Episode 84 – Happy Birthday Resident Evil 0 available now!

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Amazingly, another classic Resident Evil title turns 20 years old in all regions as one of the last pre-rendered games hits this milestone. A game originally developed for the N64 before being scrapped and upgraded for the Nintendo GameCube, for many this was the key title in the release schedule.

Gone were some of the core components of Biohazard, no longer “restricted” by item boxes, two person exploration and some genuinely creepy environments – surely the pinnacle of survival horror? Many felt these improvements harmed the gameplay and the complicated and somewhat contradictory storyline only added to the frustration. 

20 years on REP once again enter the world of survival horror in our new season opener as we play through the title beginning to end, showcasing our own quests on board the Ecliptic Express and then the new mansion and labs. What horrors awaited our panel of Neptune, theBatman, STARS Tyrant and George Trevor?

Enjoy our discussions as we play on our tank control experience with some expert guidance from the team – well, most of them – Neptune is still stuck on the train!

Happy Birthday Resident Evil Zero!

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