Chris Redfield

Chris was born and raised in New York alongside his younger sister Claire, but a tragic accident robbed them of both parents, leaving them as orphans. As the elder sibling, Chris became deeply protective of his little sister and this shaped his personality and strong beliefs in later years. He grew up a confident and intelligent young man, training as a pilot and choosing a career with the United States Air Force. As a youngster, he was brash and naïve but also a man of firm character who hated corruption and was willing to disobey orders to validate his beliefs. His straight-down-the-line personality made him ideal for training as a fighter pilot and he also gained his helicopter license. At the same time he honed his firearms handling and marksmanship skills alongside close-quarters combat, making him an accomplished all-round specialist.

It was during his Air Force days that he met and became friends with Barry Burton, and they remained close companions ever since. He also became acquainted with Forest Speyer and Jill Valentine, with the latter completing an experimental Delta Force training program. Chris’ military service record was soon full of commendations and senior officers often described him as ‘uncompromising,’ ‘possessing unwavering dedication,’ and having a ‘high level of adaptability.’ These traits saw Chris earn his wings and further develop, but additionally he also had several disciplinary proceedings brought against him, notably down to his stubborn personality and refusal to back down from his own beliefs.

This conflict of interest was often a source of frustration for those in charge and a case was put forward suggesting Chris had exceeded his rank authority on several occasions. But he was the type of man that valued human life over following orders, a stance not always in harmony with the military mind-set. Chris slowly became disillusioned with life in the Air Force and was unable to reach a compromise with his superiors, so he chose early retirement and was honourably discharged in 1995, eventually leaving on good terms. He took time out and became a drifter and spent his days wandering from town to town trying to find a purpose in life.

But unbeknownst to him at the time, Albert Wesker and Barry Burton were busy formulating the S.T.A.R.S. unit in Raccoon City. Chris was scouted on Barry’s personal recommendations because of his superior firearms and hand-to-hand combat skills, alongside proven qualifications as both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter pilot. His impressive resume suggested he was just the type of man they were looking for and in 1996 Chris found himself heading to Raccoon City. Before long, Chris was assigned to Alpha Team as their point man, excelling in a role requiring regular firearms discharge, close-combat conflict and the ability to use a wide ranging array of weaponry and equipment. He was also able to fly the helicopter if called-upon.

Chris never cracked even in high-pressure situations and his excellent observation skills and sharp insight saw him solve several cases. If Captain Wesker could have any criticism of his subordinate, it would be that Chris sometimes let his mind get lost in the finer details of an investigation. Nevertheless, he was a popular and friendly member of the team. His performance in field missions was exemplary and he was recognised as the best marksman on the unit, regularly winning the annual contest and leaving Wesker and Forest Speyer battling for second place. He was also selected to trial several customised firearms for the S.T.A.R.S. and his feedback helped in the creation and refinement of the Samurai Edge, of which he received a personal model customised to his own strengths. When not on duty he liked to go out drinking in Raccoon City with Forest and then Bravo Team member, Joseph Frost. Outside of work he was still very protective of Claire who by now was a college student. He trained her in basic self-defence and knife skills, even sneaking her a S.T.A.R.S. issue combat knife to use whenever necessary for her own protection.

In the summer of 1998, bizarre murders and strange disappearances had begun to occur on the outskirts of Raccoon City and surrounding Arklay Mountains. Eventually the S.T.A.R.S. were assigned to investigate and Bravo Team went in first, only for all contact to be lost a short time later. On the night of July 24th 1998, Chris and the rest of S.T.A.R.S. Alpha Team were dispatched to Raccoon Forest to look for their missing teammates. After being chased inside the Arklay Mansion when their unit was set upon by a pack of Cerberus dogs, Chris became separated from the rest of the team. He searched the mansion alone and came across Bravo Team survivors Rebecca Chambers and Richard Aiken. The three of them worked together to uncover the truth as one by one they came across the fallen bodies of their comrades. Eventually Richard was killed but Chris and Rebecca made it to the hidden laboratories beneath the estate and discovered that Wesker had betrayed them all and was working for Umbrella the whole time, the same organisation that had caused the entire incident with a viral weapon known as the t-Virus. However, Chris foiled Wesker’s plans by slaying the Tyrant and escaping the mansion alive along with several other survivors before it was destroyed.

