Ed was a member of one of the last surviving U.B.C.S platoons that were sent into Raccoon City during the outbreak of September and October 1998.

Little is known of his background, however it can be assumed that due the makeup of other U.B.C.S members, Ed was a former combatant in the military, now acting as a mercenary and recruited by Umbrella.

In the days prior to the destruction of Raccoon City and under the leadership of Claus, Ed was part of a team ordered to recover Dr. Cameron, an Umbrella scientist that had apparently gone rogue.

Arriving in an old food storage warehouse, Ed stayed outside to secure the perimeter with comrade, Norman, whilst Claus, Robert and Roger investigated inside.

During this time, Ed, seemingly bored began to take potshots at crows flying overhead. He dispatched a corvid which fell to the ground before he and the other left the area.

Upon their return, the remaining U.B.C.S continued their mission to locate Dr. Cameron unaware they were being followed by an infected Crow that had been shot out of the sky by Ed.  Dr. Cameron’s signal was tracked to a sewer, close to her secret personal laboratory. The platoon arrived at a manhole cover to continue their search. Ed held point to safeguard the team’s escape.

Unbeknownst to Ed, the crow that he had shot had been re-infected with the Cameron Virus by a rat/cockroach monstrosity. This caused the corvid to become reanimated and seemingly gaining some awareness of whom shot it show. The crow had followed the platoon to the manhole cover and took its opportunity to attack Ed.

The assault was brutal with the crow lacerating Ed. In doing so, Ed became infected with the virus whereupon he started to undergo a violent mutation.

Climbing from the sewers Norman is shocked to see the unfolding violence and is immediately killed by Ed. Claus is stunned as Ed descends into the depths on all fours. His face is mutating at an alarming rate revealing a crazed inhuman look. Ed immediately chases after Claus using his new speed and protuding claws to try and end his leader’s life.

Claus though is skilled and evades Ed, successfully closing a cover in time. Claus climbs back up to the streets where he thought it was safe…

Ed has now fully mutated into a Tyrant like creature. With enormous power, agile and speed, the Tyrant bursts the underground water pipes before erupting from the sewers. He immediately takes aim at Claus and with his claws, impales Claus in his leg. 

At the moment however, the Tyrant is knocked down by the HUMVEE being driven by Roger. This gives Claus the opportunity to mount the minigun and then fires at the Tyrant. Ed Tyrant is unable to retaliate and the pair escape the city.

It can be inferred however that Ed in his Tyrant form is killed when Raccoon City is destroyed.

Norman ascends the sewer’s ladder where is brutally killed by Ed, now in the process of mutating into a licker type creature.

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