Episode 90 – Separate Ways Review out now!

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Perhaps one of the most anticipated DLC in quite some time, Separate Ways is out now and the REP Team are bringing you their review of Ada’s quest in Southern Europe.

The original side quest for the base game certainly added some much needed context to the Plaga and specifically Wesker’s involvement – can the revised version pull the same trick whilst applying the bells and whistles of the RE Engine?

With emotions running high at REP over REmake 4 itself, will Neptune have a more enjoyable time, will BatMan continue to applaud the changes from Capcom, has Rombie burnt himself out on the game attempting his Platinum run and will this be the straw that breaks STARS TyranT’s back?

So, strap yourselves in, activate your IRIS and get ready for the last tango in spain for Luis. Our Separate Ways review starts now!

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