Crispin Jettingham “Dee Ay”

Born in America, Crispin Jettingham grew up with a strong sense of justice and a clear direction of where he wanted his life to go. He enlisted in the U.S. Military at a young age, becoming a highly-skilled and efficient soldier and was well thought of by his superiors. He was well trained in weapons handling and leadership, carving out an impressive and decorated career whilst still a relatively young man. He was also highly intelligent, remaining cool and calm under any circumstance. He was a natural soldier and adhered to his own high standards of morals and ethics.

Jettingham often remarked how he could not remember anything in his life other than being in the military and was entirely dedicated to his craft. He was also homosexual and his call sign was ‘Dee Ay’ in allusion to the ‘don’t ask – don’t tell’ mentality of the army being able to enquire about his sexual orientation.

Because of his impeccable reputation and long military service he was the government’s top choice to be the leader of Echo Six; a field unit that was part of the elite Special Operations program. As team leader he had had five subordinates under his command. In this role he was professional yet approachable and always wore a cravat when on duty. He was extremely loyal and showed respect to every member of his squad.

In September 1998 his unit was deployed into Raccoon City alongside numerous other Spec Ops teams to try and recover proof that Umbrella Corporation had caused the biological outbreak that had destroyed the town. Although Dee Ay was never specifically told beforehand, his team were also under orders to secure a sample of William Birkin’s G-Virus. Once in the city, Dee Ay and his team met numerous survivors and helped save Jill Valentine and Carlos Oliveria from the Nemesis T-Type. They also located and aided Claire Redfield and Sherry Birkin in the underground sewer network. But it is unknown whether Crispin Jettingham survived the Raccoon City incident as records are incomplete.

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