Dr. Cameron

Dr. Cameron was a brilliant Umbrella scientist who unilaterally began to develop a superior form of the T-Virus, capable of transferring one’s consciousness through infection.

Such an advancement would have been of enormous benefit for Lord Spencer personally, however, like other Umbrella scientists, the work and time spent to develop such a virus was so great that the idea of sharing this information with others was lost.

Little is known about Dr. Cameron, including her first name. She was however an extremely intelligent scientist that was employed by Umbrella up to and including the events of the Raccoon City Incident in 1998. There is no record of her formal base of operations or which laboratory she was supposed to work at in the city, but over time, her private studies into the T-Virus led her to set up her own private laboratory away from prying eyes.

Dr. Cameron chose a hidden location in the industrial outskirts of Raccoon City in the sewer network. Here she established a basic computer set up with the ability to tap into the vast Umbrella network remotely. 

Her goal stemmed from the potential she saw with the T-Virus, and te ability to retain life through separate organisms – a way to effectively cheat death. It can be assumed that Dr. Cameron was unaware that her ultimate employer, Lord Spencer shared a similar goal and had tasked members of Project W to help create an “Invisibility Virus”. 

Dr. Cameron took the basis of a T-Virus and manipulated into being able to transfer the hosts consciousness into an animal or human that subsequently became infected. Her consciousness would effectively remain dormant until a host was acquired whereupon she would then be able to take over creature fully.

This was the theory at least with the unofficial “Cameron Virus” or “Executer Virus”. 

Following the viral outbreak in Raccoon City, Dr Cameron feared her life. And with good reason. Dr. Birkin had been gunned down by the USS after he failed to share his project, the G-Virus with Umbrella. During the incident, Umbrella did indeed become aware of Cameron’s project and sent in a surviving U.B.C.S platoon to “rescue” Dr. Cameron. That was the official rationale, but in reality, the Monitor of the platoon, Roger was secretly ordered to merely recover the data.

In the early hours of 1 October 1998, aware that the U.B.C.S were on their way, Dr. Cameron injected herself with the Cameron Virus and mutated rapidly into a hideous monstrosity. The unique traits of the virus meant that she grew to a gigantic size, with an appearance at least similar to that of a Licker. 

The doctor hid in the Food Warehouse and waited. Prior to the injection she had her trained dog to stay with her in the warehouse and had attached her Umbrella ID card to its collar, aware of the hidden tracker contained inside.

Right on queue, the U.B.C.S arrived at the Food Warehouse where Monster Cameron was able to get the jump on the platoon. However, they were well armed and prepared having been in Raccoon City for nearly a week. Monster Cameron was quickly dispatched by the unit.

However, this could have been part of the plan. Dr. Cameron’s pet dog became infected with the Cameron Virus enabling the doctor to transfer her consciousness to the canine. Here she watched the U.B.C.S from affar before leading them back to her secret lab.

Once inside, the Monitor, Roger revealed his plan. The dog was shot and left for dead. Roger was faceplanted into the corpse of the dog whereupon Dr. Cameron was able to take hold of the hapless soldier. Roger quickly escaped and would then rescue Claus from the Executer Tyrant – an offshoot of her work and seemingly escape the city. 

Dr. Cameron began to mutate host Roger revealing her face growing from the side of Roger’s – would her immortality virus and plan work? Claus was then grossly impaled as she drove off into the sunset…

It could be implied however, that as she was doing so, Raccoon City was blown up taking Dr. Cameron with it.

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