Deborah Harper (C-Virus)

This version of Deboroah Harper was the result of her being infected with the C-Virus and undergoing an irregular and unique mutation.

After being rescued by Leon S. Kennedy and Deborah’s sister, Helena in the Catacombs, the three attempt to escape with the assistance of Ada Wong. Ada, however was aware that time was not on Deborah’s side following her infection. They all watched as Deborah burst into flames hardens into chrysalid form. Within seconds she is reborn as a Complete Mutation Species.

Helena goes over to say a final goodbye to her sister and apologises. As she does several spider-like appendages suddenly grow out of Deborah’s back. This new B.O.W  has now lost all reasoning she had as a human and her skin is almost translucent with numerous veins visible underneath. The pupils in her eyes have turned white and her hair is lighter in colour. The barbed tentacles growing out of her spinal column are connected to her central nervous system and she reacts with pain whenever they are hit.  

 Over the course of a lengthy battle with the three involving an ancient mine cart Deborah only has one talon left before she is bombarded with ammunition and collapses in agony. She topples off the edge of the platform only to be caught at the last second by Helena. She looks into her sister’s inhuman eyes and promises there will be no more tears until she avenges her death. She pleads for forgiveness before letting Deborah go and watching her plunge down into the abyss, wailing like a banshee and soon disappearing into darkness. 


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