Eliminators are bioweapons created after many experiments administering the t-Virus to various mammals. They are based on relatively intelligent simians, meaning they were able to follow basic orders. Because these creatures still retain some intelligence, it is thought that unlike virus-infected humans (zombies), their neural transmission must remain largely uninhabited even when infected with the virus, making them relatively stable. The virus causes metabolic stimulation in the body and muscles, resulting in muscular tissue ripping through the skin and strengthening to incredible levels. This contributed to its rapidly heightened agility and resistance. It was incredibly aggressive and when the Eliminator detects its prey, hunger drives it to jump and viciously attack with incredible speed. This virus also desensitised its pain perception, meaning the creature had practically no fear.

Eliminators also had a group mentality and liked to hunt in packs, surrounding and swarming their prey with predatory instinct and swiping with their exposed talons. Unfortunately, a negative side-effect was a degenerating effect on its basic eyesight, but like the Lurker, this shortfall was made up for with increased hearing ability. Although Eliminators showed some signs of promise, they were judged to be lacking in abilities and were not mass produced. Primates, only capable of understanding basic commands, were not geared for battle. These results only added to Marcus’ beliefs that humans needed to be base organisms for all future experiments. Indeed shortly afterwards, bioweapons research went down a different path, and the desire for more effective bioweapons led to illegal research that used humans as a base.

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