that research became the key components in the development of specialised anti-B.O.W. firearms known as the ‘Albert System Weapons Series.’ Wesker had compiled studies and Part of the research envisioned combat in an unaffected state; alongside much conceptualizing of practical use by skilled combatants not equipped with weapons of mass destruction like viruses. In a paper among his personal effects, Wesker argued that weapons of mass destruction didn’t necessarily lead to improving the situation. Unbound to the old regime, the “Blue” researchers summed up those research results and conducted physical development based on mass-production; with the resulting weapons to be supplied for testing to anti-biohazard units such as the B.S.A.A. Over a period of several years this went a long way to securing the trust of these organisations and the effectiveness of these weapons in combat situations only further strengthened that bond, reducing casualty rates and operating costs. Although not used for the reasons Wesker personally intended, his research was ironically extremely effective in redeeming most of the old Umbrella Corp.’s dark legacy.

However, Umbrella Co. didn’t just use Wesker’s research just for their honourable anti-B.O.W. work. Its new executives, now comprised of Wesker’s former
subordinates within the rival company, launched a secret branch of the corporation unknown to its regular employees. This branch focused solely on the continuing production of biological weapons and built up contacts within the B.O.W. underworld. It also launched its own paramilitary sub-division known as ‘Umbrella Corps’, which was essentially an illegal outfit given the sanctions imposed on Blue Umbrella PMC by the United Nations. These soldiers were sent into quarantine zones across the world to steal and gather remnant data and also to demonstrate and test prototype weapons and equipment for corporate sponsors involved in similar shady business practices. In a somewhat sinister move, all activities pertaining to ‘Umbrella Corps’ saw the corporate logo switched back from its distinguished blue and white to its original red and white colours.

As early as 2011, the illegal side of Umbrella Co. spearheaded ‘The Experiments’, a series of combat tests located in controlled environments to showcase new weapons, combat tactics, and equipment. Mercenaries with combat experience were beckoned to Umbrella Co. by extraordinary payment though the identity of the paying organisation was undisclosed to them. Under a strict monitoring system, these mercenaries were sent into quarantine zones. The battles taking place there were clearly for some sort of experiment, but the mercenaries were never told the details or purpose. The guinea pigs were given a few weapons and endured repeat tests in blockades where zombies, B.O.W.s and Plaga-based infectants roamed. There was no guarantee of survival and they had to rely on their own abilities and the equipment provided to succeed.

The researchers overseeing The Experiments didn’t mind the participating mercenaries being killed either, as the number of guinea pigs were plentiful. Occasionally, a rare, exceptional soldier would beat all the trials, and their reward was a place in the elite ‘Umbrella Corps’ unit itself. Although real-time quarantine environments were used, Umbrella Co. also constructed replicas of certain portions of Raccoon City and had access to previously closed off Umbrella labs. The executives’ knowledge from their previous existence as Umbrella’s rival company also meant they were privy to classified information such as the location of the South Pole base and the final resting place of Alexia Ashford, an operation where H.C.F. had been directly involved.

The man who conceived ‘The Experiments’ was a top executive and a former close associate of Wesker who shared many of his ideals. He was acutely aware of the rival company’s involvement in the Southern Europe incident in 2004 involving the Las Plagas parasites and ensured new experiments took place at that still quarantined village site. In 2012 he personally came to observe several trials and requested top-secret data be gathered on the now mutated Ganado specimens thanks to a new form of ‘Recessive Plaga’. The unnamed executive held legendary status and everyone within the PMC who knew of his existence were intimidated and afraid of him. He tried to show off his power whenever an opportunity presented itself and his past achievements captivated the researchers monitoring the trials. To this day the executive’s identity remains a mystery, and one curious researcher who tried to find out via a lock of hair and the organisation’s DNA data archive paid for that curiosity with his life. All that is known is that he was close to Wesker and knew a great deal about the South Europe incident.

Another purpose of The Experiments was to evaluate and revive what was known as ‘CQBZ’ or Close Quarters (Quarantined) Battle Zone; a unique fighting style incorporating virus infectants into close quarters battle within urban areas and buildings. CQBZ and the equipment associated with it was originally devised by legendary U.S.S. operative Hunk and also championed by Wesker.

Since the era of bioterrorism was triggered with the release of the t-Virus onto the black market, incidents occurred across the world and these damaged zones and remains of Umbrella’s research facilities were forbidden to enter as quarantine zones, but CQBZ was a fighting style adapted to quarantine zones. Most battles occurring within quarantine zones were close proximity combat in buildings like urban areas and research labs, therefore default firearms were not long range weapons like rifles but things of relatively short range like PDWs and shotguns. The executives wanted the ‘Umbrella Corps’ to become a dominant fighting unit, and perfecting CQBZ combat training would help them achieve this. It is speculated the Corps were being trained to eventually rise against and destroy the B.S.A.A. and other organisations that would oppose Umbrella PMC once its true nature was revealed to the world.

Throughout 2012/13, a skilled mercenary known only by the code name 3A7 survived The Experiments. He achieved this thanks largely to the prototype firearms and equipment supplied, amongst which was the Zombie Jammer. The Zombie Jammer was a device developed by Umbrella Co. that expelled electromagnetic radiation designed to disorientate nearby zombies and stop them attacking. It was so successful it became standard operating equipment for the Umbrella Corps and a variant was sold to Shen-Ya Pharmaceuticals in 2014. Shen-Ya was one of several secret corporate sponsors to the dark side of Umbrella Co.

