Brain Sucker

The Brain Sucker was another irregular mutant very similar to the Drain Deimos. The base organism was unknown but was believed to be a parasite of some kind.

It sucked infected blood from its food source and grew to gigantic proportions. But a unique difference from the DD was that the Brain Sucker developed two heads and had a distinct reptilian body, suggesting two separate creatures had been fused together to create a bizarre new organism. It is believed these differences in appearance were down to the differing DNA of the host organism that originally infected the parasite.

As its name implied, this creature’s main source of nourishment was to suck out the brains of any human unfortunate enough to come near them. A Brain Sucker destroyed the head of its target by combining its two tongues into a form sharp enough to crack through the skull, then reverting back to insert both tongues into the remains and suck up the nutrients. Brain Suckers attacked with their claws much like the Drain Deimos but were not as cautious and much more violent. They also had the ability to spit a toxic venom at their prey from a distance, something a DD was not capable of.

The Brain Sucker laid eggs to reproduce and these eggs hatched into smaller versions of themselves, allowing them to propagate at frightening speeds. Like the DD, they also preferred to hide in dark places. No subjects were ever recorded outside of Raccoon City so further study was not possible.

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