Dylan Blake

Dylan Blake was a former member of a paramilitary organisation sent in to Raccoon City during the T-Virus outbreak in September and October 1998. 

He was part of a team tasked with evacuating high level Umbrella employees but the mission soon took a nasty turn. After encountering Zombies within the city, Blake’s team gradually saw the effects of the T-Virus in action with many themselves becoming Zombies in the process.

Orders however were clear, anyone who is bitten or infected are shot on site. Locked in a small room with just one team member left, Blake was left with the impossible job of killing his infected comrade. After his friend succumbed to the virus and went for Blake, he was forced to violently end his friend’s life.

It was in that moment, Blake swore revenge on the powerful elite who place pawns in these situations. It would take a number of years, but his plan was brewing…

Blake’s whereabouts post Raccoon City are largely unknown but it can be assumed that he began to associate himself with the shady underworld of bioterrorism soon after. This task was certainly made easier when Albert Wesker leaked the perfected T-Virus on the black market enabling anyone to use the virus for bioterrorism.

The affects of Raccoon City took a significant toll on Blake, both physically and mentally. His leg injury that he sustained never really recovered, requiring the use of a cane thereafter. Mentally however, the scars certainly never healed. Deeply enraged by the hypocrisy of the elite, he felt that fate played a significant role in ensuring his survival whereas his comrades all perished. The sound of bone being crushed played in Blake’s mind relentlessly, a constant reminder of his fatal mission to Raccoon City. This sounds would replay in his mind over and over and would even take over physically with Blake tapping his cane to the “beat” of the past.

Blake quickly became very ambivalent towards his own life and during moments only known to him, Blake would willingly play Russian Roulette with his handgun being held to his head. Fate would once again decide if his time was up.

As more roulette’s “failed”, Blake’s complex grew and he began to feel that it was his destiny to change the world using the same virus that killed his friends. He began to associate himself with highly skilled scientists who would be able to enact a plan that involved the amalgamation of the virus with nanotechnology. Dr. Antonio Taylor was just that sort of engineer/scientist working for DARPA.

The plan was to use bio-organic weapons and combine them with mosquito based viral drones – capable of spreading the virus around the world, virtually undetected. Taylor’s knowledge of robotics and nano-tech would be key to enable an integration with mosquito B.O.Ws. However, the plan did not end there. Blake longed for control over the infection as well. The sort of control the elite he believed exerted every day over normal citizens.

To accomplish his B.O.W plans, Blake began associating with Glenn Arias, a known bioterrorist. It is speculated that his viral development was shared with Blake to enhance the standard T-Virus. Following the death of Arias, his daughter Maria, who continued to seek revenge on Leon S. Kennedy joined forces with Dr. Taylor. The three secretly took over Alcatraz Prison off the coast of San Francisco and began to enact their plans.

During experimentation on the T-Virus, Blake and his team were able to create a number of enhanced B.O.Ws purchased off the black market. This included the new Amphibian Licker – developed to cope with the aquatic surroundings of Alcatraz, but also to be used as the host for the mosquitoes.

The laboratory also required some form of protection and a new shark based Neptune was also made alongside a Zombie Lion. However, the real goal succeeded with tiny T-Virus mosquito’s – born from the Lickers embedded with nano-tech, known as bio-drones, thus enabling Blake to control precisely who to infect and to control the level of infection too.

By 2015, the virus was finished and Blake began additional trials on Orca. He also began infecting residents and tourists of San Francisco that had visited Alcatraz. This was done on purpose to draw in 4 particular targets – Chris and Claire Redfield, Leon S. Kennedy and Jill Valentine. After accessing top secret government files, Blake speculated that these 4 “heroes” were as much as a pawn in the system as he was. His research into Chris in particular suggested as such.

Blake’s plan worked perfectly, the 4 survivors converged on Alcatraz and once all were confirmed, a few test zombies were let out of their confines causing havoc amongst the tourists. The virus quickly turned victims into zombies who somehow retained a high degree of dexterity and climbing ability.

The four survivors showed great resilience, as expected but they proved no match for the mosquitoes. The drones were able to get close to Claire, Leon and Chris and infected them accordingly with the T-Virus. They were placed in a cell awaiting their impending doom.

Blake then shared with them his plans. highlighting the global fight against the elite and how they too are fighting a losing battle. It remains unclear whether he actually expected them to survive or not, but regardless they did thanks to the efforts of Rebecca Chambers creating a cure for the virus that she had brought to the island just in time.

During this time, Blake began to enact his global plan. Millions of bio-drone mosquito’s were born from the Licker larvae and quickly spread across the world.

Despite this, the collective efforts of Jill, Chris, Rebecca, Claire and Leon soon saw the biodrones cease their spread and stopping his plan. In that moment, after being confronted in the island dock, Blake withdrew a sample of the T-Virus variant. He placed this to his neck and pulled the trigger. Fate decided it would work and he fell to his “death” as his Megalodon B.O.W ate his body. Through his and the shark’s infection, a new fusion monster was created known as Monster Dylan. This too was eventually destroyed killing Dylan once and for all.

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