BSAA Remote Desktop Translation

The B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop is Japan-exclusive supplemental material for Biohazard 5. It is written from the perspective of Ryan, an intelligence analyst for the B.S.A.A. It contains various folders of information on previous key words and events throughout the series as well as in-universe reports about the situation unfolding in Kijuju via monitoring of Adam’s Blog ( Some of these files were later reproduced in Resident Evil/Biohazard Archives II. Transalted by theBatman.

TRANSLATOR’S NOTE: The original files making up this material were split into separate folders and included personal messenger tabs from various B.S.A.A. staff. These have all been arranged in chronological order for release as a single document. The clock times for the original website operated in real time so the times registered below are taken from the time of capture.

Original Source: (no longer archived)

“Attachment (Acquired) 01/15/09 18:17

I’m sending you the file you requested. As the request was made at short notice, it’s only the code “00” (handgun) for now. From now on, give me a bit more leeway in the future!”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 15/01/09

“M92F: Control Code 0090M9


  •     Calibre: 9mm
  •     Operation: Semi-automatic/Double action
  •     Magazine: Double stack
  •     Weight: 970g

(Compatible Equipment:)

  •     Compatible with all types of equipment.


  •     NATO standard calibre, suitable for action in all developed regions.
  •     Note the weight and slide strength.”

-BSAA Desktop: M92F; undated.

“Attachment (Acquired) 01/16/09 15:31

Sending you the codes “02” and “03”.

I had a hard time selecting “03” because there were so many requests for it.

You owe me!

-BSAA Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 16/01/09

“AK-74 Control Code 0254K7.


  •     Calibre: 5.45mm x 39
  •     Operation: Semi-automatic, fully automatic
  •     Magazine: Single stack
  •     Weight: 3300g

(Compatible Equipment:)

Limited to suppression and assault equipment.


Note both size and weight. Easy to maintain.

There is a 7.62-calibre version in the same series. NATO standard calibre.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: AK74 Management Code: 0254K7

“VZ61 Control Code 0332V3


  •      Calibre: .32ACP
  •      Operation: Semi-automatic/fully automatic
  •      Magazine: Double stack
  •      Weight: 1280g

(Compatible Equipment:)

  •      Concealed 1
  •      Special Duty 2


  •      Small, lightweight. Unsuitable for aggressive action.
  •      Effective range is short.

Caution advised in area of use due to its narrow radius. Due to the nature of this equipment, care must be taken to prove identity during infiltration.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: VZ61 Management Code: 0332V3

“Attachment (Acquired) 1.17.2009 17:00

Code “04”.

The remaining one was code “06”, wasn’t it?

This one will have to wait a bit.

I’m having a lot of trouble with it and it’s taking a while to select.

I’ll be sure to send it to you by the end of the week.

Don’t worry about it.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 17/01/09

“Ithaca Control Code 0412M37


  •      Calibre: 12-Gauge
  •      Operation: Pump Action
  •      Magazine: Tube type
  •      Weight: 2300g

(Compatible Equipment:)

     Compatible with all equipment.

     *Additional equipment for carrying shot-shells must be applied for.


     Lightest weight of the supplied shotguns. Shortened versions also available. Ammunition is readily available in all regions.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: Ithaca Control Code 0412M37; 17/01/09

 “Attachment (Acquired) 1.18.2009 3:30

Code “05”.

It’s an old-fashioned gun and it took me a while to get the boss’s approval. Thanks to him, it’s late!

I can’t believe he doesn’t know how good this thing really is.

My boss…

Has he ever fired a rifle before?

Now, is this all the firearms we were asked to select? I hope that’s all of them. If anything goes wrong, just wait until Monday. I’m going to bed for now.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop; WRD: Reidy Messenger; 18/01/09

“S75 Control code 0622S7


  •      Calibre: .223
  •      Action: Bolt Action
  •      Magazine: Built-in
  •      Weight: 3700g

(Compatible Equipment:)

  •      Special Duties 5
  •      Suppression equipment General
  •      Assault equipment: General


     Note: Obsolete equipment. Requires Administration application for use.

     Alternative recommendation Control code 0676HP 0676KD.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop; S75 Control code 0622S7; 18/01/09


A virus modified from the “Progenitor Virus” for military use. The initial ‘t’ is said to be an abbreviation for ‘tyrant’, meaning tyrant.

Humans infected with this virus mutate.

The major changes are as follows:

  • Rotting and congestion of the skin
  • Deterioration of muscle fibres
  • Extreme intellectual degeneration
  • Paralysis of pain senses
  • Activation of metabolism

Humans in this state are commonly referred to as ‘zombies.’

Their slow movements and decaying appearance make them appear helpless and fragile, but their raw strength is several times greater than that of a normal person.

The only way to stop them is to destroy their heads.

Their active metabolism suggests that they are in a constant state of starvation.

This is the reason why they attack (eat) humans.

If attacked and bitten, the victim is likely to be infected with the t-virus.

When encountering a zombie, it is considered most effective and safe to avoid getting too close and to aim at the head with a firearm from medium to long range.

 (For more detailed countermeasures on how to deal with zombies, see sections 13 to 17 of the Combat Training File “t-15”.)

Additionally, the ‘Progenitor Virus,’ which is said to be the original raw material, is an unknown virus of which little is known other than the name.

