Dave Johnson

Dave Johnson was a member of Delta Team Special Operations Unit from the West African branch of the B.S.A.A. He boasted extremely impressive driving skills and before he joined the organisation, was something of a minor celebrity when his skills led to him competing in a world-wide rally championship as a privateer. He specialised with off-road driving and he was so formidable he even became rally champion and lifted the trophy.

After joining up the fight against bioterrorism, Dave trained under Josh Stone and became friends with Sheva Alomar during their rookie years. Whilst Sheva eventually became a Special Operations Agent, Dave elected to remain in a team environment and stayed with Josh in Delta Team. On March 5th 2009 his unit were called into the Kijuju Autonomous Zone to provide back-up to Chris Redfield and Sheva’s Bravo Team.

Their first action was to secure the crash site of Kirk Mathison’s helicopter and there they saved Chris and Sheva from the biker Majini hordes. Dave, wearing
his trademark baseball cap, set up position as sniper on a nearby rooftop and demonstrated impressive shooting prowess, saving Sheva when her gun jammed. Hours later, after Irving had fled the mine, Dave took a Gambit jeep up the mountains to pick up Chris and Sheva so they could liaise with the rest of Delta Team.

On route they were attacked by more biker Majini on the savannah but Dave’s off road skills were impressive enough to see them through unscathed. However, in the next settlement they found most of Delta Team had been wiped out by a B.O.W. called ‘Ndesu’. Whilst checking the bodies of his colleagues for survivors, Dave was stamped on by the creature and killed instantly.

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