The Umbrella Corps kept operational for the next several years, evolving their CQBZ techniques and further perfecting their weapons and equipment. Whilst observing from afar, the mysterious executive spoke of creating a new world order where only the chosen ones would be worthy of survival. He saw the battles as nature’s way of culling the rubbish from the gene pool and believed CQBZ to be the future of modern warfare. He also spoke of their resurrection being close at hand, a reference to the post-confirmation phase of the Chapter 11 order being completed, thus making Umbrella PMC fully sustainable and finally ending the court proceedings.

By 2017 this was indeed the case as Blue Umbrella had developed exceptional anti-B.O.W. technologies and were successful in their original mission of redeeming the original Umbrella’ dark legacy. The Chapter 11 order was completed, the case was filed in the courts and the PMC was finally fully sustainable. They had also won the trust of the B.S.A.A. after their supplied resources helped reduce casualties, operational costs and improved mission success rates. The resulting answer to Umbrella PMC’s problem of not being allowed to have their own legal military force resulted in the creation of a unique joint enterprise known as the ‘Special Cases and Disposal Team.’ This unit was comprised of elite B.S.A.A. soldiers invited as Blue Umbrella advisors and being equipped with Umbrella Co. weapons and equipment. Their aim was to conduct various anti-bioterrorism measures. They had access to the latest resources and also the ‘Umbrella Arsenal System’; a database of classified research available to members and B.S.A.A. advisors with authorised access.

By 2017, journalists had noticed B.S.A.A. teams operating and field testing new weaponry, most notably the Albert 01 Samurai Edge and the ‘Thor’s Hammer Albert 02 shotgun. As a consequence, a Japanese journalist was invited down to Blue Umbrella’s headquarters in the United States to interview an engineer from the Anti-Bio Weapon Development Bureau. There he learned of how Blue Umbrella utilised Albert Wesker’s secret research to craft exclusive new firearms. This answered the question of why these guns were strangely named after one of the world’s most notorious bioterrorists. In a series of papers entitled ‘Umbrella Corporation Confidential Reports’, the journalist explained in detail the process behind the Albert 01, the Albert 02, and the Albert 01P which became standard issue for the Special Cases and Disposal Team.

Throughout that time, Blue Umbrella were tracking down leads on a notorious criminal enterprise known as The Connections. Umbrella Co. actually had an indirect link to this group as their former guise as the rival company saw them work in partnership with The Connections upon discovery and initial study of a fungal super-organism later known as Mutamycete. The rival company had supplied technical assistance back in 2000 through their H.C.F. unit, but later left the project for undisclosed reasons. Only the top executives of Umbrella Co. who formerly worked for the rival company were aware of this link and this information was never passed onto regular personnel, although data provided on what they knew of the Mold was handed down to the Anti-B.O.W. staff. This data resulted in the development of a special type of ammunition known as Rapid-acting mycetoxic rounds (RAMRODs) which were designed to combat fungal-based bioweapons.

Umbrella Co. had been aware that The Connections had developed a new human biological weapon based off an E-Type Mutamycete. She had the appearance of a 10 year old girl and was named ‘Eveline’. The Connections had originally developed this bioweapon in 2014, but fears she would be captured by rival organisations led the syndicate to transfer her to a secure facility somewhere in Central America. During that journey, the ship she was being transported on fell afoul of a hurricane and was lost at sea. Eveline was presumed lost but turned up at a small plantation estate on the outskirts of a small parish town in Louisiana.

In July 2017, Blue Umbrella began monitoring the estate, believing Eveline was present and loose in the plantation. They suspected she had taken control of a local family and that one member, Lucas, was in league with The Connections. Blue Umbrella launched ‘Operation Lurking Fear’ and assigned the Special Case Processing Team to lead an operation to apprehend Lucas Baker and destroy Eveline. Elite B.S.A.A. operative Chris Redfield was assigned as strategic advisor and team leader. He was given access to the Umbrella Arsenal System and carried Albert series weapons. Chris made it clear he was only there at the behest of his orders. The B.S.A.A. may be convinced of Umbrella PMC’s intentions, but he was understandably less so. He even joked that Umbrella wanted to recruit Lucas, rather than arrest him for his crimes.

The mission was eventually a success, Eveline was destroyed and Lucas was killed. Umbrella also saved civilians Ethan and Mia Winters and stopped the E-Series data being uploaded to another unknown organisation Lucas had been in contact with. With Eveline gone, the Mutamycete continued to spread into the surrounding forest. Blue Umbrella quarantined the entire area to ensure the infection did not reach the neighbouring town. The soldiers left on site also developed a vaccine and were able to save Zoe and Joe Baker, the final members of the tragic family destroyed by Eveline.

In secret, Umbrella Co. also recovered plentiful samples of the Mutamycete to forward their own bioweapons research. They also repurposed all the fried hard drives and computer systems in The Connections’ laboratory that Chris Redfield had destroyed. The executives were also aware that Mia Winters, one of the two civilians they had rescued, was actually an employee of The Connections, and could be in possession of valuable information relating to their operations and projects.

At the time of writing Blue Umbrella’s intentions remain unclear. They have seemingly won back public trust and gained positive public relations by forming a working alliance with the B.S.A.A. and having renowned heroes such as Chris and other top B.S.A.A. elites working for their tactical teams. A majority of the corporation does have honourable intentions of wanting to right the wrongs of the past. Their new company motto is ‘Make the World safer with Umbrella’ and they promise to fight for everyday people and world peace. However, underneath the shadow of Blue Umbrella lurks a malevolent evil slowly biding its time before rising to the surface ready to strike when the time is right. It remains to be seen when Umbrella PMC will make their true intentions known to the world but they are currently engaged in a major positive PR media campaign.

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