The Progenitor Virus is also a top priority research target for the future.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop; t-virus report; 21/01/09


The difference between the G-Virus and the t-virus is that the t-virus causes mutations that turn people into so-called zombies, while the G-Virus “evolves” the infected organism into a completely new life form.

Therefore, life forms infected with the G-virus (commonly known as “G-Organisms”) have the ability to reproduce, which zombies do not possess.

In other words, G-organisms are capable of producing second and subsequent generations of offspring.

This is a frightening prospect.

The G-Virus also possesses an additional characteristic; it can revive the dead.

The G-virus creates new life and rekindles the fire of life that was taken from us.

For this reason, it is necessary to be even more vigilant than with the t-virus.

If bio-terrorism using the G-virus is confirmed, the BSAA will raise the alert level to “10” for all branches, including those outside the outbreak area.

The evolution elicited by the G-virus is highly irregular and unpredictable, and the speed of reproduction is also unpredictable.

Therefore, the extent to which reproduction by G organisms has progressed is unknown at the time of confirmation of bioterrorism using the G-Virus.

If the reproduction is limited to the first generation, it is possible to deal with the situation only in the relevant regional branch, but if the situation has progressed to three or more generations of reproduction, operational action across multiple branches is necessary.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop; G-Virus Report; 22/01/09


Like the t-virus, t-Veronica is derived from the ‘Progenitor Virus’.

The method of production is relatively well understood, and it is said to be a combination of queen ant and plant genes incorporated into the Progenitor Virus.

Organisms infected with t-Veronica not only suffer rapid cellular deterioration, but even their brain cells are destroyed due to extreme rejection.

It is said to be less dangerous than the t-virus, which produces mutants through mutation, or the G-Virus, which produces new life forms, but it is no less dangerous in terms of causing human fatalities.

  • Warning: Handle the following information with caution!

Although unofficial, it is possible to live in symbiosis with t-Veronica by keeping the infected person at low temperatures and allowing the body to acclimatise by slowing the virus’ invasion.

If successful, the infected person will become powerful.

It is said that infected individuals in this state will be able to reproduce like G organisms, but this has not been confirmed and is still speculative.

The above information has not been made public because of the potential for misuse.

The information can only be handled by Level 5 and above intelligence analysts in the Intelligence and Analysis Office, some authorised researchers in the Technical Research Office, and senior BSAA staff with Level 8 and above information access rights.

Please note that the divulgence of information without the necessary procedures and authorisation from the authorised person will result in disciplinary action.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop; t-Veronica Report; 22/01/09

“Attachment (Acquired) 1.23.2009 10:42

Thank you for your efforts.

This is SOA Suzuki.

I obtained this virus photograph during the campaign.

I have matched it with several databases, but no hits were found, so I am sending it to our intelligence analyst.

I am not sure of the security level, so I am sending it to you in a locked folder.

Thank you in advance!

-BSAA Remote Desktop: SOA M. Suzuki Messenger; 23/01/09

“Message Only 1.23.2009 10:43

My apologies!

I forgot to tell you the password!

The password is “GREEN HERB”.

Thank you in advance!”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: SOA M. Suzuki Messenger; 23/01/09

“There is too little information to say, but similarities to t-virus and t-Veronica are recognized in the shape. No way, but could this actually be an example of…?

As an intelligence analyst, you can never be too certain, but sometimes your sense of intuition is the most reliable.

Either way, this photo alone confirms the splitting and erosion of the virus.

It will be necessary to share information with all concerned parties.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop; Analysis of Virus Images; 23/01/09

“Photograph of research facility (source: unknown)

Although unclear, it is assumed to be a photograph of a biotechnology laboratory.

The acquisition route is confidential, but the information was provided only from a reliable source, so the case is classified as rank A in the intelligence evaluation.

The plant in the central cylinder is considered to be the main object of research.

This is ‘Sonnentreppe,’ an Asteraceae plant native to Africa.

So far, there are no reports of ‘Sonnentreppe’ containing toxic or narcotic compounds or substances of special composition.

It is unlikely that bio-weapons could be developed using this as a raw material, but this picture alone is not enough to make a determination.

We acknowledge the need for continued information gathering and ongoing evaluation.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop; Photo Analysis (Source Unknown); 23/01/09

“Attachment (Acquired) 01/29/09 17:42

I’m pretty sure I told you this before?

If you’re going to ask me to do a job, you should tell me in advance!

To just be suddenly assigned jobs out of the blue, put yourself in my shoes!

Well… I’m a professional guy so I’ll still get the job done.

I’ll send this one first. The rest will follow tomorrow.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 29/01/09


Total Length: 7500mm

Total Width: 2500mm

Total Height: 2600mm

Engine Displacement: 6162cc

Engine: V8 supercharger

Passenger Capacity: 2

Although not suitable for mass transportation of SOU personnel, it can be used in shallow water, making it an effective means of transportation when entering the Kijuju Autonomous Zone from the port area. Its usefulness will be further enhanced if the operation extends into the wetlands near the Kijuju Autonomous Zone.

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Airboat; 29/01/09.

“Attachment (Acquired) 01/30/09 04:10

I kept you waiting!