Following the incident, Chris was sent to hospital as a precaution and had several x-rays before spending the next several weeks trying to convince the R.P.D. to launch an investigation into Umbrella Corporation. But his progress was hampered thanks to the efforts of Chief Irons who was secretly on Umbrella’s payroll. The corporation’s powerful sway in the city ensured the authorities were not interested. Frustrated, he began acting erratically on purpose to get himself suspended, believing that if no one took his actions seriously he could move around more freely and not be monitored so closely by Irons. He kept this train of thought to himself and even Jill was shocked when he punched a probationary officer. He discovered evidence that Umbrella was working on the G-Virus and called in a favour from a friend at the F.B.I. to get them to look into Irons’ affairs and investigate the existence of this new strain.

After working alone for so long, Chris decided to confide in Jill with what he knew and she was concerned he’d been up day and night ever since the mansion incident trying to get to the truth behind Umbrella. Later, with Jill opting to remain in Raccoon City to investigate Umbrella’s operations and Barry flying his family over to Canada, Chris left America and travelled to Europe to investigate Umbrella’s main headquarters. He knew that taking on such a large corporate entity alone would not be easy and could prove fatal, but in the end he was left with no other choice. He decided not to tell Claire about the trip to keep her out of harm’s way but ironically his sudden lack of contact is what drew her to Raccoon City one month later to look for him. Once in Europe, Chris dropped off the grid completely and soon the R.P.D. lost all contact with him. Jill was the only person that knew the location of his safe house, although Umbrella soon tracked the location and kept him under surveillance.

Following the conclusion of the Raccoon City incident, survivor Leon Kennedy used his newfound position in the government to search for Chris at the request of Claire and he eventually pinpointed his location. But Claire was later captured at Umbrella’s Paris Lab facility and sent to Rockfort Island before Leon could tell her the news. When the rival company attacked Rockfort Island and caused a biohazard, Claire escaped during the chaos and was able to access a computer and e-mail Leon the co-ordinates of the island. Leon immediately passed these onto Chris who asked him to organise a rescue mission before setting off alone to find her. He chartered a small boat and set off, wearing a new prototype S.T.A.R.S. uniform he was originally asked to trial as a mark of respect to his fallen teammates. Shortly afterwards, Jill Valentine arrived at his safe house, but Chris was already long gone. All that remained was his combat knife.

Arriving at Rockfort, Chris met Rodrigo Juan Raval, the security officer who had first captured Claire in Paris who informed him she’d likely already escaped the island. After investigating further, Chris came face to face with his former commander, Albert Wesker, who was the mastermind behind the original attack on the island. He was now working for Umbrella’s rival company and disclosed that Claire was now at a highly classified facility in the Antarctic. After barely escaping with his life, Chris took one of Alfred Ashford’s V-TOL fighter jets and set off for the South Pole. There he successfully rescued his sister and killed Alexia Ashford before she could unleash the t-Veronica virus across the plant. But he was unable to help Steve Burnside, the young teenager who had helped Claire escape from Rockfort in the first place. He had one final confrontation with Wesker which drew the battle lines for a personal conflict between the two that would last throughout the next decade. Only an exploding gas pipe separated them and both decided to retreat as the base was minutes away from self-destructing. But Wesker left a chilling parting warning that Chris would not be as lucky next time around. Having secured Steve’s body and the t-Alexia virus, Wesker left Chris in no doubt that he had won this round.

After escaping the Antarctic Base with Claire, Chris was resolved that Umbrella would fall, no matter the personal cost to himself. Following the incident, he reunited with Jill and Barry and together they joined an Anti-Umbrella movement which spent the next several years developing a large network of contacts and opportunities to hit the corporate giant where it hurt following their business suspension order. Chris watched from behind the scenes as the Raccoon Trials dragged on and anti-bioterror organisations such as the F.B.C. came to power.

