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supplemental material from the team


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The resident evil mythology

Quite simply the most complete, in-depth Resident Evil timeline on the internet

Resident Evil Monopoly

The story of Neptune’s fantastic Resident Evil Monopoly creation 

RE Netflix Custom Blu-Ray Cover

Download a custom blu-ray cover of the Netflix Resident Evil show!

Antony Johnston Interview

A transcript from our interview with Antony Johnston, RE Village writer (episode 70)

Resident Evil Podcast Enricos Adventure

Enrico's Big Adventure

Enrico’s adventures during REZero, Umbrella Chronicles style

Project Umbrella Podcast Feature Coming Soon

REP Episode Guide

Where’s that review? Use our guide to find that podcast!

Project Umbrella Podcast Complete Series Playthrough

Series Playthrough Editorial

Journey back to 2017 and relive the thoughts of theBatman and STARS Tyrant

biohazard STARS Answercard

Play along with Biohazard STARS quiz show (Episodes 28, 48 ,62) 

Resident Evil Podcast Enricos Adventure

Lego "RE" Advent Calendar

instructions to the Lego Resident Evil Advent Calander

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