I’m not sure what type the West African branch uses. I didn’t know so it took me a while to confirm. Maybe it’s because this one is so easy to use, or maybe it’s because each branch has its own customised model.

It’s hard work just to confirm.

By the way, did you know?

It’s still off the record, but I heard they are going to release a civilian-use version of this.

I’m thinking of replacing my old Boro HB with it.

What do you think?”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: WRD Reidy Messenger; 30/01/09

“High Mobility Operational Vehicle

Total Length: 4900mm

Total Width: 2300mm

Total Height: 2200mm

Engine Displacement: 6459cc

Engine: V8 turbo

Drivetrain: 4WD

Passenger Capacity: 6

BSAA high-mobility operational vehicle.

Nicknamed “Gambit”.

It is mainly used to transport SOU personnel.

Its equipment and armament can be changed according to the purpose of the operation and the environment in which it is used.

The vehicle in the photo is equipped with a machine gun and a snorkel.

Other types include those with a roof over the cargo area and those equipped with a smoke discharger.

Due to their robust construction and high driving capability, they are suitable for use in counter-bioterrorism operations and in localised areas, but not for use in general urban areas.

The selection of this equipment requires careful consideration of the objectives of the operation and the regional characteristics of the locality in which it will be used.

However, it is expected that the performance of this vehicle will be fully demonstrated in this operation.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: High Mobility Operational Vehicle; 30/01/09

“Message Only | 2.1.2009 04:10

 Too big!

You still think so?

…Well, I guess you’re right.

I suppose it would be fine to use on a date, but not for everyday use.

Gas costs would be ridiculous, especially on my meagre salary.

I don’t have a choice.

I’ll have to stick with that old HB for a while longer.”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: WRD Reidy Messenger; 01/02/09.

“Message Only | 2.6.2009 17:15

 Please check out “blog Kijuju”.

This guy…

The situation seems to be progressing faster than what was anticipated.

This is not just about gathering intelligence, but operational concerns as well.

I’d best hurry.

But this Adam guy, he’s so carefree in this situation.

Well, with good drinks and a beautiful girlfriend, I’m inclined to agree this would put him in good spirits.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Personal Messenger; 06/02/2009

“Message Only | 2.10.2009 14:23

Thank you for your efforts.

This is SOA Suzuki.

I received a copy of the ‘UMBRELLA site’ you sent me before, and it says, ‘The Raccoon City Incident, United States, 1999. Should that not read 1998?”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: M. Suzuki Messenger; 10/02/09

“Message Only | 2.10.2009 at 3:56 pm

 I just saved a page from the site.

I see.

I guess Umbrella Japan must have gotten confused.

Anyway, it’s obviously a mistake, so I’ll let the people concerned know about the correction and share the information.

Thank you very much!”

-BSAA Remote Desktop: SOA M. Suzuki Messenger; 10/02/09

“So far, I have continued to monitor the ‘Kijuju Autonomous Zone’ in Africa as a follow-up to the investigation of incidents I was assigned to. As reported in the media, the country has just undergone a change of government and is in turmoil. The xenophobic movement can be said to be one part of this, but I do not believe this to be the sole cause for the situation in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. Although information is based only on hearsay, there are scattered signs common to bioterrorism that can be seen here.

For example, the headless corpse of a dog mentioned in Adam’s blog.

And the bodies stuffed into a burlap sacks and burned.

It is a well-known fact that the tragedy of Raccoon City began to manifest itself a few months prior in the form of a slaughtered woman’s body. Unusual corpses are often attributed to humans or animals infected with viruses or other bio-weapons.

If this is the work of a single person or animal, there must be some pattern to it, but this has so far not been recognised.

In other words, it is more natural to assume that more than one person or animal is involved in what is happening in Kijuju.

And in Adam’s blog, uploaded today, we see for the first time concrete signs of bioterrorism.

> The weirdest thing I’ve laid eyes upon recently has to be the dog I saw with some leeches or tentacles on his face.<

The ‘leeches or tentacles’ mentioned here are presumably the tentacles of a ‘Plaga’.

Yes, that is the ‘Plaga’ outlined in the Kennedy Report.

At this point, we think we should raise the level of surveillance in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone and conduct a full-scale investigation.

And when we have secured enough evidence, we will notify the West African branch, which has jurisdiction over the region, and ask them to carry out an operation.

But we don’t have enough material for that yet.

First, we will ask the Western Africa Branch to introduce us to a local agent in the form of a cooperation request.

It is highly likely that this investigation will be approved as an official action at a later date.

For the record, I will keep this case in my journal from today.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090213; 13/02/2009

“Attachment (Acquired) | 2.14.2009 13:09

> Local operative in Kijuju Autonomous Zone.

I am AMADI, intelligence analyst of the Western Africa Branch.

For the purpose of a follow-up investigation to an incident that originated from the North American Branch, I would like to introduce our regional operative as follows:

See the attached file for details.

In addition, since the Kijuju Automous Zone is under the jurisdiction of our branch, we will be happy to share any information we have gathered.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: AMADI Personal Messenger; 14/02/2009

“Reynard Fisher

Age: 35 years

Affiliation: West Africa Branch

Designation: Infiltration Agent

Special Notes.

Formerly a member of the Ministry of State Security of a certain African country.

