Episode 88: Resident Evil Dead Aim Retrospective available now!

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Join REP as we celebrate 20 years of Resident Evil: Dead Aim! Yes, Gun Survivor 4 is now 2 decades old and the team come together to take a retrospective look at this pioneering and divisive title. 

Long time listeners will know that we are quite fond of this quirky spin off, arriving at a time when the future of the series was looking bleak on PlayStation with the major titles finding a new home on Nintendo’s purple cube. After a few false starts under the Survivor banner, could Capcom strike gold with new characters and a notable time jump into 2002.

In this hybrid retrospective/happy birthday podcast we dive deep into the lore surrounding the locations, characters the B.O.Ws and the rather somewhat convoluted chronology events leading to Morpheus’s plan to target the world’s cities with the T-Virus.

20 years old where does this game sit in the wider canon? Is it as important as some of the team like to make out? And just why is this not available on digital download!

Please enjoy!

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