Episode 91 is out now! REmake REflections!

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With the undoubted success of all of Capcom’s REmakes, especially the recent Resident Evil 4, the time has now come for the team to reflect upon the impact these games have had both for Biohazard and for the wider industry.

In the spotlight for this podcast are not only the RE Engine remakes, but also the original and arguably still the bar to beat – 2002 REmake. The aim here is to discuss in some detail how these remakes came to be and the legacy they now leave, whilst highlighting the bits they did better that their original counterpart.

In hindsight does REmake 2 stick out with its more re-imagined approach to the lore compared to the other titles, did REmake 3 leave too much on the cutting room floor and is REmake 4 the final straw or are more remakes inevitable?

Helping us breakdown and reflect on these questions are you guys -through a series of polls conducted by STARS TyranT on Twitter/X. The results are….surprising to say the least but offer a fascinating insight into how parts of the communuty are feeling.

Finally we end with a remake themed quiz where the questions only have 2 answers. What could possibly go wrong?

Please enjoy our final say on the REmakes (at least until Code: Veronica is announced!)

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