Carla Radames

Carla Radames was a scientifically gifted genius who created the C-Virus; which was later responsible for the bio-terrorism events in the Edonia Republic in Eastern Europe, Tall Oaks in the United States and Lanshiang in the  People’s Republic of China.

It was clear from an early age that Carla had advanced IQ and intelligence way above average. She was still just a child when she enrolled at university, graduating at just 15-years of age with a doctorate course in genetics. Her talents were spotted by Derek Simmons and she was scouted by a research institute directly owned by the Simmons Foundation.

It was here she became immersed in the clandestine world of B.O.W.s and virus research. As time went by, Simmons often praised Carla for her intelligence and successful research, and his praise only increased her devotion to him. Although academically gifted, she was still just a young, naive woman and soon became infatuated with Simmons, wanting nothing else than to please him and earn his praise. She devoted herself to the development of the C-Virus, wanting to create something that would ensure she would always be useful to him. But she was blinded to his real intentions and was nothing more than a tool for him to accomplish his goals.

In 2001, Carla formally began work on the C-Virus as part of Project Ada. A year later, she acquired t-Veronica from a blood sample taken from Manuela Hidalgo. Through the use of technology and innovation not available to Alexia Ashford in the 1980’s, Carla was able to nullify the intense brain cell rejection found in those infected with t-Veronica by creating a variant strain known as ‘t-02’. This was created by extracting the ‘DNA mutation attribute’ found in the original Progenitor Virus which had become strengthened over time with the t-Virus.

She had to repeatedly improve this in combination with t-Veronica before a solution was found,and once completed, ‘t-02’ completely negated total brain cell breakdown. This was later synthesised with a sample of the G-Virus taken from Sherry Birkin in order to create the perfect virus. Carla knew it would take many years but she would do all she could to please Simmons. He wanted a perfect clone of the spy Ada Wong to act as his subordinate and Carla knew that success with Project Ada would be the only way to keep Simmons happy with her. Morals, ethics and human compassion went out the window as Carla worked with The Family’s research teams and experimented on over 12,000 subjects to perfect the virus, but her efforts to create a perfect Ada clone remained unsuccessful.

By 2009, Project Ada had been running for 10 years and still no results were forthcoming. It was only when one of Carla’s own researchers realised that she was a probable genetic match and betrayed her trust by going to Simmons with this information. Despite all she had done for him, Simmons didn’t think twice about betraying Carla and arranged for her to be captured and used as the next test subject against her will. Restrained, she was injected with the C-Virus and the once pale-skinned, long blonde-haired Carla Radames was encased in a chrysallid. Hours later, she was reborn as an identical genetic clone of Ada Wong. The experiment was a success and in a twisted way, Carla had given Simmons the thing he wanted most of all, yet it was done against her will and at the high price of her humanity. Carla Radames was now nothing more than a memory.

In the following months, Carla was put through an intensive training program for her to look, act and sound just like the real Ada which included her espionage and impressive athletic skills. She was taught to obey Simmons at all costs and yet somewhere in the deepest recesses of her mind; a lingering doubt began to emerge.

These doubts began to grow and she found herself secretly despising Simmons. She was confused at first until she began to experience repressed memories of her former life as Carla. She would often question Simmons but he firmly denied any existence of Carla Radames. But eventuallyshe came to remember exactly what Simmons had done to her and began to burn with revenge against him.

In her role as his trusted associate, Carla was well aware of Simmons’ role as head of The Family; a secret order who strove to keep order and balance across the world. She decided the best way to gain revenge on Simmons would be to undo all the work The Family had accomplished over the centuries by leading humanity into the brink of chaos. Secretly, she began abusing Simmons’ trust by siphoning vast sums of money and resources from The Family to aid her own plans, tricking everyone into thinking it was for further C-Virus research. By now, C-Virus research had turned towards weaponisation and Carla was working with The Family’s researchers at the Tall Oaks laboratories to create ‘Complete Mutation Species’ using previous Project Ada research results.