In 2003, Chris received an anonymous tip that Umbrella were working on a rumoured new B.O.W. in Russia which led to him and Jill investigating an isolated village in the Caucasus region. There they uncovered another t-Virus spill and encountered a little girl named Anna who was the only survivor. She revealed her father was employed by Umbrella at a nearby Chemical Factory and Chris also had a surprise reunion with Wesker who had arrived at the village to investigate an Umbrella storage bunker hidden beneath a grain silo used to hide and preserve B.O.W.s. Although Wesker escaped, Chris and Jill liaised with a regional Private Biohazard Containment Unit and appealed to the Kremlin for permission to launch an all-out assault on the Chemical Plant which was now confirmed as a front for a hidden Umbrella base. But unbeknownst to Chris, it was Wesker who leaked the information that brought him to Russia and he planned to use Chris and Jill’s unit as a diversion whilst he achieved his own goals. On February 18th, 2003, Chris and the private B.C.U. attacked the Chemical Plant and got caught up in a Level 4 biohazard instigated by Wesker amidst a huge snow storm. Inside they took on and defeated Umbrella’s latest creation and last chance of recovery; the T-A.L.O.S. In the aftermath of the incident, Chris knew they had struck a fatal blow to Umbrella but also knew the real battle would never be over until they took down Wesker. Strangely, all of Umbrella’s archival data had been erased from the internal computer network and crucial evidence had been lost. Unknown to everyone else this was thanks to Wesker who had stolen the archives and escaped without anyone from the B.C.U. even knowing he was there.

Shortly afterwards the Raccoon Trials finally drew to a close with Umbrella being found guilty on all charges and the company was soon effectively closed down for good. But over time it became apparent that embittered ex-employees had joined rival corporations whilst others illegally sold viral assets and development data on the black market, leading to B.O.W.s surfacing in rogue states and nations across the globe. The structure of the B.C.U. was applied to form the foundations of a new anti-bioterror organisation working under the jurisdiction of the Global Pharmaceutical Consortium, and in 2004 Chris became one of the ‘Original 11’ founding members of the Bioterrorism Security Assessment Alliance. Originally just an NGO, the B.S.A.A. was initially small with limited powers and firmly sat in the shadows of all the almighty F.B.C.; the United States’ main domestic anti-bioterrorism unit. It was also around this time that Chris began intense work on his physical fitness, lifting weights and adding significantly to his overall muscle mass. His motivation for transforming his body was to prepare to an inevitable confrontation with the now superhuman Albert Wesker. Because of F.B.C. restrictions on the B.S.S.A’s involvement, Chris was forced to sit back and watch the greatest disaster since Raccoon City unfold in the Mediterranean with the Terragrigia Panic at the hands of Italian terrorist faction; Il Veltro.

In 2005, the B.S.A.A. began investigating reports of a possible Veltro revival. By now Chris was working with a new partner named Jessica Sherawat who had a romantic infatuation with him, but he always politely rebuffed her advances. Together they were sent to investigate claims of a possible Veltro hideout in the icy mountains of Finland. After gathering evidence confirming Valkoinen Mokki Airport to be under the control of Veltro, their mission was suddenly aborted when contact was lost with Jill and her new partner, Parker Luciani, who had been sent out onto the Mediterranean Sea on faulty intelligence. Chris and Jessica spent several hours searching the ocean and were eventually reunited with Jill and Parker on the Queen Zenobia where together they neutralised the threat of the t-Abyss virus. The entire incident turned out to be smoke and mirrors orchestrated by the B.S.A.A.’s own leader, Clive O’Brian, in an elaborate plot to bring down F.B.C. Commissioner, Morgan Lansdale, whom he had long suspected of being corrupt. Jessica Sherawat was also revealed to be a spy working secretly for Lansdale all along and escaped alive. Eventually, Chris and Jill uncovered the real truth on the sunken Queen Dido where they encountered Veltro’s leader; Jack Norman, who was somehow still alive. Delirious, he mistook the agents for Lansdale himself and ingested the t-Abyss virus and mutated. After Chris and Jill took him down, they retrieved video proof of Lansdale’s collaborations with Veltro and he was relieved of his position and arrested. Following the incident, the F.B.C. was disbanded and many of its personnel and resources transferred over to the B.S.A.A., which itself was restructured and expanded into eight global divisions, this time working under the United Nations. Chris became a Special Operations Agent with Level 10 clearance, meaning he could partake in global operations working with other branches. Together with Jill he policed the world, stopping bio-weapons in Asia, destroying bio-weapon labs in South America and arresting smugglers in Europe. All this time they tried without success to track down Albert Wesker.

In November 2005, Chris was extremely concerned to learn of a t-Virus outbreak at an airport in Harvardville, and even more so when he discovered Claire was involved. The U.S. Government refused B.S.A.A. intervention and following the incident a meeting was set up between Chris and Leon Kennedy in a bid to thaw the frosty relationship between the government and the B.S.A.A. Although they had spoken before, this was the first time they had actually met face to face and the meeting was mediated by Claire, who was close friends with Leon.