Since that time, he has been dispatched to various places as an undercover operative, and his background has been recognised by the BSAA, where upon joining he has continued to carry out similar duties.

He is skilled at blending in with the populace of the target area and expectation for his talents in the future are said to be high.

He is currently active in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone.

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Reynard Fisher Profile; 14/02/2009

2009.02.16 (Mon) 19:23 from Reynard Fisher

This is Reynard Fisher from the West Africa Branch.

The situation inside the Kijuju Autonomous Zone is indeed very grave.

The region is economically exhausted following a long civil war, and the hearts and minds of the people are devastated. Recently, the government has changed, and the war has ceased, but the chaos still continues.

The Kijuju Autonomous Zone itself had been relatively economically stable due to the presence of a nearby mine, but the situation began to change around the end of last year.

The slaughter of animals and other such acts mentioned in the blog I was told about are one such example, but what is particularly noticeable is the xenophobic movement.

The current administration is promoting extreme nationalism, which may have inspired this movement, but even so, the change in the situation is too rapid.

The residents of the autonomous zone are divided into two factions, those who are in line with this trend and those who are not, and there is constant trouble between the two groups.

There have been more than a few murders among them.

In fact, the owner of a butcher shop, who was one of my sources, was murdered last month.

(You read about it on Adam’s blog.)

I suspect that this is not political, but religious in nature.

But as you say, the spread of the ‘Plaga’ is not without the possibility of bioterrorism, and the country’s political instability makes it a prime target for terrorists. The Kijuju Autonomous Zone is no exception.

So far, I have not seen anybody in the area who might be involved in bioterrorism, but the possibility remains. In fact, the possibility is high, which is why I am here.

I will keep your information in mind.

If I hear anything else, I’ll let you know.

-BSAA Remote Desktop: Reynard Mail_bk; 16/02/09

2009.02.16 18:13 Level.06

I received an e-mail from Reynard Fisher, the local operative inside the Kijuju Autonomous Zone. It is fair to say its contents were within range of my expectations.

If Rey had caught any signs of the Plaga, the West African branch would have acted before I did. The important thing was to inform them of the possibility. If you observe a subject with that possibility in mind, you may notice something you hadn’t noticed before.

However, the situation may not allow us to sit back and wait, and it would be prudent to proceed with further operational planning on the assumption that the Plaga is spreading, so that action can be taken as soon as we have confirmation.

-B.S.A.A. Desktop: Report 021609; 16/02/2009

About ‘Plaga’

The parasitic life-form ‘Plaga’ was sealed in the depths of the castle ruled by the Salazar family, an old European dynasty.

When the Plaga parasitises a human being and assimilates with the central nervous system, the individual loses their rationality and begins to attack others at the behest of another Plaga variant called the ‘Dominant Species’ (or another human parasitised by it).

Although parasitised humans lose their reason, they retain their intelligence and can communicate with each other through language. They also have the cunning to use tools and converge in groups to herd their enemy.

In the Kennedy Report written by Leon S. Kennedy, people in this state are referred to as Ganados.

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Plaga Report; 16/02/2009

2009.02.17 21:04 Level.06

Yesterday, I consulted on this matter with Mike, our chief intelligence analyst. He was sceptical of my theory that the Plaga is being used in Kijuju.

Certainly, it is unusual for the Plaga to suddenly appear in Africa, when until now it has only been confirmed In Europe. It could be that someone brought them here, but I cannot think of any reason why this would be the case. If you think of B.O.W.s as a commodity, the Plaga is not a very attractive commercial product.

The reason is because they are difficult to mass-produce and it takes time for the parasite to take hold, meaning it is much cheaper and quicker for those who want to commit bioterrorism to use viruses.

As a matter of fact, the number of Plaga-related bioterrorism cases is significantly lower than other B.O.W.-related incidents.

However, we cannot deal with new facts if we are bound only by precedents. What if someone had developed a Plaga that overcame these shortcomings?

It could deprive only reason, leaving the intellect intact, and create the ideal soldier, absolutely obedient to the commands of the dominant species.

And what if Kijuju was chosen as the site for such an experiment that would also serve as a demonstration?


No, no.

Any more of this will only lead to more speculation.

What we need now are facts.

We will continue to monitor the Kijuju Autonomous Zone.

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090217; 17/02/2009

2009.02.18 18:43 Level.06

There was no particular progress yesterday.

I was continuing my investigations and considerations about the Plaga, but I couldn’t help my thoughts wandering in the wrong direction.

No, it was more a delusion rather than a thought.

Sometimes inspiration is necessary, but an intelligence analyst must be willing to accumulate facts and derive new ones.

However, the fact that I am in this spiral of thinking means that I am probably under a lot of stress.

Maybe I need a bit of a breather…

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Ryan’s Report 090218; 18/02/2009

“Attached (Acquired)| 2.18.2009 20:58

Oh my god!!!

I hear that a lot of zombies have appeared.

Is this one related to the t-virus too!?”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 18/02/09

“Message Only | 2.19.2009 20:59

> No, you’re not…

I’m just kidding!

Don’t take it so seriously.

I don’t know, but with this many zombies showing up, it might not be good even if the entire BSAA were deployed.

