Donna Beneviento (cadou)

Donna Beneviento was one of the 4 Lords assigned by Miranda to help locate a suitable vessel for the rebirthing ceremony of her long deceased daughter.

It is however unclear as to what role Donna played in this and what experiementation she facilitated other than with her dolls. Donna was the youngest of the Lords and successfully bonded with the Cadou parasite after administration. She also retained her humanity although had a nasty scar and deformity over her left eye. 

Donna had a traumatic upbringing and found solace in her dolls, in particular, her favourite – Angie. Over time, Donna would only speak through Angie and the dolls. With her adaption to the Mold, Donna could effectively split the parasite between her dolls an ability to control them with her mind. Additionally, Donna could secrete a pheromone found in local flowers that could induce hallucinations.

During the Village incident Ethan Winters encountered Donna who caused him to endure violent and troubling hallucinations of a new born baby monster. He was however able to overcome this and in doing so confronted Donna through Angie – eventually stabbing the doll (and by extension, Donna) in the head.

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