In 2006, the B.S.A.A. received intelligence on the possible whereabouts of Umbrella’s only remaining founder, Oswell E. Spencer. Hoping he could lead them to Wesker, Chris and Jill agreed to arrest him under orders from the B.S.A.A.’s European branch. There they battled Spencer’s last experiment; the ‘Guardians of Insanity’ and explored a mansion eerily similar to the old estate from Raccoon Forest. But as if by fate, Wesker was already waiting for them and another battle ensued. Only this time it ended in tragedy as Wesker gained the upper hand over Chris and was about to deliver the finishing blow when Jill tackled him and sent them both smashing through a window . Both of them plummeted down hundreds of feet to the ground below and were presumed killed instantly. Chris led the search for Jill’s body for three months without success and after she was declared dead, he redoubled his efforts to eradicate all bio-organic weapons wherever they may be. He lost himself in his work and soon amassed more completed missions than any other B.S.A.A. field agent.

By 2009, Chris was becoming burnt out and began to wonder if his quest was really still worth fighting for. Despite all his accomplishments and personal sacrifice, there seemed to be no end in sight from the threat of biological weapons which were now a global threat. He had also heard unsubstantiated rumours that Jill may still be alive and this only added to his fragility. In March, Chris took part in the B.S.A.A. operation at Kijuju in Africa to arrest a bio-weapons smuggler named Ricardo Irving who was selling new bio-weapons to American buyers. Chris was part of a two-man Bravo Team that included West African S.O.A; Sheva Alomar.

Initially he was wary of taking on a new partner due to what had happened with Jill, but he quickly came to rely on Sheva’s impressive skills. They soon discovered that Kijuju was swarming with Las Plagas, the parasite Leon Kennedy had documented following his mission in South Europe five years earlier. Later they met Josh Stone from Delta Team who provided photographic evidence taken from Irving’s computer that further reinforced Chris’ belief that Jill was still alive.

After all B.S.A.A. teams in the area were wiped out, Chris ignored orders to retreat from the area and pressed on alone to rescue Jill, although Sheva refused to abandon him. Moving deeper into the marshlands, they finally tracked down and defeated Irving thanks to help from Josh. With his dying breath, Irving directed Chris to a cave system in the mountains and it was there he unearthed a huge conspiracy involving Umbrella and Tricell dating back to the origins of the Progenitor Virus discovery in 1966. He also discovered his old nemesis, Wesker, was once again the man behind everything. Worse still, his joy at finding Jill alive was overshadowed by the fact she was under Wesker’s total control thanks to a surgical implant injecting regular doses of a specialised chemical. Wesker forced Chris to fight Jill, but he and Sheva managed to subdue her long enough to remove the control device from her chest. After saving Jill, Chris and Sheva followed Wesker onto a Tricell shipping tanker for a final showdown. There they managed to kill an Uroboros-infected Excella Gionne and weaken Wesker by injecting him with an overdose of PG67-AW serum which acted as a poison to his system.

Determined not to let Wesker escape again, Chris pursued him onto a stealth jet and de-pressurized the rear cabin, causing it to crash onto a volcanic island and prevent Wesker from launching Uroboros virus missiles into the atmosphere. Wesker infected himself with Uroboros and pursued Chris for the final battle. After weakening him again, Chris and Sheva escaped onto a helicopter containing Josh and Jill and fired a rocket launcher at Wesker, finally eliminating him for good. As they flew away into the sunset, Chris concluded that all the fighting he endured over the years had been worth it, for it allowed them all to dream of a future without fear.

Following the death of Wesker, Chris felt his main objective was achieved and he decided to dedicate his time training the next generation of B.S.A.A. recruits. He gave up his position as S.O.A. and instead became a Special Operations Unit captain, taking over command of Alpha Team from the North American branch.

In 2010, he recruited Piers Nivans after being impressed by his shooting skills with a sniper rifle. Despite Piers being much younger, Chris found himself trusting him and they built up a solid friendship, with Piers soon becoming his second in command. With Jill taking time out from field work following her traumatic experience in Africa, Chris wanted someone he could trust by his side, and Piers was that person. One of their early missions together was cleaning up an American shopping mall from an infestation of Chimeras and Web-Spinners. Whilst there he met up with another long-time friend, Doug Wright; an advisor to the Far East B.S.A.A. branch.

