Claus was the leader of one of the last surviving U.B.C.S platoons that were sent into Raccoon City during the outbreak of September and October 1998.

Little is known of his background, however it can be assumed that due the makeup of other U.B.C.S members, Claus was a former combatant in the military, now acting as a mercenary and recruited by Umbrella.

In the days prior to the destruction of Raccoon City, Claus and his platoon were ordered to recover Dr. Cameron, an Umbrella scientist that had apparently gone rogue. He lead his platoon into the outskirts of the city, tracking Dr. Cameron’s tracker hidden in her ID badge.

With his team he led them into a an old food storage warehouse whereupon the squad were attacked by a mutated Dr. Cameron as she had infected herself with her own virus. After Monster Cameron was disposed of, Roger guided Claus into her hidden makeshift laboratory. Angered by this distraction and the death of Robert, Roger’s real mission to procure the new virus’s data only antagonised the situation further. Claus pushed Roger into the corpse of Dr. Cameron’s pet dog who itself was infected with the same virus.

Claus then attempts to leave the sewers only to come across an infected Ed, who himself was undergoing a violent mutation. The creature chased Claus through the sewers before the platoon leader could climb onto the streets. Here he found the commotion had attracted various Zombies, and whilst they posed little threat to Claus, their arrival delayed his escape.

Ed, now fully mutated burst from the sewers and was able to spear Claus through the leg, pinning him down. At the very moment, Roger arrives in the platoon’s HUMVEE knocking into the Tyrant. This allows Claus time to climb into the car and man the onboard minigun. He let rip into the creature before the two escaped the doomed city.

Resting in the passenger seat, Roger then mutates revealing that he too is infected with the Cameron Virus courtesy of dog who had been watching the events unfold. Cameron violently pinned Claus to the chair impaling him through the eyeballs with her tentacles.

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