Scary, scary (^_^)”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 19/02/09

“Message Only | 2.19.2009 21:37

It’s me

I may have something big for you.

I will contact you again tomorrow.

Please look forward to it.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Reynard Messenger; 19/02/09

“Attachment (Acquired) | 2.20.2009 18:26

I kept you waiting.

As promised, I managed to land a big fish.

I will let our AMADI here send you the information.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Reynard Messenger; 20/02/09

“Eyes Only

Date Taken: 19/2/2009.

Location: Kijuju Autonomous Zone

The man in the foreground is identified as Ricardo Irving.

Immediate action is required.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Photo in Kijuju; 20/02/09

“Attachment (Acquired) | 2.20.2009 3:56

Sending material on Irving.

We’ve been following his footsteps for some time now.  

We’ve been lucky to be able to locate him within our jurisdiction.

We’ll be running his capture operation from here.

So be on the lookout.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: AMADI Messenger; 20/02/09

“Ricardo Irving

Age: Unknown

Affiliation: Tricell Africa

Natural Resource Development Division

He has a crude attitude and a pompous and arrogant personality, obsessed with material gain. Ostensibly, he is the manager of an oil field owned by the Natural Resource Development Division of Tricell Africa, but his true identity has recently been revealed as a merchant of death who supplies bio-organic weapons (B.O.W.s) to the black market. However, there is no evidence that Tricell is developing B.O.W., and since he himself is in the Natural Resource Development Division and not the Pharmaceuticals Division, the trafficking of B.O.W.s is thought to be his own personal action.

There are questionable records of his presence in Raccoon City during the 1998 tragedy, but this is difficult to confirm as most of the records have been lost.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Ricardo Irving; 20/02/09

“2009.02.20 18:06 Level.06

There was no progress for 2-3 days, but it was worth the wait.

The man in the photograph Rey sent me was one Ricardo Irving.

He portrays himself as a businessman but is in fact a B.O.W. trafficker.

He is a so-called ‘Merchant of Death.’

His sighting in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone raises the possibility of bioterrorism in the area.

I did some further research and found out something interesting.

I checked immigration records and found that someone who looked like Irving entered the country before the incident I am investigating and then left the United States after the incident.

Naturally, there is no proof because he used a false ID when he entered the country, but a comprehensive analysis of the case records from all BSAA branches, the entry/exit records of each country, a comparison of B.O.W.s Irving is said to have handled in the past and those currently used in bioterrorism, as well as any physical characteristics remaining in the records, suggests it is unmistakably the same person.

Irving appears at the conclusion of a follow-up investigation into the incident and is now suspected of involvement in the same.

There is no doubt that each of these events is connected by a single thread. In the meantime, I will contact the agent in charge of the case with this information.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: REPORT 090220; 20/02/09

“Message Only | 2.23.2009 18:32

This is Chris.

I received the information about Ricardo Irving.

Certainly, I suspect his involvement in the incident.

I am also concerned about what he is trying to do in Kijuju.

We are also carrying out our own investigation here.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: SOA C. Redfield Messenger; 23/02/09

“2009.02.23 21:06 Level.06

I gave Chris Redfield the information on Ricardo Irving.

He is one of the few BSAA operatives with Level 10 authority to act on his own initiative and based on his own discretion is able to conduct investigations beyond the jurisdictional boundaries of his own branch. I believe he can obtain intelligence that is not available to other operatives.

We are constantly exchanging information with AMADI from the West African branch, and they seem to want to catch Irving red-handed in the act of B.O.W. trafficking.

To do so, we need to obtain information on when and where he will conduct business in Kijuju.

Ray seems to be actively trying to gather information, but unfortunately the results have not been as good as expected.

I resent the fact that I am an intelligence analyst who is not in the field at this time, but Mr. BSAA “Chris Redfield” is taking care of things.

We cannot ask for more.

But things are urgent. Adam’s Blog conveys the seriousness of the situation.

We have no conclusive proof, but this is more than just a riot or a militant nationalist movement.

Irving is the key to this situation.

Once we know what he is up to, the answer will become clear.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090223; 23/02/09

“Chris Redfield

Age: 35

Affiliation: North America Branch

Designation: SOA (Special Operations Agent)

Career: U.S. Air Force.

S.T.A.R.S. (Raccoon City Police Special Forces)

Special Notes:

One of the founding members of the BSAA.

He has been granted level 10 action authorisation, which allows him to participate in cross-branch investigations and operations.

He has participated in the prevention of bioterrorism, the destruction of illegal factories and the arrest of traffickers in various locations.

His participation in operational activities is the highest among all members”.

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Chris Redfield; 23/02/09

“Attachment (Acquired) | 2.24.2009 18:26

Information on Irving.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Unknown Messenger; 24/02/09

“Message Only | 2.24.2009 at 15:31

> I’ve been hit by a virus!

Hey, hey! Do not send me a message at a time like this!

You need to call the Technical Research Department as soon as possible.

But who would break the BSAA’s security and send a virus?

I can’t believe it.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 24/02/09

“24.02.2009 18:03 Level.06

A virus was sent by a mysterious individual.

Because of this, I couldn’t get any work done yesterday.

Thanks to MJ from the Technical Research Department, we managed to get rid of the virus, but the question is who sent it.