In August that year, Chris was called back into the field when he went to Philosophy University in Western Australia to assist his former team mate Rebecca Chambers following a number of strange student disappearances. They were soon caught up in a t-Virus biohazard and Chris and Piers worked closely with Oceanic branch member Sophy Home and the fragile Tyler Howard; son of former Umbrella researcher Ryan, the man who had caused the incident. It was Chris’ calm demeanour that helped Tyler see the light of day and remain professional enough to help bring the incident to a safe conclusion. A female student named Mary Gray mutated into a horrible creature on the university roof and Chris destroyed her using a rocket launcher. Later that year, Chris and Piers visited the B.S.A.A. Far East training academy at the invitation of Doug Wright and met Mera Biji; a promising new field agent and former laboratory technician. She sparred with Piers and Chris was left impressed with her skills. He later returned to America and spent most of 2011 training the new recruits.
In 2012, Chris and Piers worked directly with Merah on an operation in Asia. Immediately afterwards they took a trip up to the remote Marhawa Academy after Doug Wright had gone missing there with his nephew, Ricky Towaza. They arrived in the midst of a biohazard that had spread across campus and all the students were ravenous zombies, eerily echoing events from Australia two years prior. Unbeknownst to Chris, this incident had been orchestrated by Carla Radames at the request of Derek Simmons. Their mission involved a field test of a new prototype B.O.W. created using a new weapon called the C-Virus. Although Chris was too late to save Doug, he did save the life of Ricky. After defeating the Nanan-creature and the Bindi J’avo; Chris, Piers and Ricky escaped via helicopter although Merah was unfortunately killed.

In December 2012, Chris and the North American branch were called upon to assist the Far Eastern branch following an outbreak of C-Virus in the Republic of Edonia during a civil war. New, intelligent B.O.W.s known as ‘J’avo’ were running amok, mass-created variants of the creature Chris first encountered at Marhawa. By now Alpha Team also had a new rookie on their squad called Finn McCauley who was very nervous and Chris did his best to reassure him. After rescuing a survivor calling herself ‘Ada Wong’, Chris and the others learned the J’avo were creations of the C-Virus and the group responsible was an organisation named Neo-Umbrella.

But as they tried to retreat from the area, ‘Ada’ betrayed them and wiped out Alpha Team using a needle bomb and infected them with the C-Virus. Chris watched helplessly as his men slowly burned and solidified into chrysalid form. Only Chris and Piers survived the attack, but following a brutal attack from a Complete Mutation Species named Napad, Chris struck his head hard on the concrete floor and lost his memory. He woke up in hospital days later with no recollection of the attack or who he was. He discharged himself and became an alcoholic, staying in cheap hotels, frequenting local drinking establishments and using alcohol to numb the constant pain in his mind. He began doing cash-in-hand bodyguard work for locals in a bid to fund his drinking habit and was a total recluse and a shadow of his former self. The B.S.A.A, launched a huge manhunt and it took six months to eventually locate him.
Piers Nivans made contact with Chris on June 30th, 2013 just as a bioterrorist attack was being launched in Lanshiang, China. Chris didn’t recognise Piers but when shown pictures of his dead team mates, he began to have small flashbacks and recognised the B.S.A.A. emblem. Shortly afterwards, Alpha Team were ordered to China to assist with containing the situation. Chris sobered up and went with them, though he still couldn’t remember anything. As they fought through the infected streets, Alpha Team rescued several U.N. officials held hostage. After the tenement building had been bombed, Chris spotted several chrysalids amongst the rubble and immediately recognised the imagery from when his men died in Edonia. This triggered his memory and he remembered all about ‘Ada Wong’, who in reality was Carla Radames; Wong’s doppelganger.

Piers was initially overjoyed that Chris had finally begun to remember, but as the night wore on, he became blinded by vengeance and his actions more reckless. Whilst chasing down another of Neo-Umbrella’s experimental B.O.W.s known as Iluzija, his carelessness led to the deaths of several team members, much to Piers’ disgust. Ada Wong then appeared directly to taunt them both, and murdered their last surviving team member, Marco Rose, right in front of their eyes.

After almost coming to blows, Piers decided to stick with Chris as he blindly pursued ‘Ada’ across town. But when they finally cornered her in a factory,
Chris was prevented from gaining his vengeance by Leon Kennedy who was in China to learn the truth behind the outbreak. Leon protected ‘Ada’ as he
was under the belief she was the real one and Carla was able to escape. Following some resolute words from Leon, Chris and Piers tracked her to an aircraft carrier and managed to corner her once again. Carla continued to taunt Chris but this time he kept his composure, although before he could take her into custody she was shot and killed by a member of The Family, but not before revealing the truth behind an imminent missile attack. Quickly, Chris and Piers rushed to stop the launch but were too late and watched helplessly as a C-Virus missile detonated over the province of Tatchi, turning thousands of inhabitants into zombies.

