Custom Resident Evil Netflix Blu Ray Cover

Are you a Resident Evil collector that likes to display your Biohazard collection on a shelf (perhaps even in canon/chronological order?)

With Resident Evil on Netflix coming and going, the chances of a physical release begin to diminish daily. Netflix do not have an impressive record of releasing their shows to the wider public meaning this show looks certain to be locked to this platform for the foreseeable future.

However, REP host, Neptune has your back. To aid in the appearence at least of owning a physical release of the show, he has prepared a custom blu ray cover that you can download and print off to add to your own collection!


  1. Choose your version of Blu Ray cover (UK or US) and open the new window
  2. Right click and Save As the image onto your desktop
  3. Open the image in good old Microsoft Paint!
  4. Check the dimensions in the resize tool – It should be: 3213 x 1774 pixels!
  5. Once set, choose Page Layout centre-ing the image horizontally and vertically.
  6. Click Print!
  7. We would recommend using the highest quality image settings on good quality paper.
  8. Insert into a blu ray cover
  9. Place on shelf!

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