Eliminator R

The Eliminator “R” (unofficial name) is a large, more ferocious version of the standard Eliminator B.O.W. They are based on relatively intelligent simians, meaning they were able to follow basic orders. Because these creatures still retain some intelligence, it is thought that unlike virus-infected humans (zombies), their neural transmission must remain largely uninhabited even when infected with the virus, making them relatively stable.

Eliminators also had a group mentality and liked to hunt in packs, surrounding and swarming their prey with predatory instinct and swiping with their exposed talons. The Eliminator R took the role as being the alpha in the pack.

It is unclear as to why these creatures continued to be developed after their initial creation with the early variants of the T-Virus. However, due to the ongoing experimentation with the mouse version of the MS-Virus, the use of simians proved to be useful. It can be theorised therefore that the Eliminator R is an MS-Virus creation.

The Eliminator R not only has a signficant size advantage over the standard model, it has improved strength and vitality as well. It has notable whiter fur, but due to the mutation caused by the virus, the fur is streched to unnatural proportions meaning the creature suffers from large muscular tears, exposing its flesh, making it vulnerable to attack.

The only known specimen was created in the Special Research Laboratory in Raccoon City. Following Project Leader A’s attempts to cover up his research, the R model and its smaller counterparts escaped from their cages.

The Eliminator R was however destroyed by Tyler Hamilton on 1 October 1998.

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