Christine Yamata “Four Eyes”

Christine Yamata discovered the wonders of science at a very early age, becoming so engrossed that her studies quickly became an obsession. She was very gifted and her dedication to the subject saw her cut off from the normalities of life that young people experienced at that age. As a result, she did not develop the social skills needed to operate successfully in later life and this led to her becoming detached from other people and she made no attempt to develop friendships or relationships.

She was immune from normal human emotions and saw people merely as breeding tools for her singular love; virology. This particular branch of science was the sole reason she was part of the U.S.S. within Umbrella.

Her motivation was the belief that Umbrella was the best place for her not only to study some of the deadliest outbreaks in the world, but to experiment with some of the corporation’s own cutting-edge viral breakthroughs. Christine had no compunction when it came to gathering and experimenting on live human subjects and on many missions she was discovered experimenting on the wounded, and often on captives. This had occasionally proven to be detrimental to the ongoing mission. However, her practical knowledge of virology in the field is unparalleled.

By 1998, Christine was working as part of the Wolfpack U.S.S. team which was the reformation of the Delta Team previously wiped out during the biohazard on the Ecliptic Express. Her call sign was ‘Four Eyes’.

In September, Four eyes and the rest of her unit were deployed into Raccoon City following a serious biohazard. Whilst the others were busy chasing down surviving R.P.D. officers, Four Eyes was more interested in collecting blood samples from the infected residents. She was especially excited at the prospect of coming face to face with the NE-Beta parasite; a project she believed had been discontinued.

As the days wore on, Four Eyes set a trap for the U.S. Spec Ops Echo Six team at the Dead Factory by luring several T-103 units there to kill them. By September 30th, U.S.S. command had all but abandoned Wolfpack after their failure to eliminate Leon S. Kennedy and Claire Redfield and deliver Sherry Birkin to them.

As a consequence, it is unknown whether Christine Yamata escaped from Raccoon City alive.

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