Del lago

The Del Lago was an early experiment using an aquatic salamander or waterdog as a test to evaluate the sample for Plaga suitability. As the parasite matured, it continued to grow, as did the host organism until it eventually measured over 20 metres in length. Its Plaga tentacles writhe inside of its massive mouth and it uses its wide, flat tail to dispatch swimmers with ease. It possessed rows of razor sharp teeth and could devour large prey whole. Del Lago has unparalleled maneuverability in the water, but since it cannot be controlled through a Dominant Plaga, it was isolated to the lake on the outskirts of the village instead. It has four legs, but they have atrophied to the point where they cannot support its massive bulk, making the lake the perfect environment for Del Lago.

It had no visible ocular cavities and appeared to sense its prey through sound vibrations in the water. The creature remained dormant at the bottom of the lake for large periods of time but could be ‘awakened’ by the introduction of an external food source to its environment. Its name is derived from the Spanish words for ‘of the lake.’

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