Caroline Floyd “Willow”

Caroline Floyd was a Native American and descendant of the Cree tribes that inhabited the central mountains of North America. She grew up in poverty on a Native American reservation in Montana. It was here during her childhood and teenage years that she learned to use the surrounding environment to her advantage, learning stealth and camouflage techniques to help blend into her surroundings.

As she got older, she began intense physical training to keep her body in optimum condition and went on to join the army straight out of school. She pushed her body extremely hard both physically and mentally as she trained for specialised units. Caroline excelled at the intense curriculum of the Spec Ops, and established herself quickly among her peers. She was also a perfectionist and would never accept failure, often being far too hard on herself as a result.

She would often look to her people’s spirits for guidance and mythical determination.

Caroline was eventually placed in the Echo Six field unit team under the command of Crispin Jettingham where she went under the call sign ‘Willow’ as a homage back to her Native American ancestry.

In September 1998, Floyd and her team mates were sent into the contaminated Racoon City zone to rescue any survivors. She was at the forefront of the team’s first encounter with the Licker creature and had to use her superior athletic prowess to overcome it. During her time in Raccoon City, Floyd scouted for Echo Six and was often on point duty alongside Sienna ‘Party Girl’ Fowler. They infiltrated several top-secret Umbrella installations and helped key survivors including Jill Valentine, Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin. But it is unknown if Caroline Floyd escaped Raccoon City before the sterilisation operation as records remain incomplete.

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