Episode 73 – Resident Evil Gaiden Released!

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20 years to do the day, Resident Evil Gaiden was unleashed and ushered in intensive debate and discussion like no other! After much fan-requests from the community, we now bring you our look at this GameBoy Color classic!

With many of its ideas being re-used in future biohazard titles, Gaiden has often been tarnished with a brush that perhaps it is not befitting of it. The team look at the game’s sound, graphics, storyline and of course the thorny issue of its canonicity with THAT ending!

We also take a quick look at Welcome to Raccoon City as a teaser for the next podcast whereby the movie will be dissected in full! A big thanks to the voice talent for helping with this podcast and also to Padrex and Sofland for their incredible Gaiden OST remixes – available on YouTube!

Available here: https://bit.ly/3IOjthK

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