Brandon Bailey

Brandon Bailey was a former Umbrella employee and a key researcher in the development and study of the Progenitor Virus. He would later go on to form the criminal syndicate, The Connections following the destruction of Raccoon City where he would continue the study of biological and viral weaponry.

Little is known of his precise origins, but Bailey was a student at a Swiss University under the tutelage of Dr James Marcus. The pair formed a tight friendship and due to Bailey’s adept understanding of virology, was quickly dubbed a protege of Marcus’. It was through Marcus that Bailey came to the attention of Oswell E. Spencer who himself was extremely interested in the application of virus’s in particular to reshape the world. Spencer had learned through old journals of a mythical flower dubbed “sonnetrappe” and its abilities to seemingly enhance traits.

In 1966 Bailey joined Spencer and Marcus on the first expedition to West Africa to try and locate this mysterious flower.  Locating the ancient Ndipaya Kingdom the three were successful in locating the flowers growing at the “Stairway to the Sun” alter and were able to identify the existence of a virus within the flowers themselves. The three dubbed the virus “Progenitor”. Despite regular attacks from the Ndipaya tribe, samples were successfully obtained and taken back to Europe for further study.

However, it was quickly discovered that study of the plants was prohibitively difficult when the flowers were removed from their natural environment. As such, it was felt that a permanent presence was required in the area in order to facilitate the regular supply of Progenitor. To achieve this Spencer established Umbrella as a cover for this ongoing, illegal research.

In August 1968 Bailey once again undertook a further expedition to Africa in order to secure more samples of the flowers. This time however he departed alone as Marcus had been invited by Spencer to establish the Management Training Facility on the outskirts of Raccoon City instead. After hiring mercenaries to deal with the locals, Spencer and Umbrella were now in full control of the Ndipaya Kingdom and the sonnetrappe flowers. To maintain this, construction began on the Umbrella Africa Research Centre. Bailey was made the manager of the facility with his main task of cultivating the flowers to maximise the virus’s extraction production. The facility was formally finished in June 1969 but Bailey remained concerned about the lack of funds available to him to compete what he saw and essential expansion.

Fortunately for Bailey, Spencer accommodated his requests and the research facility continued to expand and was finally completed in 1970. With this, Bailey was able to begin the cultivation process of the flowers and soon Progenitor samples were being sent to Umbrella laboratories all over the world for research and study. Bailey himself was ruthless, any construction workers that were hired were murdered upon completion of the work to protect the location and secrecy of the Stairway to the Sun.

Bailey worked tirelessly for Umbrella in his role as Director but his world turned upside down when he received word that his mentor and friend James Marcus had been killed whilst working on the T-Virus project. Devastated at this update, Bailey hit rock bottom and he gradually became a depressed and questioned his role in Umbrella.

In November 1998 following the destruction of Raccoon City, Spencer ordered the closure of the African Research Centre to protect and maintain the secrecy of the Stairway to the Sun and the ongoing Progenitor Virus research. It can be assumed at this point that his disillusion with his life’s work took on a new meaning and in doing so established a new organisation simply dubbed The Connections.

The Connections were primarily based in Munich but officially they had no headquarters or main residence. Bailey intended to use his knowledge on virology and eugenics to supply the criminal underworld with weaponry. Unlike Spencer however, Bailey knew not to make The Connections a formal or public company, instead keeping his operations in the shadows away from prying eyes and laundering money to sustain research. The Connections soon began to engage in such activities and even work with Umbrella’s main pharmaceutical rival.

Unaware of this betrayal, Spencer himself was now the worlds most wanted man following the Raccoon City Trials. In his solitude, Spencer continued to take steps to protect his biggest prize and ordered the execution of all Level 9 Umbrella employees of which Bailey was mentioned. Spencer was advised that Bailey was killed.

Despite this apparent death The Connections lived on and continued their insidious activities for many years thereafter. So much so that the B.S.A.A even speculated that Bailey was in fact still alive as of 2107 suggesting he may have faked his own death.

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