Even with MJ’s skills, we couldn’t identify the source, but there was no evidence of any unauthorised intrusion from the outside.

And the content of that message.

One thing: “Information on Irving.” And that was all.

That means that they knew that we wanted information about Irving and that we would surely be infected with the virus as a result.

Who on earth…?

The only person inside the North American branch I told about Irving was Chris Redfield.

But it is unlikely he would do such a thing.

Does this mean there are people inside the BSAA who don’t want Irving’s affairs bringing to light?”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090224; 24/02/09

“2009.02.25 18:26 Level.06

Late last night, information was brought to us by Chris Redfield.

Ricardo Irving’s deal will take place on March 5 in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone.

The buyers are American.

The West African branch has requested to carry out the operation independently, but the fact the counterparty is American, the possibility of Irving’s involvement, the fact that Mr Redfield obtained the information and above all, his eagerness to participate in this operation, means this will be a joint operation between the West African and North American branches.

At times like this, the voice of the Original 11 speaks volumes.

However, the Western Africa Branch will be responsible for the basic planning and execution of the operation, and Mr. Redfield will only participate as an observer, which he seems to agree with.

I will be responsible for analysing the information received from the West Africa Branch and communicating it to Mr. Redfield.

Looks like I am going to be busy.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090225; 25/02/09

“Attachment (Obtained) | 2.26.2009 18:11

The outline of the operation is almost finalised.

All that remains is to select the participating team members.

We have decided to start by appointing this man as commander of the advance team, so keep that in mind.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: AMADI Messenger; 26/02/2009

“Dan DeChant

Age: 53

Affiliation: West Africa Branch

Designation: SOU (Special Operations Unit)

One of the oldest members of the BSAA.

Formerly a distinguished non-commissioned officer in the US Army, he took early retirement and joined a private military company (PMC) that operated mainly in Africa.

There, he witnessed B.O.W.s and the devastation they caused and joined the BSAA out of righteous indignation.

He became a member of the Special Operations Unit (SOU) of the West Africa branch.

In this operation, he will lead ‘Alpha Team’, the advance incursion unit.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Dan DeChant; 26/02/09

“Kirk Mathison

Age: 28

Affiliation: West Africa Branch

Designation: Helicopter Pilot

Helicopter pilot belonging to the SOU Air Support Platoon.

Unusually for an operative, he enlisted directly and learned all his skills and knowledge in-house at the BSAA.

In this operation, he will relay commands from HQ and provide air-support and back-up for the ground units.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Kirk Mathison; 26/02/09

“Josh Stone

Age: 35

Affiliation: West Africa Branch

Designation: SOU (Special Operations Unit)

A veteran soldier belonging to the BSAA West Africa branch.

He respects the rules, but also tends to use his own judgment in certain situations.

He is trusted by those around him and is a skilled solider, but he is even more proficient at managing and leading a team.

He will participate in this operation as leader of the back-up unit.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Josh Stone; 26/02/09

“Dave Johnson

Age: 27

Affiliation: Western Africa Branch

Designation: SOU (Special Operations Unit)

Due to his outstanding driving skills, he is often the primary vehicular operator during operations.

He is especially skilled at driving off-road.

Prior to joining the BSAA, he won awards participating in international rally championships worldwide.

For this mission he is a member of Delta Team led by Josh Stone.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop; Dave Johnson; 26/02/09

“2009.02.26 17:11 Level.06

With Chris Redfield’s decision to participate in the operation, it was necessary to select a partner.

When SOAs take part in an operation, it is usually based on a two-man cell.

Since Mr. Redfield is from the North American branch and will be operating in unfamiliar territory, it was agreed with AMADI that he should be accompanied by an SOA from the West Africa branch.

(As an aside, our own Suzuki wanted to participate, but she is probably not experienced enough.)

Following discussions, the partner selected was ‘Sheva Alomar’, an SOA from the West Africa branch.

I had already requested her personnel file for another matter. She is only 23 years-old but is a highly capable SOA. She will make an excellent partner for Mr Redfield.

But it is her background that concerns me.

The restrictions on information disclosure are too strict for an SOA operative.

Rumour has it she has a personal connection to one of the standing members of the Bioterrorism Assessment Committee.

I wonder if that has something to do with it.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop; Report 090226; 26/02/09

“Sheva Alomar

Age: 23

Affiliation: West Africa Branch

Designation: SOA (Special Operations Agent)

Background: Undisclosed due to adaptive protection program

Special Notes:

In addition to being flexible enough to cope with a variety of situations, she is also a skilled fighter and consistently achieves top results in firearms training. Her flexibility and physical skills have earned the highest praise from her martial arts instructors.

She harbours a fierce anger towards bioterrorism, and it is presumed that something happened to her in the past, but her personal history has been withheld due to an adaptive protection program.

Release of information requires approval of three senior personnel with access to information rights at Level 8 or above.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop; Sheva Alomar; 26/02/09

“Attachment (Obtained) | 2.27.2009 11:26

Sending you images of Sheva Alomar during her training.

Please note the security level of these photos are low, so I don’t mind sharing them, but redistribution is not permitted.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: AMADI Messenger; 27/02/09

“Message Only | 2.27.2009 11:31

> I’m sure you like this kind of girl, don’t you?

What’s up with this girl!