Several creatures retained feminine traits, and others were created after it was discovered combining animal genes with the C-Virus created a mutant species that reflected the characteristics of the original creature. Carla worked diligently and Simmons was so pleased with the results that he relinquished control of the entire Asian fraternity of The Family to Carla’s control as a gift in return for her continued loyalty. This aided in her plan to secretly create a terrorist group called Neo-Umbrella. Although it bared no relation to the original Umbrella Corporation responsible for so many bio-terror incidents over the years, the very name struck fear into the hearts of people around the world. Therefore a new Umbrella would be enough to put society on edge and cause chaos for those in The Family who desired nothing more than order, balance and American dominance across the world. Gathering researchers, scientists and criminals loyal to her cause with the lure of money and power, she built up this nefarious organisation in utter secrecy, using The Family’s own resources against them. She established Neo-Umbrella outposts in secret locations across the world, whilst all the time feigning utter loyalty and devotion to Simmons until the time was right to bring him down.

Neo Umbrella’s primary facilities were based in Lanshiang, where research was carried out on various Complete Mutation Species using the C-Virus and based on the work she was doing simultaneously for The Family back in America. She even acquired an off-shore oil rig, and approved plans for a huge underwater facility to be constructed with drilling facilities capable of digging into the sea bed. This was so magma could be pulled up from beneath, enabling Neo-Umbrella researchers to study microbes and bacteria able to thrive in high temperature environments. They then incorporated that characteristic into the C-Virus with the goal of creating B.O.W.s that could survive under extreme environmental conditions.

In 2011, Carla successfully developed the Ustanak; a human biological weapon that could be programmed to track a target down in a similar vein to the Nemesis T-Type. It took over 322 human guinea pigs to perfect this creature and marked the first successful Neo-Umbrella creation. However, Carla had no intention of selling it and had it developed to specifically carry out her own orders. She treated Ustanak with compassion, and it in turn looked back at her with utter loyalty and devotion, almost like a mother figure. It would follow only her orders and she would treat it as her own flesh and blood. The Ustanak was utterly loyal and would carry out Carla’s wishes until the death.

Whilst working for Simmons and The Family, many Complete Mutation Species were born through remnants of Project Ada and the Gnezdo and the Lepotica in particular maintained a notable female appearance. In 2012 Simmons ordered a field test of the Lepotica organism now able to create zombies by emitting a gaseous form of the virus. Carla conducted this test on his behalf and used the isolated Marhawa Academy in Asia as a suitable location. Carla scouted the site and came into contact with Bindi Bergara; the disillusioned senior student president who despised the totalitarian rule the school was under through Mother Gracia Delenikas.

Her friend, Nanan Yoshihara, had been seriously injured in an accident and was in a coma. Carla provided Bindi samples of the C-Virus, tricking her into believing it would revive Nanan and give her the power to take revenge on the school. Bindi injected Nanan, who hardened into a chrysallid before being reborn as a Lepotica. Bindi used Nanan to infect other students and bring chaos to the school as Carla watched from behind the scenes, gathering combat data on the attacks. The plan worked well, although Carla discovered the Lepotica creature would only follow the orders of its former friend, Bindi. Whenever Carla tried to make contact with it, it would violently attack, forcing her to retreat. Eventually, the B.S.A.A. intervened and the Lepotica creature was killed. Carla took the remains back to Neo-Umbrella for further study and also sent the recovered data back to Simmons.

Some months later, Carla was ordered by Simmons to head to the Republic of Edonia in Eastern Europe and ensure Jake Muller was captured and safely escorted out of the country. Jake was the illegitimate son of the late Albert Wesker and shared his father’s rare, unique blood type that gave him immunity to most viruses. Simmons wanted Jake to strengthen the C-Virus but Carla saw this as the ideal opportunity to synthesise a new strain of the virus that only Neo-Umbrella would benefit from.

