Daniel Fabron

Daniel Fabron worked as a high ranking Umbrella official during the Raccoon City Incident.

Of French descent, Daniel acted as a so-called “Mastermind” during the incident. This allowed him to observe and monitor a group of Raccon City survivors as they tried to escape the city without being infected. He was a lead Mastermind and a nerferious tactician in preventing his guinea pigs from escaping and aided Umbrella greatly in the recording of battle data of their deadly bio-organic weapons.

It is unknown how and why Daniel joined Umbrella, but he rose within its ranks to be considered a valuable employee and a colleague of Dr. Alex Wesker. He was often tasked in recovering escaped specimens or taking out spies within the organisation itself.

The widespread t-Virus outbreak in Raccoon City provided an ample opportunity for Umbrella to test various B.O.Ws in a combat environment. To that end, many creatures from Umbrella Europe were shipped over to obtain elusive real-life combat data. 

One aspect to this testing also created an opportunity for Daniel and others to not only test out viable B.O.Ws but also its latest technology in control and surverllance. Daniel was given access to a mass produced Tyrant T-103, which he dubbed “Mr. X”. This model, whilst a standard base Tyrant was cybernetically connected to a control device that Daniel could access himself. Daniel was able to harness a command chair and “gloves” in doing so, could not only control the Tyrant to his pleasing, but also physically attack his prey. 

Controlling a Tyrant has always been a challenging obstacle for Umbrella and as such, this protoype technology required testing in a combat enviornment. 

It is unclear whether Daniel survived the Raccoon City Incident and what became of him afterwards if he did. 

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