She’s amazing!

She’s my type, totally my type!

I’m just saying….so, is there anymore?

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 27/02/09

“Attachment (Acquired)| 2.27.2009 12:22

> Is there anymore?

…This was taken privately by me.

Naturally, it’s a secret from her, so please keep it that way.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: AMADI Messenger; 27/02/09

“Operations Case 849276 – Terrain Assessment Report




533X358 pixel

Kijuju Autonomous Zone Port.

The shallow water makes it impossible to use large vessels, but it is possible to enter by airboat.

It is one of the candidate locations for the point of entry when the operation is executed.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Case No. 849276 File 1; 27/02/09

“Operations Case 849276 – Terrain Assessment Report




533×358 pixel

The country’s rail network has been destroyed by the civil war and there is no prospect of restoration. It is not considered to serve as an entry and supply route during operations.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Case No. 849276 File 2; 27/02/09

“Operations Case 849276 – Terrain Assessment Report




533×358 pixel

Autonomous Zone Main Street

Unsuitable for large team incursion due to narrow road and heavy civilian traffic. But ideal for several people posing as ordinary citizens to infiltrate.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Case No. 849276 File 3; 27/02/09

“Operations Case 849276 – Terrain Assessment Report




533×358 pixel

Information brought to us by Chris Redfield revealed that the deal will take place in this building. Considering the surrounding area, we believe it is impossible for the Alpha team to enter from this side. There is a warehouse at the rear, so I propose an incursion from there.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Case No. 849276 File 4; 27/02/09

“2009.02.27 21:06 Level.06

Yesterday, thanks to the pictures of Sheva Alomar there was no end to the demand for photographs all day long. Damn that Reidy guy…how far is he spreading the word?

Actually, there was another one, but let’s not give this one away.

And one more thing.

I received a request for an interview. A journalist who runs a blog called “BSAA Observation Diary” asked me to do an interview.

I don’t know how he did it, but he seems to have obtained information about the virus attack that was carried out on my PC the other day. He seems to be an excellent journalist to be so well versed in the inner workings of the BSAA. A good journalist is reassuring if he is an ally, but if he becomes an enemy, he could be a greater threat than bioterrorism.

A mishandling of the situation here could lead to more serious consequences.

When I discussed this with Reidy, he replied, “Why don’t you just answer appropriately?”

He is a good weapons and equipment analyst, but he is not the right person for this kind of thing. Consulting with him was the wrong thing to do.

Well, that’s strike one.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090227; 27/02/09

“2009.02.28 15:06 Level.06

An outline of the operation has been received from the Western Africa Branch. It seems that the information I have gathered on Kijuju and the terrain assessment report I submitted have been useful. As an intelligence analyst nothing would make me happier than for this operation to proceed smoothly.

The plan is for ‘Alpha Team’, led by Dan DeChant, to deploy in ‘Gambits’ and raid the deal location. Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar are the ‘Bravo Team’. As observers in this operation, they will enter via the market side.

In addition, a helicopter piloted by Kirk Matheson will be deployed as a relay to the headquarters, and Josh Stone’s team will be on standby as the back-up unit.

Although this may seem a bit excessive to arrest a single trafficker, Irving’s business is intercontinental, and considering that his business partners are also American, there is a high possibility that his arrest will provide clues to the bio-terrorist network.

In this light, this formation is not necessarily an exaggerated concentration of resources.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090228; 28/02/09

“Message Only | 3.2.2009 18:26

Have you ever heard of the Uroboros Project?

I’ve heard all kinds of crazy stuff about how it’s going to change the balance of the world or destroy it if it ever gets implemented.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy Messenger; 02/03/09

“Message Only | 3.2.2009 18:27

I’m sorry to interrupt.

I too have heard rumours about this.

But what do they hope to achieve by destroying the world?

When you consider that, it makes this rumour lack credibility.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: SOA M. Suzuki Messenger; 02/03/09

“2009.02.26 17:11 Level.06

With Chris Redfield’s decision to participate in the operation, it was necessary to select a partner.

When SOAs take part in an operation, it is usually based on a two-man cell.

Since Mr. Redfield is from the North American branch and will be operating in unfamiliar territory, it was agreed with AMADI that he should be accompanied by an SOA from the West Africa branch.

(As an aside, our own Suzuki wanted to participate, but she is probably not experienced enough.)

Following discussions, the partner selected was ‘Sheva Alomar’, an SOA from the West Africa branch.

I had already requested her personnel file for another matter. She is only 23 years-old but is a highly capable SOA. She will make an excellent partner for Mr Redfield.

But it is her background that concerns me.

The restrictions on information disclosure are too strict for an SOA operative.

Rumour has it she has a personal connection to one of the standing members of the Bioterrorism Assessment Committee.

I wonder if that has something to do with it.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop; Report 090226; 26/02/09

“2009.02.26 17:11 Level.06

With Chris Redfield’s decision to participate in the operation, it was necessary to select a partner.

When SOAs take part in an operation, it is usually based on a two-man cell.

Since Mr. Redfield is from the North American branch and will be operating in unfamiliar territory, it was agreed with AMADI that he should be accompanied by an SOA from the West Africa branch.

(As an aside, our own Suzuki wanted to participate, but she is probably not experienced enough.)