Leon contacted them and requested they head to an oil field off the coast to rescue Agent Sherry Birkin and Jake Muller. Jake was Wesker’s son and possessed a rare blood type containing anti-bodies to the C-Virus. This revelation shook Chris to the core and Piers commented on the irony of a man wanting to destroy the world having a son who was the only one able to save it. Chris decided there and then that this mission would be his last, and that he wanted Piers to take his place as Alpha Team Captain. Piers believed it was too early, but Chris knew he was more than ready and had finally found a worthy successor.

They penetrated deep into the facility and set Jake and Sherry free. Chris told Jake the truth about Wesker and how he was the one who had killed him. This caused Jake to raise his gun to Chris’s face, who encouraged him to shoot, justifying that he had every right to. But despite the anger building up inside, Jake relented at the last second, concluding there were more important things at stake. Chris and Piers went on to battle the Haos; Carla Radames’ final creation and a giant behemoth capable of infecting the entire world should it ever get loose. But Piers was mortally wounded in the fight and forced to inject himself with the enhanced C-Virus in order to survive. After defeating the creature, they both planned to escape but at the last moment, Piers pushed Chris into the escape pod and ejected it just prior to the underwater base going critical. Following the incident, Chris regained his sense of purpose and duty and delayed his decision to retire, choosing to go back into the field to honour Piers’ memory.

Shortly after the events of Lanshiang, Chris joined up with the Mexican GAFE on a mission to apprehend black market weapons merchant Glenn Arias. A B.S.A.A. agent named Cathy White had infiltrated his organisation and reported intelligence that Arias was now in possession of B.O.W.s. A little while later all contact with Cathy and her son Zack was lost. Unfortunately the mission was a disaster as Arias had prepared for their arrival. The entire unit barring Chris was wiped out and Cathy and Zack were both revealed to be zombies, infected with a new viral weapon Arias named ‘Animality Virus.’ Arias bested Chris in hand to hand combat and left him at the mercy of the aggressive virus carriers before he was eventually rescued by the Mexican army. Following the incident, Chris dedicated himself to tracking down Arias and temporarily linked up with ‘Silver Dagger’; a specialised B.S.A.A. unit able to operate with more freedom than regular S.O.U. units. He spent the next four months unsuccessfully searching for Arias whilst meanwhile up to 20 virus outbreaks were reported in the Great Lakes area of the United States. In 2014, Chris learned that Rebecca Chambers was at the forefront of vaccine research for the new virus and immediately travelled to Chicago to go and see her. But Arias had also learned of her work and used his associates to cause a biohazard at Rebecca’s place of work, the Alexander Institute of Biotechnology. Fortunately, Chris and the Silver Dagger arrived just in time to rescue her.

They later travelled to the Canadian Rockies to locate Leon Kennedy and enlist his help after Rebecca confirmed the Animality Virus incorporated elements from the Las Plagas parasite. Leon was in a fit of depression at the recent loss of his own team and was disillusioned with the seemingly never-ending fight against bioterrorism. These feelings were something Chris could relate to and he confided in Leon what he had been through himself, even confessing he had wanted to leave the B.S.A.A. Eventually he persuaded Leon to help and together they fought and defeated Arias in New York after he unleashed the Animality Virus across the city. Later that summer, Chris was on an operation in the Mojave Desert when he received a call for help from Claire. She needed to get to Sonido de Tortuga Island in the Caribbean where a B.O.W. threat was unfolding, but unable to leave his current assignment, Chris put a call in to the South American branch and asked Parker Luciani to take a team in to aid his sister.

In later years, Chris was seconded to the Special Cases and Disposal Team; a unit of B.S.A.A. elites working in controversial partnership with the rehabilitated Blue Umbrella PMC using their developed ant-B.O.W. weapons and equipment. Chris was unhappy at the prospect of working with Blue Umbrella and was untrustworthy of their intentions. Nevertheless he followed his orders and helped track down criminal organisation The Connections and also took part in Operation Lurking Fear to arrest Lucas Baker in 2017.

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