Edonia was in the midst of civil war and Carla used Neo-Umbrella to provide the rebels with B.O.W.s, supplying the C-Virus in the form of nutritional supplements. This turned all the rebels into J’avo and resulted in the intervention of the B.S.A.A. Simmons used his position as National Security Advisor to convince the president it would be in the interest of the United States to acquire Jake Muller so they could synthesise his unique blood to create a vaccine for the C-Virus. D.S.O. Agent Sherry Birkin was sent in to extract Jake and Simmons sent Carla along to ensure she got Muller out of the country safely. As expected, Jake turned out to be immune to the C-Virus and Carla watched from the shadows as Sherry made contact with him. She deployed the Ustanak to intercept him and waited at City Hall. There she was apprehended by Chris Redfield and his B.S.A.A. team. She passed herself off as an employee held hostage and as the B.S.A.A. escorted her to safety, she betrayed them and killed them all. Only Chris and Piers Nivans survived.

On Christmas Day, Carla, the Ustanak, and a platoon of Neo-Umbrella troops finally caught up with Sherry and Jake on the Edonian border just a few miles from their rendezvous point. There she captured them both and delivered them to Neo-Umbrella’s HQ in China. She told Simmons both of them had been killed. He had no reason not to believe her.

Over the next six months, Carla experimented using Jake’s blood, developing an even more powerful strain of the C-Virus that even Simmons was unaware of. The refinement of this virus was extremely difficult, and there was no-one who knew the manufacturing method other than Carla. Therefore, it was unlikely this strain could be mass-produced in the future without her. She also began production of a B.O.W. called ‘Haos’ in the underwater facility off the coast of China. Haos was a giant behemoth that could disperse the C-Virus in gas form in much the same way as a Lepotica could. Once fully complete, Carla planned to use the creature to infect the entire world, destroying The Family’s controlling vision for humanity in the process. Should it ever reach the surface, it would follow its programming and continue to divide and multiply. In only a few days these Haos creatures would contaminate the entire planet. This was Carla’s ultimate plan and the creature was even programmed with orders to continue should she be killed.

Still retaining Simmons trust and still in charge of The Family’s research team at the church lab in Tall Oaks, Carla was well aware of the plan to assassinate President Benford before he was due to reveal the truth about the U.S. Government’s role in the Raccoon City incident. She decided to let this plan come to pass without incident as it would occupy Simmons and The Family long enough for her to get to Lanshiang and begin preparations for Neo-Umbrella’s city-wide attack. She visited the slum district of Poisawan and offered money to young and healthy men to take part in what she called ‘medical experiments.’ But in reality, she injected them all with the C-Virus to create an army of J’avo ready for the attack.

Just prior to the bioterrorism incidents, Carla contacted the real Ada Wong and involved her in the situation. Whether she did this in some vain attempt to destroy the original Ada and leave only herself, or to have Ada save her as she knew she could not stop her own out of control actions, no one can say.

On June 27th, 2013, the real Ada Wong infiltrated a Navy submarine owned by The Family but under Carla’s control. She had outfitted all its systems to recognise Ada’s voice and give her access to all areas. Her reasons for doing this were twofold. First, it was so the real Ada could discover that Simmons was up to no good, and second it allowed Carla to frame the real Ada as the head of Neo-Umbrella.

Two days later, Simmons launched his attack on Tall Oaks, killing President Benford. As he reveled in his success, he was as shocked as anyone when a group calling themselves Neo-Umbrella suddenly claimed responsibility for the attack. He was even more shocked when the real Ada Wong made contact for the first time in 15 years and informed him of Carla’s plan to destroy the world. As word spread of a second bioterrorist attack in China, Simmons quickly chartered a private plane to stop her.

Carla meanwhile, reveled in the chaos the C-Virus was causing. She dispatched a J’avo agent to infect Simmons with the enhanced C-Virus and had a reunion with Chris Redfield who burned with revenge after she had wiped his team out in Edonia. She toyed with him for several hours until members of The Family finally caught up and shot her in the chest. Dying, but satisfied her plan to destroy the world could not be stopped, she fell to her death. However, her last action was to inject herself with the enhanced C-Virus and she became a hideous creature. But in a somewhat fitting end, she was killed by Ada Wong. The termination of her vital signs also triggered the release activation of the slumbering Haos creature. Likewise the Ustanak was saddened by her death and became quiet and subdued, yet it continued its relentless quest to capture Jake Muller to fulfill its master’s wishes.

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