Following discussions, the partner selected was ‘Sheva Alomar’, an SOA from the West Africa branch.

I had already requested her personnel file for another matter. She is only 23 years-old but is a highly capable SOA. She will make an excellent partner for Mr Redfield.

But it is her background that concerns me.

The restrictions on information disclosure are too strict for an SOA operative.

Rumour has it she has a personal connection to one of the standing members of the Bioterrorism Assessment Committee.

I wonder if that has something to do with it.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop; Report 090226; 26/02/09

“2009.03.02 18:29 Level.06

Satellite photographs of the Kijuju Autonomous Zone have been sent.

It depicts the square as described in Adam’s Blog. There are more people here than I expected. Bravo Team’s route from the incursion point to the deal location building inevitably takes them through this square. This is something that needs to be brought to their attention.

Also, in recent days, we have frequently heard the term ‘Uroboros Plan’. Although the content of this rumour lacks credibility, the fact that it has spread to this extent suggests that there may be some kind of hidden truth.

After the Kijuju operation is over, we will try to gather more information.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090302; 02/03/09

2009.03.03 21:13 Level.06

Just before the operation was to begin, a startling revelation came to light.

I had identified this as an incident of bioterrorism, and I proceeded to conduct an investigation on that front, which resulted in a joint operation with the West African Branch. However, they did not recognise it as such, and seemed to consider this operation merely as an incursion to arrest Irving.

Naturally, the possibility of bioterrorism has not been communicated to their personnel on the ground.

I have lodged a strong complaint with AMADI of the West African branch and with the Operations Planning Department. However, they refused to act, saying that the evidence for bioterrorism was too weak based on Adam’s blog alone.

I insisted on just informing them of the possibility, but they were too obstinate to allow any confusing information to be carelessly sent down to the field.

This was my mistake.

I had assumed that the West Africa Branch was on the same page as I was.

I took the wrong approach.

Now, that’s strike two.

I would have at least informed Chris Redfield of the possibility, but he himself was already on operational manoeuvres.

As a level 6 intelligence analyst, I have no authority to pass on information directly to him.

In this situation, I have no choice.

Although it is against the rules, I will have to use my personal connections to pass on the information.

For now, I will do what I think is best.

By the way, I received a question from the journalist again today.

It seems that he has heard something about ‘Uroboros’ as well. I thought this rumour was only circulating inside the BSAA, but now it seems to have spread further.

This may require further investigation.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090303; 03/03/09

“Message Only | 3.4.2009 17:45

> Please pass on this important message.

I am sure that with the SOA network, I can relay this message to Chris.

Please leave it to me!”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: SOA M. Suzuki Messenger; 04/03/09

“Message Only | 3.5.2009 18:02

The operation has finally started.

How’s it going, did you get the situation report over there?”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy; 05/03/09

“Message Only | 3.5.2009 18:59

> No, nothing.

I see.

Once the operation starts, the initiative is transferred from the Analysis Office to the Planning Department. Anyway, all we can do is wait and pray for everyone’s safety.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: WRD: Reidy; 05/03/09

“2009.03.05 23:56 Level.06

Last night I did not sleep a week whilst waiting to receive a progress report on the operation.

My efforts were rewarded at dawn, but the news was not good.

Alpha Team, led by Dan DeChant, has been wiped out.

The relay helicopter piloted by Kirk Matheson crashed.

The Operations Department decided yesterday to deploy Josh Stone’s squad, which had been the back-up team. The only saving grace is that the Bravo Team comprised of Chris Redfield and Sheva Alomar are safe.

At HQ, information is conflicting and the situation on the ground is becoming increasingly chaotic.

The situation seems to be taking a turn for the worse.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090305; 06/03/09

“2009.03.08 19:04 Level.06

Through a certain channel, I obtained data that was of some interest.

[C. Redfield].

Come in, Kirk.

The locals were hostile, and we had to use force.

We don’t have any contingency plans for this situation, do we, Kirk?

[K. Mathison]

Roger on the locals. But you orders still stand.

[S. Alomar]

What does that mean? Was HQ expecting this?

This is a communications log between Bravo Team and the helicopter pilot, Kirk Mathison.

What does this mean?

It sounds like the possibility of bioterrorism in the Kijuju Autonomous Zone, which should have been communicated, has not been communicated at all.

I did ask M. Suzuki to pass on the information, and she agreed to do so.

This needs to be confirmed.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop; 08/03/09

“Message Only | u.9.2009 19:27

> What the hell is going on?

What are you talking about?

I have not heard anything about that.

Are you misunderstanding something?”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop; 08/03/09

“Message Only | u.9.2009 19:28

> I have the logs here.

> I can have MJ check the network master log.

> I’ll have him check it out.

I’m sorry. But I think it would be pointless.”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: SOA M. Suzuki Messenger; 08/03/09

“Message Only | u.9.2009 19:29

> Pointless? What do you mean?


-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: SOA M. Suzuki Messenger; 08/03/09

“2009.03.09 20:56 Level.06

Since yesterday, I have not been able to contact M. Suzuki of SOA.

No way, have I given information to the wrong person?

I hate to admit it, but this is strike three…”

-B.S.A.A. Remote Desktop: Report 090309; 09/03/09

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