The Centurion was a secondary infectant found in the Executive Management Training Facility. Whilst the largest centipedes in nature can reach up to a length of 30 cm, thanks to the t-Virus the Centurion grew up to approximately 10 meters long. Had controlled amounts of the t-Virus been applied, its

size could have been smaller or potentially larger and it served as a solid example of just how dangerous a leak of the t-Virus could be should it ever contaminate a large ecosystem. Because of its vast size, the centipede which would normally feed on rats or lizards turned to humans to supplement its intense hunger.

The Centurion is a multi-legged creature and very aggressive. It would quickly close in on its prey, rear up and then strike at its victim. It used sharp, powerful fangs to bite through human bones. Its patterned movements were reminiscent of an insect’s, indicating its low intelligence. The only threat it posed is from its attack power and durability.


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