Cerberus / Zombie Dog

The Cerberus is the result of administering the βI strain t-Virus into a large, fully grown Doberman pinscher, so chosen because of their prior training received as military dogs, making them easier to follow orders and control. Virus injection led to drastically increased muscular strength and combative instinct and because it possessed no sense of fear, its tolerance for pain and taking gunshots was far higher than common military dogs and therefore it would attack ferociously until its opponent was dead. The most obvious physical symptom of the virus was severely decayed muscle and skin tissue, although its speed, jumping range, endurance, and general aggressiveness were all considerably heightened.

Infected specimens also retained the social group dynamics of its species and were skilled at attacking a single target in groups. If the Cerberus was suitably trained, it could be made to act on several commands at once. Its main attacking features were its sharp claws and razor-like fangs, combined with heightened speed and maneuverability, resulting in a deadly weapon. Typically, a Cerberus would run around the perimeter of its prey in a bid to disorientate, then it would pounce and impose their entire body weight.

After pushing down their weakened opponent they would go to bite the throat, incapacitating them completely. When more than one Cerberus is faced with a single target, they co-operate and attack in waves, leaping in sequence without providing intervals for the target to rest. Although the Cerberus retained enough intelligence to be trained to follow orders, its excessive aggressiveness made them very difficult to control. The creatures were hungry all the time, and their resulting killing impulse made them nigh on impossible to secure.

In addition, their brain functions slowly decayed over time, much like a human ‘zombie’, meaning control became even harder the longer they lived. Additionally this decay also affected their eyesight, which slowly degenerated until the creature was left completely blind, compensating with a heightened sense of hearing and sensory perception.

The Cerberus was a relatively cheap weapon to produce and remains one of the most successful experiments of t-Virus test subjects using animals as the base organism. Cerberus would later be mass-produced under the code number: MA-39 and was named after three-headed demon dog protecting the gates of the underworld appearing in Greek mythology.

Secondary Infectant 

ZOMBIE ZOG (T-VIRUS) – In later years, there were cases of secondarily-infected Dobermans. These became known as ‘Zombie Dogs’ and were created usually after they had consumed a contaminated food source. These creatures had an insatiable hunger and were practically identical to the Cerberus. However, because they had received no prior military training, they were impossible to control, justifying the researchers’ original decision to use a previously-trained dog as the base organism for the B.O.W. 

Zombie Dogs appear throughout Raccoon City and then later on Sheena and Rockfort Island.

ZOMBIE DOG (C-VIRUS) – A canine secondarily infected by the C-Virus. As with all infected during the C-Virus outbreak in Tall Oaks, the Zombie Dog was created after breathing in the gas spread by the Lepotitsa B.O.W. 

C-Virus Zombie Dogs share very similar traits to its t-Virus cousin with no notable improvements documented. Zombie Dogs were reported in Tall Oaks, notably the graveyard of the city’s cathedral and the underground subway tunnels.

ZOMBIE DOG (A-VIRUS) – The result of the A-Virus infecting a Doberman. Similar to the t-Virus infected Zombie Dog, the A-Virus variant sees the hound mutate in a very similar fashion with one very notable difference. Speed.

Infection with the A-Virus has a dramatic effect on the creatures running ability. Whilst Zombie Dogs have always been fast, this variant see’s its velocity increase to approximately 70mph. Zombie Dogs were witnessed during the New York Incident in 2014 and chased Leon S. Kennedy on the highway being able to keep up with him whilst riding his Ducatti motorcycle. 

Despite this speed increase, this Zombie Dog saw no other advancements over previous infections confirming their general lack of viability as